Altaf Hussain Planning to Come Back?

As per recent developments in Dr. Imran Farooq’s murder investigation, London Metropolitan Police mentioned that Dr. Imran had actively started working on new political career and his political opponents could be responsible for his murder. Coincidentally, there is a news reference in today’s Daily Jang that Altaf Hussain might be coming back to Pakistan after reconciliation between PPP and MQM in local bodies system.

Do you think that there could be any relation between the two news?

Appeal on second anniversary of Dr Imran Farooq murder

MPS Counter Terrorism Command Detectives investigating the murder of Dr Imran Farooq believe that he was building his independent political profile in the months before he was killed.

They believe Dr Farooq may have been poised to renew his political career and they want to speak to anyone who was in contact with Dr Farooq over his political ambitions.

Police know that in July 2010, Dr Farooq set up a Facebook profile and amassed a large number of contacts through this social network.

On the second anniversary of his murder they have again appealed for people to come forward with information. A reward of up to £20,000 has been offered for anyone providing information leading to the identification, arrest, and prosecution of those responsible for Dr Farooq’s murder.

Dr Farooq was on his way home from work when he was attacked outside his home in Green Lane, Edgware shortly before 17:30hrs on Thursday 16 September 2010.

A post-mortem gave his cause of death as multiple stab wounds and blunt trauma to the head.

A five and a half inch-bladed kitchen knife and a house brick used in the attack were recovered at the scene.

Detectives from the Met Police Counter Terrorism Command remain committed to finding those responsible.

They believe his murder would have required careful planning and would have required help from other people, some of whom may have provided assistance or information unwittingly.

19 thoughts on “Altaf Hussain Planning to Come Back?

  1. @

    I really appreciated that you u try at u r level best to at least answer me with the title of Jew the reason I am saying this is because most of the so called Mohajor answer all the logic with built since they have founded the Gang of MQM. May be it is u r cyber war technique that since u can not fire a built fire with Jew.
    I do not know which part of India u migrate from but I have no intention to hurt any immigrant Muslim who come to Pakistan for the real cause of Islam and if u r feeling hurt I personal apologies for that.

    There is no doubt in the political struggle of the Muslim of British India which mainly include the Muslim majority part which is known as Pakistan today.
    The statistic well clearly show that most of the migration was don form Lakhnao, Delhi Bihar the Cities of UP and CP where Muslim was and still large in numbers but not majority.

    The Irony is those who are claiming that they make the Pakistan while the rest of majority population Muslim war sleeping they even did not a have a single seat in Muslim majority area which was the basic criteria for the partition.

    The freedom movement in the minorities Muslim area was logical more violent then the Muslim majority areas because Hindus treat them achot and they were economically and socially suppressed by the Hindus, so when Pakistan come into the being the rush for the relive but a lot more are still there. They got scarifies because of Pakistan they never sacrifice for Pakistan.

    Punjab was the wars effected in the petitions because till the last day of partition Mountbatten did not announce the Duran line of Punjab. U talk about frustration u think when the Indian Nawabs tell them Pendo or Dangar or tell the Sindis Dako or tell the Baloch Smugglers or tell the Pakton Jahil what is the feeling. Who is number one in reticulating the whole Nation till today live in media making fun of there accent and culture on a dally basis.

  2. @
    I have no doubt in The Tow Nation Theory when our founder leaders call on people with slogans like.
    1. Muslim hay to Muslim League may Aa
    2. Pakistan ka matlab kiya Lailaha Ilal lahh
    3. Green crescent Flag
    4. Pak Kalama Pak Land
    5. Capital Islamabad
    6. Constitution Islamic
    But our Indian Migrated Party MQM are saying it clear and loud by there actions and voice that they do not believe in two nation theory today and feel no shame.
    All I was saying in my 12 Sept. post is what we are witnessing today in Karachi in the shape of secular MQM Mafia with the 85 % support of migrated Indian there agenda and action is no secrete to any body in Pakistan. Those who support this mafia clearly telling the whole nation that there migration to Pakistan were not for Islam but for there personal economical game for which they are making all this mess in Karachi. Those who make thing can never ever talk about breaking it.
    1. August 1979 Burn Pakistan Flag at Mazare Qaid.
    2. Openly said to India that The division of the sub-cintinent is the biggest blunder of the history of mankind pls. give us shelter again
    3. And India accept there request in the shape of Ajaml Pahari and Aslam Langra and many more
    4. Jinah Pure, Torcher sell target killers Bhata mafia, Land Mafia, Bori band lashey, Ransom are few of theare gifts.
    5. Even in Karachi hospital the sick and injured are discriminated base on language left along jobs and opportunity.
    6. No go area for National Hero Imran Khan making Hostage of Chef Justice of Pakistan who was supported by all over the Pakistan 12 May killing watch by all Pakistan Suni threk .
    7. Never Support any National cause Pak. Nuke Kashmir Caucus Drone.
    8. Making huge relies to support the western agenda in Pakistan.
    9. Always remain in govt. to politicise all the govt. Department with MQM members including Police, KDA, KMC, KPT. Schools, Universities, Steel Mill, Port Qasim, Stock Market, Banks, Media Centres where they go to sign attendance and get salaries but performing there main duties in Party Units and sectors.

