Election 2013 Predictions – v2

Here is the 2nd version of Elections 2013 Predictions. Please download the attached PDF file to see seat-by-seat details.

We predict the following numbers of seats in the national assembly for each of the major parties:

PMLN 109
PPP 43
PTI 37
MQM 19
JUI 10
JI 9
Ind. 16

You can also share your own version of election predictions and it will published with full credits.

PKPolitics Election 2013 Predictions v2 (PDF 228K)

125 thoughts on “Election 2013 Predictions – v2

  1. Better than previous predictions, but still i think PMLN will get the simple majority by themselves. That’s around 135+ seats.

    • The fake govt education in Pakistan.the principle of colleges and universties have less education and they also have no information about admission policies.they gave wrong forms of admission and waste students money.they don’t gave students any type of facility.they are not honest in paper checking process.they don’t know about students time that how he or she prepare him honesty for examination. They gave bad and dishonest students good numbers because of their sources in sindh board and education system and honest student are ruining by these fake and dishonest teachers.
      April 10th, 2013 at 3:21 PM
      The ppp,mqm and anp are great looser ,dishonest and cheap parties of Pakistan. They kill innocent people for their own purpose.the ttp party of Taliban is made by them cause they are fake Taliban.these parties person are everywhere in buses, in rickshaws and taxi and street shop.they are responsible for every bad action in Pakistan because they are.

    • I am agree with Mr. Masood Ahmed. PML(N) can achieve 135+ seats easily. Election 2008 the party head’s were not participated, not having enough time for preparation and even they got 96 Seat now they really deliver and they deserve.

    • inshAllah KPK mei ANP clean sweep kare gi.. PTI 6 se zyada seat jeet nahi pai gee.jeet Aman ki khatir qurbani dene walo ki hogi.

    • i think on few seats judgement may go in favor of PTI.for example the seat of murree of khakan abbasi, haneef abbasi seat may also go in favor of PTI.in sargodha position of tasneem qureshi of PPP is better than PML N.similarly Gias mela of PML Q is in better position in sargodha..in wazeer abad PML Q is better on hamid nasir chatta seat..in khushab 2 independent candidate shuja baloch is better then PML shakir bashir awan.in sargodha paracha will be very close to win against the nadeem afzal chan and peer sb.in sialkot the seat of dr firdouse ashiq and of ch.ahsan has very strong contest…similary in FATA i think half seats will of PTI.karak seat of khatak will be very interesting…akram durrani is in good position in KPK.bahwalpur looks much in favor of PTI then predicted..i think riaz peerzada is in trouble here. similarly PTI will contest strongly on chakwal seats……so in total i think PTI nearly 65 seats…PML-N nearly 90…PML Q nearly 20.MQM=22 .PPP =45 JUIF =10.JI=8 rest others

    • All bogus comments, PML(N) have no chance at all to make the cabinet.
      It can clearly be seen PTI will make the government.

  2. Predictions are mostly calculated on the basis of Elections result 2008. All such predictions are false, in 2002, MMA took 55 seats against all predictions.
    Similarly in 20008 PMLN, secured 67 seats, against all predictions in favor of PML(Q).
    Now again in 2013, all predictions are in favor of PML(N) due to heavy weights, but i guess all ‘critics’ are not counting the NEW VOTER and Youngsters, who will vote first time.
    PTI could be a dark horse, keep your fingers crossed.

  3. @SAHIL
    Just wait and see, educated middle class who has got political wisdom is going to vote for PMLN.

    However i was wondering how come an interior sindh based party secure 90 seats ?. If they are very lucky and the sardards and gilani’s, waderas stick to ppp till the election date, the max they can get is around 35 seats in NA.

  4. PMLN? what have they done better in the past? is punjab different to other states?
    educated middle class should not vote for them, I will not!

  5. All of you still want to support the same old dirty politician/politics.. ALLAH KI LAANAT .. I cant see personally how we going to survive more years of PAIN, MISERY, LAWLESSNESS, POVERTY, GANG CULTURE…and goes on and on…. ONLY WE CAN CHANGE IT..

  6. After approval of Nawaz sharif sahib nomination papers…inshaAllah we are hoping to have 137 plus NA seats to form govt without any partners,

    inshaAllah pmln will start its campaign and every where we will see lion.

