2 thoughts on “Banana News Network – 2 August 2012

  1. two guys agha waqar and other who claims that electricity from sand both are sindhis plus zardari is sindhi ( I am from Karachi, my family was living in karachi prior to partition), (Bhutto has done this gimmickery in 1977 election time) PPP has lost it’s credibility 100%, they needed something like this to win the election 2013, but question is why these (100% water wala & electric from sand wala) guys where they were sleeping for the last 5 years?? I love Pakistan, I am Mohsin e Pakistan, I love to see benefits going to Pakistan and it’s people, but I hate fraud against them, because zardari can do anything which can keep him on the president seat. Nobody would be happier more than me to see that vehicles are running on 100% water and electricity is being generated with 100% sand in Pakistan. System created by these two sindhi guys must be critically and vigorously checked before we can trust, and give blank cheque to zardari to win election 2013, like last time they won election 2008 due to death of Benazir.

  2. @ edcoym, your theory is plausible….
    i guess that is why they are not getting the system thoroughly checked…like dr-Atta-ur-rehman said and what’s stopping them to get their systems patented….
    i am an engineer and frankly that waqar guy seems to ba a fake…in one interview with talat he said that he can produce “more energy than NET energy” which implies more that 100% efficiency…which is impossible as we all know but i guess all these BASIC laws mean nothing to mr-waqar & co.
    their system as per their statements defies all the laws of thermodynamics….which we in the first place were the basis of the invention of the engine leading upto to our modern automobile engines as well as turbo jets not to mention the rocket engines….
    but these laws are not applicable to his water kit…what a fake!!!!

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