Munir Malik Appointed as Attorney General

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has appointed Munir Malik as Attorney General of Pakistan. He is ex-President of Supreme Court Bar Association and was on front line against General Musharraf and his emergency of 3rd November 2007.

The following article from The News published in 2007 highlights some of the ordeal that Munir Malik went through for standing up against General Musharraf:


“It was psychological torture to the worst degree,” says Munir A Malik, former President Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), talking about his three-week ordeal in prison before he was belatedly taken to hospital with renal failure. “It can drive a person insane to be lying on a bed staring at the ceiling for 16 hours.”

Malik was arrested on Nov 3 from his hotel room in Islamabad. His colleague Justice (retired) Tariq Mahmood (who also got ill in prison) was with him earlier. Both had just reached Islamabad when they heard about the emergency. Expecting the arrest, Malik waited in his hotel room with the door open. The police arrived at about 10.30pm and took him to Kohsar police station where he deposited his cell phone. He arrived at Adiala Jail at 3am, half an hour after Aitzaz Ahsan.

The following day the superintendent said Malik was being transferred “to a ‘better class’, by which he meant B Class. Aitzaz threatened to bang his head against the wall until it bled if they removed me. They left.”

The superintendent was transferred, having apparently lost the trust of the agencies running the show. “The new Superintendent had a Taliban-style beard and no moustache,” says Malik. “He is the man who was Yusuf Raza Gillani’s, [PPP Leader] nemesis when he was in Jail. I was woken up at 2am and told he wanted to see me. We woke up Aitzaz. Hameed Gul (who was brought in with his son that day) offered to go with me, but I said no, Aitzaz is my leader. The superintendent said I was being transferred to Attock. Aitzaz again wanted to resist, but I refused. They would have taken me by force.”

At around 3am, Malik was put in a police mobile along with Siddique-ul-Farooque, [PML Leader], who was being sent to Bahawalpur Jail — via Attock! Farooq had to endure the bumpy four-hour long ride to Attock, plus many more hours to Bahawalpur in the south. It was bitterly cold. The prisoners did not have adequate clothing. They arrived at Attock at 6.30 am, where plainclothesmen took Malik through a side gate, and into a room.

“Inside was a mean-looking fellow, weighing about 200 pounds, with a shawl over his shoulders. He thumped his chest and said, ‘You know who I am? I am the person against whom the first suo moto action was taken’ [i.e. by Chief Justice of Pakistan]. He wanted to know where Hamid Khan (another former SCBA President) was — he had said that if Musharraf’s uniform would have to be peeled off if it was a ‘second skin’.”

Uniformed policemen searched Malik so thoroughly “that if they had been looking for a needle in a haystack they would have found it.” He was glad he had removed his money from his socks and handed it in (it was deposited into his account). He was finger printed and photographed like a criminal. Plainclothesmen then took him to the old part of the jail to an area marked ‘Maut-yafta qaidiyon ke liye’ – for prisoners condemned to death. “There was no one else there. They opened a cell and pushed me in.” The cell was bare, with a high ceiling and a concrete slab for a bed. Malik was provided a rough blanket, a rug and a pillow.

“At 8.30am, someone brought a bucket of tea and raw ‘nan’ (bread) which they offered through the bars. I refused it, saying I was on hunger strike — that is something I learnt from Aitzaz, as a very effective means of protest in jail. I told them I was not a criminal; I was brought there under preventive detention, not charged with any offence.”

Malik used his account to get another blanket and a pillow, but was still cold. However, the cold was easier to endure than the isolation. “It was difficult to pass the day. At 4pm they lock you in until breakfast. You can only lie on the mattress and stare at the ceiling. I listened to the trains and reconciled their timings with my watch. The first train went by at 6am. I had no newspapers, nothing. I started scratching on the wall to record the days, to retain my sanity and sense of time. On the second day, I was still on hunger strike.”

The jail superintendent said Malik was not in solitary confinement, but there was no other accommodation. “I asked if I could have something to read, but for that, he said the orders would have to ‘come from above’.”

