PMLN Wins PP-150 After Recounting

PMLN has won Punjab Assembly seat PP-150 by 452 votes after recounting by court orders that continued for 3 days. PTI had earlier blamed the presiding officers for rigging through incorrect counting and challenged the result in election tribunal.

In the original results, PMLN’s Marghoob Ahmad received 18,870 votes and the runner up from PTI, Mehr Wajid Azim received 18,494 and PMLN won by 376 earlier.

The by-election was done under strict presence of Army outside and inside polling stations and PMLN bagged 5 national and 11 provincial seats.

Imran Khan who alleged rigging in general elections did not directly blame PMLN of rigging in PP-150, however he pointed finger towards presiding officers of siding with PMLN in counting process.

These results should put an end to allegations of massive rigging in elections by PMLN.

56 thoughts on “PMLN Wins PP-150 After Recounting

  1. 99 polling stations have been recounted till now. PMLN may win after counting but you should refrain from posting fake news.

  2. News from nooristan dot com. Results will be announced tomorrow. Same result like General elections when Prime Minister of Pakistan was selected within two hours of voting. It is taking three days to count PP150 and around 4 crores vote counted within two hours in favour of Nooras. Sharamnaak.

    This news is also Sharamnak without any source or number of votes. It looks like you have inside information of election commission of Pakistan’s result. Wah rey joker admin.


    • Dear Fawad,

      I can understand difference of opinion. But why do you distort simple facts. Nobody said or claimed victory from any side after two hours of the elections. When Nawaz Sharif claimed victory at that time anyone who was sitting in front of television, was clear about the final restults. Most of them had been announced and trend was clear by then. Why these lies? What is the point or purpose? Are you like your great leader still in the shock of defeat?

      Now stop this sharmnaak tamasha of dhandli and wait for the performance of all the governments. This extremely emotional and immature attitude is useless. Keep your head and heart cool, only then you will be able to see the things clearly. At least now the drama of dhandli should come to an end.

  3. Mr Fawad, Two 4 caror votes was not counted by one man. I dont know what is the official result of PP-150 but PML N will accept the result and i too. Now , recounting has been done , if it is so. why dont you accept the result, whether in your favor or not?

  4. Mr Fawad, 4 croro votes were not counted within 2 hours, instead they were counted in 4 to 5 hours and that is suffient time too count them. how can say, it is immpossible. You’re comparing it with current re-counting in 3 days. Current re-counting is limited to few counters, that is why it is taking more time.

  5. Dont underestimate PTI.

    They will come up with more rigging charges. I would not be surprised if they raise object on the counting.

  6. Mr. Fawad I guess you are trying to be innocent and naive or u dont know how its done. With due respect brother 2 crore votes were counted by atleast 20 thousand returning officers while these votes were counted by 6 returning officers in the presence of judicial personnel atleast 3 times to make it transparent. If they would have taken 3 hours to count 37,000 votes thn Mr. Khan would have been singing the same song “Dhandli k Record Toot gaye”. I wonder why Mr. Khan not pointing finger at Peshawar & Mianwali seats…..lolz

  7. Fakhrudin Ibrahim was a very weak Election Commisioner. The General Election of 11 May, was widely rigged. But not to worry, the Countdown of Nawaz Sharif Govt has started today, as Nawaz Sharif has failed in Karachi and both MQM and PPP has realy fooled Ganja Patwari Bros.
    Imran Khan will bounce back. Nawaz Sharif won’t last more than 3 months.

    • Dear Zahid,

      I very seriously and sincrely sypathise with you. What has happened to your understanding and reason. Why this passion for Imran, he is not an angel or superman. You will see his performace in 3 months as a political leader or his government in KPK.

      And Nawaz Sharif is not a devil. He is just a politician and I hope he will do something good for country. I do not expect any miracles. But one thing is clear he is not going anywhere in three months.

