1 thought on “Target Point – 4 January 2013

  1. Lets conclude the discussion,

    Since its independence,army has been the greatest rogue of the country.I will tell just 10 reasons which is only tip of the iceberg.

    1. Extremely non professional,lost all the five wars against india i.e 1948,65,71,84 &99
    2. Extremely non professional,lost all its potential allies on western border one by one just for the pleasure of United States, i.eMasood,Rabbani,Siyaf,Dostum,Hekmatyar and finally Taliban.
    3. Extremely non professional,always kept bad relations with greatest potential ally Iran, after 1979,just for the pleasure of United States.
    4. Extremely non professional,never responded to Chinese aspirations in proper way,just for the pleasure of United States.
    5. Extremely non professional,in a peaceful environment of the country,attacked Waziristan in 2003 by throwing the pacts of Mr.Jinnah with tribes,since then our people r facing a horrible war & these businessmen r earning dollars ,just for the pleasure of United States.
    6. Extremely non professional, twice attacked India (1965,99) by expecting victory but slapped out in pitiable condition in a few days.
    7. Extremely non professional,greatest land mafia of the state with 12% of the land.Better to say them property dealers than soldiers.
    8. Extremely non professional, biggest corporate institution in Pakistan with more than 200 commodity industries all over the country.Better to change its name i.e Pak Army (PVT) Ltd with a slogan “Businessmen at their best”.
    9. Extremely non professional,always involved in pre poll rigging in elections by creating hatred for genuine politicians &trying either to bribe or eliminating them,thus growing dirty politicians under the umbrella of GHQ (Convention League,MQM,Functional League,PML Q & ZAR_BABA 40 chor etc),just to fed-up people from politicians so as to prepare ground for martial laws.
    10. Extremely non professional, always tried to alienate &break up those regions from federation,who stood up against the attrocities n hegemony of these Watchdogs.Fall of Dhaka is the typical example that how these conspirators held elections &then refused to transfer powers to the winner Bengalis,thus instigating them to grow the seeds of separation.As the sitiuation was not worsened,they even started operation to kill bengalis &rape their women as the last nail in the box.Balochistan &Waziristan operations were also planned on same patterns &for the same reasons.If this processs continues,only Northern Punjab will be left as their beloved den.

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