Election 2013 Predictions – v3

Here is the 3rd version of Elections 2013 Predictions. Please download the attached PDF file to see full seat-by-seat details.

We predict the following numbers of seats in the national assembly for the following parties:

PMLN 108
PPP 43
PTI 31
MQM 19
JUI 10
JI 9
Independents 24
PPP-Sherpao 1
Misc. 8

PKPolitics Election 2013 Predictions v3 (PDF 262K)

277 thoughts on “Election 2013 Predictions – v3

  1. After extra one week, and so much manipulation this is what we get. Few things of interest. Independents are increasing,so money will talk, MQM is still 19 with so much cry about Bhatta, terror etc. Failed to understand where PML F can get 7 seats, It seems my prediction is correct still PML N cannot get majority and will buy independents.
    We need a graph province wise to see how some one can rule based on just one province majority.

    • I looked at the details:
      KP: PML N 7 out of 35
      Punjab : NS 97 out of 148
      Sind: 1 out of 61
      Baluchistan 3

      How he can have a mandate.

    • MQM 10 se kam seats legy q k 10 years se hukomat men he aor is doran karachi k halat kharab kerne men baraber ki shareek he issi liye logon men koi pazirai nhi milrahi jb k PTI aor JI bhy seats gain kersakti hen . . .

    • @asmad, yes MQM will take almost 8 seats and PMLN, JI, PTI, PPP will take atleast 2-3 seats. . . in Karachi

    • YOU PEOPLE MUST VOTE FOR MQM,SO AZAAB COMES SOONER RATHER THAN LATER ON YOU PEOPLE…Without azaab e ilahi we have no hope of getting rid of anti Pakistan mqm

    • hellow every body,

      i my opinion/i want to
      govt in fedral by PML N
      govt of PTI in KPK…..
      govt in punjab by PML N

    • All those who are predicting about MQM seats live in fool’s paradise. Just wait till the evening of 12th may for results.

  2. @Son,

    May be you forgot the 2/3rd majority in 1997 and looking for another true mandate of FA pass Jarnail to run the country for another 10 years, with some share given to Chaudhries of Gujrat and Bhaee of London.

    Once democracy start working in country and we have 3-4 cycles of proper elections, the country will naturally evolve into 2 party system.

  3. PMLN will lose at the end even it wins until it gets two third majority.I doubt it if it only gets simple majority.PPP 90 seats,PMLN 70 seats.

  4. The way I predict the things 31 is too much for PTI, I will push them between 20-25 maximum. JI can only win 9 seats if they can get at least three seats in Karachi. I don’t think JI will win any seat from Punjab, KPK seems to me the only area for them and maximum of 6 from from KPK. PML(Q) is likely to cross 10 seats. Only 7 seats for PML(N) from KPK seems to me less as I will predict 10-12.
    Here are my prediction numbers
    PML(N) 110
    PPP 45
    PTI 25
    MQM 17
    PML(N) 12
    JUI(F) 10
    PML(F) 7
    ANP 6
    JI 6
    Independents and small parties 34

  5. I can see how PTI were given 31 seats. Javeed Hasmi is so poor in his constituency that people don’t want to listen his name. He is declared winner in the attached PDF.

  6. Once again we have a survey that conveniently forgets that more or less the PTI will cost PMLN votes to an extent in all constituencies and thus giving some advantagge to PPP.

    MQM will not be able to retain 19 seats this time. At max it’ll be 16-17. PPP will easily cross 50.

    • sohail for your information: PPP vote never spun…PTI will surely damage PMLN vote bank… PPP k jalon ko gali mat du plz…

  7. This Election should also have an element as who is pro TTP/Taliban and who is not.
    This will expose the faces due to their politics almost more then half of the country are under Terror.

  8. Mr J Salik is contesting from NA 48 He is Christian by faith but after minorties are no longer allowed to run for election and can not be elected by there own people which is realy sad it’s not the right democratic way but thanks to Pervez Musharraf who push minorities against the wall and stopped them to elect there own MNA or MPA ‘s and double thanks to PPP government made this un law full act into law is this fair to minorties ??? This left no choice for minorties either get selected by big parties and be there dumy MNA or MPA or go for general seat and fight for there right if they ever get elected on a general seat .
    So it is our request to all our Muslim friends to support mr j salik so he fight for minorities rights inside the National Assembly the case is already in Supreme Court from last 12 years and nothing happen so MR Salik need all the support and help .

    JSalik is participating in Elections as Independent candidate on General seat from NA-48 Islamabad

    As you all are aware that he does not have any property, saving certificate, gold and any bank balance. He especially has worked for the Prestige of Pakistan, solidarity & harmony between Christian-Muslim and other religions. He has always raised voice for observance of human rights and supported all movements around the globe for freedom and justice through his innovative struggle. He fought against dictatorship for 21 years and suffered many hardships on this path and stood for true Democracy. People of Pakistan and countless persons abroad are aware of his selfless and sincere struggle spread over 36 years.
    Need full of your support & prayers for the success of election campaign.


    Who was five times elected member as independent candidate

    and a Former member of Parliament and Federal Minister

    On investiture of Holland integrity/dedication award

    In February 2001 J.Salik visited Holland. Pakistan Islamic Centre Rotterdam conferred Holland integrity/dedication award on J.Salik on the occasion. The citation was as fallow:

    J.Salik needs no introduction. He always raised voice for the rights of minorities, liberty and human rights. He struggled for the rights of the oppressed throughout his life. He supported all movements the world over for freedom and justice through innovative protests and demonstration. In this struggle he suffered and made numerous sacrifices.

    He wore coarse jute clothes for twelve years to protest massacre of Muslim minority in India. The National Assembly of Pakistan in a unanimous resolution recognized his services and he was requested to give up that extraordinary dress. In extreme cold he trekked 2000 kilometers to raise voice against Iran-Iraq war. He spent two years in tents, giving up family life, to agitate against Iran-Iraq conflict.

    During his thirty-six year struggle he put ash on his head, torched his domestic belongings, underwent imprisonment and reached war-torn Bosnia along with his family members. When his only son pointed the life hazard, J.Salik silenced him saying that the dead bodies of father, mother and son reaching Pakistan on Christmas would not only help arouse world conscience but also enhance Pakistan’s prestige.

    J.Salik owned the life risk in writing and donning bulletproof jacket and riding army tank left the Croatia airport to express solidarity with the oppressed Muslims in the city.

    He accompanied by his family members spent the second Christmas as Federal Minister in the refugee tents among the oppressed Kashmiri Muslims.

    He took to khaki dress after being sworn as Federal Minister to demonstrate austerity and simplicity. He declared his minister bungalow in the minister’s enclave in Islamabad as orphan house where the destitutes were being reared along with his son so that the poor children and the minister’s son slept under the same roof. Symbolically this may end discrimination. Security guard was removed from his minister’s house. His gunman was redesignated as a clerk, so that the wall of weapon separating the minister from common man may demolish.

    Immediately after taking oath as minister he announced abstinence from meat eating. According to him it did not behave a minister to indulge in chicken “charga” luxury while the common man could hardly afford “dal roti”.

    J.Salik’s only son got married when Salik was a minister. The bridegroom’s natural wish was to invite dignitaries to partake in wedding ceremonies. J.Salik refused on the plea that the country was already debt ridden, the protocol in connection with participation of Prime Minister and others may involve wastage of vast national wealth while the poor remained deprived of basic facilities like education and health. Thus marriage festivities were confined playing national anthem and on sisters wedding he invited and fed 70 orphan children and.

    As a Minister he ordered that the daily work might start with recitation from the Holy Quran. During the recitation all functionaries from secretary to messenger stood in a single row. The attendance and dedication to duty were also monitored. To put an end to class division it was mandatory for the seniors including the secretary to mister all personnel including peons.

    During his tenure as a minister J.Salik’s father was on deathbed in the United States and the government sanctioned $ 8000 plus air ticket and other expenses to make his official trip to the States. He refused to go to inquire after his father’s health on official account.

    In 1986 & 1990 he was elected to the National Assembly as an independent candidate. The then government tried to purchase his loyalties for Rs. 20 million. He contemptuously turned down the offer.

    He polled the highest number of votes, the record yet to be beaten in Pakistan, individually in each province namely Punjab, Sindh, N.W.F.P, Balochistan and federal capital. His election was without any investment which too is a record in Pakistan history.

    In 1995 residential plots were being allotted to members of Parliament under a parliamentary housing scheme. The allottee was to pay only Rs. 0.6 million while the plot could earn a profit of Rs. 17.75 million on open market. At the outset J.Salik announced at a press conference that he would not accept an official plot until each and every poor man in Pakistan owned a house. J.Salik takes pride that neither he nor any member of his family owns even an inch of land anywhere in the world. He lives in a hired house in Islamabad. It has been an article of faith for him to attain distinction while remaining materially poor and to bring glory to his country.

    Not only in Pakistan but million of people living in Europe are aware of the epic struggle of J.Salik spread over twenty-five years and acknowledge that he never attained any personal gain.

    In this vast world J.Salik does not own an inch of land. He never obtain any permit/license of any sort. His entire life is like an open book. His office cum residence in Islamabad has been provided by renowned and benevolent nuclear scientist Dr. A.Q. Khan. At one stage Dr. Qadeer Khan had placed his personal car at Salik’s disposal to enable him to carry on his humanitarian mission.

    As a Minister, his doors were open to all and sundry. He removed police security from his gate. Even the door of his minister’s room was ordered to kept open.

    At the end of his tenure as a minister he left his bungalow in the minister’s enclave, which he had declared as a national orphanage, with fanfare. National anthem was played on the occasion. He transported his belongings on slow moving camel carts. The slow motion aimed at presenting his possessions for open scrutiny and project that he discharged his cabinet functions dutifully and to promote mutual brotherhood. The camel carts carrying his luggage took ten days to reach Lahore.

    On his departure he spilt a syringeful of his blood on the soil of Islamabad to renew his pledge that he would remain loyal to his homeland whether he remained cabinet minister or not. The pledge was not to betray the country which had come into existence as result of limitless sacrifices laid down in shape of martyrdom of millions of people and dishonouring of a large number of womenfolk. For him loot and plunder, corruption, obtaining loans and acquisition of licenses and permits was tantamount to betrayal of national interests.

    After the termination of minister’s oath he took public oath to uphold the national interests.

    For more details check out: http://www.jsalik.com / Facebook ID:juliussalik@yahoo.com
    Contact: 0314-5252309

    • J Salik is certainly a good candidate.

      But if christian Pakistanis think that the present system is not fair and they should get to elect their own representatives, then they should ask for a return to separate electorate system of Zia ul Haq in which christians directly voted for christian candidates.

      But if they want to be able to vote on each of the general seat and then get the right to vote again separately for christian candidates, then they are effectively getting two votes. They cannot eat their cake and have it too.

    • Article 226, of Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan very clearly says; “All elections under the Constitution, other than those of the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, shall be by secret ballot”
      There are only 272 seats of National Assembly of Pakistan which are elected by voters under Article 226, of Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan while 10 reserved seats of minorities and 60 reserved seats for women are Selected by Muslim political parties in House violating democratic and constitutional means.
      Therefore, House of 342 of National Assembly of Pakistan can not be true democratic in which 80 reserved seats are added through unconstitutional means and any legislation or amendment in Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan can not be termed as vaild voted by 80 undemocratic and uncontitutional selected members.

  9. Sr. # 141
    Kasur IV
    PMLN Candidate for NA is Rana Ishaq whereas PA candidate is Sheikh Allaudin.

    Rana Ishaq will defeated by Asif Nakai for NA but Sheikh Allaudin will win for PA. and this is the Fact. People are not going to vote for Rana Ishaq. He has a bad reputation in the area and lost people confidence.

  10. In my opinion PMLN will Insha Allah get mopte than 115 seats. Sind will surperise many and KPK as well. KPK will atleast give PMLN 15 seats Allah Willing. Wait and see.

    • @Deevav,
      Wishful thing to get more then 1 seat in sind. You cannot get support by making enemies. As i noticed, with the events and actions, NS is a closet Taliban supporter and he is playing smart by not having alliance with JUF and JI, so that he can join them later after election. If i am wrong tell me otherwise. TTP have agreed to negotiations with NS, JUF and JI as the guarantors. What more proof u need… It is same Zia ideology that he promised to continue….

  11. A glimpse from the past:

    Nawaz speaks against Musharraf — pot calls the kettle black!

    In May 1980 Ghulam Jilani Khan, the Governor of the Punjab Province and a former Director-General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), picked Nawaz Sharif and made him Finance Minister of the Punjab. In 1981, Sharif joined the Punjab Advisory Board under General Zia-ul-Haq and rose to public and political prominence as a staunch proponent of the military government of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq during the 1980s.

    He maintained close relations with the Zia-ul-Haq, and General Rahimuddin Khan, who was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. During his political career, Sharif also had close ties with the Director-General of ISI, Lieutenant-General Hamid Gul, who played a substantial role in the formation of the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad – a conservative political alliance that supported Sharif.

    غدار کون ؟؟ وہ جس نے آپ کی حکومت کو بر طرف کیا، یا وہ جس نے بھٹو کی حکومت کو برطرف کیا؟ آپ تو بچ گئےپھر بھی صرف حکومت کے جانے پر اتنے مشتعل ھیں۔ بھٹو بے چارہ تو جان سے گیا اس کے خون بہا میں تو آپ کی گردن بھی دینی پڑے گی حضور۔

    اتنی نہ بڑھا پاکئ داماں کی حکایت
    -دامن کو ذرا دیکھ ، ذرا بند قبا دیکھ

    • Article 6 should be implemented as mentioned in the constitution nit selectively. According to the constitutions all actions from 1956 onward will fall under that.
      Lets go backward and start with mushraff, zia, yahya and ayub. Remember article 6 says all people who helped will fall under that. Is NS ready , Cheif hustice ready.. lets do it. Get over this and then have elections…
      whats wrong with this??

  12. I think we are all ignoring the far reaching affects of Benazir Income Support Program. PPP is playing very intelligently and may shock everyone on May 11. In many constituencies, PTI will spoil PMLN votes and PPP will win with support from BISP. All my friends, who are PTI supporters, are furious only about PMLN and looks like PTI’s only mission is to hurt PMLN vote bank. Things are turning out to be highly unpredictable.

  13. @
    Son of Karachi

    Shias, Qadiyanis and seculers will never vote for PMLN as before. So no point arging with them.

    Regarding PMLN not having an alliance with JUIF and JI it is not a crie. it is a FREE ill. Not like your Karachi where people cannot think of casting their votes freely.
    By the way i commented about Sind not Karachi alone.

    And we feel proud that Baluch nationaists and Talibans in Afghanistan, the Mujahideen trust PMLN and NS. It is a matter of Pride for us.3Yes TTP is a different issue and should be settled seperately.

    • @Deevav,
      As far i know , Qadianis are in certain areas and their vote will not make any difference in terms of seats. statistically.
      Shia if thats the case then your party is non inclusive.
      As for Taliban, Why not NS is so proud , come open and say what u are saying. Not be a coward. your comment about Mujahideen, Tell me the difference between Taliban and Mujahideen? If they are same then NS is supporter of Taliban and he should come out open so people will know and judge.
      You guys know how to twist things, that TTP and Taliban are different. If thats the case then NS should say he is against TTP. Show me where he categorically openly condemn TTp with out any BUT.
      As i said, he . JI and JUF are same , they have a dealing that they will join for Taliban cause. No WONDER SHAHBAZ SHARIF ASKED TALIBAN TO SPARE PUNJAB.

  14. If the politicians divide the nation by calling themselves Son of Punjab, Son of KPK, Son of Balochistan, and son of Sind. Then, Son of Karachi have all the right not to vote anyone from outside.

    There was no religious divide ever in Pakistan till the Ziaul Haq hypocritically started using the name of Islam for the political gains.

    If any one deserves the ultimate title of the most hatred person of Pakistan, it is Ziaul Haq, and his followers deserve the same.

    • @mhansari,
      I fully agree the issue boils down to how this all started. Deevav is trying to pick history where it suits them.
      1: Pick Mush action of 2007 and not 1999, using a lame excuse that parliament of 2002 endorsed the 1999 action and also court. The same court that was ousted by him in 2007.
      2: When it comes to Zia , excuse is it was an old one. Because they know if that is open then their fav. will also go to trial.

  15. @deevav,To win elections Nawaz shreef is ready to lick the feet of Chiritians too,let aside Shias and Qadiyanies.To win elections Nawaz is embracing traitors of Pakistan in Sindh,nationalists who have killed hundreds of Panjabies and Taliban who killed thousands of muslims.

  16. @

    Did he lick yours? Stop dreaming. Face the facts.
    if shias and qadiyani do not vote for PMLN it does not matter. They are living in democratic society and they can chose their way.

    However PMLN has never needed these votes ever. Why should one look for something that can NEVER come. their VOTEs are only for MQM and PPP. Thats it. 2/3rd majority was not obtained due to Shia and Qadiyani votes.

