Voting Guide for PTI

While PTI is getting stronger in many urban areas of Punjab, there are several rural seats where PTI stands no chance due to absence of strong candidates, which is unfortunately a must in rural politics of Pakistan.

Here is the list of 40 seats where neck-to-neck competition is expected between the candidates of PMLN against PPP/PMLQ coalition. Any votes for PTI in range of 5,000 ~ 20,000 votes can easily make PPP/PMLQ win by reducing PMLN votes, which effectively means that votes for PTI would become votes for Zardari. The winning and runner up candidates are expected to bag votes around 70,000 ~ 80,000 votes each.

The following candidates from PPP/PMLQ coalition can win easily if PTI looses their seats by getting between 5,000 ~ 20,000 votes:

NA-51 PPP Raja Pervez Ashraf
NA-61 PMLQ Chaudhry Pervez Elahi
NA-64 PPP Nadeem Afzal Chan
NA-75 PPP Tariq Bajwa
NA-77 PMLQ Chaudhry Zaheer Uddin
NA-80 PMLQ Rana Asif Tauseef
NA-87 Ind Faisal Saleh Hayat (Supported by PMLQ)
NA-89 ASWJ Molana Ahmed Ludyanvi
NA-92 PPP Haji Ishaq
NA-102 Ind Shakat Bhatti (Supported by PMLQ)
NA-103 Ind Liaqat Bhatti (Supported by PMLQ)
NA-104 PMLQ Chadhry Wajaht Hussain
NA-107 PMLQ Rehman Naseer
NA-108 PPP Tariq Tarrar
NA-109 PPP Nazar Gondal
NA-111 PPP Firdos Ashiq Awan
NA-113 PMLQ Ali Asjad Malhi
NA-114 PMLQ Maqsood Sulehria
NA-116 PPP Tariq Anees
NA-130 PPP Samina Khalid Ghurki
NA-134 PMLQ Khurram Munawwar Manjh
NA-138 PMLQ Sardar Mohammad Tufail
NA-141 PMLQ Sardar Asif Nakai
NA-142 PMLQ Sardar Talib Nakai
NA-143 PMLQ Rai Aslam Kharal
NA-144 PPP Shafiqa Sikandar Rao
NA-145 PPP Samsan Bokhari
NA-146 PPP Manzoor Watto
NA-147 PPP Manzoor Watto
NA-151 PPP Abdul Qadir Gillani
NA-153 PPP Rana Qasim Noon
NA-164 PMLQ Peer Mohammad Shah Khagga
NA-171 PPP Khawaja Shiraz Mehmood
NA-176 PPP Arshad Abbas Qureshi
NA-177 PPP Malik Ghulam Rabbani Khar
NA-181 PPP Sardar Bahadur Khan
NA-186 PMLQ Tariq Basheer Cheema
NA-188 PMLQ Syed Asghar Shah
NA-190 PPP Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry
NA-192 PPP Ghulam Rasool Koreja
NA-196 PPP Javed Iqbal Warraich

These 40 seats can be game changer and can bring back the same coalition government for another 5 years if not voted wisely.

142 thoughts on “Voting Guide for PTI

  1. Seems like Noora is giving lot of money to ADMIN. Shame apna zameer bechnay walo. Momin aik sorah say baar baar nahi dasa jata (Hadees). Kal ko tumhain is sab ka Allah kay huzoor hisaab daina hoga.

    • Just because someone posts a fact, doesn’t make a lie. Learn to accept the reality. Learn to accept the truth.
      Just yesterday, PPP & PTI have decided to make an alliance in NA-17. Check it!!

    • you ahmeq…..hadeeth also says not to vote or support meerasis and secular people like pti has! hadeeth says that prophet came to break musical instruments but your pti is all singer dancers and drinkers.shame on you for using hadeeth name though you people have no relation to islam

    • This whole website is PMLN mouthpiece.. Every article posted here is somehow twisted to favor PMLN.. This website is run by darbaaris of circus ka shair..

      patwaariyon aur darbaariyon ke aakhri din agaye hain.. karlo jitna propaganda karna hai jaahil log

    • dear kashif pti is not secular party . imran is very closed to religious even more than any other muslim . i m 100% sure he is more closure to religious than diesel or fazlu

    • Most of the PML- N candidates are just barbarians who are plundering this country in the name of democracy. It’s about time to give a chance to new political leadership of this country by voting for Pakistan movement of Justice (PTI). Let’s vote for change!

  2. Essentially, PML-N is crying for PTI help. By the Logic given, it seems PMLQ /PPP Votes are solid. PML-N and PTI voters are divided. If thats true why NOT PML-N leave the field for PTI, why ask PTI to leave the field.
    This whole scenario is a scarry tactics

    • well, pml n will not leave the ground because as someone mentioned above, just yesterday pti and ppp decided to make an alliance in na-17. truth was to come out sooner or later that do number khan is actually a return ticket of zardari, all have joined hands against shareef. why will pml n leave the field? we arent afraid of any challanges. pti should leave the field as his (ik) masters friends are already doing his work

  3. @ Son of Soil Karachi
    It simply means PML-N has to fight all the corrupts and jokers at the same time.

    PML-N Vs (PPP + PMLQ + MQM + PTI)

  4. @Son of soil Karachi
    PML(N) leave the field for a party who won only one seat in 17 years, you are kidding me. This is all media hype to create a competative environment to sell best priced air time. PTI will get seats but will not make any competition with PML(N), after all there are about a dozen under 20 seat parties after every election. People don’t want to hear PPP’s name and to make a three way fight each party need at least 30,000 votes. Can PPP get over 30,000 votes in above mentioned constituencies?

    • @mawan1971, If your argument is correct, then PPP votes will go to PML-N and they will win . what is the problem. I still fail to see the logic asking some party to leave so that they can win. If PPP is so bad shape then it will help who thats the question. This conspiracy theory etc does not hold water.

  5. @mawan1971: You may not want to hear the name of PPP but it is a solid party with solid vote bank. Media has never been sympathetic to this party but it wins based on its own core strength. We need PPP to defeat the forces of extremism. It is the major force which doesn’t believe in selling religion to bag votes.

  6. Well after all it’s general elections, all parties and contestants have the right to fight… it’s not a 2-party system. So there is no logic to this article and claims from PML(N), if people don’t want to hear PPP/PML(Q)’s name they shouldn’t vote for them at all.. if people are voting for them, then they should win, or the same goes for PML(N) or PTI.

  7. PTI, PPP and PMLQ coalition will be defeated by PMLN in upcoming elections. PTI is only going to help PPP/PMLQ win, that’s what Imran Khan promised them against PMLN.

    • asrar, so true. all have joined hands against the one party who will be fighting against these corrupt and zardaris lotay. Insha Allah pml n will win and all will be deafeated by pml n

    • Yaar sumjh yea nahee ati, pmln supported zardari to become president. They then stayed in the government for 5 years then namaz says they don’t mind if zardari stays as president. On other hand imran is anti zaradri then how come khan is agent of zardari.

      Another flaw is this article assums that ppp vote will not change at all if people are not happy some voters will shift same numbers shift from pmln and there is a chance pti may win may be not and pmln win but my brother don’t worry ppp is out of league and if those people or us still elected ppp then its our own fault.

      Having said above it makes no sense you don’t vote for a party because that might lose.

  8. Its quite unfortunate to see many people cant see the reality of PTI. Its just a B team of PPP whose ‘task and job’ is to stop PMLN. His compaign, interviews, speeches are all proof of this very fact.

