Elections 2013 Predictions – v4

Here is the 4th and second last version of Elections 2013 Predictions. Please download the attached PDF file to see full seat-by-seat details.

We predict the following numbers of seats in the national assembly for the following parties:

PMLN 110
PPP 41
PTI 32
MQM 18
JUI 10
JI 9
Independents 20
Misc. 15

PKP-Election2013-Predictions-v4 (PDF 281K)

130 thoughts on “Elections 2013 Predictions – v4

  1. A very much realistic analysis in current ground realities regarding total seats of PML(N), PTI, PML(Q), and PPP. I am little different on certain things like PML(F) to me are little lower side, they are likely to win 10 or more total seats combine from Punjab and Sind. JI’s 9 are too high in my view, if few seats are given in Punjab, I will be disagree with that and it is almost impossible for them to win 9 from KPK. Independents 20 are low as it includes Tribal area seats as well. Today express news showed 20 independent candidates who are likely winner and it does not include Tribal areas. So far I have seen only Lahore detail in attach PDF, 5 seats are given to PTI in Lahore which to me is a little high they are not likely to get more than three seats in Lahore.

  2. On Analysis, NS will have 13 seats outside Punjab, SIND Poor guy can only get 2 seats..
    Still MQM 18 seats , i wonder why????

    • this is completely wrong i think pmln will not exceed 95 thats maximum one clear wrong reason i know is rawalpindi where all are pmln but 3sets are confirmed here where pmln losing and in 4th imran and abasi 50-50 if imran was in good condition and lead the ralley in rawalpindi than it would be confirmed to him but due to injury he may lose it for me
      pmln 91 ppp 63 pti 32 roughly

  3. Great! Very detailed and in-depth analysis.

    PML-N will win and i hope will even take more than 110 seats Inshallah.

  4. if Vario group can be defeated in Sialkot and PML-N losing about 5 seats in Lahore, then this analysis is very strict on PML-N; still they manage 11o seats.

    Don’t ignore the reported Zafar Ali shah’s loss in Sindh.

  5. This gives us some idea about the results of coming elections. I feel PPP would have been wiped out totally if Imran Khan had been balanced and unbiased in his criticism. But he is possessed with anti Nawaz Sharif feelings. He has diverted the focus from the most corrupt party in Pakistan and now, nobody is discussing their performance. PPP should be thankful to their saviour and I think they are, only not publicly.

  6. Hopefully, this prediction will more or less come true in forthcoming election. Quite a realistic analysis.

  7. A very much realistic analysis in current ground realities regarding total seats of PML(N).Divyabhaskar is a leading Politics news paper in India; provide great politic turmoil happening in the world……………. Politics news

  8. I’m still convinced PMLN will take 135+ seats, PTI will max get 10-15.
    PMLN will get simple majority, inshallah.

  9. The analysis surperises me when it gives 5 seats to PTI in Lahore. I doubt it very much. At the most 2 seats for PTI from Lahore.

    besides people of Pak are watching that PPP + PTI + PMLQ+ ANP+ MQM are all fighting it out with PMLN and SHER is alone in this fight.

    Inshallah there is no doubt in any analyst’s mind about PMLN ‘s victory in coming elections. The whole isssue is to STOP PMLN FROM GETTING a SIMPLE majority to form its own govt on its own. Everybody wants a HUNG parliament so that next govt is not able to work freely.

    People of Punjab are waking up now. They understanding the TRAP and Inshallah on 11 May they will forget about all nonsense and will vote for PMLN heavily so that PMLN start its work to rid them of power crisis and crime wave. Also to improve economy.

    Wait and see and 11 May will surpersie you by giving PMLN simple majority Inshallah.

    • Let’s pray together,

      Allah’s wrath be on those who spread lies.

      (Love, Respect & Support for Imran Khan)

    • nam pml ho ya iji ya pmln they are in government since 1985 wat they have done b4 so they will do now they are biggest thief even bigger than zardari .zardari chori ka saboot to chorhta hai yeh sharif saboot b nahi chorhtay baray pakay chorr hain ab vote do in ko aur dekh lena mulk ka hall

  10. This is a very good prediction in my point of view,however in my point of view MQM may get more seats like in Mirpurkhas NA 226, where Shabbir Ahmed Qaimikhani is a strong candidate likewise in NA 221 where Ghazi Salahuddin can do upset. In Tando Allahyar (NA 223), Sukkar (NA 198), Nawabshah (NA 213) and Sanghar (NA 236)MQM will give tough fight to their opponents. In Karachi NA 239 is also a tough constituency and result may be in favour of MQM.