      I pity people like you, I don’t know how much you and the ones like you will suffer one they finally understand Imran Khan and his capacity. He also admired him two years ago, but finally I have reached an opinion that he is a complete fool and crazy. We shall wait and see. Please do write your comments after three months. I shall wait.

  8. @

    I can simply sympathies with you and can share your feelings.

    When dreams break, it happens.You are lost and particularly if you realize that leader was FRAUD, then it is shear frustration.

    Chanda Khan is frustrated and so are BURGERS.

  9. @Zahid Naqvi:

    This blog is run by 3rd failed 4-5 internet cafe geeks from punjab. They are running cafes in punjab and you expect a logical discussion from them.

    Chill man dont reply let them copy paste pictures.

    Ganja will be busy today in Islamabad with Zardari. Big brother of Nawaz Shareef wuhi Zardari jisko Choota Mian punjab ki sarkoon par ghaseetein gay.
    Airport curruption case is also out but Mian Noora is busy with his partner

    Zardari aik bemari is now. Teri meri Bari of Nooras. Aur ye Jahil bewakoof ganwar internet cafes mein bath ker logoon ki tasweerein post karein gay.

  10. Dear Fawad:

    I’m a software engineer and i can re-call my university days where one of teachers gave a lecture about how a software should behave in weird circumstances. He said and i quote “If your software has to degrade, it shoudl degrade gracefully”.

    If people on earth can make softwares who could degrade gracefully, I’m confident people themselves are creation of Almighty Allah and he has kept this ability in them to degrade gracefully if they have to.

    Please grow up and realize the fact, you could at times be wrong as well. Imran khan is not God by any means, he is just a person like all of us. He too can be wrong. He as well all PTI followers need to learn how to gracefully degrade.

  11. @ Masood Ahmed,

    First of all Human beings are not software to upgrade and downgrade specially the ill mannered Bawa, Ch and Deewav type character.

    2ndly lets imagine Anti-PMLN supporters are on the wrong side of the page in Pakistan and behaving very badly for a moment its correct.

    On the basis of above can you please give me a single example of positive posts, blog, picture and comments in tihs blog???

    You can reply on my comments. BAWA, Chariya and this Admin all of them have not started a single positive posts in this blog. Not discussing issues rather provoking others. All their blogs discuss negativity of others and posting pictures.

    The other day I was reading a comment by someone stating that there is a dharna in Lahore Pondi lets go out. Those girls / ladies out for dharna are not sister/mothers of somoeone? This is what you expact from educated and well mannered people of a country?

    I would love to see your answer for all the above if you are right than I am on the wrong side my friend.


  12. Id like to respectfully answer to you, mr fawad,
    That those ladies out there on the streets, having the media and people mock at them are wrong themselves along with those who support them in such actions and those who mock at them and gossip about them. Dont they know doing dharnas will draw medias attention, live tapes are going to be run, which shows them without dupattas, without their heads covered, and for a person who has forgotten, that hijab is an absolute necessity for female muslims? I agree that its wrong to talk about women in ways used on this forum, and ive always tried not to answer to those comments, but lets not forget, tali aik hath se nahe bajti. Education is not provided to people for them to lose their minds and decency and their values, its provided to let them lead the best possible way of life, and to understand the difference between right and wrong.
    Your point of what to expect from the well mannered and educated class, i can answer easily. We can expect decency, knowing ones boundaries and most of all respect for themselves and others. These women should learn to respect themselves in order for others to respect them, if they dont, then there are more people in the world than the handful of people on this forum to talk, mock and say what not about these women and Allah is the best Judge.
    And if youre going to raise the point that these women are doing whats right, fighting for justice, or maybe say (in the worst case scenario) that you dont believe in hijab, then ive just got this to say, fighting for justice is good, no one said it was wrong, and ive definitely not said that, but the way its done, especially for the ladies that did dharna and all, The example portrayed by the women on the streets for protests is not right, under any circumstances. They should try everything to protect themselves from the evil eye of the society and fear the circumstances of hereafter.
    And i would respectfully ask everyone, to please leave these women far away from your fights on politics, who knows your sister or daughter may be misguided the way these women have been (may Allahforbid that should happen to even our enemies). And please, learn to respect women, our nation is at the verge of breaking because no one has any respect for themselves or each other.
    As for your points on politics above, i agree that people are abusing and doing what not and is wrong, but if id followed any political party, id have responded to your above statements.