  17. I think IK should win in KPK as he is popular in KPK so that after 5 years people can ask him how many megawatts electricity he has generated. which institution has been made corruption free etc etc.also this will help him to be mature.further more if he don,t get power in any province he will start blaming and will not accept the results which will give rise to more instability.

  18. Dear all,
    Note my Words, PTI will give you all a shock on May 11.

    PPP seems surrendered but they will try to regain there momentum in last two weeks, which I think will be useless.

    PML N , I dnt want to say much because since I am eligible I am voting for PML N but this time I will not vote for them. I have many valid reasons.

  19. PML-N = 90-100 seats
    PPP =60-75 seats
    PTI =10-15 seats
    ANP= 7-10 seats
    MQM = 15-20 seats
    JUI =6 seats
    Independents= 10 seats
    BNP=2 seats
    Q-league= 5-6 seats

  20. take it in mind PML-N is only in Punjab,,,,,,,,,few seats from KPK….no seat from Blouchistan and Sindh

  21. i will vote for MIAN MOHAMMAD NAWAZ SHARIF………. He is last hope for pakistan………

  22. @
    True pak

    Remember your words. you say PMLN only in punjab and a few in KPK.

    We will Inshallah show u the TRUTH on 11 May.

  23. Here are my prediction numbers
    PML(N) 86
    PPP 37
    PTI 90
    MQM 9
    PML(Q) 1
    JUI(F) 6
    PML(F) 8
    ANP 4
    JI 5
    Independents and small parties 39

  24. dont think pti will get 31 seats.. speially after such curropt ticket distribution.. hassan nisar and haroon rasheed also bashing pti on this …
    my predictions
    pmln 120
    pti 15
    ppp 55

  25. Well, I do not know the mechanism of this prediction. The prediction regarding NA-171 D.G.Khan-I is not real at all and against the ground realities. This Constituency is basically Anti-PPP and depends on vote bank of Qaisrani Clan(PP-240), Buzdar clan (PP-241) and the religious vote. The real competition will be between Amjad Farooq Khosa of PML-N and Mir Badshah Qaisrani of JUI(F). PP-241 will fall to Usman Buzdar while Mir Badshah Qaisrani is comfortable in PP-240 due to qaisranis vote. The religious vote also will fall to Mir Qaisrani. In my opinion Khwaja Sheraz of PPP has no chance to win this seat. The creator of such predictions should consult the real residents of all constituencies and base their predictions on ground realities to increase the credibility of such surveys!

  26. The prediction with 31 seats to PTI and 9 seats to JI makes it really doubtful. PTI, JUI(F), and JI all could hardly get a single seat in whole of South Punjab and SIndh. Then how one can believe that these parties can win so many seats from Upper Punjab, KP and Balouchistan??.
    @admin : Revisit your predictions based on ground facts please

  27. Here are my prediction numbers
    PML(N) 40
    PPP 20
    PTI 120
    MQM 9
    PML(Q) 2
    JUI(F) 6
    PML(F) 8
    ANP 4
    JI 5
    Independents and small

  28. If PML wins again, I would like to ask question from supporters of PML-N:

    Nawaz has started “Qarz Utaro Mulk Sanwaro Muhim” again.

    This was the most convinient and innovative way to ROB this Khoti nation. No commision needed like Zardari. Just deposit in my bank and I’ll transfer to Swiss Bank.


    I am eager for the response. Thanks.



  30. This is called an election jalsa, not like PMLN’s pathetic jalsis in Hafizabad, Kasur, etc.


    Keep decreasing PTI seats in your manufactured analysis, you are in for a rude awakening on 11 May!!!

  31. Keep reducing PTI seats in your manufactured “analysis”. You guys do not understand logic. You will be kicked into your senses on 11 May, Inshallah!


    This is called an election jalsa, rather than PMLN pathetic jalsis at Hafizabad, etc.

  32. This jalsa reflect complete KPK. Their is yet to be son of real mother born, who can gather native people. CIA/MI 6 along with Zardari money is used to assemble people from all over the country. Evidence they have no interest in speech, intend to listen pop music, hungry for MacDonald/KFC burger and return back to areas they came from. Zardari after failing to establish PPP, delay election through Qadri is now using all out though CIA/MI 6 to damage LIONs through PTI burger class. Fate would be same as of Qadri in 1993 and 2013, Pakistan Islamic Front Qazi Hussian in 1995. See one thing Common between Zardari, Perviaz Mushraf and Imran, all got Farm House from Malik Raiz free of cast. If Imran apologize assisting Pervaiz in Referendum, must return Farm House Bani Gala, given as reward for this.

    • @Mark2013,

      How can you squeeze so many lies within such a short space? You seem to be born liar!

      First of all, the real lion is Imran Khan who does jalsas in remote areas, rather than the GEEDER who uses bullet proof boxes to do Jalsa in a Punjab city, Qasur!!!

      These were local people who came there ON A TWO DAY CALL. Take That!!!

      Secondly, nobody can buy Imran Khan. He already has more fame and respect than the Bald Geeders of Raiwind.

      Imran Khan is doing this for us. He needs nothing. Nobody in this world can give anything to Imran Khan, what is the worth of Malik Riaz, etc?

      Wake up, friend, and come out of blatant lies!

      Nawaz = Zardari. They are both corrupt, slaves of foreign forces.

      Vote Pakistan,
      Vote Imran Khan!!

    • Hahahahaaaa!!!

      PMLN is so desperate!

      They are creating doctoring PTI jalsa pics and then blaming it on PTI!! What nasty creeps these fags are!


      See the facts and stop getting jealous!


      Vote Pakistan,
      Vote Imran Khan!

  33. Vote Imran Khan,
    Vote Pakistan!


    Tsunami is out, the geeders in lion’s garb will run away!!

  34. Insaf learn manners, it speaks PTI members belongs to illicit families. They can abuse only, hardly seen single PTI person belongs to good family and can speak sense. If you consider single one, please name. Imran Khan (Abou Tirien) is corrupt, who have almost fixed 1992 World Cup. Thanks to rameez, Javed, Aaqib and Amair Suhail whose sole effort brought Pakistan to cup.
    Insaf Tiger I challenge, can you prove that Bani Gala Transaction record,it can not be. Malik Raiz was man broker and provided farm hous eon direction of Pervaiz Musharaf.

    Have you ever visited Karak. Before tempering photo do see karak jalsa clips on TV or photos on net. Abou Tarien did not hold a single successful jalsa during day. All night to give shelter to outer periphery. Even Zaradri paid journalist who once speak lot again LION are speaking against Abou Tarien.
    Insaf you people can just abuse, so keep doing so. We do not want Zaradari Imran at any cost. Do not fool youth. All youth given tickets are sons of corrupt politicians. Blood speaks worth and it is evident that all prophets got birth in good families.

    • I don’t think you belong to a licit family given your awkward views

      You are so thick head that you don’t know that Imran can make 100s of Bani Galas if he just wanted to make palaces.

      What is Bani Gala for an international sport-star?

      He can earn crores with a single appearance on a cricket show or commercial.

      Grow up, you pathetic person.

      It was the Geeder of Raiwind who came into politics as a poodle of Gen Zia and Jillani and then sustained himself on the leftovers of agencies. He was nothing before politics, nobody knew the bald-head.

      Abu Maryam Nawaz (who ran with captain Safdar and became pregnant before marriage) protected Zardari for 5 years.

      PPP and PMLN were in Punjab Government TOGETHER for 3 and a half years.

      Vote for Imran is VOTE FOR PAKISTAN

      Friend, vote for PTI and make Naya Pakistan!

  35. Hahahaha!!!

    PMLN’s jalsi in Mainwali! Poor Noon supporters are involved in PHOTOSHOP and attached two images from different angles to show a respectable crowed!!



    • You need to check your eyes then! You are going to sweep with 1000 people (PMLN Mianwali Jalsa crowed)?


      Vote PTI,
      Vote Naya Pakistan!

  36. One party’s efforts to bring CHANGE…

    to the lives of Pakistanies and to make Pakistan a better, independant and sovereign state……. Well the good thing is none of these are election promises but actually achieved!

    [Courtesy. Pakistani Expat who posted it as a comment on discuss forum]

    1: Motorways network (first of its kind in Pakistan) – Motorways network project was initiated on 11th January 1992 and that is Mian Nawaz Sharif is also known as “Sher Shah Suri” of modern day Pakistan
    Motorways was conceived as 6-lane and the work was started but Benazir Bhutto during her 2nd tenure (1993-96) reduced it to 4-lanes.
    Nawaz Sharif’s plan was that Motorways could also be used as runway for Pakistan AirForce during times of war. But BB, due to her grudge against the visionary project of PMLN, reduced it’s width to 4 lanes!
    2: Atomic explosions (making Pakistan the 7th nuclear power) – a brave step by PML-N when Benazir Bhutto had reduced the capability level to just 5% during her government. However, Nawaz Sharif took the bold decision of conducting nuclear tests despite threats from USA and other countries. As expected, severe sanctions were imposed on Pakistan and the government had to borrow from the public. As confirmed by State Bank of Pakistan’s annual report of 2001 (published during dictator Musharraf era) EVERY paisa received under NDRP was SPENT on debt repayments.
    The dirty propagandists of PPP & PTI have nothing to prove their baseless allegations against PML-N!
    3: Restoration of Judiciary (led the long march on 15th March 2009) – In February 2009 Zardari’s representative Governor Salman Taseer had dissolved PML-N govt in Punjab to purchase the loyalties of MPAs and install PPP govt. Malik Riaz specially flew to Lahore on his personal airplane and offered heavy bribes to PML-N MPAs.
    But they could purchase only one MPA (Laila Muqaddas) while all other MPAs proved their loyalty with PML-N even during Governor Rule of Asif Zardari and his crony Salman Taseer.
    But Nawaz Sharif still refused to appear before Dogar Court and continued his struggle for the restoration of independent judiciary. Only Nawaz Sharif had the courage to face tear gas & shelling but continued his journey towards Islamabad for Long March. When the March had reached Gujranwala, the then PM Gilani had to issue restoration order at 3:00 am past mid-night.
    4: JF-17 thunder (defense production) – Mian Nawaz Sharif had a great role in defense collaboration with China. Nawaz Sharif and Chinese Premier Zhuji Rongji signed this project in 1998 (then called Super-7). It was also the Chinese Government that came forward to help the Govt of PML-N when USA had imposed restrictions due to nuclear explosions.
    5: Metro Bus (in other mega cities of Pakistan) – Everyday more than 125000 people travel by Metro Bus that leads to reduction in roads congestion, saving of fuel, reduction in traveling time and even the commercial vans plying on similar routes at Lahore have reduced their one-way fare from Rs 35 to Rs 25 due to competition. But the “burger kids” of PTI live in air-conditioned fool’s paradise and have no pain for the poors!
    6: Appointment of independent election commissioner – For the first time in the history of Pakistan, the ECP was assisted by State Bank of Pakistan’s credit information bureau (that has complete information about all loans in Pakistan) and National Accountability Bureau. All nomination papers have been filtered through this rigorous process by ECP’s returning officers.
    That is why the papers of Lifetime Chairman-PTI Imran Khan’s cousin have been rejected because he is defaulter of the Allied Bank of Pakistan (ABL) to the tune of Rs71.641 million
    If anyone has a credible proof of default at any particular BANK, please bring it forward. Otherwise, stop throwing baseless allegations!
    7: Gawader port – Funded and operated by China because the Chinese government, like Turkish government, trusts PML-N.
    8: Coastal highway – This was part of the plan of Gwadar to connect Karachi to Gwadar.
    9: Introducing fibre optic – the 1st of its kind, Digital Pager service (predecessor of SMS) was launched in 1991 and then Paktel and Mobilink were established during this period because of the optic fibre cable.
    10: Making new airports of Karachi & Lahore. For the first time in the history of Pakistan, people could enter/exit directly into the plane, thus Pakistani airport rose at par with the international standards. Recently, PPP government has even borrowed Rs 182Billion by securitizing the airport.
    The visionary leader (also known as Sher Shah Suri of modern day Pakistan) built the projects and the later governments of Dictator Musharraf and then his NRO-beneficiary PPP have only used those assets to borrow!
    11: Eradication of Dengue – various health/epidemic/virology experts (from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Pakistan) have duly acknowledged and lauded the efforts of the government of Mian Shahbaz Sharif in controlling the epidemic of dengue.
    But, quite mysteriously, Imran Khan Niazi’s laboratory kept fleecing the poor patients and was thus sealed.

    12: Ghazi Brotha Dam – the feasibility was conducted in 1992 during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure. Please read Page 8 of the Project Report from Asian Development Bank:
    13: Privatization of banks – Nawaz Sharif privatized Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited. While United Bank Limited and Habib Bank Limited were privatized during the regime of General Musharraf since it was already proven by PML-N that privatization works well for economic growth.
    14: Improvement of road infrastructure – PML-N government, whether in Center or in Punjab has always been providing excellent transport & communication services to the people of Pakistan. That is why Mian Nawaz Sharif is called “Sher Shah Suri” of modern day Pakistan.
    15: Ashiana housing scheme – At least somewhere Malik Riaz’s money could be spent on a noble cause. Malik Riaz has also sponsored PTI jalsas in Rawalpindi, because of his jealousy against PML-N.
    16: Chashma nuclear power plant – marvelous success of serious & mature leadership!
    17: Green tractors scheme – Dirty scandalers could not hatch even a single scandal against the facility provided to the poor farmers responsible for ensuring food security to Pakistan.
    18: Daanish school system – Funds were allocated in the provincial budget for Eight Danish Schools constructed in Vihari, Layyah, Lodhran, and Bhakkar districts. The Punjab Government further made it mandatory that all educational institutions charging fee exceeding Rs. 5000/- will reserve 10% seats for the poor but promising students.

    19: Laptop scheme for 215,000 meritorious students – the ilzami mafia continued badmouthing this great project meant for bright students because the “under-19 burger kids” have no concern, whatsoever, for poor & middleclass people.
    However the ilzami mafia remained dumbfolded when CM of KP distributed laptops among the bright students of Peshawar University!
    20: Distribution of land among harries – Special efforts were made to distribute unoccupied land among the landless Haries of Sindh in 1992-1993
    21: Ujala scheme (solar lamps) – sadist “burger kids” of PTI burn in jealousy whenever they see any benefit going to the poor people of Pakistan. BURNOL :)
    22: Kohat tunnel – Foreign donors, knowing the excellent credibility of PML-N, always trust PML-N and provide funding for visionary projects that provide relief to the common man. BURNOL :)

    • @LHR,
      Programme are always good but it depend on how you implent it efficiently.
      Just give you an example item #21 ujaala program: it is a 30W solar panel with 28AH battery, a controller and 3 led bulsb of 3W each. If you go on ebay or on Alibaba dot com you can buy the system for $70 easily. For big volume you can get it less. The project cost Rs2.5B that is more then $25M. Tell me is that efficient. They rush that at the end to show people something.
      Plus Pakistan got what 200,000 imported system of which battery will last no more then 2 years (battery cost half of teh system cost). Why not they push to set up partial or full manufacturing in Pakistan give them incentive , create job and move service sector we may produce a million system with same money then.
      This is just one example and i challenge any one who differ with my numbers.

      The problem is , all Politicians think people have short memory and they will not notice. This system of imported implementation is the cause of big problems. Same for Metro, why we use that money to do partial assembly of buses in Pakistan, create job with same money.
      Lap top, why we not asked the supplier to set up manufacturing plant have create multiple service jobs with that. What good is that Laptop as the life of a Lap top is less then 2 years so all money is going down teh drain.
      Yes it is not their money, it is people money so who cares
      Don’t be blind follower , ask questions why?
      I live in USA, Malaysia also, in Malaysis projects are given if they can get to build all or partial..


  37. Here are my prediction numbers of seats out 272:

    PML(N) 120
    PPP 43
    JI 29
    PTI 28
    JUI(F) 8
    PML(F) 8
    PML(Q) 6
    MQM 5
    ANP 4

    Independents and small 21

  38. take my words… NA 71… SHADIKHEL will beat imran khan easily… the person know abt situation in mainwali and their panels… will be with me difinatly… NA 122 AND NA56… sardar ayaz sadiq and hanif abbasi will beat imrankhan… and to be honest dont know any thing abt peshawar political situation.. so cant prediCT NA1 PESHAWAR…. the person from peshawer can give us better idea

    • You are in for a big surprise then, or a rude awakening!


      Vote Pakistan,
      Vote Imran Khan!

    • One fact about peshawar is, that peshawar have never voted for outside candidate in the past. Benazir Bhutto lost to Ghulam Ahmad Bilour in 1990’s election.

  39. If you want Zardari 2.0, vote for PMLN.

    If you want the second Jinnah of Pakistan, vote PTI!!


    • @InsafTiger… please forgive me for my poor knowledge but can you please enlighten me that how great khan will not take from oath from the elected president?

    • IK will not compromise!

      You will know what he has up his sleeves when the time comes.

