12 thoughts on “Saad Rafiq vs Imran Khan – Full Speech


    Apnay halkon mein recounting or dosron kay halkon mein thumb impression.

    Khud PTI Qadri Account Canada kay zarie Goldsmith sey DOLLAR lo, Geo agar leta h to gunah.

    Musharraf ki dallali tek h referendum mein or Zia ki gunah h.

    Hamid Mir or us kay Bahi nay Ilzam lagia to SALAM, Geo dushman kion lagta h Pasha sey phir GREEN SIGNAL mila h

    4 URAB Rs ki Metro Bus, Mara tujy Goldsmith or Pasha ka wasta Peshawar mein bana do, KPK Government ny 5 URAB Rs D Chowk jalsa par zia kia Govt ky khazana sey, samjh lo aik or D Chowk ki mein KPK Govt nay Kidmat ki, Peshawar ki awan dua de ge mara

  2. N Leage media cell PTI k qomi assembly ki tagrirei to nae featured post mein ati saad rafiq k barri jaldi laga di

  3. both pti and muslim league are munafiqeen.both worship their nafas and benefits and are not loyal to islam.and islam is more dear and important to a real muslim than his nation,army and his own self!

    so its Allah,s will that munafiqeen fall out with each other,inshalah coming era is for islamists

  4. This son of Khawaja Rafiq is real patriot. Self made, principled human who is real leader of people. May Allah bless him health n happiness always. Allah protect him always. I wish & pray that he leads Pakistan in near future. I believe there are still people left in Pakistan needs them.

  5. Uturn Khan is worried. Very worried. He is being exposed fully in governing KPK. Besides, his personal character is being exposed as well. This exposure, to his believers is very troubling. Not that they do not like it. They know much more than the filthy past and present of Uturn Khan.

    So he has to raise an issue and the command is again in hidden hands. he is simply being blackmailed due to his latest scandal.This scandal will ultimately result in Uturn Khan taking another Uturn and resolving all his differences with Geo and giving them a clean chit. This is because media, particularly Geo is very powerful. it has access to london as well where he has sent his pregnant girl friend. Also where Jemima is keeping his illegitimate daughter Tyrian.

    So when Geo will realise that it has been cornered and pitched against wall, it will retaliate and will expose all the material that is with them to be used against Uturn Khan when time requires.

    Mean time for the entertainment of kiddos of PTI he is playing dhandli dhandli and the results coming from bi-election are like slap on his dirty face.

    Interesting developments are ahead and keep watching.

  6. For the first time in any democracy an opposition leader is getting exposed, Imran Khan.

    IK fears that if Nawaz Sharif is allowed to finish his term or even serve three years, he will turn the country around. This is unacceptable to IK and the agencies that control him.

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