Desperation of Status Quo

Imran Khan made a ridiculous claim today that Geo News, Ex-Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and PMLN rigged the 2013 elections against PTI. Imran Khan also announced to join “Sheikh-ul-Islam” Maulana Tahiq-ul-Qadri to start a movement against the current government.

Couple of months ago, Imran Khan made similar claim that Judiciary rigged the elections, which followed by a Contempt of Court action against him by the Supreme Court.

During the proceedings in Supreme Court, Imran Khan took a U-Turn and claimed that he never claimed the Judiciary rigged the Elections, instead he was referring to the “Returning Officers” who rigged the elections.

Imran has now taken another U-Turn and claimed that it was actually Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry who rigged the elections against PTI.

Imran Khan is now launching a movement along with forces backed by military establishment like Tahir-ul-Qadri and Sheikh Rasheed. There is still hope that some sane forces within PTI like Qureshi and Hashmi will try to establish some reasoning in the party, which was hinted recently by Qureshi in a recent talk show.

Now lets try to analyze some reasons behind this unholy alliance and the timings of this movement:

– The load shedding situation was better in Pakistan during Winter/Spring and it was not easy to bring people out in the street when their anger level was low. The government is working very aggressively to resolve the issue of load shedding by expediting the power generation projects and also reducing the line losses due to line losses, non-payments and theft. It seems that with this strategy and commitment, PMLN government to significantly reduce the load shedding in coming 2 years. This will make it impossible for opportunists to use the rage of general public for their political gains.

– Any movement against the sitting government is centered in the urban areas. Based on the evidence that how Lahore’s political landscape was changed based on single project of Metro Bus, imagine the impact of upcoming Metro Projects in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, new Metro train in Lahore and the massive circular Railway project in Karachi. It will be almost impossible to motivate the people of these urban centers once the government has delivered these projects giving a major turnaround to economy and lifestyles of these cities.

– After strengthening Pakistan currency and achieving $10 Billion reserves, now the government is set to achieve the target of $15 Billion by end of 2014, $20 Billion by June 2015 and most likely $25 Billion by June 2016. This would result in more job opportunities, lower inflation rate and reduction in power tariffs for the people.

These are the few reasons that explain why the undemocratic forces of real status-quo are so desperate at this time, when a democratic government is set to change lives of people and restore their faith in democracy.

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  1. Congratulations on giving us such a great hope. Lets see what we have to give up for this betterment or to give up betterment all together. Only time can tell so lets wait and see.

  2. I think it is time barred by law. The only legality was four petitions which was timely filed. Those cases have met their fate when NADRA and Election Commission expressed their inability to reconfirm and recount in those constituncies on the basis of thumb impression verification due to technical paucity and usage of non-verifiable ink. Even then, what major change would those four seats inflict upon the over all election results.

    The present showdown by PTI and Tahirul Qadri Group to start mass agitation against the present government is based on a simple hunch that there exists a strain relation between the PML-N and Establishment (Army and ISI). So, it is best time for just one more try by Imran Khan to be a Prime Minister (B Team of Establishment) which dream he once saw during Musharraf regime but which didn’t come true.

  3. Brigadier Amir ko quote kar raha h Buzdil Khan, jis ki family Pasha Tyrian Investment (PTI) ki ticket holder h, Zardari kay hutie hui Military Secretary tha us ka, safrish ki waja or GHQ kay pressure ki waja sey abhi be military secretory h President Mamoon Hussian kay sath. Her jaga milinay walon ko bata raha h, kay tandli us ki nagrani mein hui

  4. Pakistan is going on path to economic prosperity. At present diplomatic relations of Pakistan are best since independence. Jews do not like it. Jews agent Goldsmith is quite disturbed. Pasha is Jews mole and trying to work out new plan. His plan to destroy fibre of ISI worked grate but to distort Pakistan politics failed, as Pasha Tryian Investment (PTI) could not make any break in.

    Plan was simple, Musharraf Kutta will continue as President. MQM Governor and ownership of Karachi and Hyderabad. PML Q Dy PM, power share in Punjab including Governor, PTI and PAT one to be PM and other to be CM Punjab. Bit failed as Buzdil Khan and Sheikh ul Munafqeen Allama Padri both fought for PM. ARY, DIN and SUCH besides purchased anchors through Goldsmith and Pasha to give media coverage. Plan failed as Geo could not be bought and Pasha retired.

    PTI Qadri Account Canada is key financer to anti Pakistan activities designed by Jews through Goldsmith and Pasha. Present hallmarks in Pakistan economy and diplomacy has irritated the Jews.

