1 thought on “Lekin – 9 September 2012

  1. Absolute drama and the hype created and used a mentally underdeveloped young Pakistani child, youth as a “symbol” to please the “masters” and show that Pakistan is a intolerant society toward minorities, the reality is that these imposed crime syndicates (PPPP, ANP, MQM and many others) via NRO by the “West” are the biggest intolerant, ethnically dividing, ethnically cleansing, morally bankrupt mob, which has made the whole country of Pakistan, regardless of any particular race, creed or religion, intolrent and unsafe.

    Media has to be careful, even though they are paid millions of dollars to toe the Neo-Con line, but in such cases, they may be a party to the deaths of innocent, ignorant and stupid people, likes of the “governor of Punjab”.

    Rehman Malik is a cancer, injected by the British MI6 into Pakistani establishment from hell , he is the most despicable, shameless, characterless sub human in the bunch. Every duty he has been given he failed, even could not safe his “spiritual Queen” another international level criminal, BB.

    Still he gets to keep his job, due to the power bestowed upon him by the “queen mother” of occupations, war crimes and colonization. He has the power of blackmail, which he uses and his skin is thicker than a turtle, to show his digesting face on the Pakistani media with his bad English and demonic karma.

    I was impressed with the religious scholar, Mr. Asharffi and Snna kept a respectful distance and did not do her regular bidding to please the paymasters.

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