      NOorra Kushti of PMLN is not only on this issue, it has been seen for the last 5 years.

      Listen to today’s Malick interview of Nawaz. In the end, Nawaz could clearly answer if he will oppose Zardari for next presidential election!

    • IK might not compromise or may be he is upto something and also NS and PPP might be doing nora kushti but none of these things answer my question.

      You shared the picture i thought you might have some substance to support it but unfortunately you are just trolling.

  40. Insaaf think you are born liar. If you respect your mother please see video clip of youth label son of Sher Afghan joining PTI jalsa of 24 Mar 13, well get to know worth in Mianwali. Do not paste 1857 jalsa photos. It said you can only make fool of your self and can never make fool of other. You bloody fool for your mother sake learn manners, honesty and uprightness.
    This is change Abou Tarien teaching to his followers, speak lie and manipulate reality.

    • @Mark2013,

      I don’t think you respect your mother, as you are a great and shameless liar!

      The Sher Afghan’s son joining was a corner meeting on his joining, and yet it was bigger than PMLN’s yesterday’s jalsi.

      The actual PTI jalsa of Mianwali was last year, as shown in pic.

      There is a PTI Mianwali jalsa coming soon, and then again we’ll see!

      VOTE Pakistan!
      Vote IMRAN KAHN!

  41. pti recent jalsa in march at mianwali was epic failure.. whole world know that.. i saw my self on tv.. just 2000 or 3000 people… thats fact. u can see video of that jalsa online…..

    • Oh ho, it was a corner gathering on Sher Afghan’s son joining, not an announced jalsa, yet it was bigger than PMLN’s yesterday jalsi!

      The RECENT jalsa of PTI is coming up very soon, in a few days!! We’ll see!!

      Vote Pakistan!
      Vote Imran Khan!

  42. Today’s lower Dir jalsa, one out of three jalsas in a day!


    This is called a CAMPAIGN, my nooraa friends!

    Vote Imran Khan,
    Vote Pakistan!

  43. And the ground breaking rally in Rawalpindi on the same day!!!


    Dekho Dekho Kon Aya?

    Sher Ka SHIKARI Aya!!!

    Vote Imran,
    Vote Pakistan

    • This was not as much ground breaking as it was “glass breaking”. The jamooras of PTI broke well windows of their own office and also thrashed the journalists who were taking pictures of the mayhem.

      Seems like Soosoonami herd has already started the dress rehearsal for the mourning rituals it’ll observe on May 12.

    • jalsy to jamat islami waly b boot bary bary krty rhy hn pr jeety

      In my opinion some thing going wrong because pti and pml-n against each other but on the other hand there is unity between ppp+pml-q+mqm+Anp+JUI-f
      what will be the result of election 2013 may be ppp again ……..
      it will very hopeless
      pti should think about this situation


    • It was a ground breaking rally, friend.

      Opening office was one part of the rally.

      So what if there was disturbance?

      Did you saw the “civilized way” Noon-leaguers exchanged bouts today in Lahore?

      Did you see the “civilized way” PMLN women were snatching food in Maryam Nawaz rally?

      It happens.

      Noon-league is finished in Pindi, inshallah. See some recent TV surveys.

      Vote Pakistan,
      Vote Imran Khan!

  45. @

    Every VOTE on 11 May will Inshallah decide that SHER will WIN.

    2 Number k inqelabi apni mout aap he mer jaen gy.

    IK ke ad me namazen dikhana kis ko bewaqoof banany k liay hen? Ya Allah k liay?

    PMLN will Inshallah WIN because of its work done during last 5 years of good governance in Punjab.

    IK labelled corruption charges upon it but when called by Pak Transparency to come with proofs, he vanished.

    Typical Uturn Khan. He will make a big Uturn after the elction day as well.

    Please wait and see.

  46. IK k half leny ka maamla to tub aaeyga na jub election jeety ga?

    IK pareshan nahi hy. Kyun k usko pata hy k usny election jeetna he nahi hy Inshallah.

    Waisy ACE in his sleev is an ARROW and Tyrian. Otherwise he is as fool as tyrant musharraf.

    Pervez Rasheed ny bilkul theek kaha hy k pehly siyasi nusery se akhlaqi terbiyat len phir mubahisa kerna. Tum sheeday tully k level k aadmi ho issi liay usky saath dekhy jaty hlo.

    Tum sirf Khawaja Asif ko he qabo ker lety. Wahan se ye keh ke bhagy k jao Nawaz Shareef ko bulao.

    Buzdil beghairat.

  47. @

    Better wake up brother.

    You are having a LoNG SWEET dream.

    I feel pittymfor you. Inshallah on 11 May i will reply you. Do come on this blog if you dare. PTI 120 seats and I am sure you do not even know how many seats are there in Lahore, Gujranwala, Jehlum, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Multan. Sweet dreams

  48. jalsay baray karnay say election nhi jeetay jatay.. lahore ka sab say bara jalsa maulana fazlur rehman ka tha.. woh wahan say total pooray lahore say 10000 vote nhi lay sakta lahore ki 13 seats say… jalsay some thing else and get vote in actual some thing else.. i cant see pti more that 10-15 seats.. if tsunami wave come then its maximum 25…. u will see in elections.. its not cricket match…

  49. PTI’s campaign is on fire!! While PMLN is doing back to back failed jalsis!


    I smell something burning!

    People, don’t burn, Vote PTI!

    Vote Imran Khan!
    Vote Pakistan!

  50. Wishful thinking – not a true picture.

    “We predict the following numbers of seats in the national assembly for the following parties:

    PMLN 108, PPP 43, PTI 31,MQM 19, PMLQ 11, JUI 10, JI 9, PMLF 7, ANP 4, Independents 24, PPP-Sherpao 1, Misc. 8”

    What is this Misc. 8 seats? While the independents have been added and even single seater PPP-Sherpao is mentioned. What was holding you to name the parties who will grab these 8 seats?

    Its obvious that intentionally the seats has been reduced from all other parties to except PML-N, to accommodate PTI without effecting PML-N. While a common perception is that its PML-N being hurt by PTI. Any reason about jumping PML-N from 91 to 108? and reducing PPP from 124 to just 43?

    General opinion trend reflects a decline of popularity in both of the major parities alike. Another poor prediction is about MQM seats. Whatever the blames one puts on MQM the party stands tall in Sind. There are chances of grabbing a seat or two in Punjab as well, particularly in Saraiki belt. A couple of seats in Gilgit / Hunza may also be pocketed by MQM.

  51. In KPK PTI can get respectable number of votes on the following constituencies:

    NA 5
    NA 17
    NA 19
    NA 21

    even if they win all these, which I don’t believe, its 14% maximum

  52. Inshallah PML(N) will win 130 seats of national assembly because imran khan is in trap of nawaz sharif. i don’t disclose this trap but you watch results and thanks to me.

  53. Remember all sensible and sincere Pakistani.

    IK is an establishment ploy who has thhe backing of Zardari. Zardari has said and it has been reported in the press that PTI is his insurance policy.

    Look he is all guns for Nawaz Sharif and PMLN and has nothing to say about ZardRi, PPP, PMLQ, MQM and ANP who have been ruling in center and all 3 provinces less Punjab. But Ilzam Khan is posing as if the rowst rule was of Punjab and the wrorst politicians were in PMLN. This is UNTRUE.

    People of Puniab know that their govt was the best accepted by Pak Transparency InternTional and IMF and other agencoes who worked with Punjab govt.

    Real reason Ilzam Khan’s blame game is to DIVIDE Punjab vote bank. Ilzam has been assigned the task just to do that.

    I request all those who have suffered in the last rule of PPP innthe shape of electricity, Joblessness, poverty and price hike, must STAND up tp revolt against Ilzam Khan to foil his attempts to DIVIDE PUNJAB vote bank just to bring back somehow Zardari rule again.

    On 11of May it will be the test of Pakistanis and especially those of Punjab to prove that they appreciate GOOD work pf PMLN govt and they feel deprived now when Khasra disease has spread in Punjab / Lahore and they do not find any attempt whatsoever by present rulers. They would now be MISSING their KHADIM E AALA for sure. Ilzam called them Dengue Bratheran but he cannot understand that Good work remains dug deep into the Hearts of people who suffer.

    Also NOT3E that Ilzam Khan is now on best of terms with MQM who is sowing the seeds of terror and CHAOS in the country. Also Dictator Musharaf’s supporters also stand behind Ilzam Khan. Along with Qadiyanis. Beware dear countrymen or GRAVE CONSEQUENCES await you if God forbid you make an error while voting.

    • @Deevav,
      Nice Cry Baby speech.
      It is important to mention here that you are focusing on Punjab as if Rest of Pakistan you guys don;t care. You said establishment, Tell me who bring NS into Politics?

  54. The predictions around KPK are fairly sketchy and unreliable take the example of NA-5 is not going to go to JI as Nowshera is not a JI constituency and traditionaly a PPP/ANP contest. JI won in 2002 as Qazi was supported by both the Khattaks of Manki (pervez khattak) and Cherat (iqbal hussain) as they were in PPP (S) which had a seat adjustment with MMA. There was a general trend in KPK in favour of MMA but even in that trend Nowshera MMA just bagged 1 of the 5 PA seats with 2 for PPP, 1 PPP-S, 1 ANP and 1 JUI-F. In 2008 PPP won NA5 followed by ANP and ANP won NA6 its traditional seat. PA seats were PPP (incl. Pervez Khattak) 3, ANP 2. Now, the dynamic has changed as most of the PPP contenders are now in PTI and the fight is expected to be between ANP and PTI. So it is unlikely that Asif Luqman Qazi will win the election on NA5.

  55. Democracy…..

    A healthy democracy requires a decent society; it requires that we are honorable, generous, tolerant and respectful.

    I like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate.

    Everyone here hates Khakis, but loves their adopted sons. Bhutto was the product of Ayub Khan, Nawaz Shareef was adopted by Ziaul Haque, and now they say Imran Khan was planted by ISI??

    اس دنیا میں سب چور چور۔۔۔۔

  56. PTI is busy defaming itself as Pro leftist Parties (PPP + MQM+PMLQ) and typical Anti PMLN Party. We can also say that PTI has become the first and farmost ANTI Punjab Party. Never ever Punjab vote bank was divided before, Thanks to Evil Zardari with support from CIA+MOSSAD, that without making a province, he successfully launched the project PTI by engaging pasha for this project, Eventually an effort is in full swing to divide Punjabi vote bank. It is strange that when PTI office in Karachi is burned, IK remains silent BUT when PMLN campaigns for social welfare programs, IK & its PoTIan Trolls start bashing NS & SS.

    Recent report published on SC website regarding the amount of money spent by PPP government on various journalists highlight an important fact that PPP helped MIDAS Media services CEO (Ghulam Akbar who was working as PTI secretary political affairs) by granting him ~ 3.7 Million Advertisements.

    IK with strong media campaign which failed earlier as was handled by Adeel Hashmi (Son of Salima Hashmi who is also part of Caretaker setup), now given to a Dubai Based company charging IK for over 1 Billion rupee, is seen now on every channel. All media houses being bought by Malick Riaz in favour of PTI and main anchors will soon be sold out starting May 5th with the publicity stunt of the movie “Kaptan”.

    Meanwhile Aleem Khan (famous land grabber) who was removed due to fear of losing against Saad Rafique (due to Aleem past track of land grabbing of Air Avenue society and killing protestors etc), IK has assured him position of “Mayor of Lahore”. IK is “bound” to return the favour to Aleem Khan who has invested 10 corer rupees (2 Corer for BWM car as a gift + 2 corer as entry to party for SKH + 3 corer each for Lahore 30th October & 23rd March campaigns). As still loyal to party, Aleem Khan (being an old bugger of PMLQ), further grabbed 50+ nazims who were ardent supporters of PMLQ @ 5 lakh each. Money talks and yes it does a lot in Pakistan, especially when there is no check.

    IK has been using chirs (drugged) Puff via nose and started dreaming of becoming PM of Pakistan and bringing Tsunamaaaa . His own speeches are full of personal hate for NS & SS and “religiously questionable”. His speeches include “Opper ALLAH nechay Balla” loose statements which shows his personal aggression leading to physical abuse.

    All the Q-cult, early 20s to mid-aged leftist women , frustrated housewives and divorced women have started getting IK attention as if he is going to solve their “frustrations”. IK has changed BUT not his yarn for womenising. Therefore, matching the same attributes, IK has given a ticket to OLD musharaf “friend” Mrs Attiqa Oddo’s 3rd Husband from Karachi to fill the role of “enlighten muslims” & “moderators” within his party. PTI is also enjoying support of Ayaz Amir who was involved in raping a girl, which was the issue for which he was fired from PMLN. Q-cult also supports Ayaz Amir, and since they have influence in PTI, therefore PTI immediately supported Ayaz Amir the moment he was disqualified.

    Whatever the Election-2013 results. There are only 3 scenarios and IK has decided to ditch Pakistan both morally & financially.

    Scenario-1: (PMLN getting 110+ & PTI getting 45+)

    Rather than joining hands, IK will sit in opposition as his real hate is for Punjabis and PMLN and not any Leftist or sindhi party. He damn care for country and Pakistanis. He won’t work with PMLN for better governess or legislations, educations, Ind foreign policy etc. But will act as a angry “old” man with a simplest strategy to “criticize PMLN”. He may also play a role to remove PMLN Government.

    Scenario-2: (PMLN getting 60+ & PTI getting 100+):

    IK will not invite PMLN for government formation, infact being his hate for Punjabis, he will form coalition government with PPP+ MQM+ PMLQ+Sheeda Tulli aurf khatmali Saaand (being ex supporter of musharaf). He will then try to further weaken institutions such as Army, bringing ISI under his control and please his masters. PLMN victimization in full swing.

    Scenario-3: (PMLN getting 80+ & PTI getting 90+)

    In this scenario, IK will to his utter best to form coalition government with PPP+MQM+PMLQ and try his level best to deny PMLN from power and to take better control on Punjab and try to open cases against PMLN. This scenario is the final version of Zardari + America secret deal while pulling his foot soldiers from Afghanistan, to form a split mandate government with too many interlocks.

    IK who may form a govt in KPK will be tested upfront as people want to see how he stop drone attacks, improve law and order situation, resolve loading shedding and other governance related issues regardless as who forms the government in Central.

    It is now Pakistani Voters who have to decide, especially from Punjab. They have now multiple choices, BUT they needed to be wise and to ensure that they vote with right conscious only to PMLN. PMLN needs to win > 90% from Punjab in order to secure a strong and stable government OR else with split mandate, the next government (PMLN led coalition OR PTI=PPP led gov) will not be able to bring any change to Pakistani Awam.

    A Patriotic Pakistani

  57. The most hilarious is Malakand NA-35. I can bet a million dollars that Lal Muhammad Khan can’t win.

    • Well if i don’t have a million dollars, I will definitely have it if someone is ready to bet, because I am definitely going to win it. People of Karachi might vote MQM etc again for some “unknown” (NA-MAALOOM) reasons but People of Malakand are definitely not voting PPPP.

  58. Son of ?

    Bhattakhori and tgt killing is MQM patent and only prospers in Karachi.

    Others have genuine millions. At least not from bhatta and tgt killing

    • after elections, mush and imran khan will be sitting together in jail and singing zorr ka jhatka hai zorron se laga. if you know what i mean.

  59. To ALL PTI Goons

    Just tell me one thing.

    Who gifted Bani Gala Land to IK?? His ex wife Jemima OR Pervaiz Musharraf?? Also advice how IK responded for the money that took as charity and invested in REAL ESTATES???? WHO game him this authority and power????

    The alligetaions you are referring to are still allegations and NOT convicted in the court. IF COURT has convicted NS/SS, they should be kicked out.

    IK bashes NS & SS all the time, massive media campaign is only against NS & SS to divide the vote bank of Punjab, whereas no such statements coming from IK against Political corrupts of Singh & Karachi.

    What a joker he has become. A drug addicted joker….

    PTI Latest Slogan:


    The same thing happened in 90s by PPP, now that PPP knew that no one is going to vote them in Punjab, so they came up with a new strategy to LAUNCH the project in coordination with ISI+IB+CIA to hold power. The name of the Project is “Naya Pakistan and the Players will be PTI”. Face change , OLD wine in a new bottle.

    So as i said earlier, if Pakistani wants to remove the corrupt elite supported by CIA funded money, please DO NOT VOTE FOR BALLA and Please DO NOT VOTE Imran Khan. He may be handsome even at 60, BUT he is a stooge of foreign agencies, a disguise which was been launched to Break Pakistan.

