1 thought on “Policy Matters – 2 November 2012

  1. General Parvez Musharraf started Military operation in his own land to control protests against his dictatorship and repeated the story of East Pakistan. Corrupt Generals Of Pakistan Army on the order of Bust..d General Musharraf brutally killed a nationalist leader from Balochistan, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti who had been a strong voice against Military dictatorship and the due rights of his people. Conditions in Balochistan are being worsened and the exploited, people are feeling insecure and frightened.
    Military is dominating the life in Pakistan. Fascist Generals of Pak-Army has captured every civil institution including schools, universities, factories, hospitals, public offices and public utility services. Pakistan Army has grabbed a large area of state owned land and it is being allotted to Military officers. They are looting all resources of the nation.Zardari is also busy looting Poor Nation…every one is transferring money to US and UK plus Swiss Banks..Sharif are visiting UK three times /week.Muala Fazal Rehman ans Qazi etc are busy to weaken the Fundamental Foundation of Pakistan. … NATION IS IN DEEP SLEEP>>>>>>Any Hope ????????????????????????????????????????

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