    • i am surprised when the educated class is going for PMLN, what have we not seen from NS that we want to see tomorrow? He has proved himself not as a fighter but a coward who fled the country and then denied it for 10 years.
      Why do we want PMLN, when half the PPP and Q team is now in PMLN…isn’t that going to be a repeat of the Zardari Govt.
      Besides, they don;t have vision to change, pakistan under him will remain the same. Yes, there will be some new roads, bridges but thats all. The culture will not change. It will continue to be BIG Govt, More perks for Ministers, same old land policy, same corrupt system (not necassarily corruption by PMLN ministers), Thana culture, patwari system and all…..
      In 5 years, there was no noticeable reform in any of the insitituions in Punjab. Pervex Elahi at least gave us Traffic wardens and Rescue 1122.
      PTI awoke SS into something to do for the youth and he came back with laptops and solar lamps. Frankly, these are not longterm solutions.

  7. Election if for Pakistan , not for just Punjab. It seems Punjab What about Sind, how no one still cannot penetrate interior sind and also Karachi. From the Begining Sharif knows that they just need to win Punjab to rule. I can see PML N will make govt in Punjab and in Center and in sind it will be MQM and PPP, in KPK it will be PTI or PPP+ ANP+JUF. Balochistan no one knows just regional parties. This is serious case on Federation entity.

  8. Altaf Hussain Bhutta-Khors todays speech in which he asked for the postponment of Elections, clearly indicates that all other Parties are clearly nervous about Imran Khan.. It is clear that Tehreek e Insaaf will sweep in the next elections.
    This time Sindhi, Shia and Qadiani (who normally vote for PPP) votes will not be able to stop Imran Khan from winning, INShallah.

  9. One thing is for sure, If Karchites decided not to voto MQM then they will go with PTI. PML-N has no chance , people still remember the Army action that Nawaz started. JI has no chance either due to its Hypocracy.

  10. I have a different opinion. 2013 Election has in its fold many surprises. It is not that I differ the van diagram of the blogger. But the well calculated fact is based on what is being developed in cities and urban areas. None of us has assessed the trend of 83% rural population where no internet and TV facilities are in vogue. Besides, feudal class would play a decisive role in the forthcoming election.

    The results are not far away, my comments are reserved till May 11.

  11. Aoa, I hv been following frm 2008 elections, very nice site and very informative..i had a close look at 2008 predictions chart of pk-politics and it was very nice.
    But the predictions chart of this 2013 elections i hv many disagreements, and i can discuss wid fellow members each constituency wise. So my findings for 2013 elections till now are :
    PMLN 82
    PPP 40
    PTI 72
    MQM 17
    PMLQ 11
    JUI 7
    JI 7
    PMLF 9
    ANP 3
    Ind. 16
    *The final findings will b around 5 May after campaign results.

    • Kamran, This seems real. Asi said it will be Hung Parliament and votes of smaller party particularly MQM and independents are important.
      If PPP stick with 40 seats then PPP has no chnace , if they get close to 60 then Zardari knows how to p;ay cards.

    • صدقے جاواں

      یہاں پاکستان کی سر زمین پر ہونے والے الیکشن کی بات ہو رہی ہے – انٹرنیٹ پر ہونے والے الیکشن کی نہیں

      یکدم ایک سے اکہتر پر پہنچ گئے ہیں. اتنی سیٹیں تو بابے نیازی نے کبھی خواب میں بھی نہیں دیکھی ہونگی

      کھول آنکھ زمیں دیکھ فلک دیکھ فضا
      بارہ مئی کو ابھرتی ہوئی مسلم لیگ نون کو ذرا دیکھ

  12. I am not supporting anyone, just few ideas and remarks for next week’s predictions.

    Arbab Zakaullah from Sindh is dead, his name should not be there anymore.

    The seats allocated to PLM(N) from south Punjab, that is too much, please think about it in next predictions.

    Can you please share your source of predictions?

  13. سارے مفروضے سونامی کے ساتھ ہیں اور پھر سونامی آیا تو بہتر سیٹیں کیوں الله سے ماگنا ہی ہے تو چھپر پھاڑ کر مانگو کہو ایک سو بہتر سیٹیں -سونامی والی کہانی تو گئی اب تو ایک ہی خدشہ ہے کہ اگر زیادہ سیٹوں پر ووٹ کی تقسیم سے زرداری فائدہ لے گیا تو اگلی باری پھر زرداری نہ ہو جاہے –