    May Allah guide us and forgive our sins. Ameen.
    Brother, i hope i have not offended you in any way.

  13. @

    Very right.

    However this person why did he talked bad Punjabis? Because they did not vote for IK?

    Is it fair? These guys pretend to be champions of ethics whereas reality id that they are disturbed people. You can imagine a leader who was swearing on Allah that next govt will be his? Was he ( god forbid) receiving wahi? And these so called educated people believed him and believed so hard that after Allah’s Decision came on 11 May, they went MAD with rage. They all have been abusing Punjabis on various social media forums. They never dare question their leader how come he was swearing upon Allah and assuring them that next govt will be his?

    They curse this blog but yet they come here. Why? If it is so ridiculous a blog they should stop coming here. Actually they are people with shattered dreams. They had been living in a world of their own where they thought that it was a cake walk to the PM house. They never thought for a minute about other side of the coin. Now they are chewing their fingers in rage and hate all Pakistanis for not voting PTi. Is this behaviour NORMAL? Like their leader, none of them was a good sportsman with a big heart who could have congratulated PMLN.

    If you will believe like you should be believing In Allah then you will meet the same fate again Allah Willing.

    • @Deevav,

      I noted your post:
      However this person why did he talked bad Punjabis? Because they did not vote for IK?

      Can u ask,is this statement also true the other way around.

  14. @Deevav,
    This statement you writee:
    However this person why did he talked bad Punjabis? Because they did not vote for IK?

    Is that statement also applied to you ?

  15. Thanks to my friend who replied me for my questions.

    We agree or disagree is our personal opinion. I liked the approach anyways.

    @ MKhan, Request for you my friend. I always see your comments with 2-3 N supporters. You are very kind and humble in your replies and explanation and they just provoke you with pictures post and ill mannered comments. I relized its difficult to bring them to positive or issue related dicussions than why not simply ignore them.

    Specially Deevav, Bawa, Chariya and the Administrator this blog may be one of them.

    • @Fawad,
      Do not worry. They are all my brothers. They have their way of expressibg their point of view as everyone do.
      I just put my point of view and explain as much as possible. No point in arguing personal attacks.

  16. @

    Now tou see how far your preeching has gone upon these Bugers? We have been talking of Tyrian daughter of IK from Sita White Late because US court on a plea from Sita had called IK for DNA test but he never went. He should have if he had any plans to enter into politics. It wss essential that every thing for which he hows been alleged, shoould be clarified and if he is innocent, proven from court so that his entry into politics is free from all allegations. Yet he dared not. Now the stigma hangs upon him like Zardari has been proven guilty by Swiss court.

    This Burger Fawad talks about the family members of both Mian Sahiban freely and level allegations. This is all from gossip colomns and yet he believes them all and spread them on net. Whereas his leader Chanda is declared Tyrian’s father by a US court.

    Now would you tell him what Allah SWT says about those who level allegations without proof upon muslim women?

  17. @ Deevav you are a very small mind person.

    Deccanherald is not PTI newspaper and is a very reliable source. I am expecting a responce from the Family as this is against our country and i expect a defamation notice to the newspaper if this is in correct.

    The news is out from indian media not Pakistani media and i dono the validity of the news.

  18. @Fawad

    Let me start by saying, i like Imran Khan as a great sportsman and as huge social personality. His work towards charity and then improvement of education is commendable.

    I just disagree with his temprament and the temprament of much of PTI followers, unfortunately. For me Khan sb start jumping up and down without reason, and i have observed this on a number of occasions. We as a nation don’t need THRILL and EMOTION and EXCITEMENT, rather we need steady, synchronized and organized work. I don’t expect this from khan sb, he is just not made for politics.

