1 thought on “NAB Chairman to be Indicted for Contempt of Court

  1. ANTI PAKISTAN, ANTI NUCLEAR – Two qualifications:
    FASIH BOKHARI was awarded NAB Chairmanship by PAKISTAN KHAPPAY brand of president Zardari.
    In 1997, Prime minister Navaz Sharif approved the appointment of Bokhari to four-star assignment and later he became fourteen Chief of Naval Staff. As CNS, Bokhari made several attempts to reorganize the navy and attempted to sign big deals with foreign powers to expand the operational capabilities of the Navy, but such attempts were resisted and thwarted by Prime minister Navaz Sharif and his subordinated officers.
    In spite of Prime minister Nawaz Sharif promoting Bokhari to four-star rank, differences and problems arise with the elected prime minister after cancelling the deals. The timeline of crises began in 1998 made uttering remarks against Pakistan’s historic decision to perform nuclear tests (Chagai-I and Chagai-II to maintain nuclear deterrence against India in 1998 and is also known for his views against creation of Pakistan. He was forcefully silent by the Chairman Join Chiefs General Jehangir Karamat who strongly urged and made promising consequences if he continued to release harmful statements against the government of conception of Pakistan.


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