    • اعوان بھائی

      سونامی بدنامی اور انقلاب عذاب میں بدلے مدت ہوگئی ہے. جس طرح سارے بابے (بابا چابی والا، بابا نیازی، بابا مٹی پاو اور بابا زرداری) پنجاب میں مسلم لیگ نون کے خلاف اکٹھے ہوئے ہیں اس نے لوگوں کی آنکھیں کھول دی ہیں

      کچھ بعید نہیں کہ مسلم لیگ نون پھر اپنی دو تہائی اکثریت والی تاریخ دھرا دے

    • pti,s formation was to stop pml n from coming to power,pti has no other purpose but to keep Pakistan in hands of seculars

  14. حلقہ این اے چورانوے – کمالیہ کی تازہ ترین صورتحال کے مطابق اسوقت تین اہم امیدوار سامنے ہیں

    ریاض فتیانہ – آزاد امیدوار

    پیر قطب علی بابا – پی پی پی

    چوہدری اسد الرحمان – مسلم لیگ نون

    اس حلقے میں چوہدری اسد الرحمان کی پوزیشن پہلے ہی بہت مضبوط تھی لیکن اب پی پی پی کے سابقہ وفاقی وزیر اطلاعات اور تحریک انصاف کے رہنما اور اس حلقے سے متوقع امیدوار خالد خان کھرل کے مسلم لیگ نون میں شامل ہونے سے مسلم لیگ کی پوزیشن بہت زیادہ مضبوط ہو گی ہے. مسلم لیگ نون کی پوزیشن کو مزید مضبوط پی پی پی کے امیدوار قطب علی بابا نے بنا دیا ہے. قطب علی بابا سابق وزیر اعظم یوسف رضا گیلانی کے قریبی رشتہ دار ہیں اور انہیں پی پی پی کا ٹکٹ دلانے میں گیلانی کا خاص کردار ہے. پیر قطب علی کے اثر و رسوخ کا ووٹ عموما ریاض فتیانہ کو جاتا ہے. انکے خود امیدوار بننے سے ریاض فتیانہ کی پوزیشن مزید کمزور ہو گئی ہے

    خالد خان کھرل کے مسلم لیگ نون میں چلے جانے کا سب سے زیادہ نقصان پی ٹی آئی کو ہوا ہے اور اب اسکے پاس اس حلقے میں کوئی مضبوط امیدوار نہیں ہے. ویسے بھی اس حلقے میں پی ٹی آئی کا کوئی ووٹ بنک نہیں ہے

  15. Inspite all out support of Najam Sethi (Police and District Adm), Financial aid from Malik Raiz and Taji Kokhar, foriegn aid by MI 6 Station Chiefs of London and Canada and soo on……………… ABou Triain (tusnami Khan) can not win more than 5-10 seats.

  16. حلقہ این اے بیس مانسہرہ کی صورتحال یہ ہے کہ لوکل اخبارات نے اعظم سواتی کو مقابلے کی دوڑ سے باہر کر دیا ہے سروے کے مطابق مقابلہ نوں لیگ کے سردار یوسف اور جمیعت فضل ار رحمان کے قاسم شاہ میں ہے -گجر برادری کی واضح اکثریت کی وجہ سے سردار یوسف ہمیشہ جیتتا ا رہا ہے اور اب بھی بوہت مضبوط پوزیشن میں ہے -پچھلی حکومت میں سردار یوسف اور قاسم شاہ دونوں دونوں ق لیگ میں تھے –

  17. @
    PMLN has announced that the last intekhabi Julsa will be held at Minar e Pakistan Lahore.

    Thats great. Insha Allah we shall prove that day what is a true JULSA called and how much Lahories love PMLN.

  18. PTI walay Ilzam khan ney jitny energy NS k against waste ki itny apnay manshoor pe kartay to shaid kuch result dey saktay. But now its 2 late. Election day wil b of Lions and not for gambler Balla.

  19. In my viw next govt should be PLMN with PPP ….zardari remain president with nawaz shreef Prime minister,,,Thanks PTI,,they dont forget your contribution ….!
    PMLN 103
    PPP 48
    PTI 62
    MQM 14
    PMLQ 3
    JUI 6
    JI 6
    PMLF 9
    ANP 3
    Ind. 16

    • Wow you are generous to PTUI as opposed to Bawa and Deevav. If your prediction is correct then we will see new election in a year. NS cannot get along with people and he will make enemies. He will need all Independents ( that he can buy , he has money), he will need JI and JUF, So he will become Prime Minister of Punjab essentially. How he will rule Sind? with no Govt there, how he will start his Military action in Karachi that he is planning for long.

