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  1. I know nothing about Mr. Mamnoon Hussain, but watching his brief talks on TV channels in the past, he looks, reasonable and a polite person. And under the 18th Amendment, this is what is required by a President: a signatory authority of all bills passed by the parliaments, issuing orders on the advices of Prime Minister and receiving at his house the foreign dignitories and guest. No more no less.

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    Alhamdulillah. Despite PPP ANP and PMLQ’s earnest efforts and IK’ usual foolishness, they could not stop PMLN to win Presidential elections.

    Now the ball is Mamnoon Sahib and NS’s court to continue to take country on the road of progress and prosperity.

    Now concentrate upon on power crisis and revival of Railways and PIA and not to forget Pak Steel.
    Aso appoint Sardar Raza as Chairman NAB so that accountability process could continue unhindered and Zardari and his crime partners can be put to task for looting and plundering national wealth so brutally.

  3. Pkmunafik.com next post will come after three months when Cheif Justice COAS will be selected as usual the way Noora selected Musharaf in 1997….

    Deevav, NAB chairman under Noora???? They are the biggest looters. Biggest looooooters in the history… Kia tum Anda Kaana hu k Noora k curruption nazar nahin aati. Pakistan k banks kangaal ker diya hein aur progress dilwayee gain… Pkmunafik.com shows everything is acha in PMLN.

    England se import ker k govrnor punjab laayee hu jiski visky aur Bear k factories hein england mein… Sharam karoo Sharm…

    Karaz Utaro Noora Sanwarooo Saudia aur England mein…

    • U don’t know mr Ahmad In Pakistan there is a big Mafia which include Army genrals,Bearoucrate,Judges and a few politician.No body can do any thing w/out those corrupt mafia and awam becharray ,.Revolution is the only one option to crash those all corrupt Mafia other than,the poor people of Pakistan will ………….

  4. KPK Police has sold themselves to Khawarjeen. Two jail break incident remind ISI games, where in 90s Indian Army was paid with Rs 6 Crore for providing escape route to Major Mast Gul (not a army officer, just joker ID) from Charar Shareef IHK. Later Jamaat Islami received him as heron in Azad Kashmir. 40 mins to 1 hour taken by Police and LEAs to reach site, if anyone belong to DI Khan, he will second that LEAs would have reacted in 15 mins even if moved on foot. It is lack of will or bribed by RAW/NDS or Khawarjeen. Question will never be answered. Next turn as per analyst is of Haripur Jail. PTI KPK Government is simply sleeping, no where exist, only Polio affected CM is seen on media that to Malik Riaz Paid channels from PTI Qadri Account Canada like ARY, DUNYA, SUCH and DIN.

    Grave mistake by PM Nawaz Sharif that he fell trapped by establishment and did not go for TERRORISM POLICY. Country fighting terrorism without any policy since 1999. Ask from COAS or DG ISI, will say Pentagon directions are policy. One of my friend in Army termed Kiani as worst for them (Army Ranks) and prefer Almas Bobbi better COAS on him.

    Pasha took Mir Imran Khan to UK for ROZAKHORI. Kiani played with PM and did not encouraged civilian Government to go for truce or TERRORISM POLICY. If Army or LEAS are incapable to fight, example of Sulaheh Hudibia, Sri Lanka Terrorism or even Swat Operation is front of us. Involve in truce, technically knock out Khawarjeen in dialogue, organize LEAs, make workable TERRORISM POLICY encompassing speedy trial of Khawarjeen and take over Khawarjeen in organized fashion. Response worst to shemale is shame for Pak Army. PM must make new COAS on sonority, Lt Gen Haroon fall in seniority. Lt Gen Rashid is good KHUSAMANDI and has all characters of shemale/Almas Bobby. Lt Gen Raheel Sharef nickname is Bobby too.

    Khawajeen are symptoms of Qaimat. Khawarjeen have all resembles with Yajooj Makooj. More you kill, more are produced. So Civil Government must take complete control of state matters from Almas Bobby type Generals and device mechanism to deal with terrorism and Khawajeen (Yajooj Majooj) fitna as done by civilian governments in Sri Lanks and other countries. Allah to make peace in Pakistan and take Khawajeen (Yajooj Majooj)to hell by some MOJZA as a sadqa to his beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Ameen

  5. I publicly apologise for bringing tyrian in arguements. Whatever imran khan does is between him and Allah. and i am no one to throw dirt at His character as Allah knows All.I hope all forgive me, and most importantly, Allah Tallah forgives me.
    This will be my last post on this site.
    If i have ever hurt anyone, intentionally or unintentionally, then im extremely sorry and hope i can earn your forgiveness.
    May Allah Forgive us and Guide us all.

    Admin, a humble request, can you please delete all of my comments from this site? Ive deleted them from my activity. I dont know how to get rid of them from this forum.
    Thank you.

  6. Hassan,

    Very positive comment and I hope we also follow the same, Amin.

    That reminds me of the way people call Amir Liaquat, Qadri etc though I am not a fan of these personlity but still believe the matter is between them and God and we can not decide whatever they do on TV channels is wrong because they spread the message of Islam.

