Why Hamid Mir Was Attacked?

This is one of the videos that explains why Hamid Mir was attacked and why he nominated ISI as prime suspect in case he was murdered.

Hamid Mir tells a shameful story of Pakistan Army on how they messed up Baluchistan by repeated army actions, kidnappings, tortures and murders of Balochis till they reached point of no-return. Also explains how the same army tortured many senior politicians from Punjab in shameful way when they refused to join Army’s Political Party (PMLQ)

12 thoughts on “Why Hamid Mir Was Attacked?

  1. Pata nahin kab tak ham yaktarfa sach ko paish kar kay tafreeq paida kartay rahain gay? Har aik apnay aap ko doosh ka dhula aur doosray ko zalim gardan raha hay magar sach yehi hay kay tali dono hatoon say hi bajti hay.

  2. The reasons explained in the articles may be genuine reasons for marking Hamid Meer as an undesireable person for top spy agencies of Pakistan, but not the prime one for listing him on hit list. Almost all journalists are raising voice on missing persons, brutalities of security forces in Baluchsitan etc. etc. But the prime reason for Hamid Mir inclusion on hit list is his undesireable relations with Indian media. Pakistan security agencies think Indian media and RAW are on the same bed. Now India is the basic cause for undeclared status of Pakistan being a security state. This is for siphoning off most of the budget money for defense, which means army. This is the written premeable of all the books of security agencies. Therefore, Aman ki Asha, and all friendship links with Indian media by Hamir Mir was quite irksome for agencies.

    The situation is more aggeravated when Nawaz Sharif held the reign of the government. Friendly relations between India and Pakistan is the sheet anchor policy of Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif has taken a lesson from the history. England and France remained horn locked and considered each other enemy No.1 for a long time till both realized that their friction has given ample opportunities to Zionist Germans to rise. So now they are hand in hand and money saved from extravagant defense expenses are now being disbursed on welfare of their people.

    The attack on Hamir Mir was strong message for both, the government and media. Both are numb and careful. But, looks like this lull period will follow with some strong winds.

  3. There should not be any sacred institution. Every one should be accountable and musharaf should be punished accordingly to save our Beloved Country that will convey a strong message to all heap holders and so called agencies.

    • but mister zafar the musharaf is ex army guy and unwritten constitution of Pakistan says that army is above the law and is to be worshipped by all Pakistani sheeple 5 times daily

  4. Hamid Mir’s statement is very clear. Dirty should abandoned playing games with bloody civilians. Hang musharaf to end dirty games continuation.

  5. Pakistanis worship their army and agencies.so till Pakistan is on map I don’t see anything changing here.muslims say Allah will help me while seculars say army will help us by killing all islamists

  6. Knowing somewhat about the recent history of turmoil in Balochistan one can confidently say that Hamid Mir has narrated one sided view. It is pitiful that a popular and supposedly renowned journalist of Pakistan has mixed lies with truth and made a very passionate speech. Alas we Pakistanis especially media persons become objective.

  7. Hamid Mir is a lawyer and he deserved what he got. I am surprised how he can lie in front of this audience .I wish he should have invited Musharraf to reply to his allegations

  8. Hamid Mir is a symbol of freedom of the media in Pak. look at his programs. he has been voicing against the atrocities committed against Baluch people. Now after the establishment of BNP govt in Baluchistan, a step that shows the sincerity of Nawaz Sharif, conditions have improved tremendously Masha Allah.

    Yes it is true that FC was being attacked by insurgents and FC had all the right to defend itslef.

    Same is then true for the East Pakistan conditions. One has to be very very careful while handling such insurgencies. The command and decision making MUST REST with civilian leadership so that Army as an institution cannot be blamed.

    Our demand is JUST SIMPLE> All army officers should strictly abide by the oath they take while getting commission. This was the advice of Quaid e Azam when he addressed the army in one of his speeches.

    PM should exercise his authority freely and remove all the miscreants that want to destabilize the civilian govt. What was done with mush was right and still exercising his authority PM has many options avaiolable if the present mantra does not behave and continue its filthy role. FIRE THEM MR> PM and do not be afraid. Be afraid of Allah only and do not involve in corruption. Thats all.

  9. you people see atrocities on secular balochs but you zalimeen don’t care about your army,s massacre of thousands of tribal muslims due to their love for islam.shame on you

  10. also you seculars think that you have defeated Taliban.keep day dreaming till your worse nightmare faces you

  11. @

    You are right. But the present crisis has many deep roots most of them invisible. First cause of present turmoil is because of establishment’s desire that mush dictator be sent abroad and not tried. PM does not agree and wants the rule of law to prevail.

    Second is the hatred against people’s judiciary as it has been following up on missing persons case. All dark forces do not want this to continue as this will send many big wigs of dark forces behind bars. The third is the efforts of PM to stop killing of Muslims at the hands of muslims. He started dialogue instead of use of force. And the use of force is air strikes in our northern areas. even these brave airforce fighters who are bombing our own territories cannot to the job. At last Pakistan’s armed forces will have to move and then history proves that causalities of Pak army are so much that every such effort has failed in the past.

    PM should tell services chief that they should go ahead if they think they can achieve desired results. But if they failed then Air chief and Army Chief should resign.

    Pakistanis are wise enough Alhamdulillah now and they solidly stand behind elected govt and particularly People’s judiciary. We know if Judiciary is made to surrenderr under pressure then our we and our future generations will be at the mercy of these dark forces with no protection despite constitution of Pak in place.

    I have a question. What India has against our ISI? Everybody will say it has RAW. Who is the chief of RAW in India? it is a civilian. Whom does it report to? It reports to Federal govt. What is happening in pak? Entire Pak has been held hostage at the hands of these dark forces who would immediately become our HEROES as soon as they comply to the law of land and report to Federal govt and not the Army Chief. Till such time our fight against them will continue. Our chief did not have the moral courage to condemn attack on Hamid Mir what to talk of going to see him in the hospital. If ISI does not have any hand in this attack cannot ISI come up with an investigation report as to what actually happened? This shows and proves that entire DAAL is KAALI.

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