  9. If this analysis is true, then it means that PTI is being successful in getting its target.

    It is in the best interest of local and foreign establishment to have a weak government in Pakistan. The genesis of PTI and PAT (Qadri) was specifically to stop anyone from getting a majority to form a strong government and the only party that has a chance to win outright is PML-N.

    Imran khan himself said on July 24, 2011 in Faisalabad that he can get into an alliance with Zardari but not with Nawaz Sharif. (

    So it is in Imran Khan’s interest that in places where PTI itself cannot win, at least PPP wins those seats instead of PML-N. This is the only way that he can stop PML-N from getting a simple majority in the next assembly.

    • @Adonis,
      Today Shahbaz Sharif said, they are willing to have alliance with all. Watch Apas ki Baat interview.
      What it shows????????
      To me he is correct, to stop Zardari , he should be open to have coalition with anyone.
      He also knows as he said in subtle way, even they get majority they will make alliance.

    • Nawaz Sharif has not ruled out a coalition with Zardari. In fact he was with Zardari for some two years in the last five. PML-N supporters are not blind, they only see with one eye–which is worse!

  10. yah bilkul theek kaha inn mein NA-156 bhi shamil krein yahan net to net compition hai b/w PMLN aur Indep (prev PMLQ) candidate & age PTI candidate ko vote zyada prein gy tu indep candidate jeet sakta hai.

  11. G.E 2013 men PTI hukomat nhi bana sakti bas yeh punjab men PMLN k vote kharab karegy aor is baat ka chance he k PMLN bhi hukomat banane ki position men na asake, but baqi teen province ka hal kuch aor he wahan PTI ANP MQM and PPP k vote kharab ker sakti he, in 3 provine men 50-60 percent chance religious parties ko bhi puhanchne ka he …

  12. Midas is common advertisement agency od PTI & PPP, and its founder, Ghulam Mohammad (midle man) , is PTI ‘s Pol sec. if you notice the main points and hilights of any speech and stements of these parties representatives their only target is PMLN!! Why does IK not talk about other provinces? Is Karachi is peaceful? , Is their “doodh ki nehrain” in Sind? and No corruption in KPK & Fed? actually PMLN is petitioner in all corruption cases against PPP, if he will highlight them then he should have to tell who played real opposition’s Role. BTW in GujranwalMalik Riaz ‘s son in law is contesting on NA ticket of PTI , and Who is Seth Malik Riaz , I dont need to connect lines between PTI < Malik Riaz < PPP , Recently Monis Elahi has annouced his support for PTI , Any thiing else you want as an evidence

  13. Nawaz Noora is giving the impression that voting for Imran Khan means voting for Zardari, Can supporters of Noora explain who has been supporting PPPP in the last 5 governments yes its only Noora League not Imran Khan. Watch with your eyes and keep them open and dont spread rumours like Lifafa Anchors. Noora said couple of years back even if PPPP doesnt support we will support zardari and he confessed that its due to Noora League (so called) “Democracy” flourished in Pakistan and now he is blaming PPPP for all the things they have done but who supporting them Noora himself no one else

    • IK also said in a program with Mubashir Luqman that if we want to then we can topple the government but we won’t? why?

  14. PTI is just an off shoot of Musharraf and PPP put together. Imran Khan is an absolute idiot. Sher is going to win even if they bring the other parties together against PMLN.

  15. I am very poor in politics because I am not interested in, but would like to comment on Nawaz Sharif Sahab who is probably (may be)a good person——BUT unfortunately, he could not complete his tenure on two occasion, each time he had to leave midway.
    I think it will be very unfair to hand him over this unstable country again.
    My dear brothers and sisters -WAKE UP please– WAKE UP. It is a matter of SAVING the country this time.
    I know,– you and ONLY you can save it.
    Pakistani nation is genetically intelligent and sensible.
    We need an educated, modern,religiously smart minded, straightforward and honest leader, who can face the world.
    I think Imran Khan is the only one at the moment because of his previous history and is working harder than Qadri and JI.
    Let us please strongly support PTI this time otherwise we will be equally involved in the destruction of our country and people.
    Allah negheban

    • I am not going to compare leaders as one’s opinion of leaders that one likes is more subjective, especially if one has never had close interaction with the leader.

      But we must keep in mind that Pakistan is a parliamentary democracy and we are electing a political party to govern Pakistan, not a leader.

      Assuming Imran Khan is really all these things that you believe him to be and others are not and people bring PTI to power because of this, but still Imran Khan is a human. If, God forbid, he dies tomorrow, then what will happen? Who will takeover PTI and govern Pakistan? Do you think that there is anyone among PTI’s second tier leadership who can run the country and keep the party together and who has the experience and charisma to be the unifying figure for the party?

      On the other hand, PML-N does not start and end with Nawaz Sharif. Even if he is not there, several other party leaders are capable enough and experienced enough to take over and keep the party and the nation united. PML-N is asking for votes based on its performance, it is not selling dreams.

      Man to man, PML-N brings a much better team to the table than PTI.

    • but imrans children being raised in a Zionist jewish family who has close relations with rockfeller zioninst mafia.wont imrans jugular will always be in zioninsts hands? what sort of morons you ppl are who don’t think on this aspect,remember imrans soul is in his kids and his kids are jewish property

    • support pti this time because all of politicians have no interest in solving problem they are just promoting thier families and busy in making factories in foreign countries only pti is the last hope for the prosperous pakistan because imran khan is the good administrator and he also showed to the world . examples are good captain . chancellor of bredford university founder of numel university and shaukat khanam hospital which are free of corruption

  16. @
    Prince ali
    Haha, i think its the other way round buddy. Imran is zardaris pet. How come he has never ever spoken against zardari or musharraf? How come he is always after pml n? How come he said about alliance with ppp in NA-17? How come hes mum about all the corruption zardari did and hes silent about altaf hussain?

    Typical case of a blind do number khan follower, just close your eyes and believe

    • right on brother. youve stolen my words! imran is on a leash, that leash is being held by mush, altaf and zardari.
      hes just there to cut votes of pml n and bring back zardari.

  17. PTI voter or an undecided voter who does not want Zardari’s full control but also want to punish PMLN and wants a change would not worry about these rural seats. As a matter of fact giving vote to PPPQ will guarantee a three way tie. On the hand, casting vote to PTI on these seats will set a solid base for PTI to hop off to next level in future competitions.

    It is worth mentioning that sending of this list to social media by the PMLN tacticians in response to a childish sweep claim was a dumb idea at the first place. It shows their weakness and to some extent, a panic.

  18. well.pti was made and funded by secular agencies (pasha) for the same reason,that they will break the vote bank of right wing parties and will ensure that anti islam munafiq American puppet forces keep firm control over Pakistan in future too…pti,s voters are majority hindu culture lovers and islam baizar people,these pti peoples biggest celebration was when anti islam zioninst hindu Amitabh bachan expressed his support for Imran khan.this shows their…Pakistan Is going down if these pti islam baizar and morally corrupt sheraabi zaani people come to power

  19. The situation above is not comparison of leaders but an analysis of seats where PTI is not strong enough and can take only about 5000 votes, result could be significant numbers of additional seat for PPP & PMLQ. This will not give any benefit to PTI but chances of PPP+PMLQ+MQM+ANP making next govt will increase significantly.

