9 thoughts on “News Night with Talat – 30 August 2012

  1. Shame on you Nawaz Shareef… you have got no vision for Pakistan…
    Even Talat was very disappointed with your silly answers…

  2. Talat Hussain is sold to GHQ he changed his positions many times in last 10 years.He started his career on electronic media by using his contacts in ISI and he became director news of PTV during Musharraf period.Then joined ARY.Then joined ATV.Then he joined Aaj TV.Then hejoined Dawn TV and now switched to Express TV.Just think.He changed 6 channels in 10 years.Why???Yes just for money.Why Hamid Mir and Kashif Abbasi not changed channels again and again???This is the difference.Talat Hussain is a fake intellectual having an arrogant attitude towards politicians and always lick the boots of ISI

  3. Zardari may continue as Presedent for another term. Greedy brothers are in his control, One is chief Minister of PUNJAB while Mian sahib is made dummy for the reasons well known to Mian sahib. President has full control over PMLQ,NAP,MQM and PLMN(Behind the curtain). Supreme court UPHOLDS Democracy in the country. PPPP well done/Played their cards successfully,Well done. Go ahead and ruin the country.

  4. If I am offered more salary to do the same work I will accept that job. It does not mean I have been sold or have changed my opinion. Similarly if talat switched channels it does not mean he has changed, it proves his demand.

  5. NS is so confuse,,,i think he is unfit for the politics anymore,,He don’t have any clear policy about a single issue. He is talking about the QARZAIN agian,…Sorry for such person who call him a Leader.

  6. Raja rental,Raisani mental
    200 families ruled on Pakistan,during five years fake democracy.we hate that sort of democracy which is led by Zardari,Nawaz Sharif the two most famous docoits(Daco,Lutairas,)Allah Garat karay hamaray hukmarano ko.Elahi Ameen
    Pakistan is not a kingdom where only two families can rule,any Pakistani who voted for them they are also Zalim.Khuda Hafiz aisi nation ka.
    13 January 2

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