Arrogance of a Rock Star

It was interesting to follow the tweets of supporters of various political parties during the last few weeks of election campaign. One of the most interesting, funny and somewhat arrogant tweets were of a Rock Star Salman Ahmed of Junoon band, who was campaigning for PTI.

There is nothing wrong to be enthusiastic and positive for the victory, but one should not cross the lines of decency and should not become self-appointed spokesperson for majority of Pakistani nation to save himself from embarrassment at later stage.

Here are some of selected tweets from Salman Ahmed:













36 thoughts on “Arrogance of a Rock Star

  1. It’s in our culture to be emotional for nothing, to start fighting while going down the street, to have punga with a passer by. In short, pathetic attitude from this man.

    • we Pakistanis have given up isla,,so our culture is this ghaleez hindu culture like sulman khan.arrogant and kammena culture

  2. PTI has taken the wrong route by giving key ministries to JI.
    Not being on good terms with maulana could be icing on the cake. Cherry on the icing is giving up on the NA-1 seat.
    So much to say for the political acumen.
    I do recall IK preferring young blood over experience in all his campaign slogans. Maybe he didn’t remember that while preferring khattak over asad qaiser.

  3. Well, what can i say?
    Its not the first time ive seen pti supporters cross their limits, like leader like followers.

  4. Their leader called maulana fazlu munafiq and to worry about his akhirat on may 11th. The man who called ye balla circus ke sher ke 11 may ko phenti laga de ga, ‘oye nawaz sharif’, whose followers abuse and attack personally pml n supporters forget that these were the same brothers who postponed their jalsa, who got ijtimai dua done for his health, who forgave him after winning elections and even apologized for any mistake on their part and the same brothers who are giving him a chance in KPK while they could have teamed up with JI and formed government there.
    Carry on, pti followers, and then you question why pti lost elections. Allah is Knows and Sees all.

  5. I feel pity on administer. If discussion has to be generated, must be on noble man. Do this KANJAR is worth enough to be discussed. Shame on who created this thread!

  6. Pakistan will never succeed until we start thinking like one nation. We have more hatred and contempt for our brothers than for our enemies. Elections are over and we are still wasting our time in either doing chamchay bazi or insulting others.

    Many regulars on this forum want PTI to fail and ruin KP. It seems, they will get a lot of satisfaction if Allah forbid that ever happens and our people suffer more than they already have.

    Clearly this forum is showing to the world Pakistan is a fragmented nation of very sick people.

  7. Pasha Tyrian Investment (PTI) is disgracing Pakistan though their BURGER CLUB. They do not have evidence and making manufactured video based on previous elections, particularly by election. FAFEN was fixed today by ECP. See profile of this NGO, sponsors mean WEST sponsors are same who want technocrat Government in Pakistan, later invested on Abdul Shakoor Qadri (joker already fixed by SCP, Mubasher Luqman paid Malik Raiz employee is giving him life)and PTI to block entry of LION into Pakistan politics. I always bow head to Allah that He the kind saved us from evil change. Even PTI sister sponsored NGO FAFEN submitted apology to ECP, said out of 9000 polling stations they monitored irregularities were found in only 49, which comes to .06%. Mean election were fair by 99.94%. Other international media also agree with it including EU. They consider their effort to block LION failed as PTI BURGER CLUB is impotent. Look their CHEERLEADER is feeling ashamed to come in open, refuging in SKMH, whereas on poor people in fall are at their homes. Malik Riaz paid channels and anchors are also degrading Pakistan on direction of PTI key investor (one of among many) Malik Raiz. PTI is so impotent that did not have courage to accept Saad Rafique challenge and a clown who win after tempering in posh ladies polling stations Shafqat Loota, even said their is no fun in thumb impression, as ballot paper did not contain it. It will be hard to know, who is voted for by whom.

    Losers are asking BAKSHISH on Lalak Chowk Lahore and Karachi using BURGER CLUB and SKMH employees. Kanwer Dilshad (master temper of election in 2008), who is Election Cell employee of PTI is giving comments on various channels as neutral expert. Government to take action, as if it is right of BURGERs to protest, it is also human right of commoner that his life is not disturbed.

