1 thought on “On The Front – 26 January 2013

  1. Terrorist Wings Of Political Parties in Pakistan….

    Al-Zulfiqar & Peoples Guards. …. PPP
    IJT n Alshams / Albadar …. Jamat Islami
    Pakhtoon Zalme …. National Awami Party
    MSF …. Muslim League

    All these were major political parties in early 70’s. They brought the culture of terrorism in Pakistani politics. Karachi was their main battle field.

    Raza Rabbani of PPP, Liaqat Balochof JI, Parvez Rasheed of PML(N), Irfan Marwat of ANP all these gentlemen are guilty of murders and their FIRs must be burried in the old police records.
    Raza Rubbani is guilty of burning alive the people in buses at Burns Road Karachi, Liaqat Baloch killed two opponent students in Lahore University, Parvez Rasheed, being a member of Al-Zulfiqar hijacked a PIA plane and helped killing an army major in Kabul. Ali Mukhtar Rizvi was another of Muslim League terrorist, later killed in Liaqatabad Karachi. Who can forger Gohar Ayub Khan carrying pistols in both hands in a truck firing in the air and leading a procession of Muslim League in Karachi.
    Mashallah they are playing an important role in todays politics. This is just an example, there are many more in each of the above parties and also other smaller parties. There will be a lot of eye witnesses of their crimes, still alive.

    All this was hapenning when MQM was not even existed. How can someone now blame only MQM to carry the killings and others are just victims? This is unjust, bias, and distorting.

    It will be intresting here to quote an incident of ex American president, Ronald Reagan. He was critic of military dictators in his part of the world and elsewhere. In a press conference once, he was targetting a military general Pinoche and called him “son of a bitch”. A reporter questioned him you are so deadly oppose military rulers Sir… but you favour Ziaul Haque in Pakistan. What about him? Regan muttered a historical sentence,
    “He is our son of a bitch”.

    It seems that all of us are pointing towards others but protecting our own “son of a bitch”.

    Deputy speaker of our National Assembly when asked a question about the four Balochi woman who were burried alive, by the Trible Lords in Balochistan, bluntly said “this is the part of our culture”. Where does the rule of law stand?

    Lets be honest.

    There is no political party in Pakistan. There are family dynesties, Trible Lords, Feudals, and Mullas, just using the names of political party. With the collaboration of civil and military beurocracy they are taking their turns to rule Pakistanis. They talk against each other, but are united, when someone challenges their authority or they feel any danger from common man. They all get united and make a hue n cry “democracy is in danger”. While the meanings of democracy for them is, for the elite, of the elite, by the elite. People have nothing to do with it.

    In fact these are all Gangsters, Killers, Dons, Decoits, and Looters.

    None of them deserves to be called a leader.

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