3 thoughts on “11th Hour – 3 December 2012

  1. Here is a brutally honest man who tried to do his best for Pakistan. He has made mistakes in the past but they were mostly errors in judgement and bad counsel. Another government under Musharraf may not be entirely bad for the country.

  2. Great leader. I doubt he will ever make government but I salute him for all the good he has done for his country.
    There is no government in the entire history of Pakistan that has not made mistakes. We do forget that we the people of Pakistan are not all that good and we can blame Ayub or Zia or Bhuttos or Nawaz or Pervaiz or Zardari for these mistakes but when the majority of populous is corrupt then nobody can do much to put this country straight.

  3. @Saima Khan

    The thing is if you look at the history of this region, for centruries different people attacked this area, be it Ghaznawi or Bin Qasim or Alexander … you can make a big list. But were they able to win the hearts of people, or make people accept islam, the answer is NO.
    On the contrary if you look at Sufi buzurgs and scholars like Khawaja Moeen-ud-din, Data Gangbush, Bara Farid Shakar etc, their message got through more successfully and thousands of people accepted islam on their hands.

    So what’s the bottom line, even if you are the best Dictator, still you can not win over the hearts and minds. It’s the slow but steady spreading of your message which can win the hearts. For me Musharraf and all army dictators destroyed this country. They should be held accountable, no matter what they say.

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