Does This Look Like Southern Punjab Province?

The Southern Punjab Bahawalpur province proposed by the ruling coalition of PPP, PMLQ, MQM and ANP looks more like Southern Northern Western Mianwali Bahawalpur province.

Unfortunately, the parties like MQM and ANP, who never had any electoral representation from Punjab, are now proposing this division to please their allies. Even the recent surveys have shown that both PPP and PMLQ have totally lost their support from the people of Punjab due to their performance in the past 5 years.

Mianwali is one of the northern most districts in Punjab, yet the ruling coalition wants to name it as “Southern Punjab”. The two barrages, Jinnah and Chashma barrages along with Chashma Nuclear power plant are located in Mianwali, which is probably the reason the ruling coalition sees the northern district as part of southern Punjab.

The people of Mianwali have called for shutter-down protest on Monday against this decision by the ruling coalition led by Pakistan Peoples Party.

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3 thoughts on “Does This Look Like Southern Punjab Province?

  1. Peoples party will never take a risk of creating a new province in Punjab.
    This is just the political tactics to maligned PML(n) that they are against the Saraiki province.

    People Party can never never never ever take a risk to pave the way for a new province in Punjab. They know it very well that they will have to pay the price for it in Sind. And once Punjab is spilitted, Sind will face the same destiny.

    PPP knows how two third majority approval from the provincial assembly is important in Sind for them to block a divide of this province. A national assembly resolution, or any other constitutional change to divide Punjab without a two-third majority vote in Punjab Assembly in favor, will ultimately divide Sind.

    Division of Sind will be a death warrant for all the traditional landlord-politicians in Sind.

  2. In the future if decision for construction of Kalabaghdam is finalised, then Mianwali being in Southern Punjab would also benefit. What the evil plan Zardari & his alliance has formulated.

  3. سرائیکی سرائیکستان دے علاوہ تاندلیانوالا، پنڈی بھٹیاں، منڈی بہاؤالدین، چکوال ،جنڈ، پنڈی گھیب، راڑہ شم، بارخان، صحبت پور، جعفرآباد، نصیرآباد، جھل مڳسی، ڄیکب آباد، کشمور، گھوٹکی، سری گنگا نگر تے فاضلکا وچ مقامی زبان ہے۔ سرائیکستان دی آبادی چھی کروڑ ہے ۔سرائیکستان وچ پنج کروڑ سرائیکی، پنجاب بلوچستان وچ ہک کروڑ سرائیکی تے سندھ وچ ݙو کروڑ سرائیکی، پاکستان وچ کل اٹھ کروڑ سرائیکی ہن۔

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