Battle of Rawalpindi – PTI/AML vs PMLN

Rawalpindi would witness an extensive battle between between heads of 2 parties, PTI and AML, who are in alliance against PMLN. Imran Khan is contesting against Hanif Abbasi of PMLN on NA-56, while Shiekh Rasheed is challenging Shakeel Awan of PMLN on NA-55.

Neck to neck competition is expected between Hanif Abbasi and Imran Khan, while situation is not so good for Shiekh Rasheed, who was counting on Imran Khan’s wave and his final jalsa in Rawalpindi.

Sheikh Rasheed seems to be the biggest casualty of Imran Khan’s accident and Shiekh can’t attract any big crowd alone with solo Jalsa.

Nawaz Sharif did a huge jalsa in Rawalpindi yesterday in presence of a highly charged crowd of Rawalpindi and the atmosphere seems to be going in PMLN’s favor.

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82 thoughts on “Battle of Rawalpindi – PTI/AML vs PMLN

  1. ہمارے خیال میں حنیف عباسی اور شکیل اعوان آرام سے جیت جائیں گے … کوئی شک ہی نہیں ہے

  2. Nawaz Sharif did a huge jalsa in Rawalpindi yesterday in presence of a highly charged crowd of Rawalpindi and the atmosphere seems to be going in PMLN’s favor.

    Wasn’t Nawaz sharif supposed to cancel his election Campaign for yesterday?

    • @Sami…this jalsa in Pindi was on the same day (May 7) when Imran Khan incident happened in Lahore. Nawaz Sharif suspended his campaign for May 8.

      By the way, Nawaz Sharif along with his supporters also offered Dua for Imran Khan’s health in this same jalsa.

  3. جیت ہار تو گیم کا حصہ ہوتی ہے لیکن

    کل شیخ رشید کو بے شرم کہنے والا اور خدا سے یہ دعا مانگنے والا بانا نیازی آج اسی شیخ رشید کے پاؤں پکڑنے پر مجبور ہے

    سیاست بھی لوگوں کو کس طرح ذلیل کرواتی ہے

    😀 😀

  4. جیت ہار تو گیم کا حصہ ہوتی ہے لیکن

    کل شیخ رشید کو بے شرم کہنے والا اور خدا سے یہ دعا کہ “الله اسے شیخ رشید جیسا سیاستدان نہ بنائے” مانگنے والا بابا نیازی آج اسی شیخ رشید کے پاؤں پکڑنے پر مجبور ہے

    سیاست بھی لوگوں کو کس طرح ذلیل کرواتی ہے

    😀 😀

  5. جی آیاں نوں مہمان جی! آپ کچھ جانے پہچانے سے لگتے ہیں !!–

    • بھائی جی – السلام و علیکم

      یہ لمبی اور دردناک کہانی ہے

      😀 😀

  6. [img][/img]

    ہا ہا ہا ہا ہا ہا ہا

    تحریک انصاف خاندانی سیاست پر یقین نہیں رکھتی

    یہی وجہ ہے کہ عمران خان کی عدم موجودگی میں اسکی نمایندگی کوئی متبادل پارٹی لیڈر نہیں بلکہ عمران خان کی بہنیں یعنی تحریف انصاف کی فریال تالپور اور عذرا پچیجو کریں گی

  7. I feel sorry for S Rasheed coz he totally depends on Imran, which is a bad news for S Rasheed AND HIS POLITICS. His SISTERS will join S Rasheed in Jalsa…shame

    Why he always mourns about moarosi siyasat, while he is doing now himself…..
    Lets see what happens next….PMLN candidates will win with a clear margin….INSHALLAH……..NS NEXT PM OF PAKISTAN

  8. Mr. Hanif Abbasi .. example of politeness…!!!!
    RAWALPINDI: May 8: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) candidate for NA-56, Mohammad Hanif Abbasi, was booked along with 700 supporters for damaging police bus and obstructing the cops from discharging their official duty, police said.

