6 thoughts on “Policy Matters – 22 September 2012

  1. Secular Pakistan is the only way

    First of all being a humble Muslim I condemned the blasphemy of Islam and our beloved prophet Mohammad (May peace be upon him) It hurts the hearts and souls of the entire Muslim world, this is also a terrorism, the person who has created this must be punished by the United States of America in the severest possible punishment.

    The followers and so called faithful to our prophet Mohammad (SAW) robbed the banks burned the public and private properties, vehicles and killed 30 innocent fellow humans on the day of “ Ishq e Rasool “ scores of pity policemen were seriously injured.

    First of all I hold responsible this government of cowards manipulated by the so called custodians of Islam. The government should not call the protest, one day earlier they had good lesson imparted by these bandits in Islamabad when they burned police posts and beaten the policemen this all drama was staged in the name of Namoos of our beloved prophet Mohammad (SAW)

    There is more than one and half Billion Muslims In the world there are 53 Muslim countries, the Islam which is supposed to be religion of peace, harmony, tolerance, equality, coexistence, brotherhood, that is the Islam which Mohammad (SAW) has brought to the mankind.
    The Islam which is being enforced by some bandit’s in Pakistan is disgrace it’s shameful how you can commit the crimes in the Name of Namoos e Resalat (SAW).

    Once again we have showed to the world that we are sick and abnormal society and we are not a nation just a crowd of uncivilized people.
    Our Mullah’s they are playing dirty politics we have witnessed in the past when with American dollars they started movement against Late Zulifqar Ali Bhutto “ Nizam E Mustafa movement Bhutto was toppled and later hanged because he was founding father of Nuclear program and once Bhutto was overthrown the Mullah made alliance with military and join the government and their movement which they just played with the emotion of the people of Pakistan was disbanded.

    Since the Afghanistan war so called “Jihad” Mullah did this so called holy war again with American Dollars our establishment supported these militant Mullah’s and now they are so powerful they can attack anywhere anytime.
    People of our country has become hostage look at the misery of Shia community and other none Muslim minorities they are migrating who can live in the state of fear. India our neighboring country there is vast majority of Muslims living side by side with Hindu’s and Sikhs no one attach the Mosques and holy Shrines which is happening in the Islamic Republic if Pakistan what a shame.
    Our Mullah’s and political parties didn’t show unity even in the protest against West every one called his own rallies, look even in the Holy name of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) we are not united what else we can do together for Pakistan and Islam.

    I was in a hotel in Islamabad stayed few days yesterday returned, there were few foreigners staying in the same hotel every one was scared that the violent mob may attack the Hotel I witnessed pale faces in such terror State how we expect foreign investment.
    I lived in Far East and now stationed in UAE a very peaceful, Islamic and liberal country it can be a role model for the entire Islamic world.
    We go to Saudi Arabia for Ummrah and Hajj every year as per my belief they are the custodians of Islam there was no public protest but the Imam e Kaaba has issued strong condemnation and rest of the world lodged peaceful protest including the Muslim Governments.

    Pakistan is the only country where the vicious mob did contrary to the teaching and traditions of our beloved prophet Mohammad (SAW).

    The government and I ask General Kiyani that please uproot them with full force because they were planted by your predecessors it is time to destroy these evil forces they are the real enemy of Pakistan and Islam.
    Make Pakistan a secular state as our founder Quid e Azam has envisioned, make Pakistan a country where all the majority and minority can live side by side like a family make this society an educated progressive, modern where we can exercise the true values of Islam.

    Our society is facing a dangerous division on ethnicity, religion, politics and worst kind of sectarianism our civility has vanish, we have 3 or 4 Mosques in each village each one has his own interpretation of Islam they are confusing the young people and creating hate this practice if unfortunately continue and unnoticed Pakistan will be Somalia (Khakam Badahan” We must take necessary actions now or never.
    Habib Jalib says aboiut Martial Law rtegeme but it is fit for today’s Mullah’s
    ” Watan Ka Chehra Khon Se dho Rahey ho- Muhabbat Goliyun se Bo Rahey ho”
    ” Tum Ko ye Guman ke Rasta kat raha hai- Mujh ko ye yaqin ke Manzal Khorahey ho”

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