    Stop disgracing Pakistan and earn with respect. In BAKSHISH (charity) you even can not get burger from KFC/MacDonald. You sell your JUNOON at Bhatti gate Lahore and Boat Basin Karachi to earn it. So stop thinking for BAKSHISH seat in our Pakistan Parliament.

    • Can some one send this Kid @Hassan1995 to school. He need to grow up from the conspiracy mentality. Elections are over .
      Now from Ethnic division, we have Burger club and poor/middle class classes.
      MQM is also saying same that middle class is with them and Burger/educated class with PTI , i am trying to comprehend if KPK is Burger class as they voted PTI.
      Even Saad Rafique on Hamid Mir sais teh samethat these English speaking Women of PTI etc..

    • m khan.its true that only burgers mummy daddys and secular youth are with pti.thats why its a fact that in kpk the pti,s mandate is fake,they were given majority their by agencies so kpk people also become secular and stop doing jihad against America….this is a fact and writing is on the wall!do fair elections in kpk today and pti wont win more than 5 seats I assure u,IT WAS AGENCIES WILL THATS WHY N LEAGUE ALSO DID not dare to form govt in kpk with jui f.though they could have of they wanted!its so so clear!

  8. This pkpolitics site has been developed and maintained by Nawaz League’s TUTTPOONCHIAYs…. Jitnee marzee Bakwaas ker loo our Noonion ke tarifain ker loo… Atlast it will be our loving country, Pakistan, which will suffer more due to these corrupt Sharifs…..

  9. for all pml nooras,
    I’m not really PTI member nor voter, but now i’m a supporter. You guys are just avoiding change. You finding no problem with thieves, because at least they have an experience of the theft. Those ideals who are committing themselves against the evil, you find them novices. Remember, you are doing what kufaar-e-makkah used to do with the holy prophet.
    I know you can’t understand, but please try – of course, miracles do happen!

    • what frigging change?pti also has low level knjers meerasis and looters and corrupt liberal fascists like other parties,which change pti morons are talking about?america gave you p[pl seats in kpk so you can change culture of kpk into meerasi cultre so jihad can end their,but you will fail and like anp Taliban will make you inshalah extinct

    • so now youre down to comparing Holy Prophet PBUH with imran khan?
      if you read your sentence again, youll find out what i mean to say.
      also, youre saying that those who didnt vote or support imran khan are wrong because imran khan is committing himself against evil? isi liye wo LA court me pesh honay se chup gaya, isi liye he wrote in his book about him gambling, isi liye he calls others munafiq, isi liye he personally attack others? isi liye he has admitted of being a play boy? isi liye he has his kids being raised by a jew, becoming nn-muslims? itna he accha aur against all evils hai to pehle apne aap pe lage sub ganday aur ghatya ilzam ko prove wrong keray ya accept keray aur phir logon ko preach kernay niklay about change

  10. for all pml nooras,

    Regarding IK’s preference on experienced people over the young, I think IK is just trying to learn from Nawaz Sharif. After all Nawaz Sharif has all the evils that he (and you stupids) criticize(s) IK against.

    Don’t preach what IK shoudl do, first and foremost try yourself to understand that what YOU must do. talk thereafter. Otherwise, dont’ burry head in your own arse (or just do it ;)).


  11. @
    Salmn Mersai and PTI Inqelabiyo

    Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, next PM of Pakistan Inshallah, went to SKMH to meet IK. He said to IK, ” Hun Araam ee?”

  12. @

    Your only treatment is that you dip yourself in BURNOL and may be the burning willl go.

    Otherwise there is no treatment for you. Keep burning we welcome it.

    And the language you use is typical of your leader Chanda Khan. So he drowned and so will you.

