5 thoughts on “Petition Filed Against Rs. 50 Billion Rigging Funds

  1. How far this Zardari will go in looting this already poor country? I am astonished that one can be so shameless. But then what is to be astonished about – his father Hakim Ali Zardari was against the creation of Pakistan and has been using foul language against Quaud-e-Azam. What is not understandable however is that how security establishment would let him reach his present position and let him do all what he is doing.

  2. Following the past mood of SC, this Dr. Mubasshar has filed a petition which is not standing on sound footing. First off, the right forum to agitate this petition was Election Commision. Secondly, how is the petitioner going to prove this with circumstntial and material evidence. SC does not consider the case on mare perception, the aggrieved party has to submit some solid proof for the violations committed. Central government and Punjab government for that matter would put the balance sheet of State Bank for the court’s perusal if at all this petition is accepted for hearing which prima facie does not hold good in the absence of material evidence. Central and Punjab governments would have only to deny the charges and the onus of proof would shift to the petitioner as per law.

    If Dr. Mubashar has some cogent proofs then it is a fit case otherwise it has no chance at all. Dr. Mubashar’s NRO case is already dead for good. In my opinion, Dr. Mubasshar has joined the same band wagon that is hell bent to stop the process of forthcoming election and Gen. Musharraf be brought in Pakistan to hold the portfolio of Caretaker Prime Minister for three years which might extend indefinitely. There is no limit for dreams, anything goes.

  3. Proof for the violations committed:

    1: The posting was made despite the clear instructions by EC that new appointments and transfers are banned.

    2: There was no such post ever existed in State Bank as Deputy Governor. Even if there was an option, what was the need of posting at such a time?

    3: Third and most suspicious thing is that the guy is a close aid of Zardari and the president has never enjoyed any credibility, whatsoever, in the eyes of a common Pakistani.

    • It’s nice to see people are now becoming so much aware of the situations around them. However, might I add that the positions of Deputy Governors of the State Bank of Pakistan date back to many decades, where one DG handles the Banking sector portfolio, while the other manages internal operation of the SBP. However, Mr. Wathra’s recent appointment (a clear violation of the ECP and SC January directives regarding appointment of new key post), does raise eyebrows in question to his integrity in the upcoming elections. What is more interesting to note is that inside SBP sources claim that Mr. Kazi,(who himself was sidelined by the government for his non-cooperation in the schemes planned by the top leadership of this country) was removed from the sensitive position of managing the Banking portfolio in order to have things run smoothly in their favor at this crucial time. This portfolio is now under Mr. Wathra, causing deeper concerns for the ECP, hence the strong stance on Ashraf Wathra’s immediate de-notification as Deputy Governor SBP. Let’s just hope that things finally fall into place and we see the postie changes in Pakistan in the near future.

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