At around 6 pm on Nov 7, Malik’s solitary confinement ended, although he was allowed no visitors until four days after — close family and one legal counsel (he appointed Tanvir Paracha, a local advocate). He was taken to the new portion of the jail, ‘Pehra number four’, a quadrangle with sixteen cells, about 8×4 feet each, with a concrete ‘bed’ slab. Malik was put in Cell no. 6, “the ‘qusuri’ cell meant for prisoners who had violated a jail rule or. They would be shackled if they were considered dangerous.”

Each cells could accommodate one person (“and even that was suffocating”) but contained three to four prisoners each. They were sent elsewhere when Malik was brought in. Apparently the barrack was needed for lawyers and those resisting the emergency.

Seven other lawyers were brought in at around 3am from Multan, having been picked up from courts. Others came in and were released over the coming weeks. One lawyer came in from Sahiwal.

“He was among the 41 who were injured during a torch-lit procession during the lawyers’ movement to restore the chief justice. The police threw acid at them. His face was still disfigured. The Sahiwal bar has given the greatest sacrifices. The police filed an anti-terrorism case against them. The lawyers filed a direct complaint against police brutality. The Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court froze their file to protect the police,” alleges Malik.

Malik ended his hunger strike because the local PML-N representative, former MNA Sheikh Aftab sent breakfast for the prisoners. “He was very generous and sent food for all of us, even when at one point there were 26 of us (when PPP workers were arrested and brought in).”

The first four cells of the barracks were apparently reserved for Nawaz Sharif: carpeted, air-conditioned bedroom with mattress, kitchen with fridge, study with table, and a bathroom. The bedroom was the only place with an electric socket where an ECG machine could be plugged in when a doctor from Attock General Hospital came to check the prisoners after newspapers reported that Malik was unwell. “He checked all the prisoners, we got to lie on the mattress for 30 minutes.” They were allowed in the open courtyard from 7.30am till 4pm, but it was difficult to pass the time after being locked in for the night. The cell was cold and uncomfortable. Malik would fall asleep around 10pm. The light bulb hanging from the ceiling stayed on 24 hours.

By Friday, Nov 9, Malik started getting ill. The jail doctor catered to 1,400 prisoners (the facility has a capacity of 340). The medicines prescribed were often not available in Attock, and someone had to go to Rawalpindi to purchase them. Malik’s medication was frequently changed. It did not work, and he had to take sleeping pills at night.

“When I had visitors, I had to say I was fine. It was for them to judge from my body language. There was always someone from ISI standing behind me and I feared repercussions. By the next Friday (Nov 16) I could feel the fluid shifting from one side to the other in my stomach. Specialists from outside hospitals came to see me. They all said I should be transferred to hospital, but no one did anything.” One specialist extracted water from Malik’s stomach with a syringe. Contrary to the impression of his family and friends, he was never transferred to the jail hospital.

“By the third Friday (Nov 23) I was completely incoherent, unable to even get up.” He doesn’t remember much of the next couple of days, after being finally taken to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad. By then, he was near death. Doctors say it is a miracle he survived. He has undergone dialysis four times since then. He was transferred from PIMS to the Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplant in Karachi, on Nov 29.

He is still weak, but recovering and able to take a small daily walk. The doctors are still investigating whether any permanent damage has been inflicted on his kidneys. He still has trouble sleeping, as the tubes inserted for the dialysis procedure do not allow him to turn on his side.

Many imprisoned lawyers around the country were released after they signed undertakings promising not to take part in politics. However, Malik received no such offer. In any case, he says that he “would have died rather than sign such an undertaking”.

Source: The News – 11 December 2007

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37 thoughts on “Munir Malik Appointed as Attorney General

  1. @
    A very good choice Masha Allah. He is a decent man and has shown resilience against tyrant dictator. He would be a very good anchor person between govt and judiciary.

    And even more happy for the ouster of last AG. He was arrogant like IK and misbehaved in SCP.

    Alhamdulillah he is licking dust now like Fasih Bukhari, Wajid Shamsul hassan etc.