    Police said a convoy of political activists led by PML-N candidate Hanif Abbasi was stopped from taking Benazir Bhutto Road for Liaquat Bagh where his party chief Nawaz Sharif was to address a rally.

    The rally was coming from Rehmanabad and was stopped at Chandni Chowk as the road had been blocked for vehicular traffic.

    They were asked to cover rest of the journey on foot.

    The former lawmaker retaliated and started a quarrel with the police deployed at the barrier.

    Akbar Abbas, police inspector, who was commanding the police unit at the security check point, tried to convince the PML-N leader but he allegedly refused to obey the police officer and insisted on removing the barrier.

    “After the police refused to remove the barrier, the PML-N activists got infuriated and attacked the police bus,” inspector Akbar Abbas said in his complaint adding that the bus driver Jamil Akhtar ran away.

    The angry mob damaged the bus windscreen and indicators (lights) and also obstructed the police from discharging their official duty. Finally the police had to retreat.

    However, the city police officer, Abdul Razaq Cheema, took notice of the incident and ordered the registration of a criminal case against the former lawmaker.

    Apparently, the police are reluctant to take action against the accused, fearing revenge if he returns to the assembly.

    Inspector Akbar Abbas, who was complainant in the FIR, refused to give any further details of the incident.

    Another police officer responded in the same manner when asked whether the police would arrest the accused nominated in the FIR, he said: “Apparently, the police will not proceed in the case before May 11, but a report attached with the copy of the FIR has been sent to the election commission as it was a violation of code of conduct.”

    When the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz contesting candidate Mohammad Hanif Abbasi was contacted on his cellphone, his personal secretary, who gave his name as Amir, said that Mr Abbasi was not available as he was addressing a public meeting at the moment.





  10. PML-N will win Inshallah. NS is the true leader of Pakistan.

    Vote for Tiger means vote for Pakistan.

  11. Salaam

    It was really a sad news about PTI leaders accident but I was more disappointing when PTI guys and supporters starting to enchash it merely to get a political gain and sympathy vote.

    PML(n) is the true team and the “Wave” PTI cheif refererred to shall be in favour of PML(N)and Nawaz Sharif …

    To be fair, What Khan has done so far was pretty much in favour of Zardari and co.

  12. A very Important Political move, Secret Agencies including ISI has taken over the security incharge of Imran Khan at SKMCH. Saleem Safi.

  13. There is no harm to dream about N league winning in Rawalpindi. God save Rawalpindi from people like Hanif Abbasi and other drug and land mafias.
    Inshallah last push will come today from Liaqat Bagh and Islamabad jalsas.
    CHANGE message is penetrating in people brain and heart. Inshallah PTI will win majority of Rawalpindi seats and I am sure that Rawalpindi people will give chance to SHEIKH RASHEED as well. I would like to request to all of you to pray for peaceful power transfer after election.
    VOTE FOR CHANGE to THE CORRUPT SYSTEM, vote PTI, vote PTI, vote PTI, vote PTI, vote PTI, vote PTI, vote PTI, vote PTI, vote PTI,
    Pakistan zindabad.

    • Allah Save Lahore from Land Grabber Abdul Aleem Khan (PTI Lahore President) former Pithoo of Pervaiz Elahi 🙂

  14. One thing is certain, PML-N is not going to be in the govt. At most it will get 80 seats and PPP will form the govt in that case with alliance.

    Vote for PTI to bring something new to the table. I have said several times; if PTI fails you always have the option of falling back to the tested failure Nawaz Sharif.

  15. Imran Khan will lose all three of his seats from Pindi, Peshawar and Lahore.

    The only seat he might win is Mianwali. In 2002 he won this seat with the help of agencies. Musharraf wanted both Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri in the parliament and had agencies secure them one seat each.

    • Yup. In a true Islamic country like Pakistan, we are free to accuse; who cares about proofs. Even so, it’s so shameless of PML-N supporters criticising agencies when their own leader Nawaz urf bhola is a product of agencies. Who knew nawaz before that? Now Imran Khan, he is a real star of pakistan way before he entered politics.