  60. عمران خان زرداری کی بی ٹیم کے باوٴلر بن گئے،شہباز شریف

    لاہور…مسلم لیگ ن کے رہنما ء شہباز شریف نے کہا ہے کہ عمران خان زرداری کی بی ٹیم کے اوپننگ باوٴلر بن گئے ہیں،سامنے آئیں، ہر گیند پر چھکا لگائیں گے ۔ماڈل ٹاوٴن لاہور میں پریس کانفرنس کرتے ہوئے سابق وزیراعلیٰ پنجاب شہباز شریف نے کہا کہ قوم اندھیروں میں ڈوبی ہے لیکن عمران خان صدر زرداری کو کلین چٹ دے رہے ہیں ، لگتا ہے عمران خان نے مسلم لیگ ن ، ق لیگ اورپیپلز پارٹی کے ووٹ چوری کرنے کا ٹھیکہ لے لیا ہے ،شہبازشریف کا کہنا تھا کہ میٹروبس پر تنقید کر نے والوں نے ثابت کر دیا کہ وہ عوام کو ٹرانسپورٹ بھی نہیں دینا چاہتے ،انہوں نے کہا کہ ملک میں سالانہ 3سوارب روپے کی بجلی چوری ہو رہی ہے ،موقع ملا تو بجلی چوری ختم کرا دیں گے ، نگراں وزیراعظم سے درخواست ہے کہ پنجاب حکومت کے 4سو میگاواٹ سولر بجلی کے منصوبے پر جرمن کمپنی کو کام کرنے کی اجازت دی جائے ۔


  61. PTI’s campaign on FIRE!!!

    MASSIVE Jalsa at Vihari (while PMLN streak of failed jalsa continue):


  62. Shahbaz Sharif says PTI is B-team of Zardari.

    Let me ask these questions:

    – Was it Imran Khan who sat with Zardari for three and a half year in Punjab Government?

    – Was it Imran Khan who said, “Zardari, even if whole PPP leaves you, I will be with you”?

    – Was it Imran KHan who did friendly opposition for 5 years in the center in return of power in Punjab?

    SHOWbaz Sharif, people are not fool, and you are a shameless liar.

    Vote Pakistan!
    Vote Imran Khan!

  63. daikho daikho kon aya,,,,,, SHER KA SHIKARI AYA……. jitnay b tajziye kr lo.. FAISLA hum awam nay krna hai……. ap log khush ho lo 11 MAY tak….

  64. News: May be someone shed a light on it.. why???????
    KARACHI: At least 11 people were killed and over 40 others injured as a blast occurred near an office of the Awami National Party (ANP) here on Friday, Geo News reported.

    According to reports, the bomb went off near an ANP office in Mominabad area where a election corner meeting was about to begin.

    Sources said the explosive device detonated minutes before an ANP candidate, Bashir Jan’s address, who narrowly escaped the bombing unhurt.

    Senator Shahi Syed confirmed that a blast took place near the office in Mominabad area. The dead and injured including six children were shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

    Heavy contingent of police and Rangers rushed to the spot and cordoned off the area.

    Relentless bombings continue to hit Karachi as political parties are busy in canvassing in the run-up for the election.

  65. FACTS ELECTION 2002 and 2008: PML N was no given any room to operate, constituencies were made by establishment to divide vote of PML N. In Karachi Farooq Sattar made constituencies. Made was paid to malign PML and up hold Pervaiz Musharaf. It was order of Musharaf to establishment that officer will be sacked if PML N Candidate wins. Besides that PML N survived, but its majority was converated into 2nd largets party by fraud. Kush Bakhat Sujat, Waseemm and Farooq lost election miserably but were given victory. FAROOQ SATTAR has made world record in Frishta votes. Abou Trian was given with 23000 frista votes to win NA 71 seat. Why is he not speaking against Musharaf because he can open secret behind Bani Gala farm House, who deal was made through broker Malik Raiz, reward for support in referendum.

    RAISING OF PTI: Zardari was sure that PML N will sweep them and take his corruption money back to Govt treasury. West also want continuation of War on terror policy. Zardari allocated Rs 90 Million to IB to give strength to Abou Tarian so that PML N vote can be divided, to make place for PPP. Later Pasha along with US Ambassador got hold of Abou Tarian. Grate investment was made. Media was hired, including three complete channels i.e. ARY, DUNYA and DIN beside number of journalists including Najam Sethi, Mubashir Luqman, and so many. Truce was made between MQM, PML Q and Abou Tarian. However Abou Traian failed after 30 Oct jalsa, which casted Govt enough to install an energy plan. Hashmi was purchased for RS 5 Million with Governor/President Ship in next setup along with free hand to his son in law in Multan.

    ELECTION 2013: Asad Umer firm IRIS is heavily paid to carry out moral boosting survey. Nisar Ahmed writer is as fake as Yariq Ismail Sagar and business management firm carried out political survey and that too first time in its history. Najam Sethi puppet of Abou Tarian has placed all PTI favorable administration to rig elections. Zardari thinks it will benefit him. ARY, DUNYA AND DIN are doing assessment with no reality on ground. Just see assessment and surf net, they even do not know a constituency. Pasha in UAE is regulating money being given by west through Malik Raiz and other land grabbers.

    CURREST STATUS ELECTION 2013: Besides that PTI is miserably loosing. Even Abou Tarain is not winning from any constituency. Next is to give boost to PTI, evil plan is ready. Unfolded in Khabarnak of 26 April 2013. Assassination attempt will be made on Abou Tarain, in which he will be saved. However, few innocent people will be killed. This will give him advantage in election, that certain forces want to stop change in Pakistan.

    ALAS brain using all out mental concentration to stop PML N, use efforts towards economic development. They did not manage to vanish name of PML N in 2002 and 2008, it is idiotic thought tahey can change it with Abou Tarain.

    In last wish you best anti PML N forces, good job done by Najam Sethi, Salute to Dunya ARY and DIN. Keep it up

    • @Mark2013,
      Why you are crying like JI.
      Why NS find only 5 candidates in Karachi while PTI has 19 and PPP has 10.
      The game is being payed by NS when he decided not to make any alliance with JI or JUI-F and have a secret dealing that , JI will go after MQM and ANP with the help of their Taliban Friends as they are famous and have experience for in East Pakistan under Shams and Bader to go after Bengalis. JUI-F will go after ANP with Taliban friends. Later all will be rewarded with Coalition.

  66. @
    Son of ?

    Why do not you reply tothe raisedpoints? Why you start MQM tactics of abusing JI and mocking at it. JI has nothing to do what Mark has said?

    Thats why i call Karachities sick headed mostly. With hate and self pitty they are blind.

    If PMLN is not contesting from more than 5 seats, it is their planning. Theyhave seat adjustment with PMLF and others in 10 party alliance. Why it interests you? Because you live in a well called Karachi. You want to see the whole election process from Karachi well. So you wan to then claim that Karachites have rejected PMLN. PMLN will Insha Allah come to Karachi with a bang.

    Witht heir work and at the same time strictly handling all bhatta khors, tgt killers and those who have introduced terror in politics Insha Allah. Wait and we too are waiting. In the mean time keep countin the daily countof dead bodies being delivered in Karachi as a result of HATE POLITICS.

    JI was a much better political party than MQM. Its voice is equally listened to all over Pakistan. It may now not win a seat from Karachi after the HATE wave swept people of Kci but it couple of seats from Dir and Swat are far more important than winning in the well of Karachi by MQM. MQM and HATE wave has isolated Karachi from mainstream politics. But you people hve no sense to reise how important it is. You go and sit at Jinnah Park (the biggest MQM’s QABZA GROUP victim in Pakistan) and listen like a puppet to your quaid’s marathon nonstop BAKWAS with a bowed head.

    • @Deevav,
      Calm down , the cobversation was with Mark, why you jump.
      As for Karachi is concerned, i born here and live here. I know more about this place tnen you. Same as you know your place. Every place has its own problems and issues. All i am telling you is from History. I was involved with Jamiat in University days, also with JI , As people they are nice no doubt but they never own the issues. The hatred you talk about is not personal but the thinking .
      You can say all Bad about MQM, i also donot like some of their stances but thatt does not mean i have to start liking NS or JI or PPP.
      You said Dead Bodies. What you say of Bomb Blast yesterday killing ANP workers. Who to blame. ????? Answer ……
      Once you answer that Honestly , the whole situation can be explained easily..

  67. Issue is drama planned by establishment and Najam Sethi by dramatic assassination attempt to murder Abou Traian to add his popularity and sympathy , which he is loosing.

    Towards Karachi, you statement does not support you belong to Karachi. 65% killing is by MQM including their key aide in London. 15% to Liyari Gangs, 5% to MQM Haqiqi elements, rest 15% due personal enmity. One of my relative in IB told that TTP factor is almost negligible. As in investigations no intelligence and LEA agency could event identity complete organization of TTP. One odd fake names are their, which are created by Alatf, another payee like Her Majesty Queen servant Abou Tarian.

    Just want to say, should expand this amount on national development. Not to create political identities irrespective that Ayoub Khan along withy Bhutto made Conventional League, later Yayha made PPP, Zia created IJI linked parties and MQM, Musharaf created PML Q and blessed his sperms to MQM and PTI for energy. Now establishment is expanding huge amounts out of our taxes to Abou Traian, how beside this miserable loosing in all his own constituencies as per Intelligence Agencies assessment.

    Now assignation drama to uplift his rating. Even he won, what is crime of innocent people who will be killed to give reality to this drama

    • @Mark,
      You tried to be so smart :
      1st Yahya b=came 1969 and PPP started in 1966/67. Just read History. Next Ayub make conventional league tahs true. Zia make what IJI, are u crazy. IJI came for election to stop Benazir. you have Asghar Khan case. PML N came during Zia . ist he started the exercise of this non party election and poor Junejo was sacrificed and then this N came.
      MQM came in 1988.
      What u are telling me is that all bombs now exploding are from MQM? and Taliban are saint and nothing to do with TTP or Taliban. so who exploded Bomb yesterday in ANP office. MQM??? right.
      Who Bomb BilourRally in KPK, MQM right.
      Yes you hate MQM , thats ok everone has right but sometimes think logically.
      I never support MQM 100% but in majority of instances they are correct . same for JI and other parties.
      My Genration have been fooled b4 so now i never follow anyone blindly.
      I remember PNA for Islam and how they fooled people so many died and then how Zia took advantage in teh name of Islam and how he divide and rule. U may nit remember how people were spanked on teh streets, how he bombed SIND to crush. BIts all History to Learn.
      No one is perfect and everyone has shortcoming so try to find good n everyone.
      This is Politics, you never know NS will form coalition with the ones u hate most.

  68. @
    Son of?

    You have come up with a good question and I must answer this one. Not like you to ignore raised questions and keep on arquing for nothing.

    My answer to your question is MQM.
    You would go mad but you would not understand.

    Let me clarify.


    Who has been on the rampage in Karachi on May 12, 2007, watched by entire Pakistan live on TV channels?

    Whose Target Killers have been arrested in the city? To which party Ajmal Pahari belonged, the famous terrorist of Katti Pahari?

    Whose leader is the main suspect in Dr. Imran Farooq’s murder case in london UK his new nationality? Whose secretariate has been raided by Scotland Yard in connection of murder investigation?

    Whose hideouts in London were searched by Interpol where the DON would go secretly for “recreations”?

    Which political party has the honour of follwoing sologons:-
    “Quaid ka jo ghaddar hy wo MOUT ka haqdar hy”
    “Hamen Manzil nahi rehnuma chahiay”
    ” Maen behnen zewer baichen aur aslaha khreden”
    “Which party started on party level qurbani animal skin snatching?
    Can you give any example of this activity in any other city of Pakistan?

    So the EVIL is carrying out bomb explosions because they know they are not going to benefit from these elections and they with their master zardari are out to some how stop the election process. UNDERSTAND? Belonging to a CRIMINAL and TERRORIST PATY LIKE MQM you should not portray such innocense.

    • @Deevav.
      This is a Laundry list of which some are true but majority dos not make sense.
      1: If a Party can shut down a city in 15 minutes what that means, a city of 18 million+ people can not resist a party. In other words the people are with the Party and they listen to them.
      2: May 12, 2007 rampage,, yes people should be punished. Where is Chief Justice, he can try suo Moto. Why not. if they are responsible , just give punishment.
      3: Imran Foarooq, has Scotland Yard filed a case. It is not Pak Police, if they find some one responsible they will file and give punishment so why jump to conclusion. Iram Farooq was a decent man and justice should be done even it means Altaf is responsible he should be put to trial so let them do the job.
      4: As for Terrorist, why not just get them and hang them. But you also have to remember teh whole day TB coverage when the terrorist were killing people in Orangi town and rangers didnot move after 24 hours .. so all sides are responsible donot blame one.
      I give you an event in 1980 when i was in Karachi University and we invited Nobel Laureate Dr. Abdus Salam to Physics Dept and how Jamiat arm gang were resisting until last minute. So this is not a new Phenomenon, those days it was at low scale now everyone has AK47 etc . But i agree all terrorist should be punsihed. The only question is who will do it fairly. We have seen NS operation then Benazir Operation all make it worst.
      5: As for slogans , thats emotional and to me that has no value. It serve purpose to ignite the emotions. I remember, the famous slogan during 1977 elections was against Bhuto by Those righteous PNA; Bhutto key sar pey Hal chalay ga, Ganja Sar key bal chalay ga.

      But i am so sorry to hear that you instead of condemning the killing of people killed daily even for ANP by TTP , even though they openly admit , you blame some one else. This is Exactly Taliban and JI line.

      Last but not least will see who shake hand with Terrorists Party..
      I sincerely hope something good will come out of this electon though i have doubt. The arrogance of Big brother shows they still have not learn from History..

  69. Son of soil Karachi says:
    You tried to be so smart :
    1st Yahya b=came 1969 and PPP started in 1966/67. Just read History.

    Your intelligence is quite visible from above comment. Ayub Khan made zAb his foreign Minister. Why? Was he a career diplomat? Was he an intellectua?

    Actually Bhutto’s siyasat emerged during Ayub era. And therefore i say that since army has been in rule for such a long time, many politicians have made their career during their time.

    Of some Awam accepted their leaders and most of them were rejected.

    Regarding your comments about my questions, every answer of yours is a mere laughing stock and readers can benefit from them thoroughly.

    Look at his answers. 18 Millions people shutdown their business in support and love of MQM. Thats why I asked you goto Guiness Book of world record adn t yourself and MQM registered. I guarantee that in terror activities, every record will be won by MQM. Record of Largest number of gunny bags dumped with tortured human bodies. Record of Number of knees and heads drilled by by drill machine by a single political party in a month / year. Largest number of strike calls by a political part which all failed to achieve any thing. Largest number of hate crimes in any city of world. MQM wins the award here too. Largest number of ballot papers stamped by MQM workers in election, winner is MQM. Largest number of animal skins of Qurbani snatched on gun point, again award goes to MQM.Largest amount of bhatta received in any international city in a single month, MQM is the winner.
    Largest number of street crimes, MQM and Karachi TOP the list.Largest number of govt dhare in last 35 years, MQM is the winner. Largest number of govt boycott for blackmailing and then g on same wages again, SOLE winner is MQM. The list can go on and on and finally Largest number of humanbeings killed in target killings, MQM has no match and thus Lifetime achievement award.
    Remember when CJP took sue moto notice of Karachi killings, MQM brought its dummies and robots in hudreds and demanded they be also heard. Crazy student level politics. Grow up which you have forgotton.
    Thats what i was trying to mention to Kamran Bhai that these people should be left alone. Ansari and Son of ? They are sick and live in a haunted city called Karachi. They spread HATE and now are reaping its fruits.

    Both of good bye from my side.

    • @Deevav,
      I think you need to read history b4 u write> you could have google it atleast to increase yr knowledge.

      Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (Urdu: ذوالفقار علی بھٹو, Sindhi: ذوالفقار علي ڀُٽو, IPA: [zʊlfɪqɑːɾ ɑli bʱʊʈːoː]) (5 January 1928 – 4 April 1979) was a Pakistani politician and statesman who served as the 9th Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1973 to 1977, and prior to that as the 4th President of Pakistan from 1971 to 1973. He was also the founder of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and served as its chairman until his execution in 1979.[2]
      Educated at Berkeley and Oxford, Bhutto trained as a barrister at Lincoln’s Inn. He entered politics as one of President Iskander Mirza’s cabinet members, before being assigned several ministries during President Ayub Khan’s military rule from 1958. Appointed Foreign Minister in 1963,

      So he became FM after 5 years in cabinet. Plus he has credentials that matched.

      NOw your leader NS:
      Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif (Urdu: نواز شریف‎, pronounced [nəˈʋaːz ʃəˈriːf]; born 01 April 1949[1]) is a Pakistani politician and industrialist, serving as the 12th Prime Minister of Pakistan in two non-consecutive terms from November 1990 to July 1993, and from February 1997 until October 1999. He is currently President of Pakistan Muslim League-N, one of Pakistan’s largest political parties and major opposition party. As the owner of Ittefaq Group, a leading business conglomerate, he is also one of the country’s wealthiest men.[2]
      Sharif rose to prominence as part of General Zia-ul-Haq’s military regime in the 1980s under the wing of Governor of Punjab Ghulam Jilani Khan. He was appointed Chief Minister of Punjab by Zia in 1985.

      I am just clarifying the difference ,Good person or bad, let people be the judge.