    Defeat in elections for example, likes of Haroon Rashid who are supporters of Khan sb, clearly expressed wasn’t primarily because of dhandly, rather a poor run of campaign and bad choices of candidates. But look how khan sb led his supports in a wave of emotions. Now what did you earn out of 77 petitions filed regarding dhandly. A big zero to be precise. Okay even if i agree let’s say 5% of his losses were due to dhandly, yet the big 95% went due to reasons i expressed above. So why can’t khan sb face the facts, and teach his followers, we lost it this time and we will come back hard next time. Why cann’t he do this ?

    So please understand this, emotion and excitement is not gona get PTI anywhere. Face the facts and come back with some solid prepartion and ground work.

    On a personal note, no disprespect for you at all. it’s just a discussion.


  19. @ Masood Sab,

    Lets start the first Dhaandli by the election commission of Pakistan. I am part of 4.5 million registered voter living abroad. Record remittance in the month of Ramadan around $ 14billions. Still we don’t have the basic right to vote.We couldn’t vote for our favourite party. Who We send money back to Pakistan while Zardari-Nawaz send their money back to europe and UK. This is the biggest Dhaandli by currupt Zardar & Nawaz Shareef. Ever since i’m abroad I have never seen Nawaz Shareef, Zardari. Few of them know as looters in a country. We have seen only Imran and his followers here. This is a big boost to have a presence of political party and we expect good from them.

    My friend you must visit the embassies of Pakistan around the world. Worst embassies i must admit. Still living in 1800 era with copy pencil. What good these politicans are doing for us. No vote, no rights? They are currupt and no one like them. Most of the foreigners know these two parties with their black kartoot. Patwari system is not going to take us anywhere.

    I do know the complete details about the ground realities of Captain Safdar Nawas Sharif’s son in law in Mansehra and the way they purchased all machinery and won the election. Dhaandli was at it peak purchased votes, police

    Egypt started voting yesterday and in their recent votes egyptians were given the right to vote everywher in the world. They were laughing at us that you don’t have electronic voting system EGgypt a ver low country????

    where you live my friend? Don tell me what they have done or doing to Pakistan.

    Still on this blog do you see any good news??? anything for the poor people of Pakistan ANY positive debate???

    This is currupt tooola and only few followers and they might be getting benefit from these patwaris. Rest of the country is fed up of them and they will never vote fot them.

    I humbly request to put pressure on your Nawaz govt to do some work for Pakistan and stop this negativety about others.

  20. @Fawad

    I too have lived abroad for about 8 years, and like many other pakistanis a dual national as well. I’m very aware of what goes around in embassies of Pakistan around the world.

    The problem here is the political culture has not been allowed to nurture itself. We have been under the umbrella of dictatorships and hence the only thing we utter about politicians is “Lutera, dakoo, corrupt”. I’m kind of sick of this behaviour by us. Politicians have hardly looted this country as compared to what the dictators have done over the course of 66 years.

    I have been part of many fruitful debates over different matters, and in fact i consider this debate with you a fruitful one as well. I too used to shout like that, but that does not help or solve any problems. To help solve issues, we need consistancy and prolonged sessions of democracy. I can assure you, if that happens, 10 years from now we will be a different country.

    So we need to get out of self-pitty and start doing something positive. I can see a lot of new project both in energy sector and in civil infra-structure, so i dont’ see a reason why we can’t rise from depression and hopelessness. I have voted myself in these electioins, and just to let you know after living for about 8 years in UK and being an educated person, i did NOT choose to vote for Imran khan. Trust me, in my decision to NOT vote for him, there is no dhandly. It is purely becuase i dont’ find him suitable enough for being a national leader.

    So accept this as a start, other politicans can do good for this country as well. I have good wishes for PTI to prove thier point in KPK, otherwise this endless debate will continue and they can’t prove a point.

