4 thoughts on “Lekin – 28 September 2012

  1. salam
    it’s not a joke for any sardar/former chief minister of province to fight against the professional army..during that operation bugti’s militia kept on fighting with pak army and army had to deploy more troops… bugti had a state within a state, he had heavily armed militia, prisons, five star caves but still the ppl in his area was living in 12th century, that was the real achievement of bugti and other sardars of other tribes.
    what message was this traitor jameel bugti giving to other puppies who r sitting abroad.. was he giving giving message to zionist pilla harbiar bugti to keep running farari camps in baolchistan and keep providing ppl with arms and weapons..
    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  2. PS govts and armies crush rebellion through force but when it starts happening the zionist backed media launches a proper propaganda campaign and portrays the head of state or amy as villian.. same happened in the case of qaddafi.. and in other cases..GOD forbid if foreign media starts a campaign against pakistan that army is carrying out genocide in balochistan.. it’ll be the worst thing to happen…. May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  3. Sardaran system is never good for people, it is replica of a Badshahat system.
    Every Sardar believes that he has better blood running through his veins than ordinary people.
    I am totally pro Pakistani army when they want (and most of them do) democracy to grow in Pakistan.

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