    Geo war with establishment and likely block on Geo has agitated Goldsmith forces again. Huge investments exists to disturb Pakistan. Sirah ul Haq victory is key game planned by Pasha, ousted anti Jews Munawer Hasan from screen, who also spoke against military establishment. Pro Jews man Siraj ul Haq is controlling Jamat Islami. Allama Padri is convinced that his employees of Chanda Based Minahaj ul Quran will (strength about 2 lakh) will be enough for show of power. Buzdil Khan is confused, as Fuazia Kasuri who launches his Beacon House and Educator students on social media, are not with PTI as she is disgraced by Buzdil Khan.

    Goldsmith know it is time to disturb Pakistan politically, otherwise economic fruits will be visible on ground and hard to strike. Thinks PML N and military difference will be cashed by Pasha for them. ARY will become prime channel and Geo will fall down.

    But Goldsmith, Pasha, Buzdil Khan, Alla Padri, Sheda Tali, ARY, DIN, SUCH be watchful, Muslims will not shake hand with Jews as written in Quran, Jews can not be friends. Raheel Sharif is a honourable man and belongs to a great family, will not become traitor like Musharraf Kutta family. Who belong to q prostitutes family. Long Live Pakistan. Democracy in Pakistan Zindabad. Pak Army Pianda abad. Goldsmith channel ARY, SUCH and DIN par LANAT. Goldsmith politicians Buzdil Khan and Allama Padri par lakh LANAT.

    • how you know that present army leadership wont sell like musharaf you see the unseen?in my opinion the musharaf ideology still rules army

  5. In reality, hope is the worst of all evils, because it prolongs man’s torments. ~Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human, 1878

    Is increase in inflation also an indicator that Pakistan is on the right track for poor and middle class Pakistanis under the government of PML N?

    Quoting one of the friends, “”Pakistan is going on path to economic prosperity. ”

    NS government is beating AZ government on inflation, another feather in the cap for NS.

    “The inflation rate crossed government’s annual target of 8pc for 2013-14 compared to 7.38pc in 2012-13, for the first time since December 2013. It stood at 8.69pc during the 10-month period, higher than the annual target projected for FY-14.”

    ISLAMABAD: Monthly inflation rose to 9.2 per cent in April, according to data compiled by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

    Inflation, measured through Consumer Price Index (CPI), rose mainly due to increase in the prices of food items, especially potatoes.

    The PBS figures showed that inflation measured through Sensitive Price Index (SPI) stood at 9.78pc in April. The wholesale manufactured products also increased 8.28pc over the same month last year.

    However, to rein in inflation, the Federal Board of Revenue notified 25pc regulatory duty on export of potato on Friday. It also withdrew customs duty, sales tax and withholding tax on import of potato from May 5 until July 31. The facility of exemption was restricted to import quota of 200,000 tonnes of commodity. Currently potato retail price varied between Rs60 a kg and Rs70 in markets.

    Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had projected that inflation would ease in the months ahead owing to decline in prices of petroleum products, but it proved otherwise. The imported commodities are still on the higher side despite rupee’s appreciation against the US dollar.

    The inflation rate crossed government’s annual target of 8pc for 2013-14 compared to 7.38pc in 2012-13, for the first time since December 2013. It stood at 8.69pc during the 10-month period, higher than the annual target projected for FY-14.

    Core inflation, which is non-food and non-energy inflation, stood at 8.5pc in the month under review, rising by 1.9pc from the previous month. Higher core inflation suggests an upward movement in the interest rate in the next monetary policy review.

    The food inflation stood at 9.9pc in April which is almost close to double digit. It is mainly driven by non-perishable products which witnessed an increase of 17pc during the month under review.

    The food items whose prices rose during the month include potatoes (42.06pc), fresh fruit (22.02pc), fresh vegetables (14.72pc), onion (9.04pc), beverages (3.46pc), betel-leaves and nuts (2.87pc), chicken (2.63pc), powdered milk (2.36pc), condiments (1.48pc), moong (1.37pc), milk products (1.32pc) and fish (1.00pc).

    Non-food inflation stood at 8.7pc during the month, and items or services whose prices increased included education (9.68pc), text-books (4.26pc), cotton cloth (2.77pc), stationery (2.70pc), medical equipment (2.17pc), house rent (2.10pc), hosiery (1.96pc), readymade garments (1.61pc), construction input items (1.43pc), and furniture (1.09pc).

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