YouTube Banned in Pakistan

YouTube has been banned in Pakistan by the government following the Anti-Islam video on YouTube. Earlier, government attempted to ban specific URLs containing these videos, but later they decided to ban entire YouTube, which has happened second time since 2007.

It is almost unimaginable to use internet without YouTube, as it is the prime platform for Video Content and it is also integrated into huge number of news, educational and business web sites to deliver video content.

Banning YouTube or any other pillars of internet like Facebook, Twitter or even is not the solution and we hope the government find some other ways to resolve this issue, which is less embarrassing and painful for the Nation.

85 thoughts on “YouTube Banned in Pakistan

  1. This Govt. have a great logic of solving the problems i.e. If the there is any traffic accident do not travel at all.
    They should block the this distorted video instead of blocking the hole Media Blocking you tube is a conspiracy against all Pakistani this was the only one media on which they do not have control and they purposely wants to block this source of shearing the real information among the people

  2. Hitler had said, “Newspapers should not be allowed to ride popular will”. Altaf and MQM followed this dictum to a tee. The code of censorship, which MQM designed under the evil guidance of Altaf Hussein and his MQM do not allowed criticism and difference of opinion and that’s why each and every paper, media anchor if writes or say even a single word against Altaf or MQM gets punishment. Amount of punishment depends upon the nature of crime. And these punishments can vary from the burning of newspaper copies to the murder of editors. Takbir’s Salhudin 1994, Geo,s Wali Khan Babar 2011 Fesal Qureshi 2011 London Post. But the irony of situation is that besides doing these heinous, crimes against media. MQM cries hoarse for its own freedom of expression

  3. People working at PTA are such fools, they also blocked sub domains of google. like,, google analytics, etc…..

    I am web developer, so i am heavily affected from such type of blockage of domains that has no link with

  4. @yahya

    Thanks for the update… Huh.. Like we really want to know..Most of these hits must be by curious people. I did not watch it and will not but for those who watched it are furious and I’m talking about those individuals who are average Muslims living in West.

    Since yesterday I am wondering what can we do as Muslims living in West to counter this incident and cool down the brewing sentiments of Muslims but fail to come up with anything yet. Please suggest if you have any peaceful idea.

  5. Doesn’t make any sense. I am also against those who are being violent and condemn that mullah who exploited innocent people to participate in some kind of jaloos and in the process one man got killed.Nasty people will continue to come out with this kind of provocation but my aqa doesn’t need any human protection.

  6. This Govt. have a great logic of solving the Problems i.e. If the there is any traffic accident do not travel at all. If somebody die with electricity black out the whole country.
    They should block the this distorted video instead of blocking the hole Media Blocking you tube is a conspiracy against all Pakistani this was the only one media on which they do not have control and they purposely wants to block this source of shearing the real information among the people. If fact blocking you tube is in the very interest of all mafia group who are in govt.

    This is not the first time when the west attack Islam, there are organised think tanks doing this kind of provoker action every 5 to 10 years interval.
    1. To show the world how easily the Muslim can be poked for destruction, and put hinders for Islam which is even know the most fastest spreading religion in the world 2.9 % per year.
    2. To evaluate the intellectual, socio economical and spiritual cohesion and power of the Muslim world by evaluating there reaction they are preparing there next 5 to 10 years strategic plans for domination.

    This kind provocative action should be care fully analysis by collective wisdom of 1.61 Billion Muslim of the world before individually responding to it.

    As Sir Imran khan said in his chitral address that our logical argument to the west should be base upon the holocaust, if in the west despite of there so called freedom of speech, even the doubted in holocaust is punishable by imprisonment how dare they can play prone to the religious leader of 1.61 Billion people.

    In my personal opinion if somebody can make a movie on holocaust will be the best temporary and logical answer to the west.

    But if we want to solve this kind of problem on permanent basis we must understand the west are playing all these dirty tricks for the reason that we Muslim as Umat are
    1. Ignorant
    2. Divided
    3. No Sincere Leadership
    4. Fear Jihad and Practice Islam in our daily 24 hrs life.
    5. Uneducated
    These are the real issues to address if we as a Muslim want to stop this type of jokers to reticulate us.