    • m khan.
      are you saying this keeping in mind that ik is mending relations with mqm( us ke leader ko pakarwanay chala tha, jub kuch ker nahe paya, to daddy jee k pass pohanch gaya) aur ppp ka iss liye kiun ke ppp ke liye he to wo kam ker raha hai. aur jub aye ga, to he will be dictated by america, zardari and altaf? iss liye keh rahe ho na?

  20. @
    Raja Masud

    Can you point out the Hulqas from where PTI is going to win 62 seats?

    Some racists have started having drams like their leader.

    However the fact that you have put PMLN in the lead is good. Atleast PTI lovers who are sensible enough have started to realise the ground realities after all.

  21. I dont know which halqas ? this is only prediction,but i thinks that there is no doubt k PTI will get strong position in this election..but not enough for realise their dreams about for new pakistan…

  22. @
    Without telling the hulqas where umhope PTI is going to get 72 seats it means having dreams with open eyes. You can even claim that PTI will win in India also and next will be USA requesting IK to come deliever justice to them as well.

    No problem in just making tukkas. But i would like to draw your attention to goto awamonline site and see how many seats in Punjab fall in rural areas where PTI does not even have candidates. See and put yourself wiser.

  23. NO my freind,,I dont like tukkas…every bodhy knows..that next parliment will be hung parliment..I dont think k PMLN get simple maggioraty..I see very hard time in next few month,,,Without any power…how can resolve problems ,,?I dont think PTI collibrate with PMLN…If do It will be great!!!and alone PTI do nothing…!

  24. PMLN will win 123 seat,pppp will win 49 seats, MQM will win 17 seats, PTI will win 16 seats JUI will win 9 seats, JI will win 7 seats, ANP will win 4 seats and JUIF will win 6 seats in elections 1013.

  25. hung parliament is the need and wish of the establishment and its masters the America,you people will see.and next parliament is most likely to have short duration and may not complete 5 years

  26. Hassan,
    I am telling from the Histiry and experience. Donot Blame all of our problems on America and Jews or India . Thats a old thing now. There is a Joke in USA that Muslims even blame it as Jews conspiracy when couples fights. Anyway. My point is anytime you focus on one Province to win a majority that never works. Example is 1971, Mujeen won in Eqast almost 99% and Bhotto in west. Since none are inclusive , no one agree . Then even in 1972 Govt Bhutto has Punjab and Sind but NWFP and Balushistan was with NAP and JUF. Bhutto did all whatever he can to bring down the NWFP and Baluchistan and look what is happening there since. NS focus on Punjab , he may be good for that but he cannot rule just that he will get simple majority with nothing in SIND and other places. Thats the mistake he did.
    Ideally IK and NS will do good together but both Chemistry are different and none is inclusive as required in Politics. Hence i must say it will be a Hung Parliament and Independents will have high price to be bought off.
    If anyone has real subjective analysis tell me, donot curse or use emotions that is of no use.

  27. @

    First of all clear your mind. Once you say that u are a PMLN supporter and each and every comment you make shows that u r MQM supporter, asusual not portraying your true identity.

    However, listen man. PMLN is not focusing only in Punjab. Howver being a victim of a conspiracy PMLN is rebuilding and trying to hold its ssolid base of support.

    However, PMLN is strong in PKP and Baluchistan as well. Don’t try to judge the situation from the previous election results. Actually then in 2008 elections, Mian Sahibans were allowed to come back when only 2 x days were left before last date of filing papers. Also with musharaf as president and PPP making a deal with him, many candidates understood that the establishment game plan was to bring PPP into power. Therefore PMLN could not bring and workout a good election campaign in PKP and Baluchistan.Now you would have noticed SS visiting Baluchistan and holding meeting with the nationalists there. It is a great national service as well to keep them in the loop by a party whose power base is in punjab.

    I KPK also PMLN is no more the same PMLN like in 2008. Pashtoon brothers have also seen the rule of ANP + PPP and have suffered trumendously. PMLN is fast gaining popularity in KPK Alhamdulillah.

    Ys Sind is a difficult case. This is because of MQM. People might not have forgotton the recent statement that altaf gave while adressing a julsi in inteior sind and he said that next Chief Minister Sind will be from MQM. This was a planted statement of Zardari. People of sind have been so badly suffered at the hands of MQM that any such threat forces them to vote for PPP in order to avoid the possibility of a MQM CM in Sind.

