10 thoughts on “Kal Tak – 15 November 2012

  1. SIR! MALIK RIAZ SIR! i dnt know sir why you come on these channels ,we know that this media,is like a corrupt hospital where patients died due to neglegance of the hospital staff and our doctors mashallah,and people are covered with stories SIR ! you are MALIK RIAZ please sir every single word you say is like a golden word for the betterment of Pakistan for people of Pakistan ,my father is also a bussiness man but i am doing a govt job not coz i dnt want to be a bussiness man its just my Father believed that its a very struggling a tough journey to reach somewhere to build asmall house or just a2 time meal ,bussiness man and Mashallah bussiness man like you who do bussiness for good for betterment human beings for Pakaistan SIR!i challange no politician NO bussiness man ,NO party can do because it needs a GOLDEN HEART LIKE YOU.people are just selfish only think of themselves giving 1 meal to an innocent or the real deserving person is worth it, than to spoil ,these media politician are spoiling us please SIR i gave you the WORD SIR because you are what you believed with (saaf neeat) let them bark and leave them.and SIR this word sir also thr on your interview with mehar bukhari i think u didnt read that comment please do that also and might now you realize what you are loosing !SIR you are loosing word MALIK RIAZ an achiever nobody will be harmed people are getting pays to destroy you but if you get destroyed people ,youngsters like me for them you are an ideal human being and bussiness man .i m happpy in my job and try to puy my bit foR help others from pay,if i can why cant these big rich politicians media tycons ,and if SIR MALIK RIAZ is doing they are pinched dnt come over people like me and many more in Pakaistan beleieved what you do what you are A MAN WHO SLEEP IN PEACE DUE TO HIS GOOD DOINGS ,They cannot sleep in peace because of there wrong doings , so why SIR you disturb your sleep after strugglling so much in life SIR you are MALIK RIAZ sir! thankyou sir always wel lwisher of yours works mashallah NO match in the world GREAT MAN SIR MALIK RIAZ HUSSAIN sorry sir if i crossed some limits coz i am not as good human,muslim like you pray that and i wish we need more good human good ,Muslim like SIR MALIK RIAZ TC SIR AND ALLAH BE WITH YOU INSHALLAH

  2. Javed Choudhry is being completely unreasonable with this man. He has a point. He achieved something. The Politician, Establishment and Big wigs do not want this country to prosper. They want ordinary people to suffer and stay illiterate so they can rule over them. One cannot trust anybody in this Country. Corruption has gotten into our blood.

  3. with out corruption one cannot become rich like Malik Riaz , his conversation proves that he is not good man and media has already exposed him very nicely , smallest punishment for such people is death sentence I am sure here in this world he will pay

  4. i think Malik has hired lot of People to give nice comment about him…otherwise nobody who has little wit can write as written by few people above…..

    And i personally know few people who invested money in Behria town and Betrayed by this TEKEDARR…..he is a universal lier…

    And now he is trying to get the favors of ARMY which is already with him…as our army alwaz work for their intrest not for the interest of Pakistan ….

  5. my brother’s nilan and khawar i am trying to comment of all doubts you people are having please bahi i swear to my parents i dnt even met this SIR MALIK RIAZ HUSSAIN how dare you can point somebody without any proof !yaaarr! please wake up i tries to comment about and explained everything about your comments and about us that WHO ARE WE? but they are accepting it means they are not accepting my comments so ill send you the link where i am going answere this on Allvoices an international forum about your comments and about us please do go their and type search on google pakistanwillchange@yahoo.com comments on allvoices and also i am trying on Paktv as well to freely speak being a free National so try to read it and than ask yourself? please i urge and tell others aswell and write yourself such stuff to realiza what we are what we are following what we are doing ? who are we?

  6. I have only one question why Malik spend so much money on son of C J. Now he is calling him Don, what a dual personality I hate him and pray to God for punishment.

  7. Look at the way javed chaudhary is behaving. It seems like this is planted too.. lol…

    Riaz thekedaar being an illiterate person thinks that every person whose watching his stupid and illogical discussion is illiterate like him.. I wonder why are we giving this thekedaar importance. There are so many thekedaars in Pakistan just like him.. We should treat him like them.. He is corrupt and he looted so many people to build this empire. I wont believe that he has been tortured by every government. Oh please dont try to portray as if you are very innocent. Get a life and stop making fool of people. He is a munafiq… He talks lot about allah and i think he lies every time. I wonder he is not scared that he has to die one day.. Shame on him… Loser

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