  7. What would Mohammad (PBUH) do?
    Turn the other cheek with a prayer,
    Oh Allah(SWT), Show them a direction, they are loosing the path of decency.

  8. HI GUYS,
    I THINK WE SHOULD APPRECIATE GOVT FOR BANNING YOU TUBE, AND NOW ITS TIME TO HAVE OUR OWN PLATFORM LIKE YOUTUBE. DID any one think that who made you tube popular, its us the users who upload the stuff and who surf it. so why not have another website where we can upload our stuff and access it. it may not completely fail the you tube but it will put pressure on youtube and other such wesites in future.

  9. Railway minister put bounty for $100,000 and also he has sought help from his talban brothers to kill the film maker. I request this son of a bitch to fix railway first and than talk about his love for Rasool.

  10. block said:
    Doesn’t make any sense. I am also against those who are being violent and condemn that mullah who exploited innocent people to participate in some kind of jaloos and in the process one man got killed.Nasty people will continue to come out with this kind of provocation but my aqa doesn’t need any human protection.

    What a beautiful comment. Your Aqa SAW does not need any sort of human protection. And those great Sahaba Kiram RAA who tried to defend his life and body during bbattle of Uhad did not know it. And Rasoolallah SAW also was left without protection by Allah in Battle of Uhad and during his visit of Taef. And the sahaba e kiram RAA who killed Kab Bin Ashraf, a person who used to mock Rasoolallah SAW with his poetry, did not know that saving the honour of Rasoolallah SAW was not their responsibility?

    May be if you had been there during those periods you would have been a partner of Abdullah bin Ubai. What are you doing here BLOCK? You must be needed by USA and west to nullify the harm their people cause to the person of Rasoolallah SAW whenever needed.

  11. Deevav

    Typical talban mentality,issue fatwa to declare somebody non Muslim.I would like to congratulate you for supporting this cause by getting 25 killed but it doesn’t matter to you because you are no different than those who exploit innocent people in the name of religion.My humble suggestion go and offer shoulder to the dears one of those stupid people who died last Friday.

  12. Deevav

    I would like to share with you a comment published in one of the newspaper and I am sure this will help you understand the situation better:
    Great article Shazia. Unfortunately the very few who are always offended by something always manage to give Islam and Muslims a bad name. It’s a shame what is going on in these Muslim countries. Perhaps these individuals should spend their time getting education and working to resolve the poverty, hunger, corruption and electricity issues which plague Pakistan everyday.

  13. The Nation should alert from type duplicate intilectuale who never miss a chance to hit the Basis of Islam Pakistan and the founding father of the nation, and They or on the path of Hit and Run Theory.

  14. Majority protest in the whole country was peaceful except some where the crowd was purposely exploited by the police blocking there way shelling and direct firing on them to make some news and whole day showing them on media to make there pay master happy. The beauty is even the minority Christian and Hindu also participated in peaceful protest some black sheep also try to take advantage form the satiation too, for them we can not put the balm on all

  15. No Govt. in world give a holidays for lunching protest against there own self this govt. did for there personal agenda but despite all there ecvil effort till to day the nation did not fall in to there trap of civil war

  16. I was wandering the whole last week for this self appointed father of nation Mr. Hyssan Nasur even on 20th Sept.2012 in 30 minutes with Farida Faroqi programme Mr. Nisar did not uter a single word regading this evil movie or give any advice to the nation what are the reason or how to behave in this response but know when the US appointed Govt. Plan Agenda of try to dragging the whole nation towards the Civil war and fail miserably these so called US $ paid intellectual started to push the Nation in to Gilt trap again as there duty watch latest episode front line

  17. No doubt they are over smart and mix very cunningly his US agenda in to the truth. Mr. Nisar have single point agenda to put the whole nation in to the Inferiority complex make them hapless to bring there moral down while the New Dawn is very near.

  18. Hello all Pakistanies who criticise banning of YOUTUBE
    I, We, You, He , She , It , They , every body is boasting about giving his/her/their lives for Honour of our Great Prophet , Peace and blessings on him, but we can’t show patience about Banned YouTube which is serving as their platform. Can’t we sacrifice our so called entertainment or “Tafree” for our sacred cause?