  3. I once heard that Sonami khan is going to get him arrested in london. He promised this in a public gathering in Karachi on december 25th.

    Ooops sorry, i forgot in Karachi he didn’t utter a word against MQM, obviously Karachi is a strong hold of PMLN and hence only nawaz sharif bashing was a good idea.

    it must have been Capital talk where he promised to the public …. ghoom barabar ghoom barabar.

  4. اب ———- تیرا کیا بنے کالیا
    بکرے کی ماں کب تک خیر مناۓ گی ؟
    آخر ایک دن بکرے کو چھری کے نیچے آنا ہی ہوتا ہے
    ایک ڈاکٹرفاروق کا قتل نہیں — ابھی کالیے کوسینکڑوں
    بے گناہ قتلوں کا حساب دینا ہے
    میں بہت بیتابی سے اس دن کا منتظر رہو گا

  5. Oh No. Its not possible. no worker will allow their “Quaid” to return. It is better to survive in london Jail than to live in Karachi. Again in the 120 Yards house? Who will spend those millions of Pounds Pir sb has gathered by the “whole heartedly donated by citizens of Karachi” and lovingly collected by the Sector Incharges.

    Pir sb Karachi na aana. Yahan roz target killing ho rahi hy. Khudanakhwasta koi aapki bhe sipari utha ly ga.

    Note: Pls pray he comes to Pakistan and then sees his fate here where he has dumped gunny bags full of tortured bodies. He Be Hanged Till Death

  6. Karachi the metropolitan city of Pakistan is under Mafia that started by MQM, PPP finally managed to strip some share and lastly the ANP mafia grabbed his
    share. All three dacoits gangs never bothered about the miseries inflicted on the
    Karachi population they just plundered money from Govt Dept, Businesses (who are also a mini mafia). Now the whole nation is sure about this Gang-og-three and
    soon will take U turn on these niggers and take them to their destiny–InshaAllah.
    The MQM peaceful population need outside help for their release –and they are gonna get this time. MQM walks out when petrol goes 4 ruppes up BUT then sleeps when it goes up every weak ?. A gang of MNAs/MPAs increasing their balances from public exchequer will not be tolerated anymore.
    A killer sitting outside controlling his gang inb pakistan –media has created a hell of awareness –no more juggling will be accepted.
    There is although a small possibility Altaf Hussain may run from London as

  7. @
    Masood Sb

    You really have your hand on the nerves of politics and its compelxities.

    Tsonmai khan is now saying that soon many would be going out of PTI and that will leave only sincere people in it.

    Wow. What apolitician is he.His supporters went crazy when he was fishing from the dirty pond of politcs and cried Well done all round. Now they would be again full of praise when these fishes jump back to the pond.

    The real thing that they would miss is the reasonwy these will do so? Actually these fishes are so wise that they smell the future and act accordingly. Now when they have found out that their is nothing left in PTI particulerly after the retirement of their god father Pasha, their departure would show the trend of the future attraction in politics. A man so proud like IK and so arrogant in his behaviour cannot survive in today’s politics. Besides his playboy image and his life style do not match to the general culture prevailing the society.

    His short time in Pakistani politics proves that he does not shy from making a U turn. Support of mushi and then backing off, going after MQM with tall claims and then surrendering are some of the examples.

    He has no future in Pakistani politics. His only agenda is to somehow ensure the safety of the generals by dividing the vote bank of PMLN inPunjab. Every one knows that if NS comes to power now, establishment is going face thrashing like never before in the history of Pakistan.

  8. Newbaghi

    First of all let me appreciate the patience shown by you. I had used some hard words in my response.

    bro I am from Punjab and resident of Pindi. Actually I feel frustrated because so many people try to make us feel that our past has all been wrong. Even the creation of Pakistan was a blunder. Altaf is one of the leaders of such theories.

    If we have to grow and develop and prosper as a nation, then we shall have to have a firm belief that Pakistan was created as a will of Allah for the promise made by our forefathers like “Pakistan Ka matlab kya Laillahillallah”

    We need to fullfil our commitment to Allah and only then we can reach the heights of glory. Else we will remain divided and fighting would not stop between the communities living in Pakistan.

    Remember the words of advice of Allah’ Last & Final Messenger, ” Keep holding firmly the rope of Allah ( i.e. Islam & Quran) and avoid division.”

    Thats what I would recommend to you please.

    Whatever you have said about above is a proof of your distorted mind. I can only say that it is a sickening thought process and need not be paid any attention to. however for the sake of those fools who may get influenced by your filthy ideas let me clarify some of the facts of partition.