    If we look overall situation there is no major threat to PPP & MQM in Sindh and they will retain most of their seats they won during 2008. In KPK & Baluchistan small plus or minus, no big difference overall.

    Punjab is the only area that can stop PPP & allies to come back in govt for next 5 years, but if PPP/PMLQ wins these 40 seats, than chances of PPP’s govt again will be much higher than 50%.

    God has given Pakistani nation another chance to decide our future govt but if Zardari & Co with his money, media (Malik Riaz & Dunya news etc) make the whole nation fool again than our emotions will not help.

    This happened in 1993 and this could happen again, Wake up Pakistan before it’s too late.

    PS: Look at below eye opener extract of BBC Urdu article publish today:

    وقتاً فوقتاً میرے بھنّانے سے میرے ڈرائیور حاجی عرب جن کا تعلق سکھر سے تھا اور جو اندرون سندھ میں 19 برس سے گاڑی چلا رہے ہیں مسکرانے لگے اور کہا ’بی بی تم پنجاب سے آئی ہو نہ، تمھیں موٹر وے پر سفر کرنے کی عادت ہے اس لیے اتنی ناگواری ہو رہی ہے۔ یہاں تو تقریباً سب سڑکیں ایسی ہی ہیں‘۔

    مقامی آبادی کے مطابق یہ سڑک کئی برسوں سے زیرِ تعمیر ہے اور یہی نہیں بلکہ پورے شہر کا یہی حال ہے کئی ترقیاتی منصوبے ادھورے پڑے ہیں جو پیپلزپارٹی کی سابقہ حکومت کی ’گڈگورننس‘ کی گواہی دے رہے ہیں۔ حیدرآباد کی صورت حال دیکھ کر حاجی عرب کی بات سچ لگنے لگی۔

    لیکن مقامی افراد سے جب بھی پوچھا جائے کہ ووٹ کس کو دیں گے تو جواب ملتا ہے ’بی بی رانی ‘ یعنی بے نظیر بھٹو کو۔

  20. @ Prince Ali says:
    Nawaz Noora is giving the impression that voting for Imran Khan means voting for Zardari, Can supporters of Noora explain who has been supporting PPPP in the last 5 governments yes its only Noora League not Imran Khan.

    supporting PPP-GOVT was what N-league did in last 5 years, my dear Prince

    • Can jamooras answer why Imran Khan did not use his “support” to get rid of Zardari regime?

      If it was because he did not have presence in the parliament then PML-N also did not have parliamentary support to oust Zardari.

    • Adonis says: why Imran Khan did not use his “support” to get rid of Zardari regime?

      It was NS who was asked many times to resign from all assemblies seat to get rid of Zardari but NS was waited for his turn!!

  21. For me it is so simple……My vote this year is for PTI. If anyone interested to know, I voted for PML(N) in the previous elections.
    My prayers and wishes are for you Imran Khan. May Allah bless you with success and protect you from the harm of Munafiks.

  22. Every PTI supporter will say that this is BS, but if you ask them to go through the above list and explain on seat-to-seat basis why this analysis is wrong, every single PTI supporter will run away.

    The reason is simple:

    1- PTI supporters are politically brain dead
    2- The cult followers of Imran Khan have been fed so much hate against PMLN into their head that they will celebrate victory of PPP/PMLQ and defeat of PMLN

  23. Zerdari is hundred time better than Nawaz Shreef.If u look how zerdari removed Mushrraf,now compare it to how Nawaz try to remove Mushrraf.Nawaz is a fool,people should not take any risk.

    • The difference in the two removals of Musharraf was that PML-N was on teh side of democracy when Musharraf was forced to resign in 2008. But when Musharraf was sacked by PML-N in 1999, PPP was standing with the army and against democracy.

  24. @Adonis,That was the biggest blunder in the history of Pakistan,how crazy was that.He lost his prime ministership,and Pakistan went in to clutches of a dictator for ten years,its really funny inventor of that great blunder is leading a frontrunner party,it only can happen a joke country like Pakistan.

  25. Please brothers and sisters please this site is totally Pmln Supporter so in my openion PMLN will lost and ppp will lost every seat and only soem seat in sind where litracy reate is minimum this is big dram u will see in may 11 that mey be only nawaz family and some other people win seat for pmln in my opwnion only 15 seat in punjab

  26. well…the 20 hours per day loadshedding only in Lahore and central Punjab while Sindh etc are laoadsheding free is mental conditioning of people to vote for pti or pro establishment parties .strangely no one blames ppp/mqm who are to blame for putting Punjab into dark…these prejudiced people of pti claim that only Lahore was developed by n league.anyone can go check out himself that model town h block where nwaz shareefs ancestoral home is located has also 20 hours per day load shedding

    • @K,
      You need to open your mind before you talk.
      20 hour load shedding. You think karachi and other places have noload shedding. If you are educated enough you ask this question why, what are the reasons, and what could have been done.? Forget about party politics.
      PML-N party main guy who is behind policy making was in News eye program, Watch that so atleast you can be constructive.
      My only qualm with all this is all parties are now telling what they can do. but why they cannot do when they in power. Give you an example.
      The Ujaala program, according to Punjab Govt website and PML-N brochure they spend Rs 2.5B ( $25M or so). This one will of no use in 1-2 years when the guy has to change battery that will cost him almost half the cost. Plus the unit on ebay and cost $70per or so. so almost $12M is wasted.
      They could have installed solar farm for $12M that will give 12MW easily.
      Thats the mind set we have.

  27. if ppl of Punjab vote for pti and divide right wing votes,resulting in ppp/mqm benefit.than remember that Punjab may not even get 4 hours per day electricity that they are getting now….people of Punjab must realize this also that PTI,PPP,MQM,Q LEAGUE, want to break Punjab into 3 parts creating linguistic provinces but want to strengthen Sindh etc by keeping them intact…if Punjab people do not want the end of Punjab (which will result in pakistans division also as Punjab keeps other units united) than they must never vote for PTI

    • @K,
      Dear read History. One unit was created by who and why? Don;t play with emotions that Pakistan will break . ASk your leader why he agree to create provinces in Punjab, whatever criterea .

  28. I AM NOT EVEN N LEAGUE VOTER…ABOVE THINGS I HAVE written honestly for Pakistan,s sake alone…pti people are not sincere to Pakistan also they are emotional people with no goals and no islam knowledge

  29. @
    Dear bloggers

    I personally came to see the election situation in Punjab after PTI launched facebook and Internet campaign of tall claims. I am in Pindi and I can see that Pindi is going to vote for PMLN again heavily Inshallah. Having taken round of the city and talked people, I can safely say that even IK is going to lose his Pindi battle against Haneef Abbasid Inshallah.

    Keep a note of these 40 seats and then you check on the polling day. Atleast 25 of these seats are going to PMLN’ way Allah Willing.

    IK has been recognised by people of Punjab who generally want to see maturity in their leader and decency. IK has none and his Julia speeches have exposed him fully how written his mind is and how negligent his parents were during his teen days.

    Wait of 11 May 2013. SHER will be all over Pakistan that day Inshallah.

