15 thoughts on “News Night with Talat – 21 August 2012

  1. Talat I’m a Software Engineer and i was litterly laughing out loudly upon your stupid questions. I didn’t expect this from, far better you can do had there been a bit of research on your part before filming this show.

    Take this criticism in good faith and don’t repeat these mistakes again.

    Let me give you just one example, an internet user can buy cheap air-tickets and take a print of e-ticket in less than 10 minutes. Now that alone saves him about 3 hours of road traffic and useless discussions with ticketing agents on the Mall Road.

  2. Talat Hussain, You are not a loyal Pakistani. Your pessimism and your arrogance in today’s program is simply disgraceful. In a country where we do everything wrong, someone who is trying to improve systems, give opportunity to those who don’t have a chance we should not only in be thankful but promote it so that others will take there example and do more wonderful things. Shabaz Shariff should be given full credit. If we give 1000 computers to poor kids we are not only going to make there lives better but who know one of them can invent something that will help all Pakistani’s.

    Talat Hussain you could only laugh at Google. Some of us use it every day to search and find solutions to everyday life. Obviously you do not read New York Times but many of us do as indeed we read BBC, The Times of London and so on.

    You even questioned the lectures available on you tube. You are such a coward. I wonder if you are also on Zardari’s payroll. Shame on you. If you have any decency you should go on the TV and apologize to the whole nation. I am ashamed of you.

    By the way the Punjab Government should tell us more of these wonderful programs. Nice to see someone doing a good job

  3. I agree with talat 100%.laptop is just a bribery to get cheap votes and waste of tax payer money.
    You need to create employment in the country, you cannot do it by just distributing laptops.
    Welldone talat. You are the best.

  4. Please also note that the processor used in the laptops has been made redundant in the world because of its inefficiency and slow speed. But punjab govt brought this crap here just to make lot of commission. Please have your research on the processor used in laptops.

  5. Seems like Talat didn’t prepare well, his questions were not much related and focused while I was impressed with all guests including CM’s understanding and vision

  6. @planet372 Do you know of other provinces who are doing some creative new educational projects. It is my impression that your criticism is motivated by some vested interest. It is important to recognize merit where ever you can. This will pay big dividends even if only five percent of students continue outstanding performance.

  7. @Parvez

    Dear please have your research on processor used in laptops that is B950.
    and let me know if it is used anywhere in the world. it is a big scam just to earn commission and have cheap advertisement.

    if you want to talk about development, then tell us about change in unemployment during last 4 years. unemployment has increased more in Punjab than other provinces.

    By distributing laptopls or building bridges does not reduce unemployment. plus do not forget it is tax payer money not their own.

    I repeat have your research on processor.

  8. Idiot, this processor is used in many laptops. Many machines used in US and other countries are using it.
    Of course it is older version now, every processor and laptop model gets replaced with a newer version
    Only an illiterate who knows nothing about computer technologies can make statement like this…

  9. @planet372
    “…Dear please have your research on processor used in laptops that is B950 and let me know if it is used anywhere in the world.”

    and can you please let me know, what you can’t do with this processor. Unless you are playing big ticket games consuming a lot of processor power, this processor is good for all every day jobs including programming and MsOffice applications. I am an IC designer myself and I hope you will not try to argue with me on the usage of this processor type 😉

  10. Question is not about usefulness of laptops or processor used question is,

    Can somebody tell me how much schools are withouts even boundaries in punjab specially primary one’s ? where i am sure none of your children will be admitted.

    This money was public money of education dept. need to be spent on schools of poor
    children not to give laptops to graduate students to bribe them, most of them had already these thanks to ptcl dsl : ) , they can even use them in their uni labs etc. that money was not meant for listening music.

    In my opinion a person admitted in uvi in masters or bachelors can do something to earn money parttime but small children can not

    It was just a move to please teen with votes having age more than 18 years (clever thinking : ) I pray that these sikh kind of moves bounce back to teach lesson to our “honest” and “patriot” politicians.

  11. @bechari awam
    Dear even p3 or p4 processor can run office. The point is if you are buying crap processor at a price of new like core i5 or core i3. The difference is their commission. Check at what price they bought these redundant laptops.
    I agree with guser97 this is tax payer money which should be spent on children who don’t have money to study.

  12. @guser97

    So even if it’s a bribe to attract young people towards PMLN, still it went on merit. What is happening in rest of the country ? Crooks like Zardari filling in PIA/Railway with illeterate and un-necessary people beyond their capcity or need.

    If it’s spent on students, i really don’t mind it, especially if it’s given on merit basis.

    Come on let’s discuss what’s happening in 3 other provinces ?
    Have you ever heard such a debate happening in Sindh or KPK etc ?

    Look at the way Dangi been controlled with the help of use of technology. For heavens sake learn to appriciate when somebody is trying with honestly.

    Imran Khan might be a better leader, i don’t challenge that, but let’s start thinking positively for other people who do good things. Let’s don’t worship people, rather appriciate whoever does the right stuff.

    Come one, grow up friends.

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