    However Allah SWT Raises High the Truth. You do not know what will happen in Sind where PMLN is now contesting general elections fully. I pray to Allah SWT that PMLN gets entry into interior sind as well.Ameen. But mohajirs are so full of hate that their chances of voting for a punjab based party are meager. They to be killed in target killing.

  28. i did a look on comments and pie chart.
    simply i would like to express”hahahahhahahha”
    sounds funny, but true!!

  29. In NA 49 PMLN Candidates is in good position because from PPPP Nawaz khokhar son is candidate, their reputation as a qabza mafia in Islamabad and people hate them.

  30. In my opinion we need a party and leader who can come over Pakistan Military and Civil bureaucracy. Because in my observation and experience whenever our institutions will not strong we will not make progress. In last 60 years, we strong only one institution and i.e. is Military. These Generals are spread in our civil institutions and run these civil institutions like military, it is very bad for us. Generals are VC of universities, is it not funny. HEC say that a VC of university must be PhD and an experience of 10-15 years as Academia but Generals are come from Military background. Tell me Kia kisi mulk mein Generals ko Marabay (Acers of Land) allot kia jatay hien. Likin Pakistan mein kiay jatay hein. Please strong civil insitituions.

  31. @

    This may not be possible till the time people of Pak are behind their elected govt. people have become so afraid of werdiwalas that as soon as they come, people goto hiding.

    Even our courts have been afraid of them. Now SCP is writing history only bcos people stood along side Nawaz Shareef and retored it. Othlerwise what Dogra adalat was doing you know it all.

    Fear of last 60 years cannot go overnight. Insha Allah time will come soon?

  32. In NA 106 Federal minister Qamar Zaman Kaira is in a very week position. This time he may be loosing his seat against his rival Syed Noorul Hassan Shah.But the day of the judgement will be on 11th of May,2013.

  33. NA106. Syed noor ul hassan shah is a strong candidate in this consituency. His chances of winning this seat are very strong. Qamar zaman kaira, jaffar iqbal and mian afzal hayat belongs to gujjar bradri and these three candidates divide gujjar baradri votes.

  34. This eleciton will be on the PMLn and Anti PMLn vote.

    PPP is giveing full support to PTI against PML n,( no strong canidate in laore election)

    But inshallah, PML n will sweep and win all 13 seats with big margin.

  35. More predictions:

    Parties >>> 2008 2013 +/-
    PPP >>>>>>> 89 52 -37
    PML-N >>>>> 68 129 61
    PML-Q >>>>> 42 11 -31
    MQM >>>>>>> 19 19 0
    PTI >>>>>>> 0 9 9
    Ind+Small Parties 54 52 -2
    Total >>>>> 272 272 0

    • rollcall says: May be this time more clear ?

      Parties >>> 2008 — 2013 — +/-
      PPP >>>>>>> 89 — 52 — -37
      PML-N >>>>> 68 — 129 — 61
      PML-Q >>>>> 42 — 11 — -31
      MQM >>>>>>> 19 — 19 — 0
      PTI >>>>>>> 0 — 9 — 9
      Others>>>>> 54 — 52 — -2
      Total >>>>> 272 — 272 — 0

  36. Simple question on this prediction.

    PPP got 7.8 million votes and 89 seats in 1993, formed govt, ruled badly and results were obvious in 1997 elections. They got 4.15 million votes and 18 seats.

    How can one justify giving even 43 seats to PPP? Do you think this PPP term was better than 1993-1997. Bhutto factor is not alive anymore. Even PPP is not that old PPP. Media has exposed them. 50% new voters this time aged 18-35. And many other factors which are TOTALLY IGNORED.

  37. Ye woh larai hy jis me SHER akela he saray thaggon aur madariyon k khilaf khara hy.
    Saray do number chahty he k PMLN ko aik tenure aur na mil Jaey kyun k PMLN aue NS ny itna KAAM kerna hy k dushmanon ke Siyasat he band ho jaegi.

    Sher ko geederon ny lalkara hy. Lekin SHER ko Allah pe air Pakistan k ghareeb awam pe jin ke unhon ny khidmat ke hy, aur un doosray soobon k awam pe jo achhay kaamon to PASAND kerty hen aur chahty hen k unkay ilaqon me bhe koi Kaam ho sakem, in sub Masoom awam aue tersy huay awam ke quwwat pe bhersoa hy. Insha Allah oye JuNG PMLN ne he jeetni hy. Akaily tenha. Kyun k SHER SHER he oita hy.

