Nisar Responds on Removal of NADRA Chairman

In followup of controversy related to sacking of NADRA chairman Tariq Malik, Chaudhry Nisar responded on it on floor of National Assembly on 5th December 2013.

The main charges against NADRA chairman were audit refusal, issuing of tenders without following procedures, talking to media by by-passing interior ministry and getting posted on Chairman position through GM and Deputy Chairman positions by by-passing the rules.

The chairman NADRA, Tariq Malik is also a Canadian Citizen and was also ex-advisor to Benazir Bhutto. During last 5 years tenure of PPP, there were more than 10,000 new political appointments in NADRA where staff grew from around 8,000 to 18,000.

1 thought on “Nisar Responds on Removal of NADRA Chairman

  1. Case a court must have not taken as it is administrative matter and will/wish of Federal Government. Babur Satter is employee of PTI Qadri Account Canada, who is also paid by Zardari to save his friend.

    This idiot considered himself king, visiting all around world without permission of competent authority, getting Rs 1 Million salary and also a duel national.

    Being paid from PTI Qadri Account Canada to malign Elections, as no facility exist with NADRA to gauge thumb impression. evidence, if would have, so many terrorist would have caught. NADRA did not gave lead to single thumb impression provided by FIA, IB, MI and ISI……., why so crazy here. Paid by Pasha Tyrian Investment (PTI)including service of PTI/Malik Riaz joint lair (Lawyer Babur Sattar).

    It has been learnt that Mir Imran Khan Zanikhel and Malik Riaz has given bribe offer to CJP Islamabad High Court )Money and property in Canada0 to keep Tariq Malik as NADRA Chairman. Lets see the conscious of CJP Islamabad High Court, its on sale or have respect for law.

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