    • @
      Yeah, now all bases are covered to cover the crimes of all outstnading cases in NAB.
      1: SC is on NS side from day one.
      2: Opposition leader was installed with PPP so new NAB chief will cover both PPP and NS old cases
      3: Munir Malik is installed so state even cannot fight any case against NS or PPP.
      WOW smart planning..
      Credit goes to both Zardari and NS.

  2. Munir Malik is a good choice by Nawaz Sharif. Malik has a track record of man of principle, a good lawyer, his scrifices and fight for restoration of Judiciary in which he is one of the frontmen.

    I wish him success in his new portfolio and hope he would be a bridge between judiciary and executive that was missing during the past regime.

  3. salam

    no doubt Mr. munir a mailik is a great choice by nawaz sharif, he was one of the leading characters in judicial movement..lawyers from all over pakistan respect him a lot, i still remember in one of the programs during that time raza qasoori accused munir malik to have been involved in bribery to lead that judicial movement then munir malik swore to GOD and said that he has not got a penny from someone then raza qasoori started abusing him in that program but munir malik didn’t reply, he just acted gracefully, the very next day an angry lawyer blackened the face of qasoori outside court by spraying black color on qasoori’s face… later when that lawyer was interviewed, he replied that he was unable to sleep last night after hearing that abusive remarks from qasoori for munir malik then he decided to teach qasoori a lesson.

    will munir malik also go after the mehran gate scandal, in which nawaz sharif’s involvement cannot be ruled out… although verdict has been given generally about that scandal but i don’t think munir malik will further go into that…

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.

  4. Mr. Munir Malik is really a clean and responsible person. There is no doubt in it, we had saw his efforts regarding the Judicial Movement. I wish him best of luck for his upcoming works as Attorney General.

  5. @

    Mr. Munir Malik will also follow up cases of 12 May and assist court in this regard. Altaf is crying for inclusion in Sind govt. Many target killers have been arrested in Karachi. Mr. Muniz Malik himself is a victim of MQM Mafia’s brutal tactics and so are CJP.

    Yes my Karachite, Altaf’s crime partner, Mushy tyrant’s worshipor and “Jeetay jaggy Insano ko Thinka lagany walas k Crimes me Muhammad collaborator” you will be having a tough time. Me fact that PMLN is in power and Nawaz Sharif is PM of Pak is enough to make you bite your fingers in rage. You are a member of first political prostitute party of Pak. You live on human blood and for protection you need govt shelter. Sorry this time you will be handled differently.

    Blood sucking worm who has been in power for last about 14 years is now yelling against NS and his appointments on merit.

    You lick dust M and keep crying. Your NOSE SMELLS Every thing but Human Blood being shed in Karachi. Never heard you complaining and demanding fair inquiry into this issue of target killing. May Be You Are Waiting for Alllah’s Punishment to come to straight path?

    • After just putting my view on Munir appointment, which i repeat here below again, look some people again started Hatefull comments against Karachi which has nothing to do with what i wrote.
      M Khan says:
      Yeah, now all bases are covered to cover the crimes of all outstnading cases in NAB.
      1: SC is on NS side from day one.
      2: Opposition leader was installed with PPP so new NAB chief will cover both PPP and NS old cases
      3: Munir Malik is installed so state even cannot fight any case against NS or PPP.
      WOW smart planning..
      Credit goes to both Zardari and NS.

  6. @

    When ur master corrupt zardari was having his choice AG Pak who would behave insolently against SCP, you never commented that he was there to protect corrupt. Now you have extended your hate politics against a highly reputed lawyer and destroyer of tyrant mush, you start jumping on

    Learn to live with some ethics else no use of living man from from land of target killers.

    If you have some time left from target killing and attending 90 jalsas and listening to don mental Altaf’s senseless speeches for hours, then go back and see what people of Pakistan have done to your predictions and commts from Karachi.

    You always forget that Alhamdulillah people of Punjab are not held hostage by any bhatta Khori or target killers. They can easily express their free opinion even in general elections.

    Koi Thonk deny wala yah an nahe. So people came out and destroyed those who were the big Gahaks of the 90 Kotha of MQM. So now start MATAM again mkhan. An wo ronaqen Inshallah will never come at least for 5 years.

