Angry Lawyer – Ahmed Raza Kasuri

Ahmed Raza Kasuri, the lawyer of General Musharraf in treason trial is known for his loose temper and angry behavior. Kasuri was one of the few lawyers who was running against the lawyers movement and supporting General Musharraf. During those days in 2007, Kasuri abused the lawyers on media, as a result of which, a lawyer spray painted his face black at Supreme Court.

Kasuri lost his temper again today during a QA session in front of journalists when he was asked about the health of Commando Musharraf. Kasuri abused the journalist and labelled him as Indian agent.

In 2007, the 4 Man Show team from AAJ TV (currently BNN on Geo) did a special hilarious episode with Ahmed Raza Kasuri in angry mood. We are sharing this again due to relevance at todays episode at Special Court and how this funny actor reflects the angry behavior of Qasuri.


2 thoughts on “Angry Lawyer – Ahmed Raza Kasuri

  1. Journalist’s tone was sarcastic and contrary to professionalism.
    Ahmad Raza Qasuri’s reaction was proper and prompt.

    Pakistani Journalists must learn to behave like Journalists and not like blackmailers.

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