1 thought on “Cross Fire – 20 November 2012

  1. It is shame that Islami Dunya is so shameless. None of them have the courge to speak out. If we address this question in another way than we will find the answer to our question. So let us do it.

    Islami Duya….. means part of the world that is governed by Muslims. Muslims means follower of Islam. Islam means Peace.

    We start from the bottom of this line. Do we believe in peace …unfortunately majority of us .. do. Than why there is so much internal disturbance in majority of muslim world. Take the example of Pakistan. For the last 10 years who is killing who in Pakistan. if we do not know the names then at least we can say…..these killings are the art work of people who call themselves MSLIM, That is the root cause of our problems anywhere in the world. We kill our own people. We rape our own children. We beat and kill our own women. We lie day in day out. We use corrupt ways to gain the profit. We come out and portray ourselves the best and go back home and do the worst. Or we come out and portray ourselves the worst and go back home to show how nice we are. Satan rules our world

    Since we call ourselves follower of Islam. Now let us see anywhere in Pakistan. Do you think Zardari, Nawaz or anyone in this regard is a muslim. Ghalib called himself HALF Muslim. You decide yourself how many muslims live in Pakistan. None as for as I am concderned.

    Now let us come to Islami Dunya….. do I have to talk an further. We got the answer.

    We are not muslims.

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