  16. Indha Allah, pml n will win. The efforts imran is desperately trying to make to win seats is just hilarious. At first if was ppp and pti alliance in NA-17 and now this. Wese to hes against ppp, or so he says, but when it comes to coming to power, this guy can do anything.

    • Actually its hilarious how people of Pakistan love to criticise the ruling “elite” and yet fail to break out of the clutches of this elite. Keep doing sajda to one of these 2 families. Sind main Zardari khuda hai aur Punjab main Nawaz. No self respect.

      Udhar wo bhutto kee qabar ko sajday kartay hain, aur punjab main Raiwind ka Mazaar ban gaya hai,

    • Ayubi,
      Keep your blind followers worshipping talk with you. Cause im not the one who kisses the ground on which imran khan walks on.

      Sher ka hamla, toota jalli balla.
      Insha Allah pml n will win,

    • Khiladi bhaii,

      Try to argue objectively .. like usay Takabbur kee Saza milee hai. And your source of Information: A dream of Hamary Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif, and Mian Shahbaz Sharif, and un kee nasal Maryam Nawaz, and Hamza Shahbaz,. aur aagay say un kee nasal.

      Khiladi bhaii, aap Hamza Shahbaz ke bachay ke nappies to saaf kar saktay hain but Imran Khan ko vote naheen de saktay?

      Please learn to respect yourself and get out of this blind following of 2 families.

      Vote for Imran.

    • Ayubi,
      Yes, youve provided me with a very objective argument, yourself. Speed dial to Allah? Astaghfirullah.
      Ill be avoiding and ignoring you in the future. I can get down to your level and answer but, the character shows in the end.

  17. Stop making fool out of innocent people. Four surveys, PML N above. Just in one survey by Asad Omer firm IRIS (Business Management, did great job doing political survey) PTI is competing. International media, magazines, surveys PTI is no 3. Pakistan Intelligence Agencies Survey (ISI, MI, IB, Spec BR) PTI at no 3. Pakistan media less Malik Riaz channels PML leading. As per Malik Riaz paid channels i.e Dunya, ARY, Such, Din and Dehlvi paid journalist PTI is competing and battle would be tough. Latest survey (5 May), which forced IK to manufacture accident (in line with prediction made in Kabarnak of 26/4) IK popularity lost by 10% from 70% to 60%. NS raised from 63% to 66%. I know PTI has Nisar Ahmed fake name, just like Tariq Ismail Sagr to prepare fake surveys in lines with last produced by Asad Omer firm. On ground I am just coming from D Ground Isb, hardly 200 people. Please come to reality, as nobody will accept tempered election with Najam Sethi 20000 to 25000 votes for PTI.

  18. To all the PML-N supporters! Please it’s high time to think in a broader way and think about ONLY PAKISTAN. Please don’t give a chance to those who don’t deserve. They only deserve a place in Jail. They al hav ruined our country and broke all the records of corruption. They all are tried and tested and on that basis they are Rejected by the youth! It’s time for a change. It’s Imran Khan’s time. Atleast we are not the slaves of these Braderi and Cast system like others. We are the PTI supporters.

    Hoping for Naya Pakistan. Inshallah

  19. To all the contributors; for your own good refrain from lying, as Allah’s (swt) curse is upon the liars.
    Don’t sell your Eeman so cheaply, as some of our leaders do for some short term worldy benefit.

  20. it is been two months i am reading forums in this site but it is very unfortunate to see it is completely bised and one directional.

  21. Qualities to consider in our new leader. Our new leader should be:
    Honest and sincere
    Not motivated by personal gains
    Believes in merit and not nepotism.
    All his wealth should be in Pakistan.
    Not in politics to make money but to serve the people.
    And his comrades follow him for his ideology and monetary gains.