    • yes.imrans parents were secular,thats why he slept with every girl in his oxford class!his oxford classmate later wrote this!search google,I WONT BE VOTING FOR N LEAGUE TOO AS I only support islam,but I want to expose this fitna of pti,,,they are hungry frustrated islam baizar youth who are not fit to rule Pakistan by any means.they are so low character they abuse their elders too if they try to correct their mistakes


    It is an open communique and warning to not disclose PTI secrets.
    Our cheerleader Abou Tarain is genius. He loves Mama Zardari and already in understanding through Chacha MAlik Riaz and Chacha Najam Sethi. Abou Tarain will be Prime Minister, Hashimi Gedar will be Governor Punjab. SMQ PTI tun par. No change to Sind Governor and CM (MQM & PPP). PML Q will be allowed to make innocent people of Gujtat as their slaves. Its not joke, though PTI jokers are amusing people a lot on social media, HUN JAN DEU, MAN JO SADI SERIOUS HUN DE BAR AN DEO…………………….

    We have our plan ready: –

    * Chacha Najam Sethi will free hand in Punjab. Already doing a lot, his civil administration and petwaries supporting in 20 x 20 feet madrassa. Its too hot by burgers boys ki skin kharab hu jie ga na. He will ensure bogus polling 20000 to 25000 votes to our candidates. You are not believing, come on Abou Tarian was also loosing in NA 71 in 2002, than Mama Musharaf did magic, put 23850 FRISHTA votes, poor Obaid Ullah SHadi who was about to bow head to Allah for thank giving was dramatically defeated. Mama Musharaf two kindness keep my lip tight, one MNA seat and second Bani Gala Farm House gift through Malik Raiz.
    * Chacha Malik raiz is already campaigning a lot from paid channels of Dunya, ARY, Such and Din. All survey are in favor of PTI, as all anchors are amply paid. Sana Bacha did not sell his conscious has to leave Dunya. So bogus voting will not be caught, as people will think it is a burger youth revaluation.
    * Efforts in hand to force Pak Army to either keep eyes shut or support as Musharaf used to support PML Q and MQM. IMF aid and charity funds will be top of record in history of Pakistan, after all Abou Tarian is also enjoying lavish life on donations, sadqa, zakat and kharat.
    * Burger youth is already well trained during intra party elections. They will fight with PML N workers, create law and order, attract media attention, all Najam Sethi administration will on this sight and PTI will copy MQM and make fun on few other polling stations (bogus voting). When nobody will be their media or ECP, no one can take notice. It is simple yar, ever MQM caught.
    * Elections surveys were disturbing, Asad Umer did great job. He used a business management to carry out political survey first time in history. Look Hamid Mir was also made fool, he did complete show on it. People are looking for Nisar Ahmed, he is as fiction as Tariq Ismail Sagar.
    * But PML N is playing as per ECP conditions, doing jalsa by violating 20 x 20 feet jalsa ground, to which ECP should take notice. If Abou Tarian graph will go low, their is plan. Fake assignation attempt on Abou Tarian, do not mind if 10-15 PTI jokers are killed. People will consider Abou Tarain like Great Benazir Bhutto Shaheed and hate PML N.

    Everything is ready, rehearsed and workable………..
    But when at times I go to sleep a sentences keep pinching me!!!!!!!!!!!


    • the funny thing is how pti ppl abuse anyone who says the truth that itw as isi,s pasha who made pti…just check these facts….Imran won world cup in 1992…he made shaukat khanum hospital in 95 or so…so in 2002 elections less than ten years had passed after the only two achievements Imran has for Pakistan….still he got only one seat in all Pakistan from mianwali and that too was gifted to him by musharaf all analysts agree on this,and than pti remain sleeping till octobar 2011 when suddenly like miracle pti reemerged and suddenly all politicians started joining pti like a miracle (on isi ishaara)…even a child can see that it was army and establishment which made pti to break or counter n leagues victory as establishment fears that nsawaz shareef will cut their powers like Nawaz shareefs Turkish president friend abdulah gul did to his in turkey army is fully under civilian control!and here army cant let this happen! so pti is a dhoka party raised by pro American establishment.whoever will vote for it must say fateha of his iman ,.as in this party there are many islam enemies like salman ahmed and it consists of all secular indian lovers

  31. pti people say that anyone who criticizes pasha or kayani is an Indian agent .lol.after all they know who is behind their “miraculous” rise…it happened to me too,.though I am not even voter of muslim league but little criticism of pasha kayani and pti policies made them abuse me and label me indian agent….this shows how bad these pti youths character is…they forget that it is Imran khan who loves indian actors,it is Imran kahn who on indian tv abused hafiz saeed because he does jihad in Kashmir,it is Imran khan who said that we must forget Kashmir to befriend india!and these shallow character pti youth instead label islam loving people like us “Indian agents”…what times have come!

  32. only way pti will win if like 1972 election even a khamba put up by pti gets vote cuz of Imran if its traditional politics pti has no chance

  33. many old ppp people are now in pti.ptis ijaz chaudery voted for ppp in last elections and pti candidate yasmeen Rashid from Lahore is staunch anti Nawaz shareef and her husband was even in ppp politics,so pti is actually new face of ppp after ppp,s demise in Punjab

  34. Well after all it’s general elections, all parties and contestants have the right to fight… it’s not a 2-party system. So there is no logic to this article and claims from PML(N), if people don’t want to hear PPP/PML(Q)’s name they shouldn’t vote for them at all.. if people are voting for them, then they should win, or the same goes for PML(N) or PTI.

    PML-N is the same as PPP. They’ve had their chance. Did nothing but fill their pockets. PTI all the way!

  35. well.lets gove pti a chance.their youth are hungry and destitute.they also want a share in loot maar of pakistans remaining resources.after all its there country too.being morally bankrupt does not mean that pti must not have its turn to rule ,loot and plunder pakistan

    • @Majid, There is no Hate, it is difference of opinion. why you want all to follow one, it is better to have difference of opinion to have check and balance. Thats normal in all Democracy. The problem is now more severe as only one Province has full election campaign and others are not. So that is causing sense of insecurity.
      But instead of PML-N and PTI denouncing TTP openly with names they are not . They say all those who are doing, thats what JI and others are doing. Unless we have a united stand against this, we will see a divided nationa nd divided mandate too.

  36. PPP is hundred time better than PMLN.The people who r scared from PPP,they should give vote to PTI.

    • yes, because pti will bring back the same joota chatai raj of ppp. sj tak to do number khan ne kuch kaha nahe ppp ke khulaf, chalay hain un ka kuch bigarne. chal baccha, wapis ja ker so ja, because like you, all potians are sleeping

    • sick mentality of pti people.who claim ppp is better than muslim league…ppp is a party of rafdi irani sect atheist and islam enemies.pti people are mostly meerasis so have soft corner for another meerasi dancer party ,ppp/mqm.have u seen ppp/mqm women dance on put to shame tawaaifs

  37. PMLN is a product of a dictator whose leader ran away after giving Pakistan in to the clutches of a dictator.

  38. PTI funded for the movie Chambeli. His director/Writer/Producer also admitted in Capital Talk program of May 1st, 2013 that he is the member of PTI. IK who Portraits himself as a honest and straight forward person. But he is playing all bad tricks and unfair means behind the scene. Why didn’t they name this movie “Chambeli of PTI”.


  39. I regret. Please ignore my all previous messages which i have posted in favor of PTI. Finally i have seen the actual face of PTI. Please vote for PML-N.

  40. Finally i have seen the actual face of PTI. I am not going to support PTI anymore. PTI is acting as a B team of Mr. Zardari. Plz vote for PLM-N.