  38. کوئ بہی پارٹی 100 سیٹوں سے آگے نہیں جاۓ گی اور مخلوط حکومت بنے گی

  39. All predictions given by specific party supporters be realistic Nawaz and PPP will not do anything for country .For Godsake change your mind recently i just promoted on merit but other candidate was nephew of PML-N MNA.So he just promoted so how i can support such people.Last Hope IK after that no hope for pakistan.

    • ik is not pakistans hope,anyone with half brain even,can see that pti has same old corrupt faces,and Imran has broken many promises.so pti is nothing but same old looters with some pretty make up on their face,pakistans hope is with islam and practicing muslims,not naach gaana generation of pti

  40. I am continuously reading everything about election 2013. Everyone is making predication for his party and wants to see his party on top. Now the fate of election 2013 is in the hands of Pakistani youth voters, As is know there vote bank is around 2 core. And this bank is more than enough to make change in election 2013 equations which are mentioned in all above predications. Youth can change if they got time on 11 may to poll their vote to proper candidate instead of wasting their time on FB comments, other-wise same faces will come again’n’again.
    In my point of views it’s very easy for us to support any one on Fack Book and other social media bring him on TOP in various type of internet POLLs. but it will be difficult for them to go to polling station and poll their vote to correct candidate.

  41. @kASHIF,
    Thats what i am saying, all are evils but the question is who is lesser evil. My criterea is how many of the Lotas and old ones are in the party.


    • Dear Zain,

      I am also fan of PTI but please do not get irritated and hate anyone, just convince other to know PTI and the policy of PTI.

      In front of people, you can also Compare Imran Khan with Nawaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain, Asif Ali Zardari, Asfand yar Wali, Molana Fazalur-Rehman (Diesel) and Ask people that who may be a Good, Honest, Efficient, Vision Keeping, Creative, Intelligent, Brave and Sincere leader of nation among the mentioned above names. You they don,t give you answer then tell them

      ONLY IMRAN KHAN IMRAN KHAN. PTI PTI PTI. We Revolution through ballet not through Bullet.


  43. a leader who?
    1: got his education from england
    2: was included university’s hall of fame
    3: suffered severely of start of his career
    4: married a non muslim lady, marriage failed, wife went back to london
    5: failure in start of his political career
    6: won only 1 seat after a decade of struggle
    7: his party won hearts of people after jalsa at lahore
    8: all parties stood against his party.
    u think its Imran khan’s story…NO! its Quaid-e-Azam’s story!!!
    History is repeating itself think again!
    VOTE WISELY….PTI Zindabad.

    • Tehseen,

      you are right.

      I believe that people of Pakistan have get irritated from these legacy, inefficient, Selfish and liar politicians including PMLN, PPP, MQM, ANP. But still I wish that may PMLN win this time and we should give them last chance only. After that people will know their original face. Hence in this way election 2018 will be won by PTI by clear and heavy majority because after then nation will have no other option.

    • Don’t compare great Quaid with this corrupt man. There is no comparison between Quaid and so called be-kin of change i.e. IK.

      He is fooling us and no one will come under his dirty and smelly spell.


    Your enthusiasm for Imran Khan is very nice but next time, try not to use “KUTTON” and “Allah” in the same sentence.

  45. I am most surprised to see people who still support the likes of PPP, PML-N, MQM, ANP and other corrupt paries.

    People for God’s sake please wake up. Remember if you vote for these corrupt parties who have been tried and tested so many times you are contributing towards destruction of the country.

    For once, please use logic, not your ethnic background of your family ties to some particular party.

    If there is no drastic government change this time around and the same PPP PML people come into power again…THERE WONT BE ANY PAKISTAN IS THE FUTURE !!!


    • IK has full of corrupted past, illegitimate child is not the only example. He was a play boy. He played ‘Satta’ big time. His mockery will not be successful and helping PPP by criticizing NS will not work. Sher surkas ka ho ya Jungle ka sher hota hey. Gedar ke (IK) bhupkinya nahi kaam karay ge.

  46. PMLN must have to win upcoming 2013 General Elections with simple majority at least…..! to Serve best for our Country….!

  47. am not agree on NA-110 . i am voter from NA-110 Sialkot i am 100% sure PMLN candidate Khawaja Muhammad Asif will be win this seat . he is winning this from early 90,s . never lose this seat . he have vote bank there . where as PTI Candidate Umar Dar ( Lota ) d,not have any Vote bank there .