  22. To all the PML-N, PPP, MQM supporters! Please it’s high time to think in a broader way and think about ONLY PAKISTAN. Please don’t give a chance to those who don’t deserve. They only deserve a place in Jail. They have been tried many times before and have collectively ruined our country and broke all the records of corruption. They have been tried and tested and on that basis they should be rejected! It’s time for a change. It’s Imran Khan’s time. Please dont be slave of money, braderi, caste system and please stop blind following.

    Hoping for Naya Pakistan. In sha Allah

  23. I’m sure if one could get sympathy votes by mere falling from stage, Nawaz Shareef would definitely try to fall from Arfa building in Lahore. Shareefs can do anything for votes. I’m surprised Shareefs still think they could fool people with their dramebazi and copycat tactics. Shareefs never got bothered with drone attacks and Raymond Davis shooting innocent people on streets of Lahore, they ran off to U.K. at first opportunity.

    • Youre forgetting, it was imran khan who fell and it was imran khan who was promoting his speech and making campaign ads out of his fall and speech from the hospital bed. If thats not dramebazi, than what is, please enlighten me.

    • Source of this insight into hearts?

      Any direct Dialing links with Allah Mian?

      By the way I am sure that piety of Mian Sahibaan and their grandson still in the nappies must be 100% confirmed? Right?

  24. inally IK has politely hinted at MQM 🙂
    he dare not say that Balla will do PHAINTI of Iltaf Bhai 🙂

  25. finally….. some word on KHI Militancy by IK

    good show, sincerely

    now a sixer on Bhutto Grave

    NS & SS can relax 🙂

  26. Finally Pasha Tyrian Investment (PTI) managed to do reasonable jalsa in D Ground Islamabad. Time was 0700 hr PM, I visited at 0730 PM. Merely 250-300 people. Organizers were ringing along GT Road from Peshawar to Gujrat. Finally managed to respectable strength. Where Abou Tyrian tried to do drama, but seems embarce4d. Firstly drama is exposed and 2ndly exposed by media that he met Rehman Malik and Najam Sethi, but did not meet Shahbaz Sharif. To which to my information garatmand Lahoree are highly annoyed. PTI neither went to Sh Rashid jalsa, which flopped for 1000-1200 gathering to maximum. Sh Rashid was also not invited to D Ground. To which supporters of Sh Rashid are extremely annoyed including joker himself. Thinking to take back support from NA 56 for Abou Tyrian. This will make Abou Tyrian extremely difficult to save zamanat. Well still 24 hours to go, PTI organizer may tend apology to AML for this attitude. Best of luck on 11 May 2013.

  27. A believer is not stung from the same hole twice. Take Prophet’s (saw) advice and dont get stung from the same parties (PPP, PML-N, MQM, PML-Q, ANP, JUP-F) again.

    We need to stop supporting the same party or leader unconditionally for the rest of our lives. If you reject them in one election they might learn and mend their ways in the future.

  28. Prediction of 26/4 came true and Abou Tyrian manufactured accident for BAKSHISH VOTE. Remember prediction of 10/5. As per my previous posts, Zardari/Malik Riaz have made plan to temper election in coordination with Abou Tyrian and with support of Najam Sethi. That is why Abou Tyrian met Najam Sethi/Rehman Malik and did not meet Shabaz Sharif in SKMH. 20000 to 25000 bogus votes per constituency are prepared and share has been given with final shape in SKMH secret meetings. Abou Tyrian room has bee shifted in isolation on threats reason, which is taken over by Zaradari trusted police and IB officials in control. This room will act as TEMPERING ROOM for Pasha Tyrian Investment (PTI). Only trustworthy can enter in this room, meetings if any will be in some other room. Election will be rigged. PML N to wake up and only option to succeed is big lead.

    Tactics will be simple, in lines with MQM. PML N strong hold polling station will be used for law and order disturbance to attract media and LEAs attentions. Selected PPP/PTI polling station will be used for rigging by beating and compelling PML N polling agent to save life and leave polling station to PPP/PTI. By the time media or LEAs clear above, ample bogus votes will be polled.

