7 thoughts on “Kal Tak – 16 October 2012

  1. After analysing fast changing geo-political-religious scenario during Afghan Fasad of 1980’s and growing influence of mercenaries with the help of Pak-US-Saudi collaboration, Khan Abdul Wali Khan cautioned and predicted 30 years ago that end product will be a big disaster for Paksitan. End product of Afghan Fasad is Taliban criminals and their growing and unchecked strength is very dangerous for a civilised society. They are supported by Pak military, right wing politicians, Jamat Islami,Mualana Fazal Rehman The biggest carrupt Politician in the world and the extremist militant groups, religious clergy of Wahhabi sect etc.

    Malala has defeated Talibans and her fight proves Pakistani nation has brave daughters to stand firm against Talibans. With the same token, it is a big shame on Pakistani society where people are fearful of taliban criminals and do not have guts to challenge them.

    Malala should be given Nishan-e-Haider for her bravery to stand against taliban terrorists. May God heal up her injuries quicker and enable to continue her education and fight against Taliban’s extremism.

    Its time for Nawaz sharif ,PPPP,Imran Khan,and all Pakistan Loving Parties to come up with Clear Vision.

    Long Live Malala

  2. Khurm Dastageer was defending the actions of Zalim i Ala and his rude daughter. It is at test cast for Supreme Court of Pakistan. We will see if this Chief Justice will show the style what he did for his son. We will not sit down until the proper justice is delivered in this case. One brother was giving free iphone to an American girl and the other brother daughter behaved like a pig.

  3. Yeh Haram ki nasal jo bakery walay ko mar raha tha. Yeh Ghulam kutia ki aulad apnay malik ko khush kernay kay liay is acting like a bulldog. Mjurda bad Pakistan muslim league (nawaz group and Zalimi ala group).

    Is this Pakistan, land of Quaidi azam and the land of liaqat ali who had patches on his clothes.
    This country is governed by choudrys, Mians who are nothing but majority of them are thugs.

  4. ,Shahbaz daughter has nothing to do with this incident,she is a victim of an international conspiracy hatched in India by US and Israel.

  5. salam
    for the sake of publicity and in the name of fake justice, he got himself arrested on the instruction of shehbaz sharif’s… actually after this incident ali imran must have been very happy because he was not very known and popular but now this malignity in a sense has given him a lot of popularity…
    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  6. one of the differences in first world and third world societies is ”badmashi”… badmashi is hugely abundant in third world counties. ‘rod tames every brute” elite firmly belives in this.

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