2 thoughts on “Aapas Ki Baat – 4 January 2014

  1. My analysis about all such well balanced analyses is that Pervez Musharaf will be leaving Pakistan for his further ‘medical treatment’ very soon which will be, of course, good for everybody, above all for Pakistan.

  2. My analysis of this drama is that all key establishments personal will fabricate the exit of Pervaiz Musharaf as part of big agenda. Someone decided somewhere a plan and they will use different so called key personal to divert the attention of public such as Altaf Hussain and Mulana Fazlur Rehman about disintegration of Sind and Pakhtone Khawah. PPP is obeying order of authorities they decide their fate by involve in shouting match with MQM to divert the attention of public from this important case. Nawaz league will receive the latest instructions from decision maker through the mouth of Saudi Prince today about the plan implementation instructions.
    Trial should really start from the day when he over thrown the government of Nawaz Sharif, the only reasons they do not want to save about couple hundreds corrupt members of parties and establishment. Being Pakistani will like to scarifies two hundreds cronies than twenty karoar Pakistani fate.
    God we need inkilab.

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