      Rest i answer in other post already.

  70. I thought son of Karachi will be answering my questions but he dare not. And he will keep on yellling right left and center. Answer ser number wise. Yes or NO. Name where required. Don’t FOOL people. Most of them do not live in Karachi. They can understand fully what is going on? I did not say who has been caught in Dr. IF murder case. I asked who is suspect? Whose office and hideouts in London have been raided by Scotlandyard? Answer is the name if you dare not take then many others on this forum would.

    I asked who was shown on TV live on all channals playing havouc in Karachi on 12 May 2007? Answer is scp should try. Whose armed gnagsters did you see on TV that day? Answer should be the name of party. you dare not reply.
    Are you a MAN really???? OR DAUGHTER of Karachi?

    My questions are given again to give you another oppertunity to show some manly deeds and give specific replies.


    Who has been on the rampage in Karachi on May 12, 2007, watched by entire Pakistan live on TV channels?

    Whose Target Killers have been arrested in the city? To which party Ajmal Pahari belonged, the famous terrorist of Katti Pahari?

    Whose leader is the main suspect in Dr. Imran Farooq’s murder case in london UK his new nationality? Whose secretariate has been raided by Scotland Yard in connection of murder investigation?

    Whose hideouts in London were searched by Interpol where the DON would go secretly for “recreations”?

    Which political party has the honour of follwoing sologons:-
    “Quaid ka jo ghaddar hy wo MOUT ka haqdar hy”
    “Hamen Manzil nahi rehnuma chahiay”
    ” Maen behnen zewer baichen aur aslaha khreden”
    “Which party started on party level qurbani animal skin snatching?
    Can you give any example of this activity in any other city of Pakistan?

    • @Deevav,
      I replied but your mind is set so no point trying to exolain.
      I did say, how it is possible that some one can clsoe the whole city of 18Million in 15 minutes. There will be 2 possible reasons for that:
      a: They are so strong militarily that they can do that
      b: They have people mandate and people listen to them and follow

      lets take a: If they are so strong , which is not possible , why all govts since 1992 took military actions and cannot be able to annihilate them. There are so many stake holders per your premesis like ANP, JI, PML-N, how they cannot join a common front. It defies logic.
      I also do not like the way MQM operate but teh problem is we have not seen a viable alternative yet.

      b: As for Imran Farooq , i said categorically Scotland yard is doing investigation, they have not even filed a case, if they find Altaf involve , then just be it. Hang him…

      c: The slogans are all emotional , have no value in my eus. I am grown up from that phase of life. You guys still in that Phase.

      The last line you said:
      Can you give any example of this activity in any other city of Pakistan?

      This is the KEY other parts of the country need to understand.

      If you look at Karachi, there are many localities which are like city within the city. So any one from North KPK can come to the city and easy assimilate and live in a locality among their fellows and start business , no one can notice if they cane to city legally or illegally. Like Bengali, Nepalees, Pusto speaking, Biharis, etc etc. This is not possible in other cities.
      That’s why the problem and issue are different then other part.
      This is nothing new, every Coastal city in the world are like that , Mumbai, New York, California, etc etc. all are politically different then the rest of the country.
      If you care to study the dynamics of the city and situation then you can solve the issue better otherwise this will continue, MQM or not MQM does not matter.

  71. Habib Jalib poem on Nawaz Shareef’s political father Ziaulhaq….

    Zulmat ko zia, sa sar ko saba
    Banday ko khuda kya likhna…..!!

    Haq baat pe koday aur zindaan,
    Batil ke shikanje me hai ye jaan
    Insaan he ke sehme bethe he,
    Khoon-khwar darinde he raksaan
    Iss zulm-o-sitam ko lutf-o-karam
    Iss dukh ko dawa kya likhna
    Zulmat ko zia, sar sar ko saba,
    Banday ko khuda kya likhna

    Har shaam yaha shaam-e-weeran,
    Aaseb zada raste galiyan
    Jis shehr ki dhun main nikle the,
    Woh shehr dil-e-barbad kaha
    Sehra ko chaman, ban ko gulshan
    Badal ko rida kya likhna
    Zulmat ko zia, sa sar ko saba
    Banday ko khuda kya likhna

    Aye mere watan ke fankaro,
    Zulmat pe na apna fan waro
    Ye mehl sara’on ke baasi,
    Kaatil hain sabhi apne yaro
    Wirsay main hame yeh gham hai mila,
    [Zia ul Haq]
    Iss gham ko nayaa kia likhna
    Zulmat ko zia, sarsar ko saba,
    Bande ko khuda kya likhna.

    BOTH SON-OF-A-GUN……..!!

  72. Every one has seen the ppp govt, the PMLN govt ,PMLQ govt,MQM govt, MMA govt (JUIF and Jamait Islami govt in KPK) ,Now you should give a chance to PTI to see the difference, otherwise same PMLN , same everything as it was in the last five years in punjab , so please vote for PTI, Means vote for Change

  73. I cant wait for version 3 where this patwari website will bring down the PTI seat number to 8-10 and PMLN up to 190-195 lol.

    PMLN and its paid patwaris still living in the early 90s.

  74. PESHAWAR: Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesperson Eshsanullah Ehsan while talking to Dawn.com from an undisclosed location said on Sunday that selective targeting of the political parties and candidates was the decision and prerogative of the Taliban Shura.Replying to a query about sparing the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) , Jamiat-i-Ulema Islam- Fazal (JUI-F) , Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) and Pakistan Muslim league – Nawaz (PML-N) who were also contesting elections within the same secular system, to which Taliban are opposed to, he said:“Taliban shura had decided to target those secular political parties which were part of the previous coalition government and involved in the operation in Swat, Fata and other areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwah,”adding that “the organisation followed the instructions of the Taliban shura and that it was the shura that decided which political parties to target, where and when.”To another query that the Taliban were making ground and paving way for some parties to win the elections and denying space to others, he said: “neither we are against nor in favour of the PTI, PML- N, JI and JUI-F,” adding that “We are against the secular and democratic system which is against the ideology of Islam but we are not expecting any good from the other parties either, who are the supporters of the same system, but why they are not targeted is our own prerogative to decide.”About attacks on independent candidates , he claimed that all secular minds supporting and talking part in the elections would also be targeted.

  75. Here is the actual 100 % accurate Elections 2013 Predictions.

    We predict the following numbers of seats in the national assembly for the following parties:

    PMLN 72
    PPP 65
    PTI 80
    MQM 16
    PMLQ 23
    JUI 4
    JI 4
    PMLF 2
    ANP 4
    Independents 10
    PPP-Sherpao 0
    Misc. 4

    • @Hameed,
      You spend so much time to stress yr brain and saying 100% accurate.
      PML Q= 23 ,you must be dreaming…
      PML=Q and PPP 65 those are questionable…

    • @Hameed, its strange the only confirm seats of those parties are:

      PMLN 92
      PPP 32
      PTI 21
      MQM 8
      PMLQ 7
      JUI 9
      JI 12
      PMLF 4
      ANP 4
      PPP-Sherpao 1

      and rest of 82 seats are playing major role.

  76. @
    MQM wallay ko puri list me aik he cheez my attract kya aur wo hy Ji 12 seats. Nothing else matters for them hate mangers.

    • its because mqm people worship satan iblees.any party remotely associated with islam is like a death warrant for these cursed people.may Allah punish them harshly this year.AMEN

  77. @Deevav,
    Did i ask you? I make a comment because so far in all so called predictions JI was 6 max. I know Talibans and TTP supporters like NS want to have JI get more as that is the understanding between NS and JI. Its not hate but the reality.
    Keep working in Punjab and be happpy. Who cares about rest of the country.

    • yes .just like satan worshippers,islam haters and Pakistan enemies like you like altaaf Husain kaaliyaa and terrorist mqm and ppp

    • well you ppp/mqm people have thrown Punjab into darkness by stealing our resources and water and electricity.still your putrid prejudiced brains abuse Punjab.shame on you ethnic minded secular theists

    • son of soil karachi,

      yes, who cares about rest of pakistan when youve got karachi, right? all the facts that youve said, karachi mein aisa hota hai aur punjab me aisa are all crap. have you even been to punjab? you are the people who bring out leaders who spill the blood of their own followers. you call mujahideen the same as taliban, right? then what are you? from your talks, i can easily see the hate you have for punjabis, and this is the hate that all of karachi is spewing. let me tell you, if youre so against killings of people, please, look at all the facts leading towards the one man-hunting parties. the situation in karachi is horrible, not like the situation in punjab where at least, Alhamdulillah, things are under control. and even in KPK. why is that? shouldnt the party whos in majority in punjab be taking care of it? increasing security? why is that that the party which is in majority in karachi is facing such problems and unable to control it whereas the rest of pakistan has better situations, Alhamdulillah?
      you are so blindly hating yourself that you dont even know that youre actually cutting the branch youre sitting on. keep on supporting mqm, Allah na keray ke kabhi aisa ho, but where karachi is heading, things are going to be much worse. i truly hope Allah brings you to the light.
      and as for mujahideen, please, dont indulge yourself in talks where you clearly lack knowledge. go and read Quran, come back and then argue.

  78. @Son of soil Karachi, @Deevav,

    lagta he JI ki 12 confirm seats @Son ko hazam nhi horahi jb k MQM bhi 10 se kam seats lene jarahi he jiski wuh abhi se tayyari kerahi he, GE 2002 me MQM ko 6.5 lacs votes cast hoye thay, aor GE 2008 men JI, MQMH and PTI ne boycott kia to MQM ne itne thappay maray k 23 lacs votes pare, aor ab jb yeh 3no parties GE 2013 men hissa le rahi hen to MQM boklahat ka shikar he k 23 lacs k thappay kese mare gy. MQM ki shikest issi men hojaegy k jb usko 7 lacs se bhi kam votes parenagy. yeh sb drame bazi election k baad k liye ki he HA HA HA 😉

  79. Simple Guess
    Zardari 276 out of 276 Gen Seat worth Rs 10 Million per Seat
    Altaf Hussian 100 out of 276 ” ” ” 100 life threat calls/150 Bullets
    Sujat Hussian 100 out of 276 ” ” ” 150 calls martial law threat
    Abou Tarain 150 out of 276 ” ” ” Najam Sethi bogus voting 20000
    to 25000 per seat in Punjab
    general seats.

    All brothers are sleeping on same double bed and seeing sweet dreams

    Suddenly a billboard comes with captions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  80. @K,
    I am not going to go to your level to answer.
    But with decency, i am going to ask.
    Is water coming down from north or it is going up from south ( sea). Do you know how electricity is produced in dams, If you do not know, let me tell you to learn Faraday law so you will understand. so thats the answer that stealing water …You or others in forum be the judge.
    second Electricity, we produce half electricity with water and all water is coming down stream so less water less electricity. Next you will give argument that wapda give electricity to sind more then Punjab. Thats also not true. It is a hearsay. Look at Wapda details . My friend we donot have water and we donot have electricity so who steal what. You guys felt the load shedding now, we in Karachi know since 2000 and b4. Just calm down watch the News eye program, you respected Dr from PML-N was there he explain well all..
    Resources: thats a political statement. The one who should cry most should be KPK and baluchistan. I remember i went to Quetta in 1980 and i was shocket to know that there is no sui gas there while all other provinces main cities has it at that time, while sui is nit far from quetta.
    My friend calm down it is just an election, you can win all as you like.
    Will see how and who form the govt and who need support.

    • again hollow argument from you.when did Karachi have 20 hours loadsheing like Punjab?never.i know because my relatives live their.if electricity is not generated by Karachi than why its given more share?you people just did this to punish Punjab who did not vote for satanic evil troika of ppp/mqm and anp.and we in Punjab are not narrow hearted and prejudiced that like you always vote for mqm or ppp in Sindh we vote for one party…in 70s Punjab voted for a sindhi Bhutto,now it is voting for a pathan Imran khan .if other provinces also buried their narrow visions and prejudices than Pakistan will get stronger.by making Punjab businessmen by not giving you electricity ,you secular parties are digging you own grave…very bad situation is coming ,very bad.forget elections ,be ready for chaos

    • k
      this is the mentality of some mqm people. they dont believe in a united punjab but judge people if they are sindhis, punjabis, mahaji and pathan. chahay koi kitna bura kiyun na ho, agar mahajir he to use dena hai.
      also, the karachi hes talking about seems like a little world that hes created. im living in karachi at the moment, yahan to subah ko bhe lights jalte hai, and light mushkil se 2 ghantay jate hy. pani ke yahan koi qilat nahe hai, as far as getting infrastructure is concerned, karachi is one of the best places to live in.
      theyre all there to divide pakistan, a country which is already divided. havent you seen how people are getting killed? like every day in karachi? why? whichparty is ruling here? why not the same situation else where? Alhamdulillah, Masha Allah, the rest of pakistan is in a much better situation than karachi? you know why? because Alhamdullillah, mqm isnt ruling there, and Insha Allah never will. why hasnt altaf hussain ever come to pakistan? what does he have to fear?
      these people have their eyes covered and their hearts stamped, theyll never listen or understand, they just fo around thinking of others belonging to other provinces as inferior. shame on these people.
      Alhamdulillah, punjabs people arent involved in such petty issues.

  81. HI is their is any one from PPP or all died. You have buried Bhutto Party with Muhatrama Benazir Bhutto Shaheed and formed Zaradari League. You can not speak due to shame that ruined Pakistan or investing on of Cheerleader Abou Tyrian ex Pasha Tyrian Investment (PTI) only.

    Have a heart do not get impotent, PPP ladies speak good on media.

    Anybody home

    Par kithon

    Kahan Babur Sher or Kahan Zaradari Abou Tyrian Teeli

  82. @K , i live in karachi, in north Nazimabad and adjoining areas which are heavily populated we had 20 hrs. Now almost all people have generators. Just for your argumnet lets say they donot have it , so that means they are not Pakistanis. As i see History is repeating. i see big problem and if this Politics continue we will see something that we don;t even imagine.

  83. @adonis
    First I hope yu read it.
    Second I need yr perdiction on Punjab, PM me if yu can.
    Sorry for bothering but i have bet to make and admin is not cooperating!

    • Sorry I saw your message quite late.

      As of today, I foresee 90 seats for PML-N in Punjab and this is based on a very conservative estimate. Inshallah, the actual number of seats might well be slightly higher than this.

  84. @

    Son of soil karachi

    Tum kis karachi mein rahtey ho bhai mein bhi isi karachi mein hoon or baqi pakistanion ko batana chahta hoon key karachi ke bohat sare ilaaqoun mein light jaati hi naheen for example defence ke almost s aare phases ,malir canntt(army ko to 100khoon muaaf hein)aur f.b area ka special block jahan aik bhagore ka mahl hai .wahan to raat mein bhi din ka samaan hota hai. Aur churiya bhi guzarnai say pehlay poochti hai “Altaf Bhai guzar jaoon”yeh haal hai karachi kaa aur pakistan ke sanaati sheher ‘faisalabad ‘mein light hoti hi naheen tum baat kertay ho jahan ki mein waheen hoon, nazar dorao, shayad bohat kareeb hoon.
    And tum pani aur faradays law ke baat kertay ho? Daryayi sindh jin ke milkiat hai unko pani nahe milta, sara karachi mein ajata hai. And faradays law? Seriously? Ive been to punjab, har ghantay bad teen ghantay ke liye lahore cantt me light jate the. Soilof karachi, get your facts straight. Karachi, karachi is a heaven (speaking completely from thr point of view of getting resources, otherwise, its a hell, roozana khoon kharaba, barren land)
    Punjab na hota to tum na hotay.
    Please, check your maps and do let me know ke kis karachi ka hissa ho?

    • @aaznudeewan,
      Have you forgot those days when we have load shedding? Everone knows even NS chief who is the Policy maker, he even gave figure that we have shortage of 7000MW. Most of the Power is generated by Hydel or Fuel and rest on Gas. All Gas related generators are stopped as we have no Gas. Just calm down and be realistic. If you are saying Power is being given to Karachi at the expense of who>>> Thats what you are saying. It is the same argument we used to listen that we are giving all the food to East Pakistan at the expense of west. Grow up. Look at Wapda numbers where power is distributed and where it is generated. You never move power long distance due to line losses, thats why you always try to feed in the power near the generation.
      If you are still a child who cannot understand Faraday law, then when u grow up or atleast think we can talk.
      I mentioned to @K that water flows north to south , why u are telling karachi is taking yr water. Stop this non sense. You mentioned Sind Riven whose milkiat, u are telling me all Sind River water Karachi is drinking. ?? You may not know until 2000 we hqave water shortage, all water lines were damaged, and later it was city Govt that solved this issue with new pipelines and Hub project. You have problem with people getting water now.
      What other problem you have with karachi?
      I always talk about overall picture. I told all my friends always as i live in USDA for long time too , that todays one place problem will be someone other place problem.
      I still do not know why someone try to compare Karachi with whole country. Since 1956 it is like that. The Dynamics of the coastal cities are different from interior cities, if u care to analyze world cities. Its problem are different. I gave u example, show me a city in Pakitsan where there are city within the city where only one kind of people live. I am not saying it is bad, it is normal in all big coastal cities. But that bring other problems and crimes etc. I agree MQM has solved it. But tell me who is the alternative. NS didn;t even work on it, if its a national party. They could not find more then 5 people to contest and they are relying on JI to deliver.
      Its a irony and what i can say.