  41. Noora guys are feeling nervous. Keep it up.Noora leader dont know how to compete. It is right of every party to participate in eleciton. if its like this then so be it why nervous especially after such good governance in punjab

    • Tariq says Noora guys are feeling nervous.
      This is an understatement. Nooras are now running around in their own backyard, i.e. central Punjab.

  42. Pasha Tyrian Investors (PTI) jokers, play as A or B team. Continue using Mama Zaradri, Chacha Malik Riaz and Chacha Najam Sethi shoulder but you will continue waiting…….

    As Abou Tyrian waited 5 years on the support of Mama Chacha to continue with cricket (Majid and Burki etc). Did mutiny against Javed Miandad and mama chacha requested Zia to make him cricket captain.

    Requested Musharaf to make him Prime minister. Who kicked on his ass with pity MNA Seat (won with 23850 frista votes on NA 71 in 2002) and Bani Gala Farm House.

    Requested Pasha to patch with Zardari and MQM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Kahan Babur Sheer or Kahan Balla Teeli

  43. یہ نہایت ہی افسوسناک بات ہے کہ عمران خان کی بونگیوں کی وجہ سے سوشل میڈیا اور پاکستانی میڈیا کے بعد اب انٹرنیشنل میڈیا نے بھی اسکا بھرپور طریقے سے مذاق اڑانا شروع کر دیا ہے

    اگر چہ اسکا زمہ دار صرف اور صرف عمران خان خود ہے جس نے اپنے جلسوں میں سستی شہرت حاصل کرنے کے لیے نہایت ہی گھٹیا انداز اپنایا ہوا ہے لیکن انٹرنیشنل میڈیا کو کسی صورت میں یہ حق نہیں دیا جا سکتا کہ وہ ہمارے کسی سیاستدان کا یوں کھل کر مذاق اڑائیں

    ہم پاکستانی عمران خان کی مجبوری کو سمجھ سکتے ہیں کہ اس کے پاس کوئی واضح پروگرام اور منزل نہ ہو سکنے کے باعث اپنے آپ کو سیاست میں نمایاں کرنے کے لیے کوئی اور حربہ نہیں ہے لیکن پھر بھی اسے اب ایسی بڑی بڑی بونگیوں سے گریز کرنا چاہئیے جسے سوشل میڈیا، ملکی میڈیا اور انٹرنیشنل میڈیا مسلسل اچھال رہا ہے

    عمران خان کو کوئی فضول بات کرتے وقت اپنا نہیں تو کم از کم پاکستان کی عزت کا خیال ہی رکھنا چاہئیے کیونکہ جب انٹرنیشنل میڈیا اسکی مٹی پلید کرتا ہے تو لا محالہ پاکستانیوں کو بھی تکلیف ہوتی ہے خصوصا جب بھارت کا میڈیا ہمارے کسی سیاستدان کا مذاق اڑاتا ہے تو وہ ناقابل برداشت ہو جاتا ہے

    دوسروں کو اپنا مذاق اڑانے کا موقع دینے سے بہتر ہے کہ اپنی زبان پر کنٹرول کیا جائے اور اپنے مخالفوں کے بارے میں غیر مہذب رویہ نہ اپنایا جائے. غیر مہذب اور ناشائستہ زبان آپکی عزت میں کوئی اضافہ کرنے کی بجائے خود آپکے مذاق اڑانے کا موقع فراہم کرتی ہے. اس لے احتیاط ضروری ہے



    Mehmal Sarfraz May 3, 2013 | UPDATED 17:41 IST

    Who will win Pakistan?

    Who Will Win Pakistan: Will lion of Punjab Nawaz Sharif become prime minister for the third time or will captain Imran Khan ride a tsunami of youth power?


    Sixty-six years after its creation, a democratic transition is taking place for the first time in Pakistan’s history. An elected government has completed its tenure, put in place an independent Election Commission, and handed power to a neutral caretaker set-up to allow free and fair elections. But the fear of violence is palpable. Under normal circumstances, passions run high during election season-political leaders campaign in full force, election meetings and rallies are held at every nook and corner, and the atmosphere is that of a mela. In Pakistan, it seems, however, as if the election campaign is being staged solely for television screens, not the streets.

    There is not much election activity outside Punjab, where campaigning is so hectic that candidates sometimes forget their own loyalties. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan, who has been holding large rallies apparently because the Taliban have granted him immunity, inadvertently asked his voters to vote for PML-N. “Ab jaayein aur sher (PML-N’s election symbol) pe mohar lagaayein (Go out and put a stamp on the lion),” said Khan at an election rally. He realised his mistake rightaway. Laughing heartily, Khan corrected himself: “Ballay pe, sher ka toh mai shikaari hoon (Stamp on the bat; I am going to hunt the lion).”

    His main political rival, Mian Nawaz Sharif, who hopes to become prime minister for the third time, couldn’t help taking a dig at Khan’s faux pas. “Even our rivals want you to vote for sher,” he joked. People are not so cheerful about PML-N’s prospects though. Young voters-of whom there are 13 million first-timers-are likely to vote for the charismatic Khan. At an election rally in Sheikhupura, Sharif asked the audience to raise their hands to show how many of them were ‘naujawaan’ (youngsters) and ‘youth’. When the crowd enthusiastically cheered, he replied in Punjabi: “Lo dasso, saari youth te Sheikhupura jama hoyi aye Nawaz Sharif de jalsay te. O jaide baaki youth di gallan karde ne, o kithay ne? O kaidi youth di gall karde ne? (All the youth have gathered here in Sheikhupura at Nawaz Sharif’s rally. Where are those who talk about the rest of the youth? Which youth are they talking about?)”

    The first-time voters are 30 per cent of the electorate. They have a third choice, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). In a mainstream bi-party system, predictions are usually easy to make before the elections even if a coalition is in the offing, but a tri-party system-in which each party would rather sit in opposition than form a coalition with any of the others-makes the task of political pundits all the more difficult. There is a further complication: In the backdrop of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), an alliance of militant groups, targeting the left-of-centre parties that were coalition partners in the last government-PPP, Awami National Party (ANP) and Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM)-it seems as if elections are only going to be held in Punjab, which is relatively unscathed by the terrorists, and in which the leading contenders are the PML-N and PTI-two parties that are soft on terrorism. Khan is accused of being pro-Taliban while the Sharif brothers have made electoral alliances with terrorist sectarian outfits.

    The threat of terror is everywhere. As Farahnaz Ispahani, a former PPP member of Parliament who was unseated last year by the Supreme Court for being a dual Pakistani-American national, puts it: “Unless the prevailing terrorist activities targeting the three centre-left parties are stopped, the elections will not be free or fair. But the historic handing over of power from one democratic government to another without a hitch is essential for Pakistan’s growth as a democratic state.”

    At two joint press conferences held in Karachi in May-end, PPP, ANP and MQM leaders vowed to contest the elections despite the toll that Taliban bombs have taken on their cadres in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh province. Conspiracy theorists say that liberal parties are deliberately being kept out of political power with the Afghan endgame in sight.

    “This (TTP threats) gives a very clear advantage to the Islamist political parties and a signal to parties of the political Right that they must either support the Taliban or maintain diplomatic ambiguity towards them,” explains Hasan Askari Rizvi, a defence and political analyst. “Those who openly criticise the Taliban and militancy are directly under threat.”

    Imran is the X factor

    PPP’s campaign is being hampered due to security threats. Its chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has been compelled to lead the election campaign through a video-taped message. “I wanted to contest the elections by living amongst you,” he said, “I wanted to campaign in the streets of my country alongside every worker of mine. The world knows we have sacrificed our lives for democracy.”