    Be Patient please, the whole world is reading your comments and they think it representation of the Nation. Please, Please don’t give wrong message to the world. We have already done much damage to our point of view.

    If you can, give message to YouTube to behave like human beings and not to hurt feelings of thousand upon thousand innocent people who have done nothing wrong to them.

    And please. encourage those who have taken an appropriate step for the first time in their tenure.

    Thanks for everyting

    …… a common citizen of Pakistan

  19. The King Edward wife and King Shah Jehan wife died with same child birth dieses but King Edward built a hospital & college for a common man after the death of his wife but Shah jehan built Taj mehal on the sweat and blood of poor man. To day we as nation left behind because our leader never think beyond there personal Interest.
    Imran Khan is the only leader who think beyond his personal interest for the People Pakistan i.e. My Mother has died due to cancer I will never let other people die due cancer, He turn impossible in to possible “Shokat Khanam Hospital” Namal University while he is not in power
    1. Sir Imran Khan is a true believer who’s slogan is “Eya kanabudo wa eya kanbuto” “ Oh Allah we warship you and seek only your Help” .
    2. No money temptation at all, No price tag, when Imran Khan was getting separation from his wife Jamima Imran layer told him that according to the British law if he file the separation case base on dispute by will surely get half of the Jamaima wealth which is billions of pound but Imran answer was rejected the suggestion.
    3. Imran Khan is the 4th charismatic personality in the world He is international recognized and respected all over the world. He is second respected person in the west from the sub content after Mr. Mohan Das Gandhi because of his honesty simplicity, out spoken, devotion to commitment the his own people.
    4. Accept Challenges and deliver result
    5. . Up right straight
    6. He is a brave man who can face extreme pressure, never give up or get hapless with great leadership qualities.
    7. Humble, Sincere Down to earth personality.
    8. Totally merit oriented, His own cousin and mentor Majid khan kit up to the ground but he drop him from the team as he was not in form.
    9. Never lie, know his limitation He is the only politician who left his princely luxurious life for a country and continuesly struggling for the poor people of Pakistan.
    10. He give the vision of Justice as a solution to solve the destruction of the country sixteen years before and make it happened as mater of fact today Pakistan Survive because of independent Judiciary.
    11. Imran is a real gift and blessing from All Mighty ALLAH to the struggle of People of Pakistan In fect is a living legend and fulfilled what ever he competed so far.
    ALLAH have given the people of Pak land a clear chance with the a with Honest Sincere Bereave Committed & Humble Leadership to decide there own Fat. But it could only be happen if we as a Muslim and Pakistani put aside our very personal interest aside and struggle for a just cause, as God promise that he will never waist a single dope of sincere effort or sacrifice if not we will dig our own grave as a nation and the history will never forgive us for such a blander

  20. روسی صدر کا دورہ پاکستان بھارت کے دبائو پر ملتوی

    روسی صدر پیوٹن کے دورہ پاکستان کے ملتوی ہونے سے پاکستان کو بارہ بلین ڈالر کی تجارت اور فائدے سے محروم
    ہونا پڑے گا
    اور ہمارے میڈیا میں سواۓ چند لوگوں کے جس میں شاہد مسعود کے علاوہ کسی نے اتنے بڑے واقعے کا ذکر بھی نہیں کیا
    انا للہ و انا الیہ راجعون

  21. Incomptent Govt: in every department.India and other countries blocked particular link or programme.BUt these illiterate rulers have banned total package.What a non-sense act!!!
    Youtube must be immediatly restored .

  22. @

    Nasty people will continue to come out with this kind of provocation but my aqa doesn’t need any human protection.
    This was the comment I tried to draw your attention and all my views were focused on this comment of yours. This truely is a Grand Idea. I have already said enough on it and do not want to comment further.

    You called me Talban and I do not mind it. But i think your this comment suggest you are yourself rafidi. Is’nt it or Taqayya?

  23. @

    Wel whatever you have said is probably written after the lahore Jalsa when every tom dick and Harry was being taken into the dry cleaning shop of PTI and was called a great person who had joined the right ship. This was during the period of master of IK , Gen Pasha of ISI.