  85. To all the PTI supporters. First of all, with IK being in power, Sharaab culture and modernization of our women further will be inevitable. All you guys want Pakistan to be westernized. The truth of the matter is that Pakistan will no longer be an Islamic republic. I am scared that the ideology of people is changed, just like it changed for Turkey when it was the center of Ottoman empire. I’m afraid you guys are creating a monster. I would rather live in a country where there is no light and gas, instead of a culture where girls are allowed to go to sheesha bars, wear sleeveless, smoke socially and drink socially (highly possible in near future). This change will be for the worse.
    I don’t care who wins, Pakistan is doomed either way. Atleast with NS administration, it was never this bad. Musharraf started it all, Zardari didn’t give two craps about it, and Imran will take it two steps further.

    Just my two cents 🙂

    • @Pakistansupporter.
      Your concern is only around women as if they are the cause of all of our problems.
      In USA people (Muslims) practice Islam much better and more then in our countries. I live there and involved in it so i know.
      You said u would rather have no gas and light, wow .. You are living that life why complain, or just go to Afghanistan and wait for Taliban to take over and have that life..
      Today there is a news item in Dawn that for last so many tears no women caust any vote in Sahiwal 3 villages.. Is that what u want??

  86. PTI is betting on young people as trend setters however, they are neglecting some very important factors:
    1) A hype is created by some hidden hands
    2) Media has also created a hype
    3) The very young people on whom PTI is betting come from families and shouldn’t be treated as individuals. Each home in Pakistan is a constituency and it may not be possible for individuals to go against their families. (for example, kids can’t go against their parents)

    So my analysis is:

    PML-N 110 +- 10
    PPP 40 +- 10
    PTI 20 +- 10
    MQM 20 +- 05
    IND 20 +- 05
    ANP 10 +- 05
    JUI 10 +- 05
    FATA 10
    OTHERS 32 +- 05

  87. @ Son of Soil Karachi (not Pakistan of course).
    Please do not tell me about people practicing Islam in the States. I live in the US. And there is a reason why I am fed up with Pakistan trying more and more to be like them. They are forgetting their culture, their values and all. And yes, by Islam, Women are one of the three most devastating reasons of destruction.

    And please do not reply to me as you were one of the main reasons why I felt the urge to leave a comment, but getting into debate with you would be the last thing I would want to do. We think too differently.

    Your reaction to my comment, in its extreme form, clearly tells me that you are also one of those rooting for Pakistan to be what I scare it would become. Please do not tell me to go to Afghanistan and do not show me your love and concern for Pakistan. You are son of soil of Karachi and not Pakistan 🙂

    Finally, I do not want to get into a religious debate with you here since neither time or platform are appropriate. I wish all the luck in your life, but I also urge you to think about what happened to countries that were once a good Islamic republic, but nationalism and secularism destroyed not only the heritage, but their Islamic way of life.

    God bless you! Ameen

  88. PPPP giving ad that NS eulogize Taliban, but dont that baby Bilawal know that it was his/her Mama BB who made the Taliban (with Gen Naseerullah Babar)

  89. both BB & Naseerullah are deceased now so that is why NS & SS are not maligning them, unlike the immature Bilawal’s PPPP

  90. @

    I totally agree with you. Somebody some where commented that IK is going to bring his own kind of Islam. Living with wife after divorce. Letting kids stay with christian or jew mom, while they watch mom dating ex boy friend. They sure will become Pakistanis like Karzai of Afghanistan is. This is purpose of their lives, for such kids. IK is going to modernise the muslim Pakistan to the extent that no one can imagine.

    And let me tell you that I have observed that only those who are dictated by their wives support IK. Some special type of ladies are still crazy about him like they were in their prime age. Dreamed that the playboy would marry any of them but he spit on their faces and married a briton.

    They have tuned their families minds to suport IK. Fools are following. IK is making tall caims and crossing all limits of decency. His language does not even reflect that he is even baely educated and got parental training. Rotten man with stil rotten ideas has come as A FINAL WEAPON of establishement which is still playing its dirty games.

    Look at the murder of the lawyer who was prosecuting dictator mush. Same had happened with the lawyer who had defended NS in plane hijacking case.

    So beware Pakistanis. Another DUMMY Govt is being tried to be place in Pak. Divide Punjab Vote bank to ensure a SPLIT mandate so that. Strong Nawaz Sharif cannot pose any major THREAT to the so called masters of the game.

    PPP+ PMLQ+MQM+Malik Riaz+PTI and masters are all fighting with SHER for common interest.

    BUT ALHAMDULILLAH Pak and Punjab both are awake.

    • @deevav,
      I am sick and tired of you trying to defend a Guy who never honour his word.
      OK, IK is bad and Altaf is BAD I agree. NS is SAINT?
      You are trying to equate Punjab = Pakistan and rest who cares.
      We will see how NS will run the govt in KPK and SIND.
      You have seen pictures of your Liar who for Power started Joint opposition in 1990, i attended that largest gathering , sitting with JI and MQM and how he betray people.
      The Guy who sign in writing he will not allow PCOI judges and for POWER and revenge , agree.
      If you have guts why Judiciary on its own decided to stop Mushraff. Has he got convicted so far. There are 55 people running from your freinds Terrorists parties and who are under ATC .
      Let his run the election, let people decide. But you know Judiciary is with you so you can do whatever u want.
      Enough. Punjab killed one SINDHI prime minister, and other 2 primeminsters are killed in Punjab if u know.
      So you don’t own Punjab, Has NS sign any paper that he own Punjab. Zia didn;t give him that.
      You are welcome to come to Karachi and contest , now you have your fav. Judiciary, delimitations are done, your friends Taliban are here to help you.
      What is the problem. NS cannot find more then 5 people in 18 millions to run.

      You are not the Thekedar of Islam and Punjab and Pakistan. NS tried to become Ameer ul Momineen with absolute power, attack judiciary , you forgot all these.
      MQM also not Thekedar of Karachi either. PTI is running on 18 seats, why not NS. Because he knows he is nothing outside Lahore or may be Punjab.

      You have just one answer, MQM _PPP+….. thats all.

    • I agree with you completely. People are so blind these days that there is hardly any result of long debates. I am not saying that NS is a saint, but him and SS has given Pakistan more than anyone. And still you guys turn the blind eye to the positives. For example:

      1. He created Motorway from Lahore to Islamabad. Tell me if you never enjoyed the fast and beautiful motorway instead of getting stuck at GT road. But no, you guys will say it was not necessary

      2. We say NS had the guts to defy all the pressure from the world and did nuclear testing. But you guys say that he did not create it. Well lets assume, for the sake of argument, that he did not. Who else had the guts to do it? If you are still living in Pakistan who is still better than countries around us (Iran, Afghanistan etc.) is because NS secured Pakistan from attacks from outside by making us one of the seven countries to have a nuclear power. But no, you guys will turn a blind eye to it. Saying he did not make it. I say to hell with making. Who else had the stones to publicly do the tests from 70’s (as per some claims that we had power since then) up until NS?

      3. When Shehbaz Sharif clearly stopped Dengue, your leader says ke “SS Sahab, dengue ko tou rokk nahin sakay”. Allah ki kasam this man worked day and night and saved us from destruction. At one point, the expected causalities were approximated at 2,500 but by the grace of Allah and by their efforts, it was only 260 (and just know that SS also knows the number of people who died from it, because he was genuinely concerned). In 2012, there was not a single casualty, and now in 2013, we are in this season of dengue, but Alhamdullillah we are safe from it. Please ask your leader how he can be so ignorant to say such rubbish?

      4. When he gives laptops to all university students who are above 18 and has an NIC, you guys say he is buying votes. Yes he is, but by doing something for people. If it is from government funds, so what? It is for the people, not for himself. Even if you claim he made money out it, which I doubt, I still say that he did it for the people! He gave everyone an award and giving the younger an incentive to pursue studies. How is this bad for people?

      5. I respect IK for Shaukat Khanam. I really do. But Shareef Trust Hospital is also free. Ittefaq hospital, Raashan Cards and all was also done for the general welfare.

      6. When he improves the infrastructure of the city, you guys complain about it. you guys call it Jangla bus. How is improving the transportation system bad? It is making people’s lives easier. Travelling is faster. But no, you guys complain about that as well.

      7. Punjab has been producing 750MW of power but the Federal govt decides where it goes. Load shedding was NEVER, and mark my words, NEVER a problem in NS time. Gas, Petrol was NEVER an issue. Dollar was in 40’s and was stable. Gas prices were normal. Rotti price was normal. People could afford 2 wakt ki rotti. That was all good up until 1999. Tell me please, was Pakistan not in a good situation 14 years ago? Problem is that you guys are thinking whatever Musharraf and Zardari did is NS fault, but it is not.
      Go back 14 years and you shall see.

      Finally, you guys should look at the things he has done and he did those in short lived administration. 2 and 2.5 years. If you had given him 5 years both times, Pakistan would be somewhere else today.

      Just some words of thought for everyone.

    • Sorry about the confusion, but I was saying I support what Deevav said. And comments and thoughts are for everyone to think about 🙂

  91. INSHALLAH PML(N) is going to make the next government with clarity but it is somehow obvious that it needs the support of other parties including independents. Lets wait and see.

    • ^whos this? Youre making comments under my username. Last time it got me in a fight with another member, stop doing this.

  92. Let me give all of you the exact post election position:

    No one is going to have a simply majority to form a gov., TI is be second largest party in NA after PMLN but TI will not go with any one, so, PMLN+PPP will form the govt under following formula:

    Prime Minister = Nawaz Sharif
    President = Asif Zardari for next term too
    Leader of the Opposition = Imran Khan
    Next Elections = in a year or two.

    And this is what going to be happened whether you believe it or not!!!!!

  93. PTI is new party this time. JI is also contesting election and there are strong individuals who could not get tickets. In almost all consituencies3 to 4 way fight. My analysis

    PML-N 80-85
    PPP 60-65
    PTI 35-40
    MQM 17-18
    IND 15-20
    ANP 4-6
    JUI 4-6
    JI 2-3
    PMLQ 12-15

  94. @

    I have very carefully assessed the situation and then calculated the seats for PMLN in next elections.
    First of all let me tell you that my recent to Pindi provided me an opportunity to get the real on ground situation there. Alhamdulillah for PMLN supporters, all seats are safe and even IK will lose his seat by a big margin of about 20 K votes Inshallah.

    I,have calculated that PMLN is going to get at least 102 seats less Sind where the political dynamics are beyond my understanding. However, Inshallah in Sind as well PMLN is going to win on at least 3 seats. In Baluchistan I have not taken into account the seat adjustment with PKMAP, BNP Mengal and others. I have just taken 1 seat that was won by Gen Baluch in last elections.

    Wait and see

  95. It is really funny how people are predicting without sense or thinking. One should understand that election results are always seen with reference to past election results and any changes since then. In 2008 election, PMLN benefited from PTI and JI boycotting the election. Still this is the result of votes in Pubjab. PMLQ got around 5.5 million votes, PMLN got around 5.3 million votes and PPP got around 5 millon votes. In 2013, since JI and PTI is contesting election, I doubt if PMLN would get even 3 million votes from Punjab (same as what MQM gets in Sindh). PMLN is non-existent in Sindh and Baluchistan. After they back-stabbed Swat, their existence in KPK is also debatable.

    Obviously, PTI would increase their vote bank, but they also stand mostly in Punjab and their vote bank increase would be at the expense of PMLN, though to some extend PMLQ and PPP too.

    Throughout across Pakistan in 2008 electon, PPP got 10.5 million votes. PMLQ got 8.2 million votes, PMLN got 7.6 million votes and MQM got 2.7 million votes… and that was result with JI and PTI boycott and most their voters voting PMLN. We have to adjust PMLN votes as JI and PTI is also contesting election.

    As for performance, I do not think most Pakistanis think of that, else PMLQ would have won 2008 election hands down, and parties like PPP and PMLN would not have got any seats (as pathetic performance of both parties, full of corruption, between 1988 to 1999 is well known). Keeping all this in mind, I believe of 272 contested seats:

    PPP = 75 seats
    PMLQ = 55 seats
    PTI = 45 seats
    PMLN = 20 seats
    MQM = 20 seats
    MMA and JI combined = 10 seats
    PMLF = 4 seats
    ANP = 4 seats
    BNP = 1 seats
    PPP (S) = 1 seats
    FATA = 12 seats
    Independents = 25

    Wallah-alaam … Well, if result would be different than it could be due to rigging, unforeseeable circumstances or upsets.

  96. @Pak supporter,
    I never say NS did all wrong. In one of my posting i was the one who supprted the Metro. I am a realistoc person. But people in Hate of others say things that annoy me.
    You don’t like Karachi or MQM thats ok , we agree to disagree but don’t impose your thoughts.
    As for Motorway and Metro i agree that was a Good thing.
    But for Lap TOP i disagree. That to me a misuse of funds. This plan actually was copied from malayisa ( Lived in malaysia for 3 years) . But in Malaysia they didn;t import they use local companies to assemble, that create jobs. Here for quick publicity we gave away Laptop while we could have generated jobs and do the same. Same for Ujaala, but no one has commented as they are blind in following SS.
    My only Qualms is , now people are equating if you vote for someone else other then NS that means you are against Punjab. also, as if Punjab is only Pakistan.
    Lately, SS said he will change Thana Culture, i wonder why not in 5 years… These are the genuine questions you should ask.
    Now the Label of MQM and me etc. I never 100% supported them but that does not mean i have to support NS or JI. Karachites are waiting for right one to support. They supported NS and he started the Military action, They supported JI for longest time and they never do anything.

    • My good brother. I am in agreement with you. I do not, and please note again, I DO NOT hate Karachi. My family is all across Pakistan and I have been to Karachi numerous times. I do not hate any political party, neither do I love anyone. But I have seen and witnessed the improvements in infrastructures of Punjab, where SS did work. Now, I agree that work is done by Mustafa Kamaal in Karachi as well, even though he is from MQM. My point is that every region requires local people who understand the locality and needs. Last government was from Sindh and you saw what happened to Pakistan. My point is that Punjab holds the major chunk of Pakistan’s development. That doesn’t mean that other areas are not part of Pakistan. They are equally important. In fact, NS admin made the Gawadar port, built Lahore and Karachi airports. And military action was against the stronghold of MQM which was to avoid the creation of state within a state. Majority of MQM are dictators and in a democratic system, they are the enemies.

      I will kindly disagree with Laptop issue sir. He gave those to “people”. Is it not better than not getting anything. And if the basic necessities of life are not provided to people just because the admin holds prejudice against certain region and all the energy is distributed elsewhere, then how can you expect people to have jobs in the times of today where everything has a pre-requisite of having electricity.

      I said in my claim above that NS is not a saint. He may have done a lot of wrong. But his right clearly outweighs his wrongs by a margin. And all that was for general public.

      Tell me something, if SS is providing free Aata and Cheeni..FREE, why do people impose that it was wrong. Please guys. Facts are facts. I believe that Imran is a strong person, but I also believe that NS and his admin has done quite a lot for the people of Pakistan and the development of country. He never got a full tenure and had he been in power for 10 years (5 years each), I can assure you that Pakistan would be a much better place.

  97. In such situation, the party that works on give and take is the one who would benefit most and would form government. In this respect, I think Zardari has PhD (‘Khud bhie khao aur dusroon ko bhie khanay dou’ … not like Nawaz the liar, corrupt and selfish … whose motto is ‘khao aur khao per jealous ho jao when others do corruption’).

    In my opinion, of 5 major parties (PPP, PMLQ, MQM, PTI and PMLN), we can see that 3 can co-exists with each other (PPP, PMLQ and MQM) and thus they may again make coalition to form next government.

    PTI might join in too, but one have to wait and see.

    As for PMLN, they have no chance to form government, as they cannot adjust with any of the main parties … be that party PPP, PMLQ, MQM or PTI. For instance:

    In 2008 PMLN managed to form Punjab government just because PPP gave them Punjab on platter, else 2008 was golden opportunity for PPP to form Punjab government with coalition of PMLQ as in this coalition PPP would have had more assembly members than PMLQ and thus would have been senior partner in coalition … but they decided to support PMLN at their own expense (where PPP not only became junior partner, but PMLN treated them badly too).

    My prediction is that, most likely next Prime Minister would be of PPP again though PPP might give Punjab Chief Minister post to PMLQ.

  98. It is quite evident that no party would be able to manage overall majority n 2013 election. I doubt if any party would even going to get over 75 seats, and thus Pakistan would have coalition government with even lesser control of any one party than what happened in 2008.

    To form government, coalition would need 173 votes in parliament of 342 or around 137 votes in 272 contested parliament seats.