    God bless all

    • @iftikhar179,
      You mentioned revolution. Revolution normally happen for a cause and under some leadership. Here we have no cause as such all are slogans. i rememeber 1977 nizam e Mustafa when JI and NAP and all others were there and look what happen. The minute Zia took over that PNA is gone.
      Education is key with emphasis on religion and all other subjects. Other then that this fractured ciuntry will have same problems for years to come.

  7. Loyality of Sharif family is the only criteria in selection. Where are Surtaj Aziz, Gose Ali Shah, and many others working for the party for a long time

  8. Polio affected CM of Mir Imran Khan Zanikhel can not do anything. Khawarjeen FITNA is spread all over Pakistan. Following measures/legal reforms are mandatory to burry this FITNA and bring Peace in Pakistan: –

    1.Weapon and explosive smugglers be given death penalty, in line with Saudi Arabia. Anything related to it if recovered, no trial, simply death.

    2.Narcatoics and drugs death penalty in lines with Saudi Arabia.

    3.Ration scales and issuance of ration through Political Agent only in FATA, as did by India in IHK. Anybody purchasing ration over and above ration scale be humiliated, penalized and if found linked with Khawarjeen must be killed.

    4.Petrol diesel in lines with rations in FATA.MARK WORDS, CONTROL RATION ITEMS AND POL, KHAWARJEEN WILL NOT SURVIVE A WEEK EVEN. FC, Police, politicians of KPK get bribe from KHAWARJEEN for unchecked flow of ration/POL.

    5.Speedy trial, technical evidence in lines with Saudi Arabia, Iran, USA and European countries be admissible. Hard to find human witness against KHAWARJEEN, as they kill him, capital punishments must be given on technical and scientific evidence. Judges failing to make decision or judgment must thrown off without any benefit.

    6.Mobile services must be banned in FATA.

    7.Jammers be activated in all jails. Any jail personnel involved in provision of mobile must be killed, considering him terrorist. Jails are major sources of terrorist breed and Khawarjeen plans.

    8.Telephonic communication with Afghanistan must be strictly filtered as done by India in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK).

    9.All donations, charity, zakat, fitrana, sadqat, whether to Khawarjeen owned madrassa/NGO, social NGO like SKMH/Edhi or any chanda based NGO/organization must be vetted by Federal Government. Anyone involved in Hundi or Chanda to any NGO, without Government knowledge, death penalty on single lapse of this law. 85-90% world donations, chanda, charity, sadqat, zakat is coming to Pakistan. Overseas Pakistan be specially warned in this regard.

    10.Overseas Pakistan must be given with status as of None Resident Indians (NRI)so that Pakistan dignity, honour or sovereignty remains un disputed and intact.

    11. All mosque or madrasaa be registered under some ministry in Islamabad as practiced in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Imam Masjid or Madrassa teacher be give BPS, must be paid out Federal/Provincial budget. It will get away with CHANAKHORI lanat and also help Government filter Moulvies, Mufti, Zakireen, Islamic Scholar, Ulema from Khawarjeen/Abou Jehil infected and really educated. Illiterates religious trade marks are curse in Pakistan.

    12.London based FITNAs besides KHAWARJEEN like HIZ UT TEHRIR, QADIANI if operates in Pakistan, death penalty within 72 hours.

    13.Sectarian violence must be strictly looked into. Anyone found agitating sectarian sentiments must be given with capital punishment on minor debate, speech or minor article in written.

    14.Army/FC/Police be given authority to kill KHAWARJEEN if tries challenge government writ.

    15.Renting of house must be registered in local police station. Without intimating local police station, if anyone rents a house, his house be confiscated and made Government property.

    16.Mobile SIM must be given with verification of local police station and rates of mobile call must be taxed 500%. SIM must not be activated, till owner verification is carried out by local police station, registered and approved by NADRA. Mobile Company violating law, death penalty to office incharge.

    17. Death penalty on crimes like kidnapping for ransom, bank looting, crimes against ATM or any sort of illegal transaction of money.

    It is time to think of our survival. KHAWARJEEN are taking benefit from weak law legislation. TALIBAN (KHAWARJEEN) are YAJOOJ MAJOOJ as given in Quran, a sign prior to Qayamat. People consider YAHOOJ MAJOOJ as Chinese, but birth rate of Chinese negate this theory. Two characteristics like you kill single YAJOOG MAJOOJ, double will be produced and face like Monkeys. Both properties are only applicable on KHAARJEEN.

    Enough time, instead of political social media war, launch war against KHAWAJEEN (YAJOOJ MAJOOJ. Save your Mother, Sister and Daughters, before it is too late. Force Federal/Provincial Governments to carryout strict legislation and implement same with extra ordinary power.


  9. He is a good person, and i have also cast my vote for his party. Mamoon Hussain will take the serious actions against the crises going on in his area. His services are really appreciated

  10. @
    Alfi na

    What do you find wrong in Mamoon Hussain’s candidature?
    Any thing concrete or you just do not like NS making choice by the Will of Allah?

    Let him exercise his constitutional right and authority. If he makes a bad choice only time will tell. No one has the right to prejudge newly elected President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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