6 thoughts on “Off the Record – 10 October 2012

  1. Plz plz watch again and again panic of Farzana Bari’s face when Kashif told reality of real Taliban not amrican funded killers who is source of amricans and amrican puppits to defame real taliban …Shame shame and shame all PPP zardari league, MQM and ANP …..

  2. Why kashif said main Ya baaat kartay hoy soch raha hon and during that he thought so many time it clearly shows false propaganda about real muslims …..Lanat ous pay jis nay ise Masoom bachi ko matnay ki koshish ki but am sure must be amrican sponsored to defame islam ………….

  3. i usually download programs, so i can watch them later on, but…after youtube ban, it is little hasrd, usually files are downloaded upto 90% and then session have expired..

  4. It is a very sad incident. The young girl gave a lot of hope to the failed Nation. But why be surprised? These beasts have made it clear. Either it is them or us! This Paracha and PTI man are giving “Gol Mol” answers. They are eluding the public. We have seen Qadianis, Shia, Hazara, Christians and minorities being killed regularly. We all kept quiet because it was non of us. Now the fire has reached our own homes and children. The enemy is Bolden by our inaction. Today it is Malala, tomorrow all Children who don’t go to Madrasa will be the targeted. Only a complete eradication of these Taliban and their supporters will save us.

  5. I can not understand those who claim to be the followers of the beloved prophet can do these kind of atrocities. I can not believe this is possible but if that is happening than muslim Umma wait for the larger punishment from the Allahs throne. And if it is true that followers of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) than this solution that will come from up above will either solve the problem or will finish the matter once for all. Allah save me through this troubled perios.

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