2 thoughts on “Awaam Ki Adalat – 4 November 2012

  1. jhoot ki paidawar………………constitution ko bahal krny sy load shedding khatm ho jati he? terrorism khtm ho jati he? har issue par tum jesy kameeny politics krty hen chahy wo religion ki koi bat ho. ya kisi ky gar bacha paida ho

  2. salam
    wattoo is a renowned lota… these ppl believe in power politics… zardari brought him in bcoz he wanted to keep things under control in punjab as he didn’t want to give full playing field to qaatil league. anyhow i still remember the fire works on his daughter’s wedding in model town, in mid 90s we were at my cousin’s wedding and at some distance it was his daughter’s wedding and as a kid those fire works really fascinated me… Good times
    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis

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