    In such situation, the party that works on give and take is the one who would benefit most and would form government. In this respect, I think Zardari has PhD (‘Khud bhie khao aur dusroon ko bhie khanay dou’ … not like Nawaz the liar, corrupt and selfish … whose motto is ‘khao aur khao per jealous ho jao when others do corruption’).

    In my opinion, of 5 major parties (PPP, PMLQ, MQM, PTI and PMLN), we can see that 3 can co-exists with each other (PPP, PMLQ and MQM) and thus they may again make coalition to form next government.

    PTI might join in too, but one have to wait and see.

    As for PMLN, they have no chance to form government, as they cannot adjust with any of the main parties … be that party PPP, PMLQ, MQM or PTI. For instance:

    In 2008 PMLN managed to form Punjab government just because PPP gave them Punjab on platter, else 2008 was golden opportunity for PPP to form Punjab government with coalition of PMLQ as in this coalition PPP would have had more assembly members than PMLQ and thus would have been senior partner in coalition … but they decided to support PMLN at their own expense (where PPP not only became junior partner, but PMLN treated them badly too).

    My prediction is that, most likely next Prime Minister would be of PPP again though PPP might give Punjab Chief Minister post to PMLQ.

  99. i sure that PML-N will lead in 2013 election detail will be

    Punjab 135
    Sindh 08
    KPK 10
    Blochistan 05


  100. PTI all set for a clean sweep in KPK..

    Its reflected with the increasingly bitter n bitter tone of Maulana Fazlur Rehman against Imran Khan that Maulana is in trouble in KPK. The latest analyses of the senior most and respectable journalist Rahimullah Yusuf Zai says Imran Khan is leading in 27 out of 35 seats in KPK.

  101. @Pak Supporter,
    I also said the same , you cannot just 100% say SS did all wrong.
    As for Lap Top, the basic criterea should be to use funds efficiently. I am not saying Studenets get benefitetd or not , it is just that you sue money in efficiently. Whynot use that funds to get some one to assemble it in Pakistan, that create servuce sector jobs as well as Technocal knowhow. Thats the Malaysia model, i have moved my technology to Malaysia because of that from usa. Same as Ujaala, they spend Rs2.5B on the system that can be biught on ebay or on Alibaba for RS1.4B. That money was used in rush to show as teh elections were coming. If they use thaat money efficiently they could generate a lot of job and create service sector in solar. But Thatshow PML-N works, show off .
    You are right, compare SS with Mayor of Karachi.
    No one hate anyone, just that ignorant donot know the dynamics of the problem.I keep trying to educate people that all coastal cities are different and have different problem.
    unless yu know the problem, you cannot govern with one mindset.


    • I am at the same agenda that people are not aware of the issue and are following parties blindly, all of them. Biases are created from everywhere. The issue is that people who want to think pessimistically, will never be convinced. I choose to look at the bright side of parties and therefore, I was mentioning Shaukat Khanam, Mustafa Kamal and Shehbaz Shareef. I am not a follower of any party, but I know who did what. I know for a fact that everyone will take money, but ones who give something to public are far better than the ones who ate it all and never gave anything to public.

      Laptop scheme was approved in June and people say that he did it after Imran Khan’s jalsa of October. Tell me if this is not ignorance, what is it. I have been in debates within my family and friend’s circle and I can say this with utter confidence that followers of Imran are following him just because its the “inn” thing. Its kind of a fashion statement for upper middle class, elite class and desperate community. They do not know facts and figures and they repeat word for word, what IK says. This is completely wrong and frustrates me. The kind of language he is using, people are also developing this habit of calling people names and using vulgar language. A good leader knows how to talk and should be a role model. He is not a role model for me.

      Another problem is the media. Musharraf opened up the media, but never put a limit on it. Since you live abroad, you would know that media is within a reasonable limit. But in Pakistan’s case, there is no limit and what you see on media is what you cannot believe anymore.

      I am sick and tired of desperate nature of people. These kids were not even 5-6 years old when NS admin was overthrown by the army, then how would they know the jazba of Yaum-e-Takbeer? Who would educate them about the raashan card scheme? Green tractor scheme? This was done for dehaati’s and this elite class thinks its out of fashion to address to those issues.

      We can go on for years talking back and forth. Only thing I would say is that people should educate themselves, not be biased and think from a big picture perspective where back in 90’s, Pakistan was the place to be. I’m afraid the blind following is leading people in a very wrong state and they will suffer the consequences at the expense of a republic where Islam only appears in name, and not in practice

  102. Son of soil Karachi: I do not know why you are so much worried about money wastage on laptop, because even SS believes that and most in PMLN believes that, as the best use of money is to buy dollars from open market and transfer that to Swiss account, or use money in building roads and gardens from Raiwand Mahal to Lahore residence, and to chief minister and prime minister offices.

    Do you know that in last NFC award how much Punjab got that is used by SS to enjoy the office?

    Well, here is detail what each province got in june budget 2012. In bracket I have put down figure each province got in june 2011 budget.

    Punjab: Rs 710 billion (last year Punjab got Rs 586 billion)
    Sindh: Rs 374 billion (last year it was Rs 312 billion)
    KPK: Rs 242 billion (last year it was Rs 187 billion)
    Baluchistan: Rs 133 billion (last year it was 112 billion)

    The above figures are on top of what province borrows and what province raise through provincial and local taxes.

    Overall, Punjab government spend … well a big chunk they embezzle … from around Rs 2000 billion they get to make life of people in Punjab better. Situation is that, millions during ‘rule of Shareef thugs Nawaz’ moved from Punjab to Sindh (Karachi) to earn their living as they could not find opportunity to earn their living in Punjab.

    Now, isn’t it funny that you are crying on Rs 2.5 billion they spent on laptop (probably stealing Rs 1.5 billion in process)? 🙂

  103. @Pak Supporter.
    I agree , blindly following anyone is nit the way.in my 20s we did the same. First it was Janiat in University days, then it was PNA, Then it was Afhghan Jihad. As you grow older and also go overseas you start looking at things from outside. You can compare. You can be realistis .
    I never say Laptop scheme was bad , but the way it was done is not correct, same as Ujaala program. Sane as Yellow cab schemes.
    Just for critisizing one can have a long list and shoudk give credit where it is due. Metro and Motorway were good.
    My problem is leader should be national so Federation will not hurt. What i see are regional leaders and that why they fail.I see again same scenario soon.

    • I just believe that all will eat from government money but I also know that NS admin will do work for people. I just hope that he does work all over Pakistan (apparently Gawadar port and Karachi airport is not enough). But what I believe is that he was given 2 years in each tenure and still some work was done in Sindh. If we give him whole 5 years (shouldn’t be as bad as Zardari and we gave him 5 years), then I believe that he can stabilize the conditions and situation of Pakistan to a point where next president should take it from. I believe that the situation in Pakistan at the moment requires a mature politician. Once he can bring back Pakistan to normal, politicians like IK and others can have their go and hopefully make it a better place. At the moment, I believe IK will not be suitable since the situation in Pakistan is so bad that he will fail to recover it and all the promises he made to youth, will not be fulfilled. In that case, everyone will start hating him and we will have another president, who honestly tried, but due to lack of experience, guidance and bad situation of Pakistan (locally and internationally), but failed. End result: People will lose faith in him as well.
      I say let PML-N come, they will stabilize the country in 5 years. And then it will be perfect opportunity for IK to carry the platform already created by PML-N. What do you think?

  104. Pakistani voters are beast of their own. One should know their thinking to appreciate them (or abhor them). They would get screwed lying down but would never raise their voice for their right. They would not mind to suffer and lose their dignity but would never stand up. They would fight like dogs for bones thrown to them by ruling class, but would never protest when ruling class eat the meat they deserve.

    When it comes to voting, their behaviour is very odd. They would vote on basis of Brotherhood (Bradari), sectarianism, provincialism, and so on regardless of the person they are voting is most corrupt devil incarnate.

    If anyone questions the voters in public they would say that they think the one they vote is honest and all charges against them are propaganda. Anyhow, in privacy they would say that ‘all politicians are Ba$*ards and they prefer to vote their own Ba$*ards’. Only problem with voters is that, they would prefer to vote their own Ba$*ard but would like others to also vote the Ba$*ard they like and not what others like (others’ own Ba$*ards).

    Voters claim becomes obvious when their own Ba$*ard needs them, as at time of need, voters show backside to their own Ba$*ards. When Zia hanged Bhutto, very few voters came out to support Bhutto. Same happened when Nawaz was kicked out. Well, when Nawaz lied to voters about his deal with Musharraf, voters damned care about his lies as they already knew him as Liar. When Nawaz violated his own promise and returned to Pakistan, none of the voters showed up for him because for voters, Nawaz was one of their own Ba$*ard for whom they might vote but would not care to stand up for him. Same was true with BB and Zardari. No voter cared for BB when BB was in exile fearful that her return would mean court hearings due to all her corruptions, lootings and plunders. No one cared for Zardari when Nawaz’s goon in police was pulling tong of Zardari. I am pretty sure that if Musharraf had hanged Nawaz, none in Pakistan would have cared.

  105. i think PTI will clean sweep on 11th may and we will see a new bright sun of new pakistan on 12th may INSHALLAH

    • We shall have to wait and see my brother Shah. But according to predictions, and also according to the following, I believe that a clean sweep is highly unlikely. The way I see it, PML-N will win the most number of seats and will form alliance with a few other parties, like JUI and JI etc. This way, they will have crossed 135 mark and will give them an authoritative government. PTI is weak in its stance to be a stand alone party. It may win a few seats in cities of Punjab and KPK but in Sindh, neither PTI, nor PML-N will achieve success. In rual Punjab, PML-N will still be strong. Finally, we will stay in the same situation, unless PML-N, MQM and other parties from Baluchistan and KPK agree to form such an alliance that is united in its form. Like Quaid-e-Azam once famously said: United we stand, divided we fall!

  106. I’m not agree with these predictions
    PPPP (Sindh 32, Punjab 37 (south punjab very strong), KPK 5, Balochistan 2 and Islamabad 1 TOTAL 77
    PML N (Punjab 45, Sindh 0, KPK 2, Balochistan 3, TOTAL 50
    PTI (Punjab 29, KPK 10, Sindh 1, Balochistan 1, TOTAL 41
    PML Q (Punjab 6, Balochistan 2, KPK 0 , Sindh 1, TOTAL 9
    MQM (SINDH 13,Punjab 0, KPK 0, Balochistan 0, TOTAL 13
    ANP (KPK 7, Punjab 0, Sindh 2,Balochistan 0, TOTAL 9
    JUI F (KPK 3, Balochistan 3, Sindh 0, Punjab 0, TOTAL 6

  107. 7.2 million Benazir Income support Card going to play vital role in these elections. Don’t predict on Taliban free hand gatherings.
    Monthly jisse paisay aa rahe hon woh kabhi bhi PPPP ke against nahi jayga.
    PTI and PPPP going to make new Govt. IMRAN KHAN next Prime Minister and Zardari again President, mind my words.

    • My sister Ayesha. How is this possible that Imran becomes the Prime Minister. If he wanted anything less than President, he would have done so with Musharraf. But he wants to be the President, which is not possible at least in these elections.
      What’s going to happen is that PML-N will get majority, because of stronghold in Punjab and PPP and MQM will sweep Sindh. Finally, PML-N will try everything to avoid forming government with PPP and will ask JUI, JI and other small parties to cross the 135 mark. This is my prediction. What you mentioned is highly unlikely, but you are entitled to your own opinion 🙂

  108. We predict the following numbers of seats in the national assembly for the following parties:

    PMLN 110
    PPP 55
    PTI 45
    MQM 15
    PMLQ 15
    JUI 4
    JI 4
    PMLF 2
    ANP 4
    Independents 15
    PPP-Sherpao 0
    Misc. 3

    • PMLN 110…..from where?????….
      Punjab has total 148 seats, 30 to 35 = PPP, 10 =Q League, 15-20 = PTI, another 10 = other parties…remaining 70-80 =PMLN, while from Sindh, KPK and Bloch…PMLN would be lucky to win 10 seats

    • I think the predictions are pretty accurate with a +/- 10 margin.
      In Punjab, PTI may take 10 seats maximum and PPP will not gather more than 5 in Punjab. Rest, PML-Q and rest altogether may grab 30 seats. So your prediction is pretty accurate. A couple here and there, PML-N should cross 110 mark.

      PTI in total will not get anything more than 30 in my point of view. PPP will still hold majority in Sindh, along with MQM.

      If PML-N can convince other small parties to join (JUI, JI etc.), I think it can make a strong government. Otherwise, all PTI is going to do is to break the vote bank in Punjab and knowing that PPP will secure majority in Sindh, they may have another tenure.

      PTI is just there to hurt PML-N. As a stand alone party, it will be small enough not to be considered while forming government.
      That’s my belief

    • I beleive PPP comfortably can grab 30-35 seats in Punjab since they still have strong hold in South Punjab and some areas in the central too….

    • I think otherwise 🙂 but i believe that is the fun in it. Everyone can have different view points.
      May Allah bring the best hukmaran that do good for our beloved country 🙂

  109. Pakistan has around 144 districts and every district has 4/5 so called political families / local feudal lords. One can check their historical background, doesn’t matter if the present generation is educated or little sophisticated. Since independence these families are in power except short period of ZA Bhutto with little participation of middle class. Majority seats in Parliament are from Rural areas and Urban area politicians have the same feudal attitude. Most of these feudal run parallel government in whole district (in tehsils & villages) controlling police and revenue (thana & Kacheri). Even the justice department is also influenced by them in one way or the other by dictation to lawyers and judges.This elite ruling class is corrupt, cruel, law beaker and criminal in many cases. Nothing will change in Pakistan as long as the Development Funds are being distributed among the elected elite. Politics is the highest profitable business of few hundred people in the country.

  110. Very good
    kahta hain jab Kabootar Bili ko dekhta hai to ankhain band kr leta ha or consider krta hai jasa bili usa nahi dekh rahi.
    Bat ya hai k ap na to jalson pa jain na hi zahri bunyadon pa analysis krain bus ya sun lain
    Total Vote 85,000,000
    Purana Vote: 40,000,000
    Bogus Vote that is removed: 15,000,000
    Total New Vote:55,000,000

    Turn out % in Pakistan:40% App Average
    Maximum total votes to PMLN is 9,200,000 i think in 1992-93 and 8,800,000 in 1996-97 with 37% turn out

    Now analyse what is going to happend on 11th May man you counld not even acess lets see.

    Hahahahahaahahaha pagal dewana ya calculation to kr lo kam az kam kia khyal hai dar lag raha ha na

    • A few things for your consideration sir:

      1. In 2002, the minimum age to vote was reduced to 18, so automatically adds voters
      2. Considering last voting was done in 2008, how many people crossed 18 year mark in 5 years is also a number that is added to the list

      Whats going to happen on May 11th is unpredictable, but chances are that there will be a hung constitution. PML-N and PPP will be the major players. PTI will have 30 seats max but of no use since IK doesn’t want to for alliance

  111. Last situation before election 2013:

    Party I-bad KPK Punjab Sindh Baluchstan FATA Total
    PPP 0 9 45 33 4 – 91
    PMLN 2 3 63 0 1 – 69
    PMLQ 0 5 27 4 2 – 38
    MQM 0 0 0 19 0 – 19
    PMLF 0 0 1 3 0 4
    ANP 0 10 0 0 0 – 10
    JUI (MMA) 0 5 0 0 2 – 7
    BNP 0 0 0 0 1 – 1
    PPP-S 0 1 0 0 0 – 1
    NPP 0 0 0 1 0 – 1
    IND 0 2 12 1 4 12 31
    Total 2 35 148 61 14 12 272

    My expected situation after election:

    Party I-bad KPK Punjab Sindh Baluchstan FATA Total
    PPP 0 6 32 29 4 – 71
    PTI 2 7 30 0 0 – 39
    PMLN 0 2 41 0 0 – 43
    PMLQ 0 4 29 5 2 – 40
    MQM 0 0 0 21 0 – 21
    ANP 0 7 0 0 0 – 7
    PMLF 0 0 1 4 0 – 5
    JUI + 0 4 0 0 2 – 6
    JI 0 2 0 0 0 – 2
    BNP 0 0 0 0 1 – 1
    PPP-S 0 1 0 0 0 – 1
    NPP 0 0 0 1 0 – 1
    IND 0 2 15 1 5 12 35
    Total 2 35 148 61 14 12 272

    Coalition Government in Islamabad would be of PPP with PMLQ, MQM, ANP, JUI, PPP-S, NPP and BNP plus independents.

    Opposition leader could be Imran Khan with the help of independents.

    [After election many independents would join various parties, and that would determine number of minority seats each party would get].