  13. its true that only burgers mummy daddys and secular youth are with pti.thats why its a fact that in kpk the pti,s mandate is fake,they were given majority their by agencies so kpk people also become secular and stop doing jihad against America….this is a fact and writing is on the wall!do fair elections in kpk today and pti wont win more than 5 seats I assure u,IT WAS AGENCIES WILL THATS WHY N LEAGUE ALSO DID not dare to form govt in kpk with jui f.though they could have of they wanted!its so so clear!

  14. We always supported PMLN but this time we supported pti. It won election in oir village, i didn’t notice any ridging in my town. Almost 90% in my area voted pti. I like their manifesto. They want to fix the system.

  15. @

    who supports PTI, please refere to the picture posted by BAWA on the same blog.

    Atleat i do not belong to this group Alhamdulillah. However you may do as you wish.We are only watch this fan club silently but keenly.

  16. @

    This you woulld have to admit that PTI is followed by a special class. There are two types here. One in Karachi. Here people who were supporters of MQM and after failing to even acknowledge that they belonged to or supported MQM due to madness of Altaf, they switched the sides. They needed a break and they got it. In fact they did not want to support PMLN due to their hate for punjabl based party.

    Others all over the country are those (majority) who have nothing to do with religion. They are of seculer school of thought. They follow west and want Pak like west. i mean in giving liberation to women like west has done. Else who can even think of sending their sisters or daughters to whole night long Dherna? These are special brand of people who do not care if these girls were actually facing threat in whole night dherna along with Lahori youth.

    • @Deevav,
      As for PTI and Karachi, I told you b4. It is not the Punjabi based party. NS was a coalition partner once with MQM. I attend that biggest combined opposition Jalsa in Katachi, where JI, NS, Altaf all were there. The Military action by NS cut off his roots from Karachi. You will disagree with reasons that is your choice.
      PTI are new, people think this is an alternative given most young want to jump ship and join PTI. You cannot Stop.
      As for Liberal, I am thinking why JI join PTI in Govt taking Education ministry.
      As i know all PTI, NS, JI, JUI-F are pro Taliban , thats the common thread.
      Think over , may be i am missing something about your analysis of Liberal, Girls etc…

  17. There criterion of judging how Islamic a society is to count how many girls are wearing jeans and how many are in shalwar qameez.

    Narrow-minded, fickle or just simply ignorant.

  18. yar pakistan mein azzadi hai, sab faida uthatai hein, ager salman nai kuch kaha hai to kissi kon takleef kiyon.

  19. Now that the dust has settled to some an extent. PTI leadership should seriously meditate over what went wrong. They lost steam in the final overs and and continuing to do so. They unrealistically reaised the hopes of their supports to skies, rather to the fartherst galaxy in the universe. They sincerely believed their immature leader that he would change Pakistan in one night.

    Please wake up, this is a long struggle. If you do not realized your mistake, the party will vanish in the coming five years. IK said nations are not build by constructing roads but by education and now he has handed over the education ministry to already tested mullahs. The next blunder is handing over the most important finance ministry to the same mullah. It is yet to be seen what other ministries will go to other coalition groups. Allah knows what “hashar” they will make of KPK.

    Now for God sake calm down and stop nonesense false propaganda. Enough of making people and yourselves fools.

  20. This Salman Ahmed is a fool, he tried to make people fool and at the end made himself a fool. Our great leader his excellency Imran Khan Niazi, also did exactly the same.

  21. He was absolutely right in his arrogance..I would have been even worse if people start question my religion just in political combat!!

  22. I wonder if Salman knows he actually sounds little a “stupid little brat”…this is why Nawaz won the elections and not Imran. Nawaz has civilized, smart, educated and a practical team with him, not some emotional misguided hollywood inspired fools. but then again, Salman was never our mentor or someone we ever looked up to. I guess he plays guitar and now he is learning to speak and socialize and very soon he will be forgotten!

  23. Bey sura rock star…..Rock star my foot……Lanaat hai is per jis ko sur lee tameez nahi hai aur TV per bakwas kar ta phir ta hai…….He makes me laugh. What an idiot.,

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