2 thoughts on “News Night with Talat – 22 August 2012

  1. LAW & ORDER is the biggest threat along with load-shedding. This needs to be addressed on priority basis. No excuses please, you got to address the problem. Install sophisticated cameras, or other surveying devices, reduce security staff of dignitaries and put them to public’s benefit. You got to do it, otherwise nothing will work out.

    At the same time i would like to appriciate his efforts towards building a better future. Excellent pannel with excellent arguments. Top quality stuff !!!

  2. These crap politicians are just making people fool. because people do not know indicators of development.

    The most important indicator is the reduction in unemployment, others include control of inflation, increase in GDP, literacy rate……………..

    American president will lose this election because he could not reduce unemployment, people do not care what else he did in 4 years.

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