Saad Rafiq Increases Railway Revenue

As per Saad Rafiq’s message on FaceBook, the daily revenue of Pakistan Railways has been increased 10 times, from 1 million to 10 million rupees. Saad says that Railways is trying best to make sure that existing passenger trains follow schedule and more freight trains are added since they generate more revenue.

New passenger services like E-ticketing and SMS alert services are being launched.

Railways has also scrapped the plans to buy new locomotives from China or USA and announced to repair the existing engines and build new ones locally. The 100 acre locomotive factory in Risalpur is being leased to a private party to be upgraded to state of art facility where it would produce up to 25 engines every year.

Pakistan railways has great potential and as per sources, it was intentionally headed towards collapse by previous regime. Unconfirmed reports say that ex-Railway Minister Ghulam Bilor did not want to revive railways, particularly the freight trains as his fellows risked loosing revenue in trucking business. There are also unconfirmed reports that railway engines were destroyed by corrupt officials by using recycled dirty engine oil.

35 thoughts on “Saad Rafiq Increases Railway Revenue

    • There must be accountability to those who ddestroy Railways. If whats alleged is correct then they must be punished so next time no one will try that.
      All over world Railways are efficient means of transportation except in USA where Car industry is so big that they do not allow Railways to expand.
      It seems same mentality for Trucking business. Same for Bus Transport.
      Karachi Railways was started and then the Bus Mafia and Truck mafia did everything to destroy the infra structure.
      Unless this trend will stop they will use all the tricks to stop the progress.

  1. All unconfimred reports including the revenue. Can you post the revenue against expensis????? NOON league khuhkhaal khabrein dot com. Admin the great.

  2. Insha Allah, as the government is trying to make efforts, they will succeed, Allah Willing.
    And as for a few handful of people, they will certainly speak whatsoever, asking for the achievements of the two months that new government has spent after elections, keeping in mond that their Inqelabi has also Silenced down with no efforts or achievements. Magar sharam to phir bhe nahe ate.

  3. Noora Leaque aur Qatil League join hands in hands. Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif & Altaf Sharif… Thee Brothers will make Roshan Pakistan…

    • Last i heard Change mar Khan was crying because he thought PML N leaders would come to him. Instead, he got a major ditch.

      Anyways, he offered them to join central government, not to become the President of Pakistan. Its not as if imran khan disnt support Mqm, last time i checked, he remained silent in hope that MQM would support him with sheikh rasheeds offer to make him opposition leader. Because after such a long break for protesting for his worker, the one who got killed, then again he started when there was a big no from mqms side. 🙂 kiun, us waqt doodh se dhul gae the mqm?

      Kyun, yadasht kamzor hai?

  4. بریکنگ نیوز

    قراقرم ایکسپریس کےعلاوہ تمام ٹرینوں کے کرایوں میں کمی کیجائے گی،خواجہ سعد رفیق

    تمام ٹرینوں کے اے سی سلیپرکے کرایوں میں 44 فیصد کمی کردی گئی ہے،خواجہ سعد رفیق

    کرایوں میں کمی سے پاکستان ریلوے کی آمدنی میں اضافہ ہوگیا ہے، وفاقی وزیرریلوے

    🙂 🙂


  5. Wah wah wah… Noora League waloon ko saanp soonga huwa hai. Not responding to any comments. Sher Bano Sher…

    I had told my friends after elections PMLN will join hands with MQM……

    Where are the jokers of PMLN.. Koi Jawab tu dooo???

    Nawaz, Shabaz ka teesra Bhai Altaf milna par Sab PMLN waloon ko bohat bohat mubarik ho…

    • pti when in power will also join mm,so whats so much shock is for?pti infact had very close relationship with mqm before elections

  6. Where is news and comments on the PMLN and MQM joint brotherhood? Why pkpolitics has 3 month old threads still running at home page?
    What is different today than the last 5 years of zardari?….NOTHING.
    Stop this nonsense of pennies saved by Saad Rafiq, look at the BIG news:
    -The Ruppee is now 107 against the Dollar, just in 2 months, after this Govt came.
    All the looted money now being tranferred overseas by the previous govt.
    -Not one person accountable for all Trillions of Rs curruption, no one convicted and as per “Muk Muka” of bros, Zardari and Nawaz…. you scratch my back I scratch yours.

    Mark my words, the nest 5 years will be exactly like the last 5….
    Embracing MQM is the start…. Shame on all you PMLN jialaaas….. You deserve this.You are status quo and will remain status quo.