    • Faisal, Who are other competitors on these seats. If other parties are also participating then chances get higher. Last time, MQM won 25 seats and they get some more seats, then it would be a plus.

  11. If this survey gives PMLN 110 seats then PMLN can win 120 or more seats.
    In Gujrat PMLN can win five seats but in this survey Chaudries are winner…

  12. PML N, patwari league is scared. Patwaris are posting such rubbish against elected President of Pakistan. The President who was elected by the votes of Patwari league. Is ko kahtay hain thok chatna. Long live Zardari.

    • patwari hae tumahara bap imran khan bulka tahreek e zanakar. jhot kae thakedaro justice saleemuz zaman zardari kae muqablae mae pmln ka umeedwar tha. such woh naheen hota jis kae leyea tumhae jhot bolna parae.

  13. Nabla Bond presents……

    LAHORE: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Rehman Malik on Monday presented what he said evidence of money laundering against Sharif brothers and alleged that the money earned through it was transferred to Saudi Arabia, Geo News reported.

  14. Bro, What is the voter turnout that has been assumed? And what are the yardsticks that have been used to predict this outcome? Do these yardsticks take into account the urban-rural divide? It would be helpful if detailed a bit here.

  15. IK in his sailkot Jalsi, giving references of Rahman Malik for NS money laundering…. Question is: Can a great leader use and quote poor references? I mean what is the worth of Traitor Rahman Malik???

    I think all Pakistanis now understand and must understand the plan hetched by Zardari to make PTI as B Team of PPP.

    Why IK is unable to get any crediable source? Why in all his speeches he is only critising PMLN??

    Turely Voting PTI means voting for PPP and zardari as next President.

    MY 200+ family votes are now changed from PTI to PMLN.

    Vote for Pakistan
    Vote on Sher!

  16. PML-N is not going to win more than 100 seats in national assembly, they had 91 in last election and now PTI in act and other parties also in Punjab, its looking really difficult for them to get simple majority. On the other hand PTI is going to get about 50 seats. But the fact is that all of them are corrupt.

  17. Rehman Malik did it on request of Pasha Tyrian Investment (PTI). As beside Malik Riaz huge media investment campaign Abou Tyrian jalsee are quite small. Only look good in paid channels as camera focused on front rows and manufactured photos by Ibn Arif Alavi. Evidence is that Abou Tyrian is drinking a lot and last day was about to fall due to Alcohol addiction in Faisalabad. TEER or BALLA, what ever do, exposing your character. Today was old facts in new wine bottle. Abou Tyrian spiritual father Musharraf beside that could not eliminate SHER, what this idiot clown can do. Zaradri, Abou Tyrian, Malik Raiz (script writer of PPP and PTI media campaign) and Malik Raiz knows, beside 20000-25000 bogus votes with Najam Sethii that Kahan Babur Sher or Khan Teer Balla Teeli

  18. Messenger must have character and Muslima Khazab do have a message. But people know his Character. Iben Arif Alavi has lot of manufactured messages, tempered photos and so on. Abou Tyrian who does not believe on family heritage, basic ethic of Islam. Only who do not have respect for his mother, sister or daughter will listen it. Both Zaradri (murderer of Benazir Shaheed) and Abou Tyrian (California court declared culprit)are one. One killed his wife and other made his wife sit nude in strangers lap. Aik biwi change nahi kara saka, Pakistan change karey. TEER BALLA, WALAL WALLA

    • Kuch sharam karo kisi ki biwi kai baray mein baath karnay sai pahlai. PML N supporters ki aisi ghatia soch ko change karna bahut mushkil hai

      Khali yeh batao, character wise would you want your children to be like Nawaz or Imran

  19. @hasan1995 are you talking about your father and mother? tsk tsk…esi gandi batein sub key saamney nahee kertay beta….

    yeh hey ghatya punjabi mentality same as before and never changing… well kesey nahee hogee jub sub sey bara adda of fahashat and ghalazat is in lahore itself.

  20. khadameala,
    Carefull now. When ure saying ghatya punjabi mentality, youre dragging akl punjabis in. You wouldnt want to do that would you? Because im a punjabi. Explain to me why youve got the typical mahajir mentality?

