5 thoughts on “Aapas Ki Baat – 29 January 2013

  1. What an excellent interview. I pray to Allah that Pakistan elects Imran as their next leader. May Allah protect him from all harm and make him achieve his passion and goals to build a Pakistan that is the best reflection of our beloved religion of Islam, its principles and humanism. I am nothing but whatever I am, I am available to live my dream in the service of my beloved motherland. Pakistan zinda abad.

  2. Watch standard of Imran Khan now ….giving interview to Najam Shati one of biggest crook of Pak media …..shame shame

  3. If You hating Imran Khan You are the HATER so keep on hating ,its not gona make any difference because He is the one right now in Pakistan.

  4. Excellent interviews, all aspects were well covered by host and answered in extremely friendly environment by Imran. Being Pakistani, and follower of Imran from his cricket days, I can say easily that he is equipped with all attributes of leader to lead this nation to tackle extreme tough financial and law and orders situations in Pakistan after winning next election. I wish that Pakistani nation vote him in to test his leadership skills. I do not have doubt that he is honest and down to earth figure compared to other so called big leaders. He is the only hope on political arena of Pakistan. I pray that Allah give long life and an opportunity to serve this wonderful nation.

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