    Remember 10/5 prediction in lines with 26/4

  29. Spreading rumours is just like lying.
    For your own good refrain from lying, as Allah’s (swt) curse is upon the liars. Don’t sell your Eeman so cheaply for some short term worldy benefit.


  30. [img][/img]

  31. [img][/img]

  32. From Jang blogs, a statement that should be written in gold:

    In my previous article (Why I left PTI) I said “Trying something new is good only when it is useful and when it makes sense, otherwise you will end up in more mess.”

    Nothing better can be written about PTI and the change they talk about.

    Disclaimer: Now, I Kruman was never a PTI member or supporter, been PMLN supporter all my life.

  33. کیا کسی ممی ڈیڈی انقلابی نے یہ سوچا ہے کہ

    نواز شریف کی طرف سے جلسے میں عمران خان کے لیے دعائے صحت کروانا اور انتخابی سرگرمیاں منسوخ کرنا اور شہباز شریف کا ہسپتال اسکی عیادت کو جانا انکا بڑا پن ہے اور

    عمران خان کی طرف سے شہباز شریف سے نہ ملنا اور نجم سیٹھی اور رحمان ملک کو ملاقات کے لیے اندر بلانا ایک گھٹیا ترین حرکت تھی

    اور ایسی حرکت جسکی توقع کسی گھٹیا ترین سوچ رکھنے والے شخص سے ہی متوقع ہوتی ہے

  34. لوھاروں کی سیاست۔۔

    عمران خان سیاسی لیڈر ھے وہ لوھاروں کو اتنی ھی اھمیت دیتا ھے جتنا ان جیسے لوگوں کو ملنی چا ھئیے۔ لوھار عمران خان سے مل کر اپنا قد کاٹھ بلند کرنا چاھتا تھا اس لئے عمران نے اس کو اوقات یاد کرا دی ھے۔ کل یو م حساب ھے سب لوھاروں، ملک قیوموں اور چیپ جسٹسوں کا جو لوھاروں کے پیسوں پر پل رھے ھیں۔

    • انصاری بھائی

      لعنتی پرویز مشرف اور الطاف کالیے کے بعد اب بابے نیازی کا نمک بھی کھانا شروع کر دیا ہے

      زیادہ نمک بلڈ پریشر بڑھاتا ہے – اپنی صحت کا خیال رکھا کریں

      😀 😀

  35. لوھار بمقابلہ عمران خان۔

    لوھاروں کی پیدائش فو جیوں کی گود میں۔
    لوھاروں کی لوٹ مار عدالتی فیصلوں میں۔
    لوھاروں کے محافظ ملک قیوم اور چوہدری افتخار۔
    لوھاریوں کی حکمرانی نظام سقہ سے بد تر۔
    اور اب لوھاریوں کے پروموٹر کرائے کے لکھاری۔

    عمران خان پر ایسے ایسے ہزار لوھاروں کو قربان کیا جا سکتا ھے۔

    الطاف کی پاکستان کے سب سے زیادہ پڑھے لکھے کراچی کے شہریوں کے دلوں میں جو مقبولیت تھی اور ھے وہ شاید لوھاروں کے خریدے ھوئے طرفداروں کی سمجھ میں نہیں آسکتی۔

    ھم سخن فہم ھیں غالب کے طرفدار نہیں۔

  36. salam
    @Ansari Sahab

    I can understand ur frustration, u don’t have any logical thing to say to defend ur spiritual leader mush..that’s y whenever anyone writes about the notorious acts of traitor mush, u start bashing lawyers, judges, nawaz sharif etc. and now u r trying to give this thing ethnic color that’s y u said if mush is sentenced then this act will create hatred in one ethnic group of pakistan like 71. mush cannot be compared with the leaders of then east pakistan….his uniform had all those illegitimate power, the moment he removed uniform, he didn’t remain of the worth of a penny.. no one would care if he is hanged and secondly..u praised altaf tratior who once declared creation of pakistan a blunder…u know what is the greatest fear for altaf which is not allowing him to come to pakistan… his own people… the moment he’ll come to pakistan.. his own people will shoot him… i hope u know the reality… i know in reply u’ll start bashing nawaz sharif, judges and lawyers again…. which would not make any sense as usual.

    once again for ur shair….a great slogan for him…. dekho dekho kaun bhaaga geedar bhaaga geedar bhaaga!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a spirit that was.