    Love PMLN . and Shahbaz Shareef .

  48. PML-N wiill inshalla going to win the election and PTI waly phly apna naara to thk kren LOL khn ky lion is always lion no one can face him………………got it

  49. I have never vote before but this time i will. In my opinion Mian Sahib has the best team from others PTI is good but remember this is not a matter of one person. PTI seems to be New Bottle Old Wine.

    Support Lion

  50. PTI ‘B team’ for the world most corrupt Zardari Gov’t.
    Any vote taken from PML’N’ will be help to Zardari and people of Pakistan will curse Mr.IK the most stubborn and stupid captain.

    • My Predictions are as Follow:
      PMLQ = 83
      PPP = 63
      PTI = 44
      MQM = 18
      PMLQ = 12
      ANP = 9
      JUI-F = 13
      JI = 4
      Remaining belongs to other parties and indepandent candidates. In this way Pakistan Peoples party will come in a position to form another co-govt with MQM, ANP, JUIF and PMLQ. IN this way the total seats belonging to these parties are 115. This number will rise to one third majority after inclusion of Mainority, Independents and Women reserved seats. As we all know that Mr. Asif Zardari is major Player.

  51. Survey is very logical and it wont be a surprise if we reach to same conclusion after May 11. But there is one big factor which is vote turn around. If we manage to achieve around 55% or more turn around on average then mark my words, no party in Pakistan would even be able to catch PTI. Im not a member of Pti and may even not vote them but this factor is there to tease and worry, the more conventional and rather old mainstream Pakistani political parties.

  52. Agreed with different opinion given by different friends, i just want to add one thing “not to under estimate PPP” at least PPP will achieved around 70 to 80 seats. please be in mind that the first time in history anti Bhutto votes are divided and if the (JIALAs of PPP) come out to poll the vote, and in this situation i say with confident that PPP will be the single largest party in 2013 election.



  54. I think U give PTI 15 more seats. U give more edge spacially Javid Hshimi also U give edge against Shahbaz Sharif.

  55. I am surprised that educated voter of PTI use very dirty language and they do not have sportsman spirit. If someone is do not support you guys, u are at him…. Normally, you are talking without arguments.
    PML-N period is around 5 years in 2 tenures and a lot of good works list is there. I dont want to mention each thing. Transparency reports reflect that Punjab govt remained fair and affective and their governance was much better as compared with KPK, Sindh, Blochistan and from Federal.
    All 2nd and 3rd teir candidates who used to shift from one party to other are mostly the candidates of PTI.
    Check it like NA-53, NA-59, 60. 61, 17, 19 etc. also check bawalpur, sargodha, khushab and multan as well.
    Same candidates but changed faces.
    No change just bluffing………

  56. I see we all agree here that we need a sincere leader. It is quite obvious that PPP is the party of the corrupts. Bunch of criminals are running MQM, leader of PMLN is very naive. He could have done something in the last 5 years, but did absolutely nothing.

    I hope Imran (PTI) can bring some change or else I wouldn’t mind settling with PMLN

    Pakistan Zindabad

  57. I do not know how the PML N is giving advertisement.
    they are saying that loadshedding responsibility is on PPP.
    if so then why they were in assembely for 5 yrs.why not resigned.
    why they were just saving their gOvt???

    they say that they made gawader and NADRA in one advertisement.
    so big Liers they are .
    i do not know why no response from other parties against this lie….

  58. at a time pml n in strong possition, in my home town toba tek singh NA 94 pml n winer situation ,and In NA 93 good fight between pti ,pml n but pmln more winer possition

  59. There are so many new factors and variables involved in these elections. Therefore, those who are analyzing and predicting on the basis of previous elections and traditional politics would be stunned on the 11th May night when the results would come……… Don’t underestimate PTI. Imran Khan has ability to turn the table on………..In my point of view PTI would get 120-40 Na seats and a majority in Punjab Assembly and would be able to hold offices in Punjab and the Center (PM).

  60. Salam,

    everyone tell me something are you guys crazy ?
    i read all the comments.
    but tell me very first thing you want to save your Pakistan. not these parties.
    PPP/PTI/PML who ever will come just pray the safety of Pakistan. i am a foreigner but i can see how bigger the Pakistani is falling. currencies. respects. and so many more things.