  21. My ID was changed by some Inqelabi and comments were made deceiving the readers. They are all cheats. My nick name is ” deevav” with a small “d”. Whereas someone commented using my name but having a “D”. You can see the cheats of PTI. However Insaf’s ID is same.

    I am a PAkka PMLN supporter Alhamdulillah and hate these Qadiyani backed, jews sponsored movement which sadly has backing of Zardari and Riaz Malik. I do not want to be a victim of laughing PPP and Zardari khudanakhawsta if PTI gets around 40 seats all over Pak.



    Mind your language and don’t as a practice of Karachiites abuse Punjabis.

    They sure Inshallah going to give you a thumping beating all across Pak on 11 May 2013.

  22. @Khadameala See Kamran Khan program, Nice Shut Up call to bunch of idiots by Great Karachi Journalist. Clown Rehman Malik is setting with Mubashar Luqman son of Salman Taseer in Khara Sach and selling old wine. Moreover it is reality, Asifa Bhutto will take revenge from Zaradri, as she was used by Zaradri to request BB Shaheed to get out of vehicle. Abou Tyrian not have to say, as website is full of his scandals.

    @Khadameala nothing to do with you. Otherwise if Lahori snubbed you, will forget to look at your JUNOON even. As such junoon we Lahories purchase for pity burger.

  23. @
    Ghulam e aala of Altaf Kalia

    Your political party is called Political Prostitute of Pakistan. This is because it has a mentality of selling itself worst than a pros. So kee shut otherwise whatever I have been watching in Karachi for the
    29 years will be told to the whole forum.

    I know you and your fellows would not even feel it bcos you are mentally spoiled and inhuman people. Rest in peace in your hell called Karachi and keep receiving on an average 10 dead bodies daily.

  24. Somebody has done serious mistakes in this prediction.

    Jawed Hashmi has been shown a candidate from Pindi and a winner.

    Likewise Ch are winning in Gujrat.

    And so many other things which are not going to happen.

    Wrong predictions. However the total will be 125 plus seats for PMLN only from Punjab Insha
    Lah as people have actually started getting the filthy game of Zardari, Juwari, Hawari(MQM) and PMLQatil. Inshallah PMLN will form the govt single handedly.

  25. One thing i said yesterday for 97 seats and today PKP prediction for punjab is same 97. so Surprisingly………

  26. @deevav please take all your ppl out of karachi if you think its hell… eik tu tum jeseon ko karachi ney roazgar diya … shame on you and shame on all ppl like you and hassan who are chore dakoo, jhotay, dhokay baaz and munafiqs. You guys should be made examples of by taking you out on a market and do chitrol. that is your awqaat. everyone who can read will see the language ppl like you have used on this thread and decide… / you and your dirty mentality first was againt Benazir when you photo opd her pictures and distributed them, and then against IK….. but alas… sometimes these things exist in genes. Perhaps thats who you have been brought up with and is in your blood. God Bless this nation.

    • Kadameala,
      What you sow, so shall you reap. I just reflected hour words upon you and see how you are burning.
      Yes, youre right, these inge exist in genes, so is it applicable for you too? Soch samajh ke bola karo.

  27. @Deevav,
    Look at this .. Any Comment? or you are going to add JUI-F in your equation also.. Can you please revise your equation..
    MANSEHRA: Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman claimed that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) have united against his party.

    Addressing a public meeting here on Monday, the JUI-F Chief said that the problems facing the country could be resolved by following the teachings of Islam.

    He said Islam guarantees all rights of Muslims and non-Muslims. The JUI-F will continue to raise voice for the rights of the poor people, he added.


    Why don’t you guys realize that you have an option to have something better? Are you people really that scared of change? What if that change will help your son or daughter to be better respected around the world? Will you still oppose it?

    Imran is offering everyone in Pakistan a dream. A dream of a more prosperous future, a dream in which every Pakistani is as much respected around the world as today an Indian is. A dream where every Pakistani will have his/her future in his own hand. Dream of a country in which there will be equal opportunities for everyone to succeed. Just imagine getting a job, or simple any work done, without a Shafarish or bribe.

    Don’t forget, Allama Iqbal also had a dream, so does Martin Luther King Jr. Those how followed them succeeded to bring a positive change. Imagine how thing might have been if people were as scared of change at that time as they are now in Pakistan. Imagine living a life worst than that of a Shudar (untouchables).