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  37. A believer is not stung from the same hole twice. Take Prophet’s (saw) advice and dont get stung from the same parties (PPP, PML-N, MQM, PML-Q, ANP, JUP-F) again.

    We need to stop supporting the same party or leader unconditionally for the rest of our lives. WE ARE NOT THEIR SLAVES AND THEY DONT OWN US.

    If you reject them in one election they might learn and mend their ways in the future.

    I want to try PTI / Imran Khan this time. It will be unfair not to give them a chance. If they fail we can always go back to the old parties next time.

  38. Keep on praising paymaster….LOHAR

    I wonder people don’t feel shame even after hearing LOHAR junior’s conversation with Justice Qayyum, This is Begherati Unlimited.

    Who cares about mushi or altaf kalia… LOHARS are the worst in politics, this is the only message to be understood.

    Daikho daikho kon bhaga…
    kidhar bbhaga kahan bhaga
    hansta bhaga rota bhaga
    Saudia bhaga, London bhaga…

    Sher bhaga ya geedar bhaga…. gili shalwar wala bhaga….!!

    What a creature LOHAR is…. shameless, brainless, characterless.

  39. MHANSARI… Sharam Magar thumay nahi atti….

    Jooa Imran Kay saay sham-e-gharabian manoow over loss of Jemeima Khan which he even mentioned in his last speech…

    Sharam maghar thumay nahi atti…..

    NAYA Pakistan = Besharam Pakistan!


  40. salam
    once again signs of frustration r clear in mr. ansari’s revengeful comment. he is after lohar but what about a taxi driver who on the basis of extortion money became the don of karachi and then escaped like a jackal and took refuge in england but before escaping he back stabbed his own workers, actually altaf bhatta khor betrayed his own workers, he entrapped his workers and then ran away…. now some of his workers r eagerly waiting for him that some day he’ll come and they can given him warm welcome by firing a bullet on his head, that’s y he is sitting in london and receives extortion money from karachi…. what a performance by him ”burqe main rehne do..”.

    what mushi did with honorable judges of supreme court after that no mushi die hard fan like u have moral authority to say anything else about judges or anyone else’s act.. even now motahidda qaatil movement has disowned traitor mushi… n u don’t know the difference between forcing someone into exile to saudia and running away… nawaz sharif was forced into exile.. whereas traitor mush because of fear of trial as he resigned due to the fear of impeachment and before resigning he tried to dissolve then newly elected assemblies but dogar who was his man refused to validate this possible act because at that time dogar had sold his loyalties to zardari….

    keep saying day and night lohar lohar…. and remember so (100) sunaar ki aik lohar ki…..

    i guess u have mush’s big photograph in ur drawing room and day n night u salute him.. keep doing that…

    but remember that recent slogan for mush when he was running away from court room, that slogan got universal popularity.

    ”dekho dekho kaun bhaaga geedar bhaaga bhaaga”!!!! i know this slogan is agonizing for u but face the reality Sir!!!

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  41. I will NOT vote for PML-N or PPP, we have already tried them many times with overall disappointing performance and corruption every time.

    We are not slaves of Sharif or Bhutto/Zardari family, they don’t own us. If they don’t perform they must be rejected.

    Free your mind and stop blind following corrupt people irrationally.

    Try PTI / Imran Khan this time.

    Imran Khan has his flaws but OVERALL he is;

    Honest and sincere




    Not motivated by money

    All his wealth is in Pakistan

    Has some very intelligent and honest people around him.

    Strict on merit not nepotism, his own cousins didn’t get party tickets. Javed Hashmis’s daughter did not get reserve ticket for women.

    Unlike Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, Imran’s comrades follow him for his ideology and not monetary gains.