  7. UKpaki

    I have only one line reply to your question about Mehran Gate Scandal.

    Try every thing like tyrant mush and BB once did. You will never be able to come up with any thing Allah Willing.

    And if NS could not deliver during his PMship of 5 years, I will be the first to raise my voice against him. We do not worship political leaders like PPP, MQM and PTI walas. We condemn soon who does live tot he expectations. We live in Punjab and we are very proud to quit and chose new leaders if present does not deliver. Alhamdulillah

  8. اسٹیبلشمنٹ کے سب انڈے مسلم لیگ ن کے گھونسلے میں ہیں اب دیکھتے ہیں کہ کتنے چوزے بنتے ہیں اور کتنے سانپ

  9. اس سے کوئی فرق نہیں پڑتا کہ کسی نے مشرف کے ساتھ کام کیا ہے یا نہیں یہ سب آنے والی حکومت کے میراثی ہوتے ہیں جن کا کام اپنے چودھری کی خوشی کے لیے اس کی تعریف کرنا ہوتی ہے.

  10. @
    Path finder

    Whether they are ganday establishment’s dirt eggs or not. They are there elected by the people of Pakistan. They have been placed in govt for 5 years Allah Willing.

    Your heart burn would be of no use.

    Keep trying.

  11. participating in lawyers so called struggle is no criterion !even sherry rehman and lateef khosa asima Jahangir were in lawyers why not make them attorney generals too…all are corrupt actually

  12. Some immature blind followers keeping making references about burning and burnol etc. They keep judging people by their own immature & pathetic standards assuming everyone else take these issues personally like they do.

    They must remember Chorr leaders like Zardari, Three Generations and Susral of Sharif family and others like them are at the biggest risk of Burning in Jahanum, unless they return Pakistan’s wealth and make sincere Taubah.

    This is no accusation, this is a FACT based upon the detailed confession of their senior leader, family member and accomplice Dari walay Chartered Accountant Ishaq Dar.

    While some delusional people are also expecting Greedy Chorrs will bring Islamic revolution in Pakistan 🙂

  13. @Deevav,

    I just made an open general statement because I avoid getting personal.

    Why did you feel my ‘immature blind follower’ reference was directed at you 🙂

    You were very quick in your defense, guilty conscience perhaps 🙂

    You do take things personally … Ok just relax, I am only kidding with you 🙂

  14. @

    I think you could not read your own cut paste piece from News.
    Read it now and then say what is qrong in the answer given by Mr. Ishaq Dar?

    Rather he is directing all including the author of this piece of article to goto the court and get treatment for your BURNS.

    The News made frantic efforts to approach Ishaq Dar and after making several phone calls the brief response received from Mr Dar stated: “This is all rubbish. The Hudabiya Paper Mills case is nothing but trash. The matter is sub judice in the High Court and facts would be known to public in due course. All transactions were duly reported to the State Bank of Pakistan as per law of the land”.

    • @Abdullah,
      What a joke the matter is in court. May be one day Justice Suo Moto will get time after his retirement to take a look.
      As i said all bases are covered.
      Chief Justice, Attorney General and leader of Opposition Zardari Oarty are in one camp.
      RIP to all these cases.

  15. @


    In your haste to cut paste the article of Amir Mir, you forgot to read the following comment offered by Mr. Ishaq Dar the Finance Minister.

    The News made frantic efforts to approach Ishaq Dar and after making several phone calls the brief response received from Mr Dar stated: “This is all rubbish. The Hudabiya Paper Mills case is nothing but trash. The matter is sub judice in the High Court and facts would be known to public in due course. All transactions were duly reported to the State Bank of Pakistan as per law of the land”.

    This is quite a satisfactory article for people like you and Mr. Amir Mir. Best reply has been provided and every body should wait for the court’s verdict before judging on the matter.

  16. Either you are beneficiary of their corruption or a blind follower who acts like their slave. You have a slave and master relationship with Sharif family. Even as a Bay Namy Blogger you don’t have guts to speak against their crimes and you spend all your efforts in brown nosing and Chamchay Bazi of criminals, who have already CONFESSED and are now retracting their statement.