  21. @Masood Ahmad
    I agree with you we need to be patience to give Democracy a chance.
    But as i see here , people who are supporting NS are bent upon bringing other paryies down who have mandate in other places.
    No one as i see is perfect, all have shortcomings and with this check and balance that will be good for teh country.
    But these people here calling other names etc

  22. Giving the voting facility to OSP is difficult???

    Electronic voting is difficult?????

    They don want to change this system. This is currupt system and it will never mature my friend. Imran Khan is right when he shared the joke of pig’s Qurbani.

    They want the poor to come forward for Qurbani. This system is currupt and if Imran Khan can not stand against this currupt system than people will wait for some other leaders but they can not drag this nation the way they are dragging.

    Their family, kids are enjoying this democracy but life is miserable for poor people of Pakistan.

    I’m sorry but this system must end now we don’t have any place for currupt politicans like Zardari & Nawaz Shareef.

  23. I am waiting for the polices by this Govt?

    Their upcoming projects other than roads. Roads are everywhere in the world.

    This is the same system of Shahjahan & Akbar where Badhsah salamat is all and all.

    This deocracy is like “Nawaz Shareef wake up in the morning and feel there should be a road connecting his house with airport without any signal he will start the project.

  24. @Fawad:

    Yes, to bring electronic voting system, yes it is difficult. It requires infra-structure, training, technology advancement and last but not least, the high costs. We are country where when wheat flour goes from 40 to 42 rupees per k.g, our economy hardly handles this. We are a country where about 60 to 70% of our budget goes in feeding the armed forces. In which world you live Fawad, perhaps yes the west. I too lived there and there they don’t face such problems.

    As of now you know, the embassies themselves are hardly able to perform well, their own duties there. In the london office of Pakistani embassy when more than 200 people get in, it gets flattened and is hardly able to meet the rush. How come you expect about 20 thousand pakistani londers to vote in there, when hardly any infra structre to cope with it, both in terms of personal as well as equipment.

    If you choose to live in MAARS in your dreams, then be with it, we here have to cope with reality. And that clearly suggests, until there is a big influx of money into election commission, they are just unable to cope with either electronic voting or over-seas pakistani’s voting facility.

    If you want to keep on shouting despite knowing all these facts, please continue to do that. And just for a moment, if you are really interested to launch an INQIBLAB, then please stop releasing your frustration on internet blogs, leave your fancy westerne world and come on the streets of lahore, islamabd, karachi and fight for it. That’s an other area where i totally hate the PTI followers, they just keep on shouting on internet blogs and facebook. But that’s it, just after doing that they pick up TV remote controll and start watching Sky Sports.

    Don’t try to act as if you are the only one who thinks and cares about Pakistan. Face the facts and try to help improve those.

  25. @ Masood Ahmed,

    Masood I am very sorry to say with your estimate nd calculations Shareef & Zardari will not be able to change the country in 1000 years.

    B/w I will not give example of Singapore or Turkey but look at UAE. Please read about how they brought online system within one year the project was owned by Mohammed and he gave the dealdline of one year to complete the system.

    You set goals and achieve them. No rocket sicence rather very simple.

    Maars is very far away from this current currupt toola MAsood Bhai. They can not control the oxygen in Pakistan else they will use oxygen in dozes to this nation if it was in their control.

    B/w you are very postive about this current govt and their experience. You are also appreciating their projects in different sectors. I would love to see a debate on current policies, projects by our friends on this blog so we can also pool in and I hope next article will be discussion about Govt polices and projects.


  26. present secular parties like pml and pti and Pakistani people who support such secular parties will be punished in an azaab e ilahi that seems very near.than there will remain no politics and no party lover to argue in favor of their parties.rahay naam sirf Allah kaa
    this nation has invited an azaab on themselves by killing mujahideen of islam and by waging a war against Allah by enforcing system of riba or interest in kpk and all pakistan

  27. and this siasat forum website is totally under pti jayalas control….these burger jayalas love sahaba abuser sect and qadianis and grave worshippers and they hate mujahideen of islam….are all PTI people allergic to islam?