    Yes the British raaj had no more economical strength left after Second World War and they decided to liberate Pakistan and India. This was not done out of charity but due to political awakening of people of India and particularly those of Muslims of India.

    People migrated from all parts of Indi to Pakistan. However not all of them migrated to Pakistan. They stayed back mostly in those areas where they were in Majority or in large numbers like Lakhnao, Delhi, Bihar, Bengal and some cities of UP and CP.

    Migration to Pakistan was a great risk as the economic condition of then Pakistan was pathetic and hopeless. Only those people migrated who had perused a dream and were ready to scarify their lives and properties for the same. Countless of families who had a very good social status in India were comletely thrown back and found themselves living in shambles with no place in society. Many chamaars of india became respected people in Pakistan too. But these things happened with corrupt minds irrespective of their linguistic differences. Punjabis exploited this situation too like Bengalis and Sindhis.

    I would want to ask NEWBAGHI where was the freedom movement run in the then India? Which parts of India i mean? In Punjab? In Sind? In Baluchistan?

    Freedom movement was run in cities like Delhi, Lacknow, Kalkatta, Merath, Algarh and Bihar. So the people from the same parts of then India had an emotional attachment to this movement. Naturally they had a dream come true in the shape of Pakistan and they with a new zeal migrated to Pakistan despite all odds. Strange land, strange people and strange cultures. But they sacrificed all what they had for their dream.

    Now whatever you have written is an UGLY attempt to create doubts about the whole partition theory. The basis of foundation of creation of Pakistan is being attacked to make the new generation doubt about the whole process of political defeat of British and Hindus at the hands of Muslims.

    Bengalis were frustrated by the treatment the met at the hands of we Punjabis and none else. We looked down upon them and made a fun of their physical appearance. We made fun of their food (fish and rice) and their language.
    Urdu was made a national language by Quaid e Azam and no one else. He was a wise man and realized the importance of bringing these 6 linguistic groups to one common language for the sake of building a nation. Fools destroyed his attempts and major part was played by Ayub and Bhutto. So see what happened? Pakistanis could not become one nation till now. Punjabis were never a part of freedom movement. They are ruling Pakistan now. So we should say they played dirty and now are ruling Pakistan? NO. This way of thinking is bad and will destroy us further.

    I strongly denounce your effort of putting the entire history of Pakistan in a WRONG cruel way and to spread teh seeds of doubt and uncertainty in the minds of Pakistanis.

  9. The PPP led by Asif Zardari is on course to set up a government of the criminals, by the criminals, for the criminals. It was Altaf Kalia the leader of the MQM MUSTAQUIL QUOMI MUSIBAT mafia – who absconded to the UK to escape prosecution for heinous crimes – which include torture and murder of more than 600 policemen in Karachi The PPP led by Asif Zardari is on course to set up a government of the criminals, by the criminals, for the criminals. It was Altaf Kalia the leader of the MQM MUSTAQUIL QUOMI MUSIBAT mafia

  10. Wow, very good news, ” BHAI ” is coming back but why there is no lack of monthly bhatta which go to him regularly by MUSTAQUIL QUOMI MUSIBAT his for lavish life enjoyment, eating drinking, and casino, disco dance, why he is coming back.


  11. I will remember when Altaf Bahi a killer and planner of Dr.Imran Farooq’s death how he was crying like a baby,someone asked one MQM worker do you think he was realy crying over Dr.Imran’s death he said no hell no he was not crying,i mean just a drama on screen?????

  12. I think we all should welcome Altaf Bai come back to Karachi because this way he will dress his MQM telephononic dress and cry like a animal.

  13. Oh Plz everyone let this SOB stay in LONDON. He is a monster. He creates terror in Karachi over one phone call. Imagine once he is there what he will do. Please MR. BHAI stay in LONDON and stop sucking blood of innocent Pakistani’s.

  14. It is so obvious as to who is involved in terrorist activities in Karachi. Hear the speeches of Altaf Hussain or other MQM leaders… the veil threats that is almost like a signal to their killers to bring a halt to the city.

    The arrogance of these people portraying this man (their leader) as a pir or nauzabilla nabi that nobody dare ever put contempt on him or his word should become law in Pakistan.

    The writing is on the wall. If not today, tomorrow, these guys will be hunted down like dogs and killed by Army or Paramilitary units because the reality will hit them that this is unsustainable for Pakistan.

    Unfortunately, there is no other way to resolve this. This party, it’s leaders or die hard followers have reached a point of no return. The only way is elimination of these people in entirety.

  15. کہیں ہمارا چیف بھی تو نہیں بک گیا ۔

    عدالت میں پیشی کے نام پر کالیے کو لندن سے نکا لنے کا پروگرام تو تیار نہیں کر لیا ۔

  16. jab tak hamare mulk me army chief &isi ka chief he kisi ka bap bhi mqm k dashadgerdo ka kuch nahi bigarsakta

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