5 thoughts on “Off the Record – 22 October 2012

  1. سیاست ایک وہ گرم حمام ہے جس میں یہ سارے سیاست دان نیگے ہیں

    لیکن اج خرم دستگیر کی بولتی بند ہے اور منھ بھی سوجھا ہوا ہے
    پیسے کسی نے لیے شرمندہ ان کو ہونا پڑا ،

  2. Whether it is PTI or PML-Q or PPP, these are all democratic parties which have tremendous support among people. They will join together to form the next government.

    PML-N on the other hand is the real enemy of the country.

  3. All are talking Dollars?rayal?,there is no relationship between People of USA and Pakistani nation.

    The relationship is only between Pak-army generals and USA Nd Our So Called Mullas, who are killing innocent people day and night and USA pay for these killing , Pakistani general and corrupt politicians like Zardari and Nawaz Shariif plus Altaf hussain, Asfandyar wali and Mualana Dizel Choor Fazal Rehman and Jumat islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed( begging for visas of US?Europe) and they have bank accounts directly is Swiss banks.

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