    According to most analysts, PPP will not be able to bag more than 60 seats out of the 272 national seats for which direct elections are held, mostly from Sindh-60 seats are reserved for women and 10 seats for non-Muslims for a total of 342 in Pakistan’s National Assembly. PML-N is expected to win at least 90, mostly from Punjab. This is a reversal of fortunes for both compared to their tally in the 2008 elections. The X factor is Imran Khan and the independents. Both Zardari and Sharif will have to buy seats from the independents and regional parties in the post-election scenario if Khan doesn’t play ball. PTI has so far ruled out forming a coalition government with either the PPP or PML-N. That is a recipe for a weak and unstable coalition government, which won’t be able to take the hard economic and political decisions that need to be taken if Pakistan is to be put back on the rails.

    “Many people are of the view that both PPP and PML-N have been tried and tested so Imran Khan deserves a chance at ruling the country,” claims Asma Shirazi, a tv political anchor. “As far as I can see, there will be neck-and-neck competition between PML-N and PTI in Punjab. But PPP is not out of the game yet. It can still win 55-60 seats. Nawaz Sharif has not ruled out forming a coalition with either the PPP or PTI and has no qualms in taking oath from President Asif Ali Zardari,” she says. In a recent speech, Sharif mentioned the presidency; some sources say there are talks within PML-N whether Sharif should become the president or prime minister if his party comes to power.

    By and large, polls and analyses have favoured PML-N’s electoral chances. Sharif is the one remaining popular leader from the 1980s; the other was the late Benazir Bhutto. Going beyond his traditional base in Punjab, and a broader coalition of conservative electorates, Sharif built his political appeal after defying the military and civil establishment. He broke away with the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IJI), a right-wing alliance cobbled together by ISI, and has continued to distance himself from General Zia-ul-Haq’s legacy. His main themes of popular politics are economic progress and civilian assertion vis-Ã -vis the military establishment.

    Analysts remain divided in their predictions. Some think PML-N will win more than 100 seats from Punjab and get well within striking distance of a stable coalition. Others think this is not possible, given Khan’s rising popularity and his emergence as a ‘hero’. Khan became Pakistan’s hero by putting it on the cricketing world map; he has charisma and is a great philanthropist. But he has come under criticism for never directly condemning the anti-American Taliban or the anti-India jihadis. At the same time, whenever he talks to non-Pakistani audiences in India or the West, he tells them he is not a reactionary or an anti-India politician. At the end of the day, however, it isn’t issues that will decide who votes for whom. Pakistan’s average voter turnout is 45 per cent. Voter turnout in three provinces-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Sindh-may remain low due to the bloodshed that is being witnessed there. It is only Punjab, and more specifically urban Punjab, where voter turnout could increase manifold in these elections due to Khan’s popularity. PTI’s chances of doing well in the elections largely depend on young voter turnout.

    Cyril Almeida, assistant editor of the Pakistani daily, Dawn, says, “My sense is that the momentum is with Sharif right now, though Imran and PTI are making a late charge. Imran is the first politician poised to take advantage of the lowering of the voting age to 18 in 2002. No other politician has so actively targeted the youth vote. However, whether they will come out to vote or not remains to be seen.”

    M. Ziauddin, executive editor of The Express Tribune, calls him a breath of fresh air but says he has a “long way to go because we are still entrenched in an old political system where biradaris (clans) still matter. We need a break from this system but it’s not going to happen in this election.” Ziauddin believes Khan may win 50 seats, mostly in Punjab. “If PTI dents PML-N in Punjab, Sharif has no other place to make up for the loss. This means there will be a hung Parliament.”

    Sharif, who already thinks and acts as though he has won the elections, has a raw vision of modern Pakistan. With an insatiable appetite for modern gadgets, electronics, cameras, music, he is fond of glitz, glamour and modernity. He often confuses economic progress with building motorways, bullet trains, underground metro stations, wide roads, palm tree-lined avenues, partly as a throwback to the great emperor Sher Shah Suri and other Mughal emperors and partly to the sands of the Middle East-where he spent much of his time in exile-which were raised from nothing and then turned into modern New Yorks. He wants to build cities on the beaches of Gwadar with seven-star hotels and Burj Dubai-type skyscrapers. But he doesn’t seem to know where the money for such grandiose projects is going to come from. In 2012, Pakistan could attract foreign investment which was equal to 12 per cent of its GDP (from nearly 22 per cent in 2007) and Sharif has no plans to raise resources from within by taxing the rich.

    While some of his projects such as building motorways and the new metro bus system in Lahore were well-intentioned, they have incurred huge expenditure and need recurring subsidies to keep them going. He does not want to borrow money from the West, yet he does not have a solution for raising such money. His passion for gadgetry and gimmickry resulted in the Yellow-Cab scheme, the Sasti Roti scheme, and free laptops for students which were merely handouts without any institutional policy in place.

    Alliance may be possibility

    Modernity can only be enjoyed by the rich and is not for the poor but Sharif does not have a vision to alleviate poverty. Sharif knows he cannot liberalise the economy without enforcing taxes but he has not found a solution to this problem since his own constituency is known to be anti-taxes.

    In Pakistan, passion often overtakes rationality. Sharif knows how to flog the virtue of nationalism, identity and self-respect. He does not wish to alienate his conservative constituency with overtly liberal values, which is why his political nationalism is imbued with religious fervour and ideological ambiguity. By carrying out nuclear tests in 1998 and officially declaring Pakistan a nuclear power, Sharif established his credentials as a nationalist. Since then he has used this credibility to establish his ground when it comes to maintaining peaceful relations with India. Sharif’s peace overtures have not been questioned in the same rigorous fashion like others whose nationalism and patriotism were under question.

    As far as civil-military relations are concerned, Sharif signed the Charter of Democracy (COD) with Benazir Bhutto to strengthen the democratic framework on the one hand and take the route of amity with India on the other. He firmly believes that without economic partnership with India, the region cannot move forward and Pakistan will be a beneficiary and not a loser, as some people assert, if it happens. Some analysts believe that while Sharif is not going to take on the military, he will not give in to their whims either. He will not get into a fight with them but won’t surrender unconditionally either so that the supremacy of civilians is maintained. In order to have a working relationship with the military, he would rather go for truth and reconciliation between the army and civilians. He understands the military is popular in Pakistan while politicians are unpopular, so his government needs to put up a good performance to gain credibility with the masses. He wants an end to the military’s monopoly over national security. This notion of India as an enemy has to end through a friendly foreign policy that compels the military to stop this doctrine. He also wants good relations with the US but wants to tread carefully at the same time-being aware that the country cannot get out of the current straitjacket.

    The importance of these elections is not lost on anyone. The issue of civil-military imbalance cannot be resolved unless and until democracy continues to function uninterruptedly in Pakistan. Despite recent reassurances by General Kayani that elections will be held on time, the military is still seen to be distrustful of the political class. Post-election chaos can help the military establishment and other undemocratic forces. Some analysts believe the PPP and PML-N may end up forming a coalition to save democracy. That would be an irony for two foes who have fought tooth and nail all their political lives but many analysts believe an alliance between the two largest mainstream parties will make for a strong civilian government. May 11 will decide the fate and future course for Pakistan.

    Sarfraz is a Lahore-based journalist and deputy secretary-general of South Asian Free Media Association.