    Now those dry cleaned persons, it appears were not got cleaned properly and they are being called dirty elements leaving PTI. This outward trend has been on the increase when everyone realised that Pasha has left and all PTI supporters have been left orphan including IK.

    Now those who are leaving the bluff of IK are being alled names. And what will be left in PTI will be those who have a lot of money. For money is the name of the game now. Keep waiting for the spring of PTI.

  24. @
    For PTI Lovers:::::

    KARACHI: Dr Shireen Mazari, the Central Vice President of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has announced to quit the party, Geo News reported.

    PTI Secretary General, Arif Alvi, told Geo News that Shireen was show-caused for shooting barbs at the party leader, Irman Khan, but instead of an explanation she tendered her resignation not only as the party vice president but also member.

    On the other hand a defiant Dr Shireen, while confirming parting her ways with PTI, said she was not bound to reply to a show-cause notice served upon her.

    Earlier, Iman Hazir Mazari, the daughter of Shireen Mazari, also left the party after being insulted by her co-workers, particularly internet warriors.

    In one of her blogs posted on the internet she said that she could stand the bashing she was subjected to regardig her work, her attitude towards ex-fellow party members and a lot of other things but one thing she had put up with for the last six months was abuse and character assassination.

  25. @mrbaig

    I second your Comment. Only objectionable material should be filtered.

    Blocking the whole site is nothing but “Jahalat”. They are so incompetent that they cannot figure out a way to block a few thousand links from Youtube!

  26. I NEED YOUTUBE FOR MY PROJECTS………………….. and besides PAkistan should know that the video was created by an AMERICAN not AMERICA………….. besides YOUTUBE was created by a RUSSIAN team……….. you cant just ban youtube i need youtube please i want this comment to be showed to the Government of Pakistan to SEE THIS COMMENT

  27. Deevav

    I am glad you accepted what you are.I will continue to pray to God to fill your heart with love and take away all the hatred towards your own countrymen.

  28. Bans and Bycotts

    No solution suggested in the opening comment, should’t the admin supposed to tell in which way muslims can protest effectively???

    Over the years human bahavior has been changed. Now a days a peaceful protest is much more effective than the armed one. Locks can be opened with proper tiny keys very gently, otherwise it requires energy and results in damage.

    In order to force the people to stop such kind of ugly actions and apologize what they have already done, we should search for the “key”. It is understood that every person, agency and organization running behind money. youtube, google, facebook and other such platforms have not been constructed with social welfare intention, rather their goal is to make money more and more. On the internet, tv, print media money making has a direct relationship to viewership.

    If we stop using google and youtube for 2 days they will come on their knees as is evident from the last 3 days figures. Google now facing ranking problem, ranked as number 3 and a remarkable loss observed. But friends it is matter of fact that 3 million decrease in the use of two platforms is just because in a number of countries these were banned officially by the govs. On the individual level people are still using. Just imaging if Muslims stop using youtube just for 2 days by intention, what effects it will have. Dont think bycott is of no use. Actually bycott is the actual and only solution, untill youtube removes the video. thanks

  29. @

    You can say whatever you want but i thought you would comment on the material questions put to you. You did not meaning that you have no answer to the foolish comments of yours.

    Your ignoring of the question about Rafidi implies that you are one. I knew because they are full of hatred against mainstream Islam.

  30. @

    You imight be right in a way about the idea you have put across but you must know that the world has changed after 9/11. Besides how many times the crime of blesphemy has been comitted by teh west over a period of last 3 years.

    I wonder why did not some one tried to look for the ruling or action by Allah Last and Final Messebger (May Allah’s Peace, Mercy and Blessing be upon him, his family and his companions, Ameen) when belsphemy was comitted by some one during his (May Allah’s Peace, Mercy and Blessing be upon him, his family and his companions, Ameen) life?

    This would probably settled the issue for those who are muslims by heart and love Allah, His Messenger (May Allah’s Peace, Mercy and Blessing be upon him, his family and his companions, Ameen) and Islam and believe in the Last Day with surity.