  7. The Rupees is 107 because Govt print money to pay $3Billion to retire debt. On one hand it may be a good strategy to stop runoff circular debt and increase power to increase production of goods and in return have foregin exchnage. The only thing is they have to control inflation and keep peace.
    I think Ishaq Dar is calling the shot as ecomomy is key, paying this big amount can cause big problem if they cannot stop run off inflation and failed to have decent GDP growth.

  8. Another Loli Pop for our “Super Khothi” Nation. He is as Liar as his leader Nawaz Shareef. What a Munafiqat. Nawaz Shareef told nation that he would bring back Billions from Zardari to nation. Also Qaum zardari say Hisaab lay gi, Zardari ko sarkon pay ghaseetain gayn, etc. After election “He is the elected president Gi”. Why Nawaz shareef do not write letter to Swiss Govt? he is in full power. Super corrupt CHEAP Justice is quite now. Also MQM was terrorist organization but now they are shaking hands and Hugging each other. As long as people of Punjab sending corrupt people to assemblies no one can change the fortune of this country. They have 2/3rd majority and put all others in trouble with them.

  9. Yes, they shouldnt have gone to meet mqm, they shouldnt have anything to do with mqm, but at least PTI followers, have some grace and stop talking about dhoka shoka when your leader was, is and always be with mqm. Ap to aise bolte ho jese apka imran doodh se dhula hua hai. Aur jab bhe us ke mqm se talukat the to mqm ko sath khoon maaf hogae the.
    And Insha Allah, im hoping they will revoke their decision.
    And yes, we’re talking about pti and mqm because lets not forget the past, your ameer even called altaf a patriot, so if inviting and meeting mqm to form government is causing you people to uproar and making us question our judgements, do yourself a favour and look back. Because imran had everything to do with altaf and all, he turned to him when in need of power. Having some saving grace, at least.

  10. Altaf k Bhaioooo… Sharam tum ko MAqar nahin aaati… Aein baein shaein kerta rahoo… Mulak k halat kharab hein aur ye 9 Zero par MQM ki goodion mein bath ker hello hello ker raha hein Altaf Uncle se… Besharmi ki intiha hai.. Save your uncle… Nawaz Sharif & Shabaz sharif is your leader and Altaf is your uncle….. Admin will delete these comments because this is the real face of PMLN loooooters…. sooodabaz..

    • Says the person whos leader has declared altaf a hero. And when others arrange a meeting with MQM, they are first to pounce at a free opportunity.
      But, of course, when they tend to forget what a two-faced liar their leader is, what can we expect?

  11. Next Admin post will be.

    Saad Rafique has changed the headlights of all the trains. New headights are powerful and useful for driving. This will give huge benefit to all those who sits in the train.

    Admin Sab: All the airlines round the clock First class par discount daiti hai … Kion k sif C-suits hi travel kerta hein first class par….. What is the relief for poor / common person in this ???????????????????????????????????? Jhoot na boooloo logoon se jhootooooo… Sab Jhoot bolna waloon par Allah ki Lanat.

  12. ‘Sb jhooton pe Allah ke lanat.’

    Soch lo, imran khan ne apney political career me kitna jhot bola hai, ye tum bhe aur hum bhe jantay hain. 🙂

  13. @serendipidity

    Your argument can be flipped just as easily. This site is full of disgusting comments mocking Imran’s softened stance on Mqm. Jahil posters like bawa/deevav (who are 2 names of the same guy) kept going on and on even when PTI -Mqm truce wad very brief. However, jahil league has been an old partner of Mqm. So why can’t you handle the reverse comments? Please do not try to hide the munafiqat of jahil league.

    • Serendipity,
      Its not as if we need to show them or prove to them anything. The above posted comments defending N-league was just to silence their so called ‘Bahdduri and Insaf ke lalkar’.
      Now, let me start. Since PTI was formed, Imran Khan has been siding with altaf, calling him on several occassions on the so called ‘supporting him for his stand against raymond davis’ or so the PTIans say, even though in the Tribune it was just written to discuss about the political stand of the country and to work together. He called Altaf a patriot even. Why? Was altaf born the day before? That he didnt know the kind of a person he was? After that, the famous imran-altaf fight, which seems more like a drama now, i say as a supporter of imran a little while back. Then comes the elections, he continuoulsy targetted N-league, leaving alone PPP and MQM. Why? Because he is one of them. And N League was the kabab mein haddi from him and his allies coming to power again. After that, when he lost and the faith in him of his allies broke, because they were expecting him to win, again the feud started. One accusing the latter of dhandli, which let me just say i think both did, since when asked my PML-N to take it to ECP and court so that recounting could be done, PTI silenced up. After that, the killing of the PTI worker, Imran khan lost neither a few minutes to blame Altaf. Which was tought to be brave and liked by many, but the fact that it wasnt even him who filed the FIR though after the FIR being filed, PTI claimed to have done it. Why after that he disnt say a word against MQM? Because imran khan was using his silence, not accusing anyone, to the best of his abilities, while chamcha sheikh rasheed scurried along and requested MQM to make IK the opposition leader. But as the talks failed, again the same drama started.
      PTI has been a supporter of MqM since early days, imran khan has used Altaf to the best of his abilities, always, but when ever someone else tries to, the hypocrites start to cry.