    Your meaningless mumbo jumbo has an obvious purpose of side tracking the real issue of corruption of your beloved leaders and their families. By doing their senseless Chamchay Bazi and defending their crimes you are not doing them any favours. You are actually harming them and encouraging them to be more sinful.

    Prophet (saw) said, “Help your brother where he is the oppressor or the oppressed”. The Sahabas (RA)stated that they knew how to help him if he was the oppressed, so they asked the Prophet (saw) how they shall help him if he is the oppressor. The Prophet (saw) replied, “Prevent him from committing oppression. That is helping him”. (Bukhaari)

    Thoray Say Mature Bano and have a free thinking mind and try to have some objectivity and balance in you thinking.

    Aaway e Aaway Jaway e Jaway, walay supporter Na Bano. The one who comes on HasbeHal who supports Changezi

    Agay Aap Ki Apni Marzi. 🙂

  17. Oh God, another “Mola Jutt” has gotten power now. He seems to be of same intiqami mind like Nawaz Shareef. Musharraf should have “hanged” Nawaz Sharif at first place. Like Zia did with Bhutto. I mean We call him “dictator”, right, That’s what dictators do. But This was the “First” dictator who freed his opponent. Don’t expect the same from Psychopath and power maniac Nawaz shareef.

    Also he is the first “dictator” who came back to face Judiciary who is already against him. Dictators “Never” come back to country. They die in exile once they leave country.

    Alas, Bias has made our nation blind, as usual.

  18. ایک بیچارے ن لیگ کے ورکر کی آواز

    وہ بھاگ نکلا ہمیں تنہا چھوڑ کر

    ہر ستم سہے اس کا جانے کے بعد

    خون جگر سے داستان وفا لکھی ہم نے

    بھول گئے ایک لمحے میں واپس آنے کے بعد

    ایسے سوداگر کو وفاؤں سے کیا لینا

    جس نے پیمانہ وفا رکھا ہے

    ایسے کافر کو ایمان سے کیا لینا

    جس نے ہر نئی مورت کو اپنا خدا رکھا ہے

  19. Poor die hard workers are now again ready for another humiliation while ever green
    politician will scoop all benefits.

  20. @

    Hazaron khawahishen aisy k her khawahish pe dum niklay.

    Aapki dum ke merzi nahi chalti hazrat hota wohi hay jo Allah Chahta hy.

    At present you worry about tyrant musharaf who is under arrest and NS is PM by Allah’s Will.

  21. @

    You hypocrisy is quiet obvious of your use of Ahadees e Mubaraka for your convenience. Otherwise you will always live in your hateful life and selfishness. You are a slave of your nufs and you should be pitied upon.

    I however, do not want to have any thing to do with hypocrites and disillusioned people. So i shall not communicate with you. You are not worth a reply for me.


  22. Abdullah,
    Rather than worrying about if people will call me one loser or they will read imran Kahn loser (reality bites) you should worry about your sona imran khan. It’s not your headache.
    I don’t care if you think I hold nawaz above the law, but If you want to talk about ‘Ishaq darr’ and proven, then you may need to know, it’s not proven. If he wants to prove it, he can take it to court, because no one cares if Tom dick or Harry emerges from somewhere accusing someone of something.
    Speaking of court, do you want me to bring Sita whites case here? I mean, the verdict was given, but I think it’s a touchy topic for you PTI fans, and I wouldn’t want to shower dirt at him, this thing is between him and Allah, but I used it as a reminder for what’s a verdict and the real use of court.
    But no, maybe you can tel, me your sona khans source of income, about his 300canal house and also, how he was able to run campaign ads from beginning of days before any other party till the end. I simply can’t help but wonder, is itSKH’s charity being used for good?

    You love using the words like father like son, don’t you?
    You can use them again, but if you don’t feel like it, I can do it for you. Like father like son.

    You want corruption against imran khan? Here.
    But I know one thing for sure, the you’re a slave of imran khan, holding him above everything, don’t be pissed, you used the same words. I’m just reusing them.