  31. Deevav

    I have already given my answer in one of my previous mail but I will refresh your memory anyway. You represent a typical Taliban mentality,offer big lectures on Islam,misguide people in the name of blasphemy,exploit them ,bring them on the road,get them killed in the name religion,declare them shaheed and then in the evening go back to your dens and eat naharee and watch indin movies and last but least offer namaz as adat and not because this is an Ibadat.

  32. i want to demand youtube to ban all anti Islam stuff and govt.of PAKISTAN should demand it tooo after youtube bann all anti Islam stuff govt. of PAKISTAN unban youtube

  33. @
    Block / Rafidi
    I know your type. They are poodles of USA and have a disease in their hearts. They suffer from inferiority complex and are cowards. They believe in Taqayya and flourish and propagate hatred. They cannot dare declare their beliefs an ideas and so are mentally sick people. Their background is Red Light areas where they get the license to do things which they have allowed legal for them.
    We do not have anything to do with these Munafiqeen as their path is different from the path of Muslims. So RIP with their noble thoughts and ideas. For example ” My Aqa does not need human protection”.

  34. Cheap Sipah e Sahaba mentality reflected very much by this imbecile(devav).

    Nothing in this world happens without Rafdhi effects.

    His long lasting constipation turning into horrendous mental hemorrhoid must be Rafdhi conspiracy.

  35. salam
    @deevav and jazoo
    gentlemen u guys r quite sensible. so, don’t go after each other’s beliefs, it’ll be good if we all stick to issues.. already sectarian hatred is denting pakistan badly.
    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  36. Deevav

    Can’t face the truth and came down to Kosna Katna .Atleast red light people are not hypocrite,they are sitting openly and doing disgusting things but people like you are hiding among nobles and using the other human beings to advance your cause.Declare yourself main stream Muslims and the same time hurting the entire mankind in the name of religion I. guess following is the right definition to describe you:

    (An-Nifaq Al-Akbar): To present& an outward appearance of belief in Allah, his Angels, his books, his messengers, the last day, etc. while concealing within that which negates all or some of that. This is the hypocrisy which Rasulullah (SAW) confronted during his life and the ones who Allah said in the Qur’an that they are in “the lowest depth of hell-fire”.

    I will continue to pray for your peace of heart and mind and Also may Allah takes away hatred from your heart for fellow Muslims/countrymen.

  37. @ukpaki1

    I am not going after his beliefs because he does not have any beliefs…hatred is not beliefs.

    He is symbolic here to learn how people can kill after discriminating travellers in a Bus.

    It needs guts of Satan to muster this much hatred to kill…they have plenty.

  38. @

    you still don’t know? I reached the area following the rafidhis history. Now you got it?


    You are an OLD Rafidhi and I need not to interact with you. Can’t share your filthy belies of hate and deception. Sorry . NO to you.

  39. I am Rafidhi….thats cool

    Whats wrong with girls like Malala Yousfzai.
    Whats wrong with Sunni brothers….you are equally after their lives with litlle less enthusiasm.

    I can not write in Urdu…what lnguage you understnd to learn to respect the human life.

    If you are hardcore wahabi Mowahid then learn to respect human life in this manner that all are created by same God Whom you have wilder claim to love…so love all His creations and leave the bad one on His ultimate judgment.

    What give you right to act like God because you have wildest claim on God

  40. facts are different.

    After second world war 1939-942 when the British Empire army was on the verge of bankruptcy and the British Empire after the defeat of Nazi Germany by Russia Churchill decided to leave British India. They plan to divide the subcontinent on base of Muslim and Hindu majority to secure there interest in India and Indian ocean by stop the expansion of the Soviet Union in south and medal east Asia. It was there strategic policy to create a buffer state in front of USSR.

    When the British army was defected in Singapore 15 Feb 1942 a large struggle for independence erupted all over the British India by the Hindus and Muslim.

    Muslim majority part become Pakistan by pole of the people, While Hindu majority areas become Hindustan, those area where Muslim was in minority and some of them was so use to the the privileges and fevers from the British ruler that they think they can not compete the majority Hindus in the level fields so they migrated to Pakistan in the hope of becoming the ruler of new born state to protect the interest of there british master to serve there own glory.