    Let’s try PTI / Imran Khan this time. It will be unfair not to give them a chance. If they fail we can always go back to the old parties next time.

  42. @

    I already warned u about this guy ansari. He is a LIAR. And quotes hadish sharif to suithimself. Heis worshipper of altafand bows down to mush.

    He deserves MQM and the tyrantmush type os leaders.

    Now he isbefooling bloggers fromotherparts of Pak sepcially from Punjab while he himself will sat,p his god altaf yani MQM. He desrves to be ignored.

    However this some light of Zardari MQM, PMLQ, PTI and ANP plot against PMLN. PMLN isrequired to bepunished forrestoration of judges, for opposing military dominance i Pak politicsetc.

    Hopefully People will understanditwhen they find MQM walas supporting IK and PTI. E abusesu wrote on the walls of K i Ansari, have u forgotton those? People of Pak have not forgotton .

  43. عمران خان کو ووٹ دینے کا مطلب زرداری اینڈ کو ایک ٹرم اور دینا ھے اور ایسا کوئی بیوقوف ھی کریگا، عمران خان بیرونی اور اندرونی طاقتوں کا ایک مہرہ ھے جو اسے استعمال کرکے ایک کمزور حکومت اور من پسند نتائج حاصل کرنا چاھتی ھیں
    ووٹ کا استعمال سوچ کے ورنہ مارے جاؤ گے
    عمران کی جلسوں میں استعمال کردہ زبان اسکے کردار اور اھلیت کی شناخت کے لیے کافی ھے
    عاقل نوں اشارہ کافی، لوڑ نیں دفتر دی

  44. @

    Why can’t u stop using Joothay tweets in the name of Safi?

    This all what PTI is all about. LIARS and DECEIVERS like their leader Father of Tyrian.

  45. Allah (swt) can forgive if HE wills, sins like drinking gambling fornication if sincere taubah is made.

    However a CHOR’s chori does not get forgiven even if he/she dies a Shaheed. Chor has to return what was acquired illegaly.

    Will Zardari, Sharif family and their cronies ever return the looted wealth ?

    Also refrain from cursing each other as Prophet (saw) said;
    “Cursing a believer is like killing him.”
    “Believer does not slander, curse, or speak in an obscene or foul manner”

  46. Benazir, Nawaz Sharif, Musharraf, Zardari, Altaf have disgraced Pakistan and Pakistanis all over the world.

    Imran Khan ne Pakistan ka naam roshan kiya hay. All Pakistanis even Imran’s adversaries are proud to have Imran Khan as their fellow country man.

    Imran Khan is a leader of all kinds of Pakistanis; liberals & conservatives, rich & poor, young & old, men & women, educated & uneducated, paindoos and burger families…. accross the whole spectrum.

    A tailor, a painter etc were elected as leaders of the party.

    My VOTE and my DUA is for IMRAN KHAN. May Allah swt gives him a chance to lead Pakistan successfully.

  47. pmln bohla gaee hay…

    @deeva “This all what PTI is all about. LIARS and DECEIVERS like their leader Father of Tyrian.” … Sher mar giya babloooo…. yeh jhoota propaganda nahee chaley gaa.. bring something new…. lol… you guys r pissing your pants.

  48. Finally PTI and PPP announced their alliance in Public.
    PPP candidate Fardoos Ashiq Awan which was contesting from two National assembly seats NA-110 & NA-111 decided not to contest from NA-110 and announced his support for PTI.

    Shame on PTI & PPP.

    PML-N will win Inshallah.

  49. Javed Sheikh has posted a comment on the Forum stating that there is no national party or nationally popular leader.

    I offered a comment in reply but becasue my comments are not allowed to be published, I am posting those here with the hope that Javed Sheikh will read these and offer a reply

    Javed Sheikh

    I am a bit confused. What do you mean by a National Party or a Nationally Popular Leader.

    By generally accepted understanding, a party is a national party when in elections it achieves a mojorty or the highest percentage of vote cast and ipso facto the leader of such a party is the nationally popular leader.