    What I fail to understand is how an educated person will not differentiate between something that is as good and pure as PTI with something as filthy and corrupt as PML-N and PPP. Unless that person himself is corrupt and want to deceive the innocent people around him.

    I will ask each one of you in Pakistan, 15-20 years from now, when your son/daughter ask you what did you do to make our country a better place to live, what will you say? Ask yourself this question an vote for the best candidate? If you get confuse ask for guidance from Allah.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

    (Love, Respect & Support for Imran Khan)

  29. Tsunami of Sialkot!!!

    Kh Asif, you are out!!


    Chacha cricket!

    Every patriotic Pakistani is with Imran Khan!!!

    Vote Imran,
    Vote Pakistan!

    Vote your children!
    Vote PTI!

    Stamp on BAT

  30. Tsunamaaaa of Multan the same day!!!!

    The biggest jalsa in Multan’s history!!


    Inshallah PTI!!

    Stamp on BAT

  31. I challenge PMLN supporters.

    If you have an iota of integrity, if you have an iota of shame, if you have an iota of ghiaraat, then accept this simple challenge.

    I declare:

    “If Imran Khan is helping Zardari, may Allah give painful death to my whole family in front of my eyes to punish me for supporting this conspiracy!!”

    Now, PMLn supporters, this is MY level of faith that IK is only for the good of Pakistna, and is not part of any conspiracy.

    If you are worth anything, I challenge you to declare:

    “If Imran Khan is NOT helping Zardari and is only struggling for the good of Pakistan, then may Allah give the most painful death to my family in front of my very eyes”!

    Do you have shame? Integrity? Ghairaat? Belief? Can you declare the above if you really believe IK is part of conspiracy?

    Let’s test your mantle!!

    And I request you, if you cannot meet this, kindly vote PTI!!

    Stamp on BAT!

    • I have been supporting and sending money to PTI and sKhanum for many years now. But it’s crackpots like you who make me feel that there is something missing. You are willing to bet your family on something that can not be proven either way. Get a hold of yourself, this is only politics.

    • Keep Emaan Bil-ALLAH, not emaan bil-BULLA, aur apnay aap ko aur dosro ko bud dua daina kisi suljhay hoaye aur educated person ka shaiva nhi ho skta. your challenge declares your mental approach. We pray for the best of you and your family, ALLAH showers his blessing on you and your family.

  32. @InsafTiger

    I feel sorry about your loss. May Allah bless you with a new family. My personal advise to you is that don’t blindly love these leaders this much and end up making them feel as a God. Mr. IK lives in a 300 Canal farm house. His Dogs eat more meat in one day as compare to a poor family consumes in a week or may be in a month. He travels in First Class rather than using economy class that could save him handsome amount of air fare and which can be donated to the people who die with hunger. On the other side there are great people like “Abdul Sattar Edhi” who devoted their every thing for needy people. If you look around, i bet you would be able to find thousands of people if not in millions who have better character (throughout their life even during their peak young age)and qualities in comparison of Mr. IK.

    • @Mohsin, you have to download the pdf file and then do teh calculatioons yrslef. There is a reason they wnat to hide it as that will expose the NS party real strength. Let metell u, it is out of 110, 97 in Punjab, 2 in sind and rest in KPK and islamanad etc.
      A True National Leader HuH

  33. My predictions is

    PML – N 80
    PPP 55
    PTI 40
    MQM 25
    PML – Q 15
    PML – F 5
    JI 4
    Independents 25
    Others 23

  34. @Faisal, its strange the only confirm seats of those parties are:

    PMLN 92
    PPP 32
    PTI 21
    MQM 8
    PMLQ 7
    JUI 9
    JI 12
    PMLF 4
    ANP 4
    PPP-Sherpao 1

    and rest of 82 seats are playing major role.

  35. Great Analysis,
    IK should prove his mettle as a member of Parliament, before aspiring to be the PM of this country. While it is true that there are issues related to NS; but IK also needs to prove himself on several counts. Our country needs solutions and no new experiments.


  36. @Asmad, I predicted with +(-)10% margin, How u give 12 confirmed seats to JI and MQM only 7, Dear if u live in Karachi then u know that NA219, NA220, NA241, NA242, NA243, NA244, NA245, NA 246, NA247, NA251, NA253, NA254, NA255, NA256 and NA257 (Total 15 Seats)are strong hold of MQM and very confirm and secured seats.