    PPP : came they finished up every single money of Pakistan. Zardari did it all.
    PMLN : came up they are just behind the LAHORE and ONLY LAHORE. they are not bothered about any other state or city.even they won from that states & cities. both brothers are thieves as well.

    now give a chance to any other party if that will do the same like before then i should pray to GOD . MARSHAL LAW will come and save our Pakistan .

    GOD bless you all.


  61. You looser Pakistani will vote for people who already has been tested before and proved corruption. Best of luck losers. #lmao#

    • Miss sarah smith,

      Please, mind your language, we respect ladies here, and im saying this so that the next time you post stuff like these, you wont regret how we will answer.

  62. Dear all, I wish and pray that without any trouble the election may be held and any party who so ever win must take majority which seems to be possible in case of PMLN. And the establishments wish of hung party with help of PTi should fail.

  63. I am not convinced with the prediction. Infact the PTI phenomenon cannot be gauged at the moment. If it is like bubble,then PML N would get much more seats. If it is real, then PTI will bag more seats than predicted. The turnout would also effect the results.

    Anyways, PPP will not be in a position to form government.

  64. Clear majority for PTI, because now there are few bogus votes which were considered hardcore votes for PML(N) and PPP. Moreover, a big majority that previously never voted is likely to turn-up for vote and 99% of these votes are for PTI

  65. Well Friends, Most of you are praising for PTI. Agreed IK is giving very tough Time to PML-N but keeping the Seats for each party as mentioned above in mind. If a strong wave of change would blow PTI would take 60-70 Seats not more than that. I would say there will surely be a hung Parliament and you will agree that too will not be a strong Government and PPP and Zardari is master of getting an alliance for his good. I think whether PTI Supporters on PML-N supports nor the majority of People in Pakistan would like a Zaradari’s Government. Having said that IK clearly mentioned he will not do a alliance with any Party so would they form a government. So my idea is that vote for PML-N so at least we get less corrupt government as compare to Zardari’s Govt and there will be a strong opposition in the form of Tehreek e Insaaf keeping in mind after 11th October PML-N and Shahbaz Sharif do whatever they can to bring something bright to see for the people.

    I am not supporting PML-N but i am supporting good strong Government in Pakistan. Think Over it neutrally and as a Pakistani not like a die hard fan of any Political Party. Thanks

    • just wait and watch….PTI will get the seats in Majority and all those people who have never voted in their life time will vote for the first time and all this vote is going to be for PTi….all those who will vote for PTI will vote because of the leader IMRAN khan and his ideology and not because of the candidates PTi has choosen….this is our final chance to burry the old politics…there is no electricity,no gas,no jobs and what does the chief minister of punjab does is make a road in lahore and a bus services and give laptops…shame on these PML N leaders of wasting the money in these useless programs where people are getting poorer and poorer and there are no basic needs of life….and i am from lahore and this election is not about a party fan base or not…this is about Pakistan….Inshallah Pti will get majority and be in government and then people will know that Pakistan deserves much better…..these corrupt politicians have brainwashed the masses in a way that people start thinking that lets give vote to the less corrupted…..but its time to change and these corrupt parties should know

  66. I am agree with Mr. Masood Ahmed and Farman PML(N) can achieve 135+ seats easily inshallah and hope for the best, we pray for better Pakistan

  67. PTI should win. As PPP and PML(N) are corrupt. They are looting Pakistan since 5 elections. For Nawaz Sharif Breakfast in murree helicopter was used.
    Nawaz Sharif and Zardari used all government resources to benefit themselves. They do not think about country. they just think about their pocket. So Imran Khan should win, he is man of principal.

  68. AOA:
    Brothers n sisters,
    PML N is the only party who will save Pakistan and solve all problems of Paksitan and will Insha’Allah make naya Pakistan and InshaAllah will bring “Inqilab” in all over Paksitan, as they did for Punjab. So vote for PMLN to see progressive and modern Paksitan and to see Islami Falahi Mumalkat InshaAllah.
    JazakAllah khair

  69. emqm ki seats 25 he rhe 19 ph nhe aye ge jumat islami ko koi seat nhe mile ge 9 tu bhut dor ki bat anp ki seats 8 tak rhe ge balochistan me pashtoon elaqu me pashtonkhwa mili awami party jeet jaye ge jubkh baloch elaqu me national party dr malik wali wazih aksariat le ge party positio you ho gi pml(n)=103 pti=30 ppp=45 pml(q)=10 anp=8 jui=8 pml(f)=10 mqm=25 pmap=4 np=3 bnp=3 ind=23

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