1 thought on “Lekin – 7 October 2012

  1. Mualana Fazal Rehman is the most corrupt person in the Pakistan,who use Our Mosques for Economic Benifits.
    During Gen Musharraf Govt…His Chief Minister Akram Durani was working as his agent and getting commissions day and night.These bomb blasts are gifts to people of KPK from the Talabaans , who are students of Mulana Fazal Rehman,they were taught wrongly and now you see the results.
    Mulana Ata Urrehman ,used to walk in Peshawar secatarate and doing Tranfers and posting by getting Riswat….
    Imagin when Mulana Mufti Mahmood died,they have no chair in home….look now the cars ,the properties and banglows…..Remember Senator Ghulam Ali,used to ride Bi-Cycle and now.Musharraf decided just a night before the General Election, to give NWFP govt to MMA…just to show USA,that KPK people are all Telabaan supporters…which in fact are NOT.

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