  44. i am visiting this site after a long time,i thought ADMIN would have been sacked by now..i am disappointed he is still here publishing lies with full freedom>>what a shame.. for God sake plz accept reality..VOTE FOR CHANGE

  45. This shows that how corrupt our nation and we blame these politicians, the opinion on this website is biased and it is pro pmln, whether they have paid money and they own it , it is regardless but this shows how easy is it to buy a soul of a pakistan, our own pakistani terrorits killing each other for the sake of money or religious extremism doesnt matter who is supporting them , but the harsh reality is that they are our own pakistanis, people like pkpolitics are the blacksheeps in our society similar to corrupt journalists like najam sethi
    Even if Imran Khan wins , he cannt bring the changes unless we change ourselves, he cannot change if we are corrupt ourselves.
    I personally believe that our nation is so disgruntled now that we need a strictest leader who gives big danda to everyone, death sentence to corruption and make harsh changes which people may not like it but eventually this lead to the long term harmony in society like in Iran, china and there are so many examples.

  46. As it is obvious by now that PML-N will win the elections Inshallah!. I would say PTI supporters should be more focused and start collecting money to pay off the debt which Mr. IK has got in shape of big funding from Jewish lobby to run the election campaign by promising them that he will promote and protect their agenda and interests after come in to power.

  47. Hay! PML N guys Pasha Tyrian Investemnrt (PTI)Jokers are doing great. You made our jalsee sequeeze, we requested through Pasha Investement, that duel nationals to visit Paksitan, free return ticket, meet their families, only thing to do is attend PTI jalsas. ON 11 May 2013 plan is ready with Najam Sethi, 20000_25000 farista are ready to votes for PTI.

    It is pure fault of MAlik Riaz that he just bought 4 channels Dunya, ARY, Such and Din, + few anchors. Our jalsa were exposed in other channels. New tactics is being used onour lines by Mamoon Zaradri, character assination through Malik Riaz paid money. Its our money.

    Teer or Balla —- Walla Walla, Teer or Balla —— Walla Walla

  48. This channel is still showing PMLN as favourite. Wake up now. I hope you are watching PTI Jalsas. Admin of this website should wake up now otherwise this blog will be close automatically on 11th Evening:).

  49. Sad News for Nawaz Shareef…

    An analysis of Mr.Raheem Ullah Yousafzai, the most respected journalist of The News Peshawar:

    “PTI is leading on 27 NA seats of KPK out of 35.”

  50. Because of IK double standards and low moral values i have changed my mind and decided not to support PTI any more. I would even prefer to vote for Musarat Shaheen but not for PTI.

  51. Mr shabash shareef you are right PTI and imran khan is the b team of ppp pmlq and mqm what pp need imran khan doing same thing….imran khan doing campign for ppp……this is the change imran khan will bring for PAKISTAN ?? what he is doing it means he is bring back the same government to panish Pakistani again for five year……imran khan doing very bad he will knw after 11 may what he did.

  52. Musarrat Shaheen….

    A better choice as compared to Mulla Fazlu.

    A sinner Muslim has no comparison with a Munafiq.

  53. Musarrat Shaheen is even better choice to Abou Tyrian. As she is having big JUNOON, which is evident when actress, when she shakes, even Cinema Scope screen could not capture. Same hold good for Pasha Tyrian Investment (PTI) jokers. They also shake and sell JUNOON well cheap, just a KFC Ginger burger.

  54. @
    Juwairio hawario aur madario

    Inshallah 11 May will bring a day of GLOOM for you all.

    Pakistani public is not fool to differentiate between the arrogant, proud and unethical Juwari like IK.

    And specially Punjab vote bank will not be divided Allah Willing. You do not know the ground situatiopn. Any person belonging to Punjab can easily assess the siatuation. Also Punjabi voter is the most knowledgable and wise voter. They know the agenda of Juwari, Haari and Madari to bring another hng parliament to fool around with public money and to harm reputation of politicians in pakistan. Any govt without a clear majority will ruin Pakistan’s future.

    So Please wait and see what happens on 11 May . PMLN is going to get simple majority Allah Willing.

  55. @ deevav great….. Sher akila hi huta h maidan mein, lagar bagay thousands mein, phir be Sher kay pas anay ki himat nahi. Malik Riaz kay paid media Dunya, ARY, Such or Din nay himat kai dey de cinema scope JUNOON shake karney lagay.

  56. Mussarat Shaheen…..better choice than Ayesha Malik’s in-laws.

    The sins Nawaz family has committed with Ayesha, their daughter-in-law, makes Mussarat Shaheen a better choice than so-called Sharifs.

    On 11th of May PML-N will emerge as a TANGA PARTY of Punjab.

  57. Common ground for MQM, PPP and PTI

    One leader is suspected of killing his own wife with Mushy’s help.

    Other two leaders, Altaf and Imran could not handle their own wives.

    All are over 60 and living alone. None has a good track record with women.

    Now they are trying to befool the people by becoming leaders of youth.

    Shame on them.

  58. @ deevav says

    Peoples of Pakistan are off course not
    fool. I must appreciate media excellent role, to awake this talented nation.
    Who made the item bomb in Pakistan? Better ask DR Qadeer Khan first, N league supporters, if you know then tell your leader as well.
    Who is promising now for bullet train and who is promising to build nation with education and self-dependency?
    Who you think can change nation attitude?
    Who can address the energy crises?
    Who had proved leader ship attitude?

  59. PTI has said they would not make coalition with PPP. PML(N) has said they are ready to make PPP allies in next government.

    Effectively, voting PML(N) in these areas would mean that you are voting to bring PPP luteras back in.

  60. @

    Yes all these achivements will be under Nawaz Sharif Inshallah.

    I agree.

    So all nation VOTE for SHER on 11 May 2013 Inshallah.

  61. @
    Coalition with PPP and N league means accepting corrupt political systems. What is the source of this baseless roamer and statement? Fear Allah and don’t under estimate the intelligence of our nation at the same time. Just one example, will quote from most popular personality now a day not only in Pakistan but also in the world. Molalla Yousef said yesterday, after the incidence of IK. I quote her words well reported by private TV channels as well.
    “Imran is great leader and there is no doubt that he will win 11 of May election handsomely inshallah. She also said that just prior 1992 cricket world cup his shoulder injured and this time he got injury to his head and back due to unfortunate fall from lifter platform are identical signs for our nation success, inshallh. Imran already emerged as national political leader, 11th of May is just formality.
    VOTE Ideology of PTI not only your area candidate.

  62. Don’t vote for PML-N; instead, vote for IK and automatically Zardari goes out. It’s simple.
    We are sick and tired of the dictatorship of 2 families in Pakistan. They have had several chances and want more and more.

    Stop blaming PTI for N’s loss.

  63. Zardari, the Coalition partner of N league for three and half years in Punjab during last Government?
    Ch Shujaat has political birth in league platform prior to birth of N branch of league.
    Are both persons Pakistani in your eyes and they were used to be friends when suited N why not now?
    VOTE PTI ideology to stop corrupt current failed system. Play your part to build new Pakistan and get rid of power hungry mafia of (PPP and N League)

    • Imran Khan wanted to end democracy by bringing back the politics of 90s but Nawaz Sharif kept it alive.

      NS refused to get back to the polarizing politics of 90s when PMLN and PPP were used by the establishment against each other.

      NS has matured while Imran Khan is still an immature politician who played into the hands of the establishment.