    Muslim migration take place form mainly Lacunae Bihar Deli but only 10% Muslim relocated mainly in 1951. The rest of Indian Muslim from Tamil Nado Andra or Malabar and other state did not bother for migrations. Those who migrated some was genuine seeker of a new Islamic State but a lot more was in surch of free hand where they can implement there personal prejudice and interest by serving there British masters. Most of the migrated families most of them are remain in India while few come to new country to discover the new opportunities.

    There Expectations of ruling was so high that they consider the local people who provide them shelter was not better then animals and they think that it will take them a while to implement there Lacunae culture (look in Karachi Bihar colony Deli Colony UP bara Society UP bara Society) in whole new country and shortly after they will conquered back their left home land in India. Most of the migrated

  41. A lot of these people change there surnames as they cross the border and come with fake claims, fake degrees fake and fake Sur Names.

    They were given lands against the fall claim and all over Pakistan but sold them and gather in Karachi. Most of the official jobs was give to them against there fake degrees.

    As they have the waste experience of Blavas in British India they believe in Blander Plunders and Surrenders. There migration to Pakistan has nothing to do with religion but every thing to do with greed, personal interest by selling the nation to there masters.

    A lot of them come to Pak land with curapte mind corrupt body and corrupt soul and started plundering Pakistan reticulating and exploiting the native son of the soil for there personal glory.
    There exploitation, reticulating and imposing there supremacy and personal interest reach to the extend when they implement Urdu as National Language because of there berocratecal supremacy they started to dream of controlling the whole nation by there wasteful means which become one of the biggest rezone in the fall of East Pakistan Bangladesh who were the original architects of two nation theory in Dhaka Housan Shaheed Saherwardi.

  42. Deevav

    This is exactly what I was saying that you are an (An-Nifaq Al-Akbar)You don’t have to find an excuse to go there ,I do understand you are a product of that area and would do anything to go back there that’s what those main streamers do.
    Bythe way you must be very proud of your main stream Taliban brother who shot the innocent girl in Swat.

  43. @

    Would you stop spreading hate among people of Pakistan?
    Your logic negates itself and you are trying to judge 1947 with today’s culture. Howcome fake degrees were available in British rule? You must not judge people from your narrow mindedness.

    If those Muhajirs were educated that was because they lived in cities like Delhi, Bombay, Banglore, Madras, Merat etc. Like myself they were not or most of them were not involved in agriculture. So they were educated. I mean simple matric or Inter and very few graduates. Some were ICS officers. Accordingly they were accomodated. If these people had occupies govt slots like a qabza group does, then howcome these days you find them in minority in civil service?

    The real reason is that later others like Punjabis, Pashtuns and Sindhis and Baluch and also Bengalis also improved their education and started joining the civil service along with their seniors muhajirs. These muhajirs were the ones who slected them with out any prejudice.

    This time is not right for spreading false propaganda and thus spread hatred among different linguistic groups in Pakistan. We have already paid a very heavy price for this in the past.

    STOP it now and let me tell you nobody is interested in this nonsense.

  44. @

    You operate from the area and its part of your religion. You are living from the same proession income. Thius is a fact you cannot deny. Don’t go around messing with history. Prove it is wrong.

    Else this would not help you. Atleast we Muslims know who you are and what is your profession.

    RIP there.

    As for Taliban I love those who are fighting with USA in Afghanistan. rest is al US propaganda and Rafdhi’s attempts to propgate against them. Why? Because in Taliban rule your 80 percent people will be out of profession and would have to starve….

  45. Deevav

    Once again thank you for your compliments and wish you the same.

    On a side note I am glad that Halalah is in UK away from the curse and nonsense of talbans and mullahs (so called main streamers).What an irony so called Muslims are trying to kill her and infedels are trying to save her.I guess there are thousands of Muslims living in West for the same reason.

    Have a nice day.

  46. @planet372 said:
    Why the bakery instance does not become the headline on this website.

    It is because Sharif bros paid website.

    Agreed. That is why they lost all their followers. People used to post lot of comments here but now they don’t come or post comments because any comment against PML-N will be blocked.

