Imran Claims GEO Rigged Elections

Imran Khan shot himself and PTI in the foot today by raising several serious allegations against GEO News for rigging in general elections that were held on 11th May 2013. Imran raised this allegations in a press conference today and also alleged that Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was also fully involved in this rigging.

In response to these allegations, Najam Sethi, Iftikhar Ahmad and Kamran Khan responded to these and challenged Imran Khan to bring any proof against these baseless allegations.

The following interesting video clip summarizes the allegations and their responses.

14 thoughts on “Imran Claims GEO Rigged Elections

  1. Pakistan is going on path to economic prosperity. At present diplomatic relations of Pakistan are best since independence. Jews do not like it. Jews agent Goldsmith is quite disturbed. Pasha is Jews mole and trying to work out new plan. His plan to destroy fibre of ISI worked grate but to distort Pakistan politics failed, as Pasha Tryian Investment (PTI) could not make any break in.

    Plan was simple, Musharraf Kutta will continue as President. MQM Governor and ownership of Karachi and Hyderabad. PML Q Dy PM, power share in Punjab including Governor, PTI and PAT one to be PM and other to be CM Punjab. Bit failed as Buzdil Khan and Sheikh ul Munafqeen Allama Padri both fought for PM. ARY, DIN and SUCH besides purchased anchors through Goldsmith and Pasha to give media coverage. Plan failed as Geo could not be bought and Pasha retired.

    PTI Qadri Account Canada is key financer to anti Pakistan activities designed by Jews through Goldsmith and Pasha. Present hallmarks in Pakistan economy and diplomacy has irritated the Jews.

    Geo war with establishment and likely block on Geo has agitated Goldsmith forces again. Huge investments exists to disturb Pakistan. Sirah ul Haq victory is key game planned by Pasha, ousted anti Jews Munawer Hasan from screen, who also spoke against military establishment. Pro Jews man Siraj ul Haq is controlling Jamat Islami. Allama Padri is convinced that his employees of Chanda Based Minahaj ul Quran will (strength about 2 lakh) will be enough for show of power. Buzdil Khan is confused, as Fuazia Kasuri who launches his Beacon House and Educator students on social media, are not with PTI as she is disgraced by Buzdil Khan.

    Goldsmith know it is time to disturb Pakistan politically, otherwise economic fruits will be visible on ground and hard to strike. Thinks PML N and military difference will be cashed by Pasha for them. ARY will become prime channel and Geo will fall down.

    But Goldsmith, Pasha, Buzdil Khan, Alla Padri, Sheda Tali, ARY, DIN, SUCH be watchful, Muslims will not shake hand with Jews as written in Quran, Jews can not be friends. Raheel Sharif is a honourable man and belongs to a great family, will not become traitor like Musharraf Kutta family. Who belong to q prostitutes family. Long Live Pakistan. Democracy in Pakistan Zindabad. Pak Army Pianda abad. Goldsmith channel ARY, SUCH and DIN par LANAT. Goldsmith politicians Buzdil Khan and Allama Padri par lakh LANAT.

    • Pro Jews man Siraj ul Haq ,have you any proof that sirajul haq is pro Zionist?anyway I agree that ot was stupid of jamaat islami to fire munawar hasanwho always said truth about islam.jamat islami will go down now as sirajul haq is minister in a secular govt of PTI

    • and how you know raheel shareef will not work for them?who do you think promotes Pakistani generals to army vhief in first place?have you any idea…your Pakistan is completely sold.stop living in fools paradise.soon the curtains will be down and you will see the truth of my words.pakistan has already been sold

  2. Anarhi, Kheelarhi, Nathari (Ref to Nath House-Parvaizi) and Bheekari all want to play dirty games but they will fail. InshaAllah.

  3. The Geo Group played a very dirty role in promoting Putwari League…. but you tell me You Qadiani….. Tere pait mein kis baat ki tukleef hai…. why are you against Imran Khan. You Qadianis have always supported Peoples Party (and MQM and Pervaiz Musharraf).

  4. I thing Imran Khan now learn to behave like mature man as he claimed to be national leader he still consider himself the captain of Cricket team… acting on at hints of ISI will not help him get the PM office.

  5. The Qadiani Centre in London has issued a statement on behalf of Mirza Masroor Ahmad Qadiani and it read as follows:

    All Qadianis are advised to support Altaf Hussain as He(Altaf Hussain) and Asif Zardari are very close friends and they both are anti Imran Khan. All Qadianis must be aware that although Geo falsely announced the winning of Nawaz Sharif before the Election results, but Peoples Party has always been friend of Qadianis going back to the days of ZA Bhutto when Mirza Nasir Ahmad and M M Ahmad were Political and Economic Advisors of ZA Bhutto. Because Jamaat e Islami supports Imran Khan so therefore we prefer Zardari and Altaf Hussain over Imran Khan. Even though yesterday Nawaz Sharif has bought 2 bullet proof BMW’s for Rs224 million but it is doesn’t matter because for them Nawaz Sharif is even better than Imran Khan. All Qadianis must listen to the speech of Altaf Hussain today (24 May) and must support him… The Qadiani Centre in Morden in South London will be showing the full speech live on wide screen TV.

  6. This is a fact that Uturn Khan is finding it hard to keep his bhan mati ka kunmba intact. He has to some how keep them motivated. Thats why he has come up with this present blame game in the name of dhandli.

    He is a bloody fool. He also is mad at Jang Group for Omer Cheema’s twitter telling that,” love affair of a political leader with a 21 year old girl resulting in pregnancy of the girl is causing sleepless nights to the leader”.

    CHOR KE DARH ME TINKA. Now he is mad with every one. Because he is not the PRIME MINISTER OF PAKISTAN.

  7. Uturn Khan pagan Ho gaya hy. His party is miserably failing to perform in KPK. He can very well sre the end his fraud revolution. Besides the scandal circulating in the social network is enough to expose him fully. His character is doubtful and has been a fall guy as far as women are concerned. So he’ll with PTI

  8. The whole drama of “Grand Alliance” was staged for which they were all in London (Conference) as they were smelling fuming from Establishment against Nawaz government. They tried to be the B-team before any other B-team hoodwinks Establishment’s reaction. Of late, it dawned to Imran Khan that Establishment might be angry they were in no mood to topsy turvy Nawaz Government. According to Nai Baat, Imran Khan stated lately that he had only come in London to meet his kids. He has found Tahirul Qadri’s Minhajul Quran Jamaat close to his in terms of idealogy, but he will fight against Nawaz wtih NO grand alliance.

    What do this all new twists tell?? It simply tells, Imran Khan either himself realized what was the ground realities or he was told so by powers that be and there was no card in the hand of Establishment to unsettle Nawaz governmenet. Good that Imran Khan came back into his senses.

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