      Imran Khan will not win more than 15 seats in the NA hence voting for him is a wastage of your vote.

  64. Imran Khan is a compromised politician.

    – He was propped by General Pasha.
    – He is funded by Malik Riaz who declared that he will spend Rs 2 billion against Ch Nisar of PMLN
    – He is acting as Zardari’s front-man, dividing PMLN vote back
    – He has poor manners that will spoil the youth of Pakistan. You can already
    see the way PTI supporters behave on blogs.

    With his abusive language and collusion with Gen Pasha he is bringing back the polities of 90s when politicians were used by the establishment. A vote for Imran Khan will take Pakistan 20 years back into the polarizing politics of 90s.

    NS helped him build the SKMH. IK did not even have the decency to condole the demise of Abbas Sharif. Do you want such a person as your PM who does not espouse our eastern values?

  65. @
    WHO said that will complete the incomplete mission of late Zia Ul Haq?
    WHO was partner with N league in Punjab for three and half years?
    WHO was involved in money laundering according Ishaq Dar written statement?
    WHO got money from Generals, reference Asghar Khan case?
    WHO sucked blood of Pakistani overseas in “ KURZ UTARO MULK SANWARO scheme”
    WHO signed agreement with Musharaf and left country with family and let Javed Hashmi to go to prison?
    WHO denied many years that he did not signed agreement and lied to nation for last ten years?
    WHO has 18 close relatives in key positions of parties?
    People are not fool they can see the above experiences list. You have only those votes will come out from N league box, rest of votes belongs to people choice.

    • Here is the change that Imran Khan wants to bring, do you?

      Imran’s right-hand hand in PTI, Abrarul Haq

    • Excellent points made by diamondpack. PML N has no answer to that. They just have random videos of songs to post. What next? InshaAllah after 11 may they will only search for more videos to condole their loss

  66. Malik Raiz game succeeded or not! people will decide. Manufactured an accident, when AT was with complete body armor. See my all posts in different threads, I broke news immediately listening election Mukhburei on Kabarnak on 26 April 2013. Soon after it, Malik Riaz paid channel Dunya delivered message and Pasha Tryrian Investment (PTI) was ready. In quick span of time they prepared an advertisement and gave to all channels, when nation was praying for their leader health. Power is something, for which one play so dirty, Allah maaf karey!

    • Fear for life under PML N. there will be no electricity if PML N comes to power, as endorsed by shahbaz sharif. MAy 11 is like WC final. pakistan vs dictatorial families aided by idiotic slaves.

  67. koe bara he wahiyat kisam ka analysis hai jo shoro he is baat per hoa hai k agr vote pti ko per gaye to wo Zardari ko jayen gy..aagay is fazool kisam k analysis ko read krny ki zarorat he nahi hai..wase b punjab kisi ki jageer nahi k agr os me pml-n k ilawa koe aur party government me a jaye

  68. WHO said that will complete the incomplete mission of late Zia Ul Haq? Imran was buddies with Zia who forced him out of retirement and IK could not say no to his best buddy

    WHO was partner with N league in Punjab for three and half years? The people of Punjab are allies with PMLN forever.

    WHO was involved in money laundering according Ishaq Dar written statement? It’s a pack of lies according to Ishaq Dar. PTI supporters have nothing but lies in their bag of tricks
    WHO got money from Generals, reference Asghar Khan case? General Pasha gave money to Imran Khan to marginalize PMLN

    WHO sucked blood of Pakistani overseas in “ KURZ UTARO MULK SANWARO scheme”: IK’s closet buddy Zardari has been sucking blood out of awam for 5 years now

    WHO signed agreement with Musharaf and left country with family and let Javed Hashmi to go to prison? Musharraf did it all under orders, he knew NS was innocent and King of Suadia ordered him to release NS

    WHO denied many years that he did not signed agreement and lied to nation for last ten years? IK has been misguiding people blaming Shahbaz for power outages instead of Zardari. IK is Zardari’s opening batsman

    WHO has 18 close relatives in key positions of parties? IK in PTI?

  69. @

    I agree to IK on one point. That PTI and MQM are ideological partners.

    Both leaders are psychos. Both are arrogant. Both when speak they go out of mind.
    Both have supporters who are extremely abusive and un cultured.
    Both have close links with intelligence agencies.
    Both hate Nawaz Sharif.
    Both are friendly with Zardari.
    Both are friends with Malik Riaz.
    Both have divorced their respective wives. Not even their wives could stand them.
    Children of both are in UK.
    Both ask for public money, one through bhatta and other thru chanda.
    Both live lavishly and still need bhatta/ donations.
    Both are in a habit of making tall claims.
    And many more.

    • You need to check facts bit more am die hard PTI supporter but I know they are not ruling this time what I don’t understand is that instead of attacking politician married life their political life should be checked I can give you a whole list of what are. All the bad things done by other leaders but that should not be the aim. Nawaz shareef has ruled twice and failed each time we do need some crean air

  70. You Be the Judge:

    Nawaz Sharif, the New Mujib of Pakistan?
    May 6th, 2013 “PAKISTAN THINK TANK”


    A recent interview of General Parvez Musharraf has revealed some lucidity among Pakistani politicians and ex-spies toward Afghanistan and the war. Two of his closed soldiers Mehmood and Usmani who wanted to be vice-chief of the army and refused the loyalty they demanded, left the army. Musharraf described General Hamid, the retired ISI chief a very ambitious person and was very close to pro-religious forces of Pakistan. Musharraf divulged Hamid Gul greed of power when he wanted Musharraf to stay behind him as chief of army and let him rule Pakistan.

    He called Nawaz Sahrif, Muslim League-N, very dangerous man for Pakistan. When asked regarding WikiLeaks revelation of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari, “dirty” he refused to comment on Zardari, but called Nawaz Sharif a “closet Taliban” and a “threat to the country.”

  71. @mhansari

    please be mature and accept the Naya Pakistan , it is a reality that the so called Liberal Parties are OUT (as in Cricket, Out is OUT, no more turns)

  72. PTI (PoTI) call themselves Enlightened & Educated, but look how they are behaving at election results in Punjab, yes Punjab where AAZ had to eat dirt

  73. Naya Pakistan…..??

    @ nadeemishaqkhan

    Who… is naya Pakistan?
    Shah Mahmood Qureshi?
    Shafqat Mahmood,

    This is PTI top hierarchy. Whom do you think you are fooling. And look at the PTI attitude in Lahore n Karachi after the defeat. PTI goons are at doing the same any traditional political party worker has been doing for ages.

    They did same with Bhutto, same parties are standing by you. Do you have any explanation what JI and other terrorists parties are doing in your demonstrations? Isn’t it the same IJI type of agitation that was sponsored by ISI and which is proved in the courts also.

    Can you tell who is your sponsor this time? ISI or Saudi Arabia?

  74. @ansari aka liar

    Brutus you too?

    You mean MQM? How quickly you changed loyalties and are now after PTI. Why? Because nazeryati partner hony k bawujood MQM ny PTI ko bhe nahi bkhsha. Dono leaderan sahiban of MQM and PTI are crooks.

    Bunyay ka beta kuch dekh ker he girta hy.

    Aaj kal Teen Talwaar pe dating site bani hui hy. Tamam PTIans wahan ja k date laga rahy hen. Ye mashghala abhe kuch din chalay ga.

  75. There is NO VOTING GUIDE for PTI walas now.

    The only guide is that they should go and hit their head hard with broken BAT.

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