  47. @

    No problem. I know the facts about you and I know it for a long time as I have been following history of you people. So no need to be grawtefull. I am gratefull to Allah Gave me the courage to remind you of your back ground.

    About the thing you have mentioned i wonder if your thinking was still occupied with your background. What is Halala? Taqqaya stopped you from mentioning name corrrectly?????

  48. I guess I have to admit that I was there at the time of your conception .But let’s put it behind us ,I am glad you are main streamer now and doing what they do best issue fatwas.Let me know if you want to know more about your background, I have all the interesting details.

  49. salam
    @deevav @block
    guys sectarian hatred and grudges r harming the country badly. now ur discussion is all about sect and personal beliefs, that’s y u guys r exchanging heated remarks… try to avoid such debate and respect each other’s belief….
    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  50. @

    Icould reply you in a more filthy way but getting involved with Rafidhis is a insult of Muslims because they do not have any ethics. So live RIP.

    UK Paki

    You just go above and see how this debate turned ugly. Whose fault and how many rafidhis entered it you can yourself see.

    These are not muslims. They have their namaz, zakat, roza and even Kalma and Quran different from Muslims. They are not a sect but they are a diffeent religion.
    However I would not interfere in this affair any more. It is filth.

  51. deevav

    Finally you understood the difference. Yes we dont go out and kill or issue Fatwa like you people do. We also dont exploit/misguide people to go on the road and get killed in the name of religion.We dont hate people of other religions.As far as who started the filth,I reproduce your comments:
    know your type. They are poodles of USA and have a disease in their hearts. They suffer from inferiority complex and are cowards. They believe in Taqayya and flourish and propagate hatred. They cannot dare declare their beliefs an ideas and so are mentally sick people. Their background is Red Light areas where they get the license to do things which they have allowed legal for them.

    Sp read the last sentence above.

    This was in response to my comment that you carry Talban mentality.


    This was an intellectual debate and you had choice to continue in the same manner but when you ran out of ideas you attacked me by suggesting above comments.Was it fair? you call yourself a true main stream muslim you think above response was consistence with the true sprit of Islam.

    Have a nice day.

  52. Should read like this:

    you call yourself a true main stream muslim you think above response was consistent with the true sprit of Islam.

  53. Last but not least whether I am Rafidhis or a Muslim, I am just trying to be a better human being first and than only I can claim to be a good Muslim.

    I rest my case and wish you a wonderful life.

    CC to UKpaki Thanks for your comments.

  54. In no other religion in the world do you have people from the same religion kill each other. Shame on Muslims !!

  55. ashrafr said:

    “In no other religion in the world do you have people from the same religion kill each other. Shame on Muslims !!”

    So catholic-protestant fighting happened on Mars?

    Inquisition, 100 year war, irish infighting, crusaders killings of byzantines, all these must have taken place on Neptune.

    The old idiom that one keeps his ignorance hidden till he opens his mouth is quite apt here.

  56. keeping them ban is not wilfully done by NORAS. They are forced to do this on the pressure of nationwide strikes and orders of Supreme court.Kyun k laatoon k bhoot batoon sa nahi maantaay.

  57. @

    You re SPOT ON. Actually what some people are trying to portrait Pakistan as some special country with all going wrong. In Pakistan a war is going on between True Islam and those who are munafiqeen. these munafiqeens are basically very shy of being muslims, actually they love west and are suffering from inferiority complex and are ashamed of being muslims. They always see a gloomy part of picture and spread frustration and depair.

    Allah’s Victory is not far off Inshallah as a result of steadfast resilience of mujahideen and the entire West with all its military might has been made a laughing stock due to this Jihad Mashallah. When Allah’s victory will come, these people will hidetheir faces and bite their fingers with rage . this will be Allah’s Punishment for them Inshallah.

    And Look at the serial killer altaf. He is more worried about malala and does not say a word about an average killing of about 10 people daily in target killing in his city karachi.
    These are munafiqeens and desrve the capital punishment.