    So Abdullah, here’s your sona imran khan. Enjoy.
    I had to post here because for some reason i couldnt post it in the other thread.

  23. @deevav

    No intellectual discourse, just typical mumbo jumbo from an irrational blind follower.

    I give you reference from Quran & Sunnah because it is the ultimate truth for our guidance. Truth can be difficult to swallow and criminals and their supporters don’t wish to be reminded about their obligations towards Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw). They always have a short sighted view of gaining benefit now regardless of the consequences later.

    Prophet (saw) said ‘Actions are but by intentions’, and Allah swt knows my intentions. You are nobody to judge especially when you are suffering from unconditional love and senseless hate.

    Just remember most people on this forum are Pakistanis, we are just adversaries NOT enemies.

    So take a chill pill, Itna Sartay Kyun Ho even after having your PM 🙂

    May Allah (swt) guide all of us to the truth.

    I hope you can resist replying 🙂

  24. @Deevav

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    You did say ‘So I shall not communicate with you. You are not worth a reply for me’

    But you can’t even stick to your own words and could not resist replying. You have to answer back everytime like an immature kid 🙂

    Deen Seekho Aur Adaab Seekho, Fatway Denay Say Pahlay

    I hope you can stick to your words this time and resist replying, if you can’t then I’ll try to help you 🙂

    Whatever Next 🙂

  25. سندھی جج

    کیا یہ جیالا پن کی انتہا نہیں ہے؟

    کیا کسی جج نے آج تک اس طرح کھل کر کسی سیاسی پارٹی کے لیڈروں کی قصیدہ خوانی کی ہے اور اپنی سیاسی وابستگی کا اظہار کیا ہے؟

    شرم انکو مگر نہیں آتی

  26. @Bawa,
    Thats what hapenning. There are 4 different countries style Govt working. There is no federation. All they say it is provincial issue and no one cares. If this does not handle well, i see Provinces will start acting almost independentkya nd will not listen to center.

  27. Sectarian issue is big curse in Islam. Instead of pasting threads with no relevance to ongoing crisis, better condemn sectarian sponsors in Pakistan. USA, UK, Iran, Saudi Arabia and UAE , financing theses sectarian cadres. Shame on Over Seas Pakistan, who gave charity, donation, Zakat, Sadqat to extremist, who use them for violence. It is better you give donations for SKMH, Edhi Welfare Trust like NGOs, who do not use single paisa for sectarian extremism. Over seas Pakistani, who donate to Madarass or so called Ulema are criminal, equally responsible for sectarian killing (whether give in good faith or otherwise). So condemn alien countries. Over seas Pakistan requested, not to give single Euro, %, pound or Rupee to religious collectors irrespective of what ever they say you. Even say NO, if they beg with Quran in hand. Stop putting your share in sectarian killing in Pakistan. Overseas Pakistan who donated money on religion name are equally responsible for these murders. Please stop donating on religion, so called jihad, madrassa name, First madrassa of Islam is Asahab e Sufa. It is on regard Holy Prophet never requested a single date what to think of dinar for this madrassa. So any donations of such gravity are un Islamic. Even for Jihad contributions were requested on the order of State Chief that is Holy Prophet PBUH orders. No Sahib e Rasool was allowed to fetch single paisa at own for any noble cause what to think of jihad collection. So unless Government of Pakistan or any other Muslim Government proclaim at national level, all other collections are HARAM. Who pay are not doing as per Islam but following Jews. Wake up GOOD MUSLIMs!

  28. @Hassan1995,
    I agree with you. Now the question is not what overseas pakistani can do, but when people of pakistan will stand up and say enough is enough. In the name iof religion, the sectarian parties pay this game.
    To me you do not need enemies from overseas when inside you have enough.

  29. These extremists/terrorist are following the ways of the Khawarij, a deviant sect that appeared in the very early days of Islam.

    People with Khawarij characteristics have been around throughout our history and will remain for a very long time.

    So we MUST educate ourselves and the young generation about the Khawarij sect so they don’t fall into extremism.

    This subject should be covered in detail in school/islamiat curriculum.

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