3 thoughts on “11th Hour – 10 January 2013

  1. AH has structured his party, not on any democratic values; but MAFIASO rules of the game. He is THE DON. Rest of the MQM members are foot soldiers of different catagories. Loyalty and performance are major criteria. Better loyal services, greater supply of funds determine the levels of rewards and promotions. Their is no sympathy, whatsoever, for the disloyal and/or weaker fund raiser! DON’s word is final and last. That is that for democracy and Pakistan.

    For the last decade the DON is striving to expand his domain beyond Karachi and urban Sindh. Meanwhile, other forces arriving in drones are staking claim on the DON’s territory, Karachi and urban Sindh. These forces are even better “democrates” than MQM.

    Comes another whirlwind in the facade of magician like western priest. Preaching whatever audience want to hear. Thus promoting conflicting ideas on as and whenever needed basis. Not on what is the need of the nation on the day. A made to tailor priest. No morality. His purpose is to save Pakistan, his method is to blow it up. Minhajul Quran is solely run by him alone with little help from the Board of Governors, his family. That is that for democracy and Pakistan!

  2. Oh yes! As for funding the Islamabad march campaign. Money comes from God, who’s servant Shaikh-ul-Islam Allama professor Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri is. There cannot be and does not exist a better and clearer explaination. Fatwa buisness is thriving and well. Foriegn governments and NGOs are very good clients. Nor can there be any explaination for the murky court record our Shaikh-ul -Islam has. In his native Canada, he will be called a con man. And in Pakistan he is our Shaikh-ul-Islam. Inna lillahe wa inna alaihe raajeoon.

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