Geo News Banned for 15 Days

Geo News has been banned by PEMRA for 15 days and slapped with a fine of 10 million rupees for its anti-ISI broadcast.

This news has raised hope that Geo will be finally resorted in Pakistan after 15 days which has been shut down by the parallel government run by ISI.

The business rivals of Geo have shown extreme displeasure on this news and called this punishment too lenient.

8 thoughts on “Geo News Banned for 15 Days

  1. In a way this punishment is justified as they did go overboard in their coverage of Hamid Mir’s incidence. Now all anti-Pakistan world media use that coverage as an example. Having said that I also dont like ISI running a parallel govt in the state and something has to be done about it. I hope Nawaz Sharif will learn from Turkey and understand that changes to establishment will not be overnight but it will take time, so he has to move forward cautiously as there is no value of heavy mandate in our country. It is also imperative that PML(N) leadership should start going to senate and national assembly and pass the bills with mutual understanding of opposition to not give an excuse of ruling like a king. I only hope that PML(N) govt takes the wind out of the sails of Ilzam Khan’s ship by bringing forth a bill in the assembly to discuss the election reforms. They should take a lead in this rather than letting Imran use this ploy against them. I only hope PML(N) read these comments from me. If they dont start going to assemblies and bring about legislative changes to the election reforms then I am afraid ISI will be successful in dislodging them in the name of Bangkok formula i.e. first election reforms through FSC pass Generals then election.

    • We cannot ban any media outlet permanently. Remember this is the first ploy of the forces who want to impose dictatorship in our country i.e. ISI and its goons in media and politics (Imran Khan, Chudarys etc). I hope PML(N) work in improving PEMRA and impose restrictions on the media outlets to show only programs that conform with our Islamic values and not show all the crap that conflict with out religious values especially Indian crap content. I hope NS has the vision to make PEMRA better, organized and independent so that we will tackle the goons like Mubashir Luqman and others to not dance on the tune of ISI.

  2. Shame on you NAPAK Army, ISI and product of Gen. Pasha – Imran khan for your efforts against civilians. Consider civilians as humans, as Army personnel is not human ONLY!

    Hamid Mir – The courageous guy was attacked and he suspected ISI. Give me any reason not to show his suspect? This ban is showing the world how powerful Army and ISI + their products. Give me a any solid reason to justify this ban.

    ISI and Army is the reason for instability in Pakistan, they are burning Balouchistan, FATA, consuming majority of PK budget and resources with 0% performance. Shame on you guys!

  3. A good and fair decision. No matter how mauch vultures like Uturn and mubashir luqman cry, no political govt can ban any electronic media.

  4. Final match against Dark Forces,Hidden Hands and behind the screen actors is virtually coming to an end. Either people of Pak will win Allah Willing and Pak will be liberated truly and finally. The change would be so drastic that people of Pak will be really delighted Insha Allah. If God forbid we lost this battle then our future generations will suffer whereas these dark forces will keep on prospering at our cost

  5. Asalam o ALaikum, For those who fear dictatorship, we are living in a one world government and our dictators are Zionists. There are no free governments in the world anymore except some rebels. We call them mujahideen and the kuffar and munafiqeen call them terrorists. This world is run by thugs who control the banks, media, education sector, bureaucracy, multi national companies. Politicians are mere puppets of those thugs. So chill whether it is a democratic leader or a military dictator, we are under the dictatorship of Zionists. And the only solution is deen and nizam e mustafa.

  6. Im neutral person but I guess Media personals should not have these types of comments or statements against their countries defenders and intelligence agencies. Only because of these agencies they are living peace fully in this country and for sure Army and ISI are the only anti corrupt one’s in the country.. Only Army can bring Law and order in this country, the rest branches and government depends on negotiations through money and bribery . So people please get to know the importance relating the defenders of our country. When we all are sleeping , they are the one’s there protecting us , away from their families and enjoyment

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