    • Sir, you missed the most overhyped party PTI in your initial analysis.
      It doesn’t matter though 🙂 lol

  112. these are 4 major parties in my opinion….
    my prediciton is
    Pti 100+
    Pml(n) 60+
    ppp 40+
    mqm 18+

    other parties pml(q) jui ji pmlf Anp independents more than 10

    lets see

  113. Pakistan Muslim League (N) ACHIEVEMENTS

    1. Nuclear tests/ atomic explosions that even Bhutto, Ziaul Haq and Benazir could not dare. It was Nawaz’s leadership and boldness. “Leader who jo kar dekhaay”. Under his premiership and leadership, Pakistan became the first Muslim country and seventh nation to become a nuclear power
    2. Improvements in War Technology, JF-17 Thunder
    3. Restoration of Judiciary
    4. Strengthening of relations with Muslim world (particularly Saudi Arabia), Turkey, and Europe
    5. Good relations / collaboration with Islamic political parties of Pakistan.
    6. Eradication of Dengue
    7. Chashma Nuclear Plant
    8. Pakistan’s first and largest major Motorway, Improvement of Road infrastructure for economic development
    9. Pakistan’s first Metro Bus Project / Service
    10. Gwadar port,
    11. Coastal Highway
    12. New airports of Karachi and Lahore
    13. Privatization of Banks and Industries, Economic Liberalization
    14. Industrialization
    15. Yellow cabs,
    16. Green Tractor Scheme
    17. Ashiana Housing Scheme
    18. Dry Ports
    19. Telecommunication, Introducing fibre optic
    20. Allotment of plots, distribution of lands among Haarees
    21. Karachi Orangi Cottage Industrial Zone which was completed and finally inaugurated by Nawaz Sharif
    22. Qarz Utaro mohim, though an attempt (no other Govt. even thought of this)
    23. Ujala Scheme and Improvements in Education Sector of Punjab, also acknowledged by World Bank
    24. Solar Panels for Students
    25. Laptops for students
    26. Environmental Protection Agency in 1997
    27. Completion of many of the nuclear medicine and nuclear engineering projects as part of Sharif’s Atoms for Peace program.
    28. Pakistan Antarctic Programme in 1991, establishment of Jinnah Antarctic Station and the Polar Research Cell. In 1992, Pakistan became an Associate Member of Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
    29. In 1993, establishment of the Institute of Nuclear Engineering (INE),
    30. Danish School Systems, A revolution.
    31. Promotion of policy for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.
    32. Nawaz personally allotted funds for the 22nd INSC College on Theoretical Physics.
    33. In 1999, Sharif signed the executive decree, declaring the day of 28 May as the National Science Day in Pakistan.
    34. New Hospitals in Rwp. Bahawlpur and other areas
    Country’s largest Information and Communications Technology Park. The 17 story building is the first international standard facility in Pakistan and is located at Lahore.
    35. Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF)
    36. Ring Road Project and other projects completed in time.
    37. Ujala Scheme
    38. Relection of Sharif as Prime Minister with a historic TWO-THIRDS MAJORITY, his democratically elected government was illegally removed by Pervez Musharraf.
    39. PML N is still Pakistan’s main and major opposition party.
    40. Besides Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, no other leader, in the history of Pakistan, has enjoyed his level of popularity, and received the exclusive mandate from all over the Pakistan to improve the all over conditions in Pakistan at same time
    Nawaz’s Govts. did a lot for improvements especially in the fields of Economy, Science, IT and Education.
    What Zardari has done ? What Imran Khan has done except raising funds in the name of Cancer Hospitals, using extra funds for political purposes and continuously criticizing PML N? Imran Khan k Naya Pakistan mai Kashmir shamil nahi hai. Kashmir Pakistan ke shehrag hai. Kashmir nahi to Pakistan nahi. Imran Kashmir ko bech kar Pakistan ko khatam kar dena chahta hai Nawaz could not do so much work in other provinces because of political hindrances and pressures of political parties in respective provinces. e.g. certain elements were creating hindrances for JI when JI was heading and looking after Karachi affairs under Naimatullah Khan’s mayorship. All political parties want to take credit themselves but do not do anything for improvements.

  114. I live in Karachi so i will talk about karachi.PTI cannot take seat in karachi.See ground realities my dear.MQM will take more than 25 seats and i can bate on that.I am saying on the basis of todays survey.PTI supporters and its workers through fake FACE BOOK AND OTHER SOCIAL WEB SITE ACCOUNTS OF PAKISTANI JOURNALIST(SALIM SAFI & MOULANA TARIQ JAMIL)are using their name requesting public to vote PTI.Ye PTI HARAMI abhi se public ko bewaqoof bana rahe hain govt main aane k bad kya karengen.

  115. Salaam

    I respect all of your opinions,but please guys we need to give IMRAN KHAN a chance.He is totally talking about a different change in Pakistan from grass root level. PPP and PML(N) workers and supporters don’t even have an idea about the change he is talking about honestly. Nawaz sharif says he will make ROADS,BULLET train etc….Please tell me honestly what does out country needs this all at this moment of time????It needs first of all JUSTICE, an education emergency, eradication of corrruption a completely different approach and mindset.
    PPP and PMLN will never bring justice to our country and will never and can’t finish corruption because themselves their past is tainted with all these things. Imran khan has a motto to work from grass root level he has proved it in past but at a smaller scale and INSHALLAH if given chance by the help of ALLAH he will change Pakistan and bring back the RESPECT and DIGNITY of GREEN PASSPORT!
    PPP and PML N have taken turns in bankrupting our economy and assets.Even my uncle is standing in elections with PML N ticket in NA 92, i still hate his ideology.
    People are fighting for PPP and PML N are just seat and power hungry people.They just want IQTIDAAR they don’t have any vision for changing pakistan.
    I can go on and on for whole day but i think this should be enough for all you guys to ponder and think for a while with a cool mind and thinking about PAKISTAN as a whole not out personal or family interests.


    JAZAKALLAH for your time…

  116. Where is my comment which i just posted.Administrator has just deleted it…..??
    Not fair…and so are your parties and leaders..
    Thats the difference between PML N,PPP and


  117. Want to see Pakistan as a nation grow, prosper, emerge, positively change or do you want to see it stay corrupted, under-developed, and miserable? Your call. It’s your vote in which Pakistan- “our” nation’s name and fate lies. Please think wisely.
    I am not trying to criticise any particular political party here nor am I going to force any of you to vote for a particular person. All I want to say is do not make the same mistake some of us did in the past. Just look at our country. Don’t you want to actually feel proud of it? Wouldn’t you want to be recongnised as an educated, literate, moderate, non-corrupted and advanced nation not only nationally but also interationally? It’s a pity that people would want to vote for such people that have done nothing but taken all it’s assets and have stuffed their own pockets in the last ten years.
    Vote for some one who promises to bring a change. Whose Tsunami will eradicate corruption. Whose symbollic bat will score high at every given chance. Who believes that this nation needs to be saved rather than driven apart. Be wise.

    “I have always believed that one should not be scared of losing, I think that really is the key…”
    “I believed in myself. I never imagined myself as just an ordinary player.”- Imran Khan.

  118. I pity you… If you guys wanna vote for PLMN than you deserve to be ruled… You guys have no future. I was in Pakistan last summer and it was freaking ridiculous. I have no clue how can you guys live there and it seems you are very happy over that you will elect same people. Pakistan needs change. Vote for Imran khan

  119. I dont know about punjab if people are still slaves there under choudaries … But the free people of KPK will vote like this for 35 kpk seats

    PML N 3
    PTI = 27
    PPP= 0
    MQM= 0
    PML Q = 0
    Maulana diesel maybe 1
    the rest i dont know

  120. @

    You are living out of this wrold and particulerly out from KPK.

    A simple proof is that from hazara alone PMLN is going to get all the seats Inshallah.

    even KPK will surpersie many in chosing for temselves a leadership that would be from PMLN. Allah Will make it possible. Also i would advise you to read the local newspapers and you would know that even JUI and JI are stronger than PTI in KPK.

    Better wake up and wait for the shock Inshallah on 11 May 2013.

  121. I think it will be as follows;
    PMLN 98
    PPP 44
    PTI 43
    MQM 19
    PMLQ 11
    JUI 9
    JI 7
    PMLF 7
    ANP 4
    Independents 24
    PPP-Sherpao 1
    Misc. 8

  122. INSHA ALLAH Imran Khan will win the elections and defeat all the corrupted parties especially PML N.

  123. deevav, I am from Hazara and i don see even one seat for PMLN. May be Safdar wins the seat of Mansehra. That is also highly unlikely my friend. This is a good analysis for the blog of PMLN to keep the 4-5 viers happy. Thoase viewers are hassan, Bawa, yourself and two more guys around. Wake up now its 2013 not 2008 😉

  124. This prediction is not so correct. As per my understanding in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the party standing will be as follows.

    ANP === 7
    PPP === 3
    PML-N = 8
    PTI === 6
    JUI-F = 5
    J.I==== 3
    QWP === 1
    INDP or not cleared = 2

  125. @

    The election is just 2 days away. why argue now?

    We will see and meet here on the same blog on the night of 11 May Inshallah. Remember to be here.

    My hope and Pray is that Inshallah PMLN will win all seats from Hazara.

  126. Son of soil Karachi says:@Deevav, I remember yiu donot need Shia votes what happened??

    I think you are still out of your mind. I think you have heard a few of the speeches of your leadr Altaf. These are really bad for head and stomach.

    I never said we do not need hia votes. I simply explained a fact that shi and qadiyanis never vote for PMLN.

    Hope this your mind in present state can digest?

    • @Deevav, on one hand you are saying Shia will never vote PML-N and you are expecting to win wheer their votes are significant.
      FYI, I have not listen to Altaf speech since 2010.

      I always look at Politics through different angles not through one angle as you are doing.
      Time will tell how your leader will act…

  127. Guys, be realistic…. PPPP will lose 50 seats from previous NA, I expect they can easily win between 70-75….don’t forget Zardari is evil genius, Sharif brothers are just a child for him

  128. @

    Yes you are right. Zardari is a crook. And a decent man cannot be match to him.

    Like Altaf, Zardari and Rehman Malik’s close ally is a crook. So no one can and should even try to match these two persons in crookedness.

  129. If you guys (the predictors) think PTI is going to get only 31 seats then you are out of your mind, and your analysis is utterly flawed. Wake up people, this isn’t 2005. There is a new josh and junoon in the Pakistani youth and inshaAllah tomorrow we will see a naya Pakistan. Even if PTI does not win majority seats, I will still be satisfied because never have i seen so much passion in the eyes of Pakistanis. Imran Khans party and his ideology has truly brought a sense of hope to the people of Pakistan. InshaAllah tomorrow will be history in the making. Pakistan will have its very first democratic transfer of power to the only party whose candidates are honest, educated, and disciplined. Pakistan Zindabad!

  130. My latest estimate of electing devil tormentors to loot, plunder and F*k us for next 5 years (or until time Army do not come in to save us from our physical, mental and financial abuses).

    PPP = 64
    PTI = 56
    PMLN = 38
    PMLQ = 30
    MQM = 21
    ANP = 7
    PMLF = 6
    JUI = 6
    PML (Arbab) = 3
    JI = 2
    BNP = 1
    PPP-S = 1
    NPP = 1
    IND = 36

    Total = 272

    • Wow. This is quiet a horrific scenario
      What has PPP done in last 5 years to deserve these many seats.
      What are the rational basis if your estimates

  131. Sami: I have underestimated PPP seats as it is possible that they might get much more and surprise everyone.

    Do not underestimate power of poor who are receiving BeNazir Income support since last many years. Actually, if all who are receiving ‘BIS’ turn up for PPP to repay the party with votes, then PPP would get more than 150 seats across Pakistan.

  132. PMLN—————90
    OTHERS————-PLUS 15

  133. My deep prediction.
    this is first time peoples of pakistan will keep changing their minds until 10th may. because of media, free and fair elections. and that is favouring PTI.
    I sense a upset.

    PTI 121
    PMLN 44
    PPP 31
    PMLQ 11
    MQM 10
    ANP 9
    Others,ind,jui,JI,PmlF 46

  134. PMLN+PTI+JI+JUI+Independent = Federal







    Its my Observations about 2013 Pakistan Election.

  135. PMLN is going to lead in Punjab by clear margin
    PMLN in Punjab. 98
    PPP in Punjab 21
    PMLQ in Punjab 7
    PTI in Punjab 6
    Others split

  136. From where pit is getting money no body wants to think about it we all are blind.
    Think about it.

    • If you have thought about it and have come to a conclusion. then please tell everyone.
      But one thing is for sure, That these Sharif named robbers have gathered all what they have by robbing Pakistan.

  137. Dear Friends, can any one tell me what is PRO-TALIBAN. Tell me one thing more, were Muhammad (PBUH),Abu Bkar (RA), Umar (RA), Usman (RA) and Ali (RA) LIBERAL? History shown that they were fundamentalists not moderate. Islam never permits moderate religion. The concept of Fundamental and Moderate are adopted from Christian Catholic and Protestant. The christian ideology was adopted in Musharaf’s period. I want to tell you very clearly, If Muslims are militants than no one can be a great militant than Ali (RA), Khalid Bin Waleed (RA), Abu Ubaida Bin Jarah (RA) and Abu Mosa Ashari (RA). We should feel proud if some one call Muslims are militants. Tell those people Muslims are allowed by Allah Almighty to destroy their enemies. We are not friends of Jews and Christians and their ideologies we are fundamentalists. We love our Muhammad (PBUH). Come on and say in loud: WE VOTE FOR MUHAMMAD’S (PBUH) IDEOLOGY.

  138. Seba Marshall: Taleban do not follow Prophet (SAW) ideology, they follow ideology of Shaitan, just like Abu-Jahal, Namrood, Firaun.

    The ideology Prophet (SAW) gave to Muslim is of tolerance, reconciliation, freedom of faith, freedom of speech, discussion and peace.

    Taliban ideology is ideology of Shaitan, same ideology that Abu-Jahal, Nimrood, Firaun and other hell-dwellers followed (they would keep appearing with various get-ups until day of Qiyamah). That is, ideology of imposing beliefs (their beliefs), intolerance, conflicts, terror, atrocities, persecution, suppression of speech, suppression of all faiths opposing them, imposition of their beliefs by force, killings, etc … what in one word Islamic word is ‘fitna’.

  139. Muhammad’s (PBUH) ideology:

    Wama arsalnaka illa rehmatul lil alemeen.
    We have merely sent you as a mercy for (every body) in the universe.

    Our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was stoned to bleed in the streets of Taa’ef. He never responded back with harshness, instead, Muhammad (pbuh) prayed to Allah to have mercy on them.

    “Muslims are allowed by Allah Almighty to destroy their enemies”. Now what is happening? Some of the Muslim groups, for their own interests, create enemies first by their misdeeds. Then take shelter of this verse and force others Muslims to stand by them.

    Sorry this is not acceptable Sir.

    These so-called Islamic groups have become an evident example of:
    “summum bukmum umiyun fahum la yurjeoon”.
    A sensible Muslim is aware of the fact and want to keep out of these senseless killings of human beings, carried by these Jihadis. If some groups want to do Qital they should do at their own and not to use the name of Islam for their petty gains.


  140. Dear all,

    I have seen a lot of poll prediction on this site from various ppl. But i think ground realities are not being followed. I live in NA-56, where in just my gali, PML-N used to win heavily. We have 9 voters at home who used to vote for PML-N but now 8 are voting this time for PTI. same is the case in every neighboring house.

    I won’t write much, but let me tell u, if tomorrow the voter comes out and casts his vote and the poll percentage goes above 50, start counting the reduction in PML-N seats. In my 44 years of life, i haven’t seen such enthusiasm. Pakistan zindabad.

  141. Nice result. PPP made sure that the promise BB made to NS get fulfilled. That is, my (BB) turn first and PPP will make sure that NS turns follow.

    So, both together choose convenient election commission, followed by PPP telling their voters to vote PML to fulfil BB promise to NS .. and then massive rigging by PMLN to outs PTI and other opposition that could have upset BB promise to NS. 🙂

    Election Pakistani style. 🙂

  142. @
    Shot in the dark,

    Your condition makes me laugh and feel orry for you at the same time. Take a few anti-depressants and a tablet to face reality and some digesting tablet. Phir aram se aker bat kerna.

    Alhamdulillah, Allah hasmprovided us with victory, all praises to Allah

  143. @khiladi Saheb: You do not have to get ashamed that unlike Nawaz, Zardari fulfilled BeNazir agreements and promise to Nawaz. 🙂

    Even though both Nawaz and Zardari are corrupt thugs of highest order, we should appreciate that Zardari kept the agreement and promise made to Nawaz by his wife.

    Well, this type of keeping promises are rare amongst thugs, and only a thug who is also Liar could back-off on his agreements and promises like Nawaz, who not only backed out with his agreements and promise to Musharraf that he would not show his evil face in Pakistan for 10 years, and then not only broke his agreement and promise, but also started lying (to fool the masses) that he did not made any such agreement and promise. Worse is that, he did not even cared that he was lying and breaking promise while he was in holy land of Hijaz, land our Prophet (SAW) was born, lived, and is still there.

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