    • @Faisal,
      The confirm 12 seats of JI is in KPK no other areas..
      PPP, PML-Q, MQM, ANP will lose lots of seats due to bad governance ….
      and there are no strong hold of MQM in NA241, NA244, NA245, NA253, NA 256

  37. Bias Analysis,

    It seems that it is made by the supporter of PML (N). 11 May results will be completely different and the PML (N) will lose from his home town. Inshallah.

  38. Insaftiger

    You have gone MAD. You are able to guess the results that’s why you have gone out of mind. We are simple people. We are not like crooks that you and your leader are.

    We can smell things but we cannot be 100 percent sure. You can be. Because you and your leader Naouzobillah are in direct contact with Sllah.

    IK said last year Mar,” Allah ko Hazir Nzair Jan k Kenya Hun k is saal (2012) 14 Aug ko PTI ke Pakistan me hullo at ho ge.”

    We are humble people and do not make tall claims rather bow our heads in front of Allah. So your attempt will fail miserably. How come you could be so sure about it? Are u an insider? Or u also know Gheb as your leader does Naouzobillah?

  39. @Son of soil Karachi
    Pakistan’s political system is very complex and so many nations, tribal groups are living togather so for one party popular everywhere is almost impossible. If Bhutto were Punjabi I can guarentee you he cannot get popularity in Sindh and KPK. A Punjab leader is not acceptable to Sindh and Puktoon belt of KPK. IK is popular in KPK Pukhtoon belt because he himself a Puktoon. Punjab is the most open place for every region’s politician.I don’t want to sound racist but it is reality.

    • @mawan1971,
      You are right pakistan Politics is complex. There is a big divide due to the fact that vast area of pakistan still run based on Biradiris, chaudhrys, landlords, feudals etc. Then if u look further Punjab it is not in a sense a homogeneous province, you will see south is different and other parts are different and these areas are predominantly controlled by local leaders. Bhutto and b4 that Ayub khan what they did is just work on these leaders and give them carrots and won the elections.
      Sind is though mostly homegeneous so locals want a local leader.
      The establishment knows that and they play very well since independence to get these local leaders and ruls. They fail in East Pakistan because that was a homogeneous province and they want their own leader and being majority they wnat to rule pakistan that establishment never like.
      Now the situation is changing,and these locals now see their power will go away sooner or later. Sind because of feudals and illiterate and poor rural areas they will change later.
      I always tell people , we all love Pakistan but be realistic, see the problems and have open mind to solve that. This notion that someone want to divide Punjad is a slogan that is being used from those who use their power will go away.
      If local govts are very strong, many provinces can run much better and people get benefitted,

      By the way, i am of the opinion that only person who is the real resident of a locality for atleast a year or more should run from that constituency. No sense someone from out side represent a constituency..

  40. KPK PTI will win atleast 10-12 as in current prediction Hazara show 1, it will be 2-3 atleast, NA 4 PTI going to win after Arbab Zahir ex MNA from ANP support, Swat PTI will win atleast one seat. Southern KPK is underestimating PTI.

    Tribal area PTI will have more than one seat.

    NA 53 and 55 both Sarwar Khan and Sh Rasheed going to win
    NA 84 is 50/50 for PMLN and PTI
    NA 121 PTI will win
    Multan and Lodhran PTI will get one more seat if not two
    Sahiwal and Pakpatan atleast one if not two more

    So atleast I can see 7-8 more seats in Punjab in current situation without any last minute wave.

    Sindh atleast 1-2

    KPK = 10-12
    FATA = 2-3
    Punjab = 30

    In worst condition PTI should get 40-50

  41. This is just a drawing room analysis. I am a resident of Rawalpindi/Islamabad and have a close watch on NA 48 (Islamabad city) and NA 54 (Rawalpindi Cantt). Both these constituencies have been predicted wrongly. PTI’s Makhdoom is not likely to win from NA 48, rather JI’s Mian Aslam. On the contrary, Malik Ibrar is going to lose from NA 54 and Hina Manzoor has better chance. Imran Khan vote bank is very strong here.

  42. I wish and pray to almighty ALLAH for speedy recovery of IK and all other Pakistani folks who are being injured in different incidents.

    Nawaz Sharif arranged a collective prayer for him during his jalsa at Pindi today. Secondly, he has canceled all his political activities for tomorrow. A great gesture, clearly shows the maturity and at the same time humblness. I salute PML-N and NS for this great gesture.

  43. I think all these predictions will never be realized. There will be an unexpected results of this election. First time voters will make the difference.