    Your statement implies that Bhutto (the fther) and Bhutto (daughter) were never nationally popular leaders or the PPP was never a national party.

    What do you say?

  50. @
    Diamonds & Ayubi

    Hun aram ae? Tassali ho gae ya abhe koi kaser hy?

    Sn of ?

    And what about the behaviour exhibitted by drunkard, terrorist, bhatta khor and haramkhor Altaf Kalia’s yesterday’s speech? Was it bad or what Hanif Abbassi did? Do you have any values in Karachi?

    Your kalia attacked his Nazeryati ally IK’s party. Now PTI is protesting. Why? The nazeryati partners should resolve the issue between them. Baber Ghouri and Alvi of PTI fought like dogs in capital talk last night. Alvi went mad exactly MQM wala gets mad when altaf is criticised, when Ghouri pointed out about Tyrian, allegedly IK’s daughter. The fight was worth seeing. Exposing both nazaryati partners at the same time in one show.

  51. @shermergaya

    Haan ge ab batao. Sher mara ya Balla tutta phaja pya ae?

    Jo log khud sakhta khuda bun jaty hen unky saath Allah yehi kerta hy.

    Arrogant, uncultured IK’s lovers, IK lamba para hy aur balla toot gaya. Aur aap ko pata hy pathan waisy he baray nerm dil aur khullay demagh k hoty hen. Ab balla KPK me panahguzeen hy.

    Ballay se IK ny apni he PHENTY laga le. Takaber ka yehi anjam hota hy.

    And by not even bothering to congratule Nawaz Shareef on his electoral win, he has ruined all the chances of a recovery in Punjab because people of Punjab do like to share the good or bad times of even their rivals. Besides this is a demand of courtesy which arrogant Chanda Khan does ot know about.

  52. @

    I am impressed with your quotations. And what does Allah and His Last Messenger Muhammad Salallah o Alaihe Wassalam has said about the person who calls his political rivals as ” Dengue Bratheran, Patwarion ke Paidawar and Oey Nawaz Shareef”?

    Pleae enlighten us about this aspect. Also tell us the reward of him who does ot reply to a jahil and tolerates his ill language?

  53. Imran should not speak like that, and yes Nawaz has shown restraint for which he will be rewarded.

    Unfortunately this is Pakistani political. Nawaz used to speak like that about Benazir but I he is not like that anymore, he is now gentle with his words which should be commended.

    I think Zardari also shows restraint with his words when Imran called him ‘Pakistan ki sab se bari bemari A A Zardari’ and Shahbaz said ‘zaradari to ulta taang doon ga’.

    Because our leaders speak like that we can see on this and other forums how rough and uncivilised people are with each other.

    However, gentle words will not wipe away corruption, Zardari, Nawaz and their cronies must return our wealth which has been looted and laundered abroad. This is the main reason why Pakistanis are suffering, in addition to mismanagement.

  54. @

    Are you out of your Sham e Ghareeban?

    Are you now out of your dreams?

    Now that you have been shown the true mendate of Pakistanis, do you feel anything like “accepting your defeat decentyl”?

    Decency is a wrod not found in the dictionary of PTI walas who are now on the streets beating their chests. And ofcourse rounaq k liay girls are alsow ith them the whole night. Who could have thought of this Pakistan?

  55. Problem with MQM is that they have manipulated the TV and print media to show what face they want to show. They can also collected thousands of id cards from people to ensure that there is good gathering to show to live TV. Now biggest issue for them is that Twitter and facebook is out of their control. So they are in big trouble. Rather than changiing their own killer mindset, they are blaming twitter and facebook that why people call them bad words. HOw stupid they are? People just are mirrow, show them what they are. Somebody need to tell them that just by speaking difficult urdu and speaking slowly, you can not pretent smart. Onething you all notice is that all MQM tv people speak very slowly because they are not speaking from subconcious, they have to think first and then speak whereas other parties (mostly) speak without thinking too much as they dont have to invent story to hide something.

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