  28. and the siasat forum website is totally under pti jayalas control….these burger jayalas love sahaba abuser sect and qadianis and grave worshippers and they hate mujahideen of islam….are all PTI people allergic to islam?

  29. @K,
    You have mentioned all PML N, PTI etc. can you name your association as what party you believe can bring about what you want.?
    BTW, I am still wiating for the reply of my posting. You just cannot post these things and run away, you should debate.

  30. @

    You have mentioned all PML N, PTI etc. can you name your association as what party you believe can bring about what you want.?

    Same question first you reply. Its over due now.

  31. @Deevav,
    Since you seems not to get his point.

    Let me cklarify as you keep asking:
    I was supporter of JI via IJT during university days and since then i left all.
    I donot not support any 100%, as i agree with some policies of MQM, some of PTI, some of NS and others.
    I have seen in my life so many so called leaders. PNA was teh biggest disappointment of my life.
    Never trust a single Politician. All have good and bad.
    So thats me..
    I look at things differently.
    For you , you agree to Kill all MQM, PPP, ANP leadership and others. You dislike to n degree PTI and IK. For you NS is perfect and he is next Ameerul Momineen. Which i respectfully disagree..
    Hope now you clear on my philosophy..
    Any question?

  32. یہ جماعت اسلامی کی تربیت کی خوبی ہے کہ وہ انسان کے اندر شرمناک حد تک منافقت کوٹ کوٹ کر بھر دیتے ہیں جو پوری زندگی انکی شخصیت سے نہیں نکلتی ہے

    ابھی جاوید ہاشمی کی مثال ہی لے لیں. کیا اسکی منافقت کا کوئی مقابلہ کر سکتا ہے حالانکہ اسے بھی آپکی طرح جماعت اسلامی چھوڑے ایک طویل عرصۂ ہوگیا ہے. جس ڈھٹائی سے اس نے پہلے پوری دنیا کے سامنے اسمبلی فلور سے نواز شریف کو اپنا لیڈر کہنے کے چند دنوں کے پینترے بدلے ہیں وہ جماعت اسلامی کی منافقانہ تربیت کی اعلی مثال ہے

  33. جس ڈھٹائی، منافقت اور پلاننگ سے جماعت اسلامی نے شرمناک خان کو شرمناک طریقے سے پنجاب یونیورسٹی میں ذلیل خوار کرنے کے بعد مصالحتی عمل شروع کیا تھا وہ انکی موقع پرستی، منافقت اور مکاری کا بہترین نمونہ تھا

    اس کروائی سے جماعت اسلامی نے شرمناک خان کو دو واضح پیغام دیے تھے. ایک یہ کہ کبھی زندگی میں پنجاب یونیورسٹی کی سیاست میں دخل اندازی کرنے کی کوشش نہ کرنا ورنہ تمہارا انجام اس سے بھی برا ہو سکتا ہے اور دوسرا پیغام یہ تھا کہ پنجاب یونیورسٹی کے شرمناک سانحے کے باوجود ہم تمہارے نظریاتی ساتھی ہیں اور تم سے یہ ہم آہنگی برقرار رکھنا چاہتے ہیں

    گویا جماعت اسلامی کی منافقت کامیاب رہی اور شرمناک خان کو پنجاب یونیورسٹی میں جماعت اسلامی کے ہاتھوں شرمناک توہین کروانے کے بعد کبھی وہاں کی سیاست میں دخل اندازی کرنے اور پنجاب یونیورسٹی جانے کی ہمت نہ ہو سکی اور سب سے بڑھکر جماعت اسلامی اپنی نظریاتی ہم آہنگی کی وجہ سے شرمناک خان کی خیبر پختون خواہ حکومت میں شامل ہونے اور اپنی پسند کی وزارتیں لینے میں بھی کامیاب رہی

    • @Bawa,
      The topic was not that you jump in.

