Raheel Sharif as New Army Chief

Lt. General Raheel Sharif has been appointed has Chief of Army Staff by President of Pakistan as per recommendation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Raheel Sharif is the younger brother of Major Shabbir Sharif, who received Nishan-e-Haider.

Lieutenant General Raheel Sharif served as the Inspector General Training and Evaluation at the General Headquarters and also served as commander at Gujranwala and commandant of Pakistan Military Academy Kakul.

3 thoughts on “Raheel Sharif as New Army Chief

  1. Hope the non-interference in civil matters of the countries by armed forces would continue as was witnessed in Gen. Ashfaque Kayani’s tenure. Period. However, there is a group of officers in the rank and file of armed forces who have soft corner for terrorists group in the name of “glory of Islam” (some critics say “in the name of dollars”). General Raheel Sharif! you have a big challenging task before you – operation clean up.

  2. Khawarjee Hakeem Ullah Masud and Fazal Ullah used to get money directly from RAW Cover Officer in Indian consulates at Jalalabad and Kunar Afghanistan. One is made murder, as went for peace talk with Government of Pakistan by drone on request of RAW. Both used to get money directly from RAW Cover Officer, CIA is so smart did not engage him in Afghanistan. Only man left who get money directly is Fazal Ullah, was elected Ameer as staunch anti Muslim and Pakistan, want to avenge Swat defeat. Masud leader Sajna was forced to accept him on CIA and RAW money. Government may do anything Fazal Ullah will not go for peace talk. Can not enter Waziristan as Masud and Wazir consider Yousafzai as low level Pathan. Masud hate him and Wazir are not part of Khawajee RRP, they have their own groups under CNG and Hafiz Gul Bahadar. On outlet for Fazal ullah in Pakistan for short stay is Mangal Bagh (Tirah Valley Khyber Agency).

    Wazir and Punjabi Taliban are well engaged by the Government of Pakistan. Masud are quite, hate Fazal Ullah and are settling own disputes. Latif Masud held with CIA in Afghanistan, on whose information Hakim Ullah Masud was attacked, know all hideouts of Masud. Under threat or danger, are establishing themselves in hide outs not known to Latif Masud. These are most dangerous for terrorist attacks, but not in pace with Fazal Ullah.

    Fazal Ullah has chalked out new plan on instructions of RAW, engage Pakistan on Sectarian terrorism. Punjab Police ha rightly recognised, Fazal Ullah RAW sponsored groups are involved in murdering Shia and Deobandi Muslims, to create sectarian fight. Allah bless more courage to Muslims, who are so far defeating Khawajee Fazal Ullah designs. Fazal Ullah is not a religious critic, his worth is he used to teach Quran in Sufi Muhammad Madrassa, his original name is Fazal Hayat, got in love with Sufi Muhammad daughter, did sex with her in madrassa and later married her. This is character, who while teaching Quran was inside boobs/panty of Sufi Muhammad daughter in thoughts.

    Strategic ambition behind his appointment designed by RAW/CIA. Both will ensure that though paid media, manufactured movie clips and telephone calls will convince Government of Pakistan/Pak Army/Intelligence Agencies that Fazal Ullah has reached Waziristan. So that Pakistan should not be able to make allegation that Afghanistan is used for cross border terrorism inside Pakistan. He is still and will remain in hide out at Kunar Afghanistan. I anticipate a grave terrorist activity against Pakistan critical including nuclear assets, Pakistan will be propagated insecure by CIA and RAW. Later even Fazal Ullah will be killed after inflicting huge damage to Pakistan through drone. It will be propagated that CIA helped Pakistan.

    Allah to save Pakistan, bless them wisdom that they should not accept Fazal Ullah presence in Pakistan. Rather use him and say with conviction that he is used for cross border terrorism.

    Well done Pakistan Muslim, you did not come in trap of RAW and avoided getting into sectarian violence.

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