1 thought on “Kal Tak – 25 October 2012

  1. Lot of people may disagree with me but I am going to say what is right and what is wrong at least in my own views.

    I think parading Generals like this is not going to bring the benefit that this nation deserves.
    I feel that the Government should do what Nelson Mandela did to his country. He too was jailed and put under solitary confinement for years plus torture.

    But When he comes out of the hole and takes the command of the country what he did is going to be an example for the world.

    In respect of Pakistan everyone knows that the societty in Pakistan is corrupt to its core. Corrupt practices are everywhere from the top to the bottom. So punishing those who somehow got caught is not the solution to the nations problem. So here it is what I want to say.

    1. Pakistan needs to enact laws that would deal with the yesterdays crimes and any crime that might be committed in the future for the sake of stopping corruption as much as we can. For the Government should come up with some top and honest Jurists within the nation to seek their help in this regard. Once the laws are in place then,

    2. Government should give 15 to 30 days to all those who might have committed crimes in this regard. That within this period they should come forward, admit their crimes, seek the pardon from the nation or the individual and pay some kind of RESTITUTION to the nation or the aggrieved party.

    3. Those who are suspected if do not come forward must be put on trial by a special court created for this purpose. Severe punishment must be delivered to all those who are proved guilty beyond any doubt.

    Only this way we will be able to wipe out corruption as much as we can. Otherwise I bet nothing else can help this nation. A bloody revolution is not the solution, in fact its caused by the inaction of the government for the accesses of the powerful towards those who are poor and less fortunate.

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