      So now you are defending IK … Wow
      yesterday he was Zani and now he is ok just that JI is bad.
      Man you have twisted mind.

      I just remind you of the Ayah, and you go beserk.
      because u know deep in your heart it is wrong to call people names but due to hate or something u now resort to personal attack.

      Is Imran a Muslim name, of so why u atre calling him with a name to degrade or malign him.
      Same for others,, just remember..

  34. خان جی – پھر وہی منافقت

    کہاں میں نے شرمناک خان کا دفاع کیا ہے؟

    میں نے تو تمھاری طرح منافقت سے کام لینے کی بجائے سیدھے سیدھے حقائق لکھے ہیں جو تمہیں جمت اسلامی کی منافقانہ عینک سے شرمناک خان کی حمایت معلوم ہوتے ہیں

    استغفراللہ – میں تو کسی زانی کی حمایت کا تصور بھی نہیں کر سکتا ہوں. منافقت کی عینک اتر کر انہیں پڑھو تو یہ صرف اور صرف حقائق ہیں

    باقی وہی بات

    جماعت اسلامی کے منافق کی خاص پہچان – بغل میں چھری، منہ میں رام رام

  35. @
    Mkhan Says

    Let me clarify as you keep asking:
    I was supporter of JI via IJT during university days and since then i left all.
    I donot not support any 100%, as i agree with some policies of MQM, some of PTI, some of NS and others.

    BAWA G

    Aur LOTA kissay kehty hen????

  36. @Deevav,
    You cannot debate so now u are asking for help.
    Make up your mind, one is telling me JI , then Munafiq, you used to tell me MQM Terrorist, Mush follower and then cursing me .
    You know well you guys cannot debate on a subject so you go on personal attack.

    Deevav, i know you agree that all leadership of MQM, PPP and ANP should be killed..

    I asked a simple question about a Ayah if he believe in that or not.. If yes why he is postinga nd calling people names liek Dogs etc.
    I can ask you same question..
    You have same symptom, in your Hate you agree to anyone as long as that oerson is pro NS, whetehr it makes sense or not.

  37. @

    I can’t debate with you. Yes I cannot. I cannot debate with you because you are MQM. You are of the idea that people should not be allowed to live in Karachi unless they have JOB. Do you think it is United States of Karachi?

    I cannot debate with your types. Now the so called baluch rebel urf GUTKA has recognized you as buddy. Go share your precious ideas with him. I shall not be responding to you any more.

    And to tackle your types, i need no help at all. You are minnows.

  38. @Deevav,
    You cannot debate becasue you have no substance to debate. People debate and agree tp disgaree but that clkear many point of view.
    For you, Hate is key.
    You are of the view to Kill all leadership of MQM, PPP, ANP and others. That shows your mind set.
    You keep twisting someones point of view instead of listening.
    I explain many times, i said new people can settle in Karachi if they have job or they have business. There is nothing wrong with this.
    As for Baluch rebel, i posted my reply but it was somehow discarded.

    I NEVER condone what Baluch Rebel , i never blame an ethnicity for the problems, i challanged you to show me any of my posting where i blame any of the ethibicity for the problems. I blame institutions and the beaurecracy but never an ethnic group.
    On other hand you call people name (Bhai Loug) to degrade them .

  39. @

    You do not know but every commoner can see that you stink. You stink so hard it makes life difficult.

    Baba Bullay Shah said may be for people like you,

    Sampaan dy put kadi mitr nae banndy panhwen chilyun dodh piaeyay ho.

    So one day you will realize this fact. Many have but you are the one who will only understand when he is taught a lesson by Allah a lesson. So wait. MQM will show its filthy face to you one day and then you will regret.

    i am closing discussion with you now. I will ignore whatever you may utter in future.

    RIP in hell of Karachi made by MQM and sell your mother’s and sisters ornaments and purchase weapons because its the onoly way to survive in this ghost city.

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