  58. The men behind the movie said it would expose Islam as a violent religion. Now they are pointing the riots as proof.Muslims are pre programmed to rage and kill,says the movie’s promoter.
    According to the distributors,the violence that it caused in Egypt and Pakistan further evidence of how violent the religion and main stream people are and it is evidence that everything in the film is factual.

    Congratulations to those who called themselves main stream Muslims ,you followed the script are all stars in the movie.You misguided people not only causing suffering to Muslim ummah but also to entire humanity.You also have no shame that your so called mujahideen shot 14 years Muslim girl and infedels are trying to save her life. You shameless people exploit innocent people get them killed in the name of religion .These people are An Nifaq al Akbar and will have place in the deep depth of hellfire.

  59. I just cannot fathom that some misguided people are trying to justifying the killing of 44,000 Pakistanis in the hand of shaitan talbans by saying so what People of other religion did the same.

    I agree that some people should keep their mouth shut always for their own sake but they don’t want to do it and then get caught in day light.

  60. salam
    @block… the word taliban is very abstract and genric. many foreign terrorist groups r using the label of taliban and 44,000 or so were killed for many other reasons also.
    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  61. Ukpaki1
    My humble request to you don’t try to protect these people.have you not seen scores of videos on Internet in which these people slaughtered innocent people.have you not heard the latest admission of Taliban chief about Malalah incident.Suppose these are foreign people then what are they doing in North Wazirstan .You cannot stay in that area one night without the support of local people ,question is who is supporting them.You think the Indians or Americans will come and committ sucide to advance their cause. Why we want to deny all these evidences and protect these people at the cost Pakistanis lives.

  62. salam
    @block… do u believe everything u watch on internet? recall to ur memory pre 9/11 era. was the situation of tribal areas same as it is now. foreigners i mean tajik, uzbik and other armed ppl were there but things were not like that and u know US invited all the terrorists, wanted ppl and jihadis from all over the world and once afghan war was over then many of these foreigners came to tribal areas settled there and labeled themselves as local ppl. anyhow but when US staged the drama of 9/11 and invaded afghanistan then u know what happened during last 11 years, how terrorist groups TTP etc. was funded by US, i guess u know the rest.
    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  63. PS.. 32 or 33 years of war in a country which also affected pakistan’s tribal areas miserably. i have also heard and read that some foreigners i mean americans/germans have studied the basics of islam and they trained and taught kids about jihad in madrasas in tribal areas. pakistan is still paying for the war between two super powers.
    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis

  64. Jihad is good for people. (pause) really?

    last time I checked it is all about killing other human being who disagree.

  65. xxxpaki

    So the way it’s going ,kill a person and then declare that I was doing jihan and nobody will touch you if it’s still not happening just coin a name like al dawa something something ,grow beard ,wear a long cap and you are all set to become famous maulana ikram, I don’t know about akhrat but you aqbat is guaranteed.

  66. It is the time of beautiful Haj so I refrain from saying anything negative. Allah u Akbar.

    Labaik a allah huma labaik, Labaik a lashareek a labaik.
    Inalhamda wal naimate, Lasharik a luk.

  67. پی ٹی اے کے نئے چیئرمین کی تعیناتی کیساتھ ہی یوٹیوب بحالی کاامکان

    اسلام آباد: پاکستان ٹیلی کمیونیکیشن اتھارٹی نے سماجی رابطے کی ویب سائٹ یوٹیوب کودوبارہ کھولنے کی تیاریاں شروع کردی ہیں۔

    نئے چیئرمین پی ٹی اے کی تعیناتی کیساتھ ہی یوٹیوب کوکھول دیاجائیگا۔ وزارت انفارمیشن ٹیکنالوجی کے انتہائی معتبرذرائع کے مطابق پاکستان ٹیلی کمیونیکیشن اتھارٹی نے یوٹیوب کودوبارہ کھولنے کاحتمی فیصلہ کرلیاہے جس کیلیے پی ٹی اے حکام نئے چیئرمین کی تعیناتی کاانتظارکررہے ہیں، ذرائع نے بتایاکہ نئے چیئرمین کی تعیناتی آئندہ چند روز میںمتوقع ہے جسکے بعدیوٹیوب دوبارہ کھول دی جائیگی۔

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