  44. @
    Jitney seated ye shah k wafadar shah ke party ko dy Rahay hen itny to us ny khawab me bhe nahi sochin. Time is up ow and almost there.

    Where can you PTI friends hope IK will win a seat to be able to join National Assembly?

    Can any of you PTI friends point out to any anchor person, whether he may be from Malik Riaz’s channels, where somebody worth his name may have predicted even 50 seats for PTI in next elections?

    I understand his is your wish list and you have all the right to have sweet dreams. However, I would request you to be reasonable to an extent that some one should pay any heed to your tall claims. Have you ever seen elections effort? Participated in them? Seen how things grow and move forward on grass root level? What are the dynamics of rural and urban areas? How these affect the outcome of any election?

    And finally have you ever heard or thought about the Pak Islamic Front lead by Qazi? How did it raise hopes and ow did it collapse on the D day?

    I think it is good for IK to first prove his and his part’s worth in next assembly. Let us see how patient and sustainable his party is. How people stand by him waiting for 5 years. Ad then if he is successful then he would be a candidate worth considering if he is able to hold his party intact for next five years in wait.

    Does’nt it sound logical to you?

  45. Want to see Pakistan as a nation grow, prosper, emerge, positively change or do you want to see it stay corrupted, under-developed, and miserable? Your call. It’s your vote in which Pakistan- “our” nation’s name and fate lies. Please think wisely.
    I am not trying to criticise any particular political party here nor am I going to force any of you to vote for a particular person. All I want to say is do not make the same mistake some of us did in the past. Just look at our country. Don’t you want to actually feel proud of it? Wouldn’t you want to be recongnised as an educated, literate, moderate, non-corrupted and advanced nation not only nationally but also interationally? It’s a pity that people would want to vote for such people that have done nothing but taken all it’s assets and have stuffed their own pockets in the last ten years.
    Vote for some one who promises to bring a change. Whose Tsunami will eradicate corruption. Whose symbollic bat will score high at every given chance. Who believes that this nation needs to be saved rather than driven apart. Be wise.

    “I have always believed that one should not be scared of losing, I think that really is the key…”
    “I believed in myself. I never imagined myself as just an ordinary player.”- Imran Khan.

  46. Malik Raiz game succeeded or not! people will decide. Manufactured an accident, when IK was with complete body armor. See my all posts in different threads, I broke news immediately listening election Mukhburei on Kabarnak on 26 April 2013. Soon after it, Malik Riaz paid channel Dunya delivered message and PTI was ready. In quick span of time they prepared an advertisement and gave to all channels, when nation was praying for their leader health. Power is something, for which one can go to any extent. Succeeded in gaining media attention, but one has to die one day. Than no one even Zaradri, Malik Riaz (with all paid journalist), Najam Sethi can help. Blocking roads with 3 vans, 2 cars and 7 bikes for show of fake strength, when even an ambulance is trapped and people crying for route (an hour before on Park Road Islamabad). Abusing people who did net agree with PTI ideology. Allah for your last prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sake protect us from this evil change!

    • @Hassan1995,
      You need to examine your Brain. You are too emotional at this age. You need to study and do something good for the society instead of using your imagination for these things.
      FYI, an advertisement can be out together in less then an hour. It is so easy nowadays.
      But your mind is not working at this time. So relax , even if NS will win I bet you, you will come up some other conspiracy theory for sothing that you donot like.
      Thats my advise..

    • Son of Soil,
      Please stay within the bounds of civility. It appears you have no counter-arguments and hence you are resorting to personal attacks.

  47. Imran Khan used to travel all over Pakistan to rally support for Musharraf.
    When PMLN leadership was in exile he was trying to come to power though Musharraf.

    In 2010 he picked a new Godfather, Pasha who coerced corrupt politiciansfrom all over into jointing PTI.

    Imran Khan also blamed Shahbaz Sharif for power outages in Punjab, conveniently ignoring massive corruption by Zardar in Rental Power Projects.

    Imran Khan should stop protecting Zardari and his corruption
    Watch the truth:

    • @Kruman,
      Have you watched the video of Shahbaz and Malik Qayyum, If not i can send you the link.
      what you say to that , is he still a Saint?