  14. @

    You say country is in shambles!!!! And what would you say about IK’s departure to London ignoring national security meeting? He went to london to appease his masters, the royal family, and to enjoy during the month of Ramzan in the function in london with drinks and nude dancing girls. Any comment on his action?

    Besides, be rest assured PMLN will not go any farther with MQM. This they did only to ensure some votes from every provincial assembly to give a support to Mamnoon Hussain.



    • @Deevav,
      So you mean PML-N will do same what tehy did in 1992. Use MQM to get rid of Benazir and when get in power go after MQM.
      WOW they have good track record. Lets see ..

  15. @

    What i said is not difficult to understand at the level of a person who is matric only. With your qualifications i find it difficult to communicate.

    I said whati said and i repeat that PMLN will not go any further than seeking votes from offer of joining federal govt etc. got it?


    • @Deevav,
      I am not Matric thats why i am not so naive. NS and Altaf are not fool. No one just give votes for what? NS was cornered after PPP boycott and sind Assembly session cannot happen without MQM. So they make deal and all i know from NS record is he never get along with anyone b4 may be this time. From MQM point of view they see PTI as threat as they got much more votes then expected in Karachi and MQM cannot afford to loose its hold. For NS he never want tolet PTI take over Karachi.

  16. @

    PTI k burgers have a very good eye sight. First they saw 2/3rd majority in elections. PTI was sweeping general elections and Burgers all over the country were celebrating on 11 May.

    Now this Burger Ayubi has seen me and you as the same person. Let him live in his IK’ fools paradise. Who cares. They will die if they are brought to the real world.

  17. @

    OH. I thought that you were much educated. Sorry my fault.

    You and your comments are like a football. Rolling here and there and not staying any where. Never exposing your likes or dislikes in politics. We call such type of person LOTA with out meaning any insult to you.

    I have asked you which political party you support? Although I have fair amount of idea but I want to hear from you. That makes thing easier to communicate. Like I would never communicate with diehard insafiay. And they would not with me. With my experience I can get many things about a person by reading what he writes.

    Like one blogger just out of no where started abusing Hizb Ul Tehrir and KHILAFAT.Now I can understand who he is. So i would avoid him.

    Like somebody started claiming that me and BAWA are one and the same person. So who can stop wild minds from flying right left and center?

    • @Deevav,’
      Thee problem u have is yu want to set a pre conceived notion about some one while i am a realist and i look at things differently. with time things change and people change and policies chnage. In 70s Bhutto idelology was great but in 1980 it was all economy. Same with yr leader he is not an idealistic person as you alwas portray he aslo do things wrong same with IK and others .
      The discussion was Karachi and why NS joined him when he was so much against MQM as recent as last month. So we are trying to analyze it. As for football all over. I must remind you being so intelectual i am still want to increase my knowkedge as how if paksitan explore oil will dry Iraninan oil field..

  18. MKhan, Kal ko Nawaz Sharif Logoon ko Qatil kerna shroo ker day tu Deevav aur Bawa jaisay paindo kahein ga he is doing in the best interst of Pakistan.

    In ko ye samjana k ye lotaaray hein dakoo hein Mulak ka choor hein they have destroyed this coutry and invested money of the poors in england europe saudia bohat muskil hai..Ay Tahire Lahoti ka Naara lagana walee Aaj Karza Maangta phirta hein…

    Dimagh use keroo kuch parhoo jinko tum naik aur emaan daar samjta hu ye lutara hein inhoon nay mulk ka kuch nahin kerna… I Bet after 2/3 years they will realize again the way people realized in 1997 after voting them in power.

    God bless Pakistan

  19. Well done Asad Rafiq. Nation looks up to you for better Railway journey. Please put the goods trains back on track

  20. @
    Mkhan and Ahmed keep guessing and chewing your finger nails. PTI lost election fair and square and Alhamdulillah PMlN is there to rule for 5 years. Hun araam tuhanu pher v na awaey ty tuhada ilaaj elections wich nae ae.

    If you call us Paindo because ruined yours and your leader Chanda Khan’s dreams then we are PROUDof it. On demand we PAINDOs wii do it again and again

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