  48. PMLN is weak in sindh and balochistan, may get seat of illahi bux soomro and liaqat jatoi seat only in sindh. In balochistan may be sana zehri and lashkari raisani seat only. In punjab field is vacant due to support from taliban because other parties did not campaighn properly and it is a sighn of weakness for federation, like 1971 elections. PTI have zero presence in sindh and balochistan.Nawaz sharif is less temperamental than zardari, enemistic approach towards opponents and have arrogance. May God keep people and country safe.

  49. I strongly disagrre with your assessment that PTI will win all 3 seats from Attock. I am from Attock District and my realistic assessment is below:

    NA 57 Attock I…..PMLN candidate Sheikh Aftab
    NA 58 Attock II….PMLN candidate Malik Aitbar (my own area)
    NA 59 Attock III…PPPP candidate Sardar Saleem Haider Khan (Due to his excellent services during last five years. He proved that PPPP too has some good people in it.)

  50. Following predictions in favor of PTI are also wrong:
    1 seat from Islamabad
    2 seats from Mianwali
    2 seats from Nowshehra
    5 seats from Lahore

    The last one is most hilarious.

  51. @

    You have actually exposd your back ground here by using the language that may be prevalent in your home.

  52. Son of soil Karachi says:@Hassan1995,
    You need to examine your Brain. You are too emotional at this age. You need to study and do something good for the society instead of using your imagination for these things.
    FYI, an advertisement can be out together in less then an hour. It is so easy nowadays.
    But your mind is not working at this time. So relax , even if NS will win I bet you, you will come up some other conspiracy theory for sothing that you donot like.
    Thats my advise..

    Yes Hassan he is right.

    Why don’t you do some good for the sociey?

    Like he is doing. On an average about 10 people are being brutally murdered in Karachi whose son he calls himself, in taget killing. Every other day there is STRIKE. Street crimes on daily basis. You would not find any family who does have a victim in it who has been looted with his wallet or mobile phone.

    Which is the only city in Pakistan where a political party carries out social service by forcefully snatching sacrificial animal skins on gun point and people are murdered on this issue mercilessly. Where a city of over 20 Million people is SHUT DOWN in 15 minutes as a ” token of respect” for the social serving MQM. Why don’t you start social service of adopting dead bodies and burrying them under some flag?You can also start packing dead bodies in gunny bags and dump them away from city. this will be a BIG service. You can also buy a DRILL MACHINE and start boring the skulls of human beings and their knees or wherever you feel like. This would make people very happy and they would never complain.

    Besides, you must have watched 12 May? Star the same roudiness and become a gangster which is the most appreciated and valued profession in Karachi.

    Finally if all above does not interst you, atleast you can be a part of rent a crowd for 90. All you would have to do is to listen to the mad person’s marathon speeches and occasionally clap in order to tell people you are awake. believe me it is not difficult because all are doing the same there like statues.

    Like it?????

    • @Deevav,
      You always go after MQM.I was giving him an advise. Because he was saying that there was a Conspiracy that IK fell down and an Advertisement was aired so fast.
      I explain it is possible to make advertisement.
      I also says , at this age emotions take over the thinking process. I was like that once at this age.
      What i hate now is everyone is thinking about conspiracy. Whole country think there is a conspiracy for every little thing. This is prevalent in all Muslims society now. In USA also in many muslim communities.

      About Karachi, after election we can debate. Unless people look at root cause they will look for easy target and right now MQM is easy target.

  53. Yesterday it used to be the favourite weapon in the hands of MQM. Conspiracy. Firing any where and agencies have done.

    Discovering torture cells and agencies hand in it.

    Azeem Tariq murder and agencies were involved.

    Altaf hid in Abbassi Shaheed hosp and agencies are behind it.

    Now mushy you seem to be friendly with agencies now and hate conspiracies.
    Your leader is hiding in London due to some conspiraacy that he fears will result in his killing. Karkunan see conspiracy and do not allow Altaf bhagora to return. As if don cares about them. As if don had sought permission from krkunan before running away and acquiring british nationality.
    Poliical prostiture of Pakista, MQM is. Never to be trusted and always after money.

  54. Excellent Analysis. Friends should see that at the bottom of the analysis possible margin of error is also given which makes it quite reliable.

  55. Prediction of 26/4 came true and IK manufactured accident for BAKSHISH VOTE. Remember prediction of 10/5. Zardari/Malik Riaz have made plan to temper election in coordination with IK and with support of Najam Sethi. That is why IK met Najam Sethi/Rehman Malik and did not meet Shabaz Sharif in SKMH. 20000 to 25000 bogus votes per constituency are prepared and share has been given with final shape in SKMH secret meetings. IK room has bee shifted in isolation on threats reason, which is taken over by Zaradari trusted police and IB officials in control. This room will act as TEMPERING ROOM for Pasha Tyrian Investment (PTI). Only trustworthy can enter in this room, meetings if any will be in some other room. Election will be rigged. PML N to wake up and only option to succeed is big lead.

    Tactics will be simple, in lines with MQM. PML N strong hold polling station will be used for law and order disturbance to attract media and LEAs attentions. Selected PPP/PTI polling strong station will be used for rigging by beating and compelling PML N polling agent to save life and leave polling station to PPP/PTI mercy. By the time media or LEAs clear above, ample bogus votes will be polled. Malik Riaz paid media like Dunya, ARY, Such and Din has already created a fake hype.

    Remember 10/5 prediction in lines with 26/4. Shame on all who are planning naya Pakistan on tempering.

  56. MAJOR (R) Tahir Saddiq fron NA -57 will clean sweep the Election 2013 Inshaa Allah ….. I am totally disagree from your analysis regarding NA-57

  57. You are analysing District Attock only on city analysis but for your kind information there are 5 cities s and 109 villages in NA 57 Attock so first check the popularity in villages and ask about the position of MAJOR TAHIR SADDIQ than make an analysis …I Challenge your analysis that inshaa Allah at 11th May Major Tahir Saddiq will lead in all the candidates from start and clean sweep the Elections 2013 from NA 57 INSHAA ALLAH

  58. Jub tk PML N ar PPP illiteracy rate ko consistent rakhegi tab tk aisey analysis bantay rahengain …. Jis din Pakistan k Hr shaks k pass taleemi hathyar huga tub aisay analysis aana ruk jayengain ….

    • @Tanveer,
      Very well said.
      Jis Din we vote by name or Party name not the symbol that be the day.
      Do you know Bangladesh voter Turnout is 85% .
      It shows how far are we… in Political maturity.

  59. I think PTI will beat PPP – and will form powerful opposition which will keep ruling party (PML-N) on its toes.

  60. @Admin
    NA-70 Khushab-II, Tiwanaa + Baloch Alliance decided to withdraw their candidate Sardar Shuja Baloch in favor of Shakir Bashir Awan (PML-N).

    Shakir Bashir Awan (NA-70), Malik Asif Bha (PP-41) and Waris Kalo (PP-42) are almost through now.

    Though it’s not a very bad new for PTI, since Gul Asghar Bughoor (PTI) was not in competition already here. However, PTI may lose couple of Punjab Assembly seat, where they were in the race.

    Since 69 and 70 influence each other, due to brotheries, this development might also affect a very tough fight going in NA-69 Khushab-I, between Sumaira Malik (PML-N) and Umer Aslam Awan (PTI).


  61. @

    There is another world outside Facebook, Internet, and tweet.

    This world is where common people of Pak live. They do not have the luxuries of internet and therefore their voice you can’t hear. Internet world is being monitored and controlled by behind the scene actors with hidden motives. You mummy daddies type can ignore your parents advice and do whatever you feel like. But the rural areas are conservatives with regards to your life style being projected in IK julsas in Lahore and other parts of Punjab with Merasi SalmAn singing and girls dancing with crowd enjoying.

    This rural population is worth 70 percent in Punjab. And they call a singer Merasi since generations whether you like it or not.

    These twweter messeges and facebook is the reason why IK’ s boss Mush is behind the bars now. He also jumped to conclusion on the basis of his popularity on facebook. So now Wait for Allah’s Decision now and we too are waiting. Also remember that those who laid down their lives while defending the geogrophical boundries of Pak and obtained Nishan e Haider and those who are waging Jihad against US occupational forces in Afghanistan, all were from rural areas. And this rural population will Inshallah fight to save Pakistan’s Ideological boundries too Allah Willing.

    This VOICE Will Speak its mind out on May 11 Inshallah.

  62. You [ along with all other ] are avoiding taking name of APML. Any particular reason for not facing the reality ? There is one MNA and one MPA from that party, people have voted for.

  63. Its realy amazing. A stunningly accurate analytical prediction of party positions before May 11, 2013 election. Although PTI could manage only 32 as you predicted and PML N has performed better, how did you “discount” “psunami” and stuck to your guns for not letting more than 32 to PTI, while every body else faltered on that account?

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