Qadri’s Revolution Diverted

Sheikh-ul-Islam, Dr Maulana Tahir-ul-Qadri attempted to make a historic come back to Islamabad to start a revolution, but his revolution and plane along with revolution was diverted and thwarted at Lahore.

Qadri who took asylum in Canada around a decade ago on pretext that his life was in danger from extremists for meeting Danish Cartoonist, finally decided to come back to his native country to start a revolution and topple the democratic government. Qadri had stop overs in London and Dubai, and he finally boarded Emirates flight bound to Islamabad where he ordered his Minhaj-ul-Quran workers to receive him with historic welcome. The roads and areas to airport were sealed and section 144 was imposed, but his workers still managed to reach the airport after torturing hundreds of policemen on their way.

Close to landing at Islamabad, the government decided to divert his flight to Lahore where it landed peacefully but Qadri and his workers refused to come out of the plane until he was given protection by army. The situation escalated when 5 hours passed and Emirates formally complained the incident as hijacking attempt. In desperate attempt, Qadri finally agreed to leave the plane on 2 conditions, that he would be accompanied with Governor Punjab and Media should give him full coverage from airport to his residence.

Qadri finally made a speech at his Model Town office and claimed that time for revolution has come and he would make an example out of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif. His revolutionary speech was washed away pre-maturely due to rain, similar to what happened in key speech of Imran Khan’s career on 23rd March 2013 at Minaar-e-Pakistan.

This event that ended on a good note that Qadri failed to make any historic arrival show, however there were hundreds of unfortunate incidents in Islamabad and Rawalpindi where policemen were tortured by so called peaceful followers of Qadri.

2 thoughts on “Qadri’s Revolution Diverted

  1. GULLU PADRI nay mad kai huna, kab sey zehani mareez h

    1994 mein BB may GULLU PARI sey alliance kia, GULLU PADRI seat be na jeat saka

    2002 mein Musharraf nay GULLU PADRI ko seat dalva di, magar Prime Minister kay dono umeed war GULLU PADRI or U TURN KHAN hath malty reh gie.

    2013 mein mehnat ki or dollar pani ki atarh baha die, magar GHQ sey shut up call mil gie kay 4 bajay tek gand huthu.

    Abhi Zameerfrosh Brothers of Gujrat nay motibate kai Sheda Tali ki madad, yakeen sdalia kay CIAS khud istikbal karey ga Islamabad airport, Lahore ponch gia. GULLU PADRI bolata raha, Cirp Commander tu kai Chuta Zameerfrosh be tasmaha khatam huny kay poncho. Sheda Tali aaj jie ga

    Chanday or bakshish kay dollar zia hun gussa ata, GULLU PADRI bechara Goldsmith or Pasha ko kia jawab dey ga.

  2. Mast watch Bolta Pakistan of 25 June 2014

    Conspiracy against Pakistan unfolded

    Canadian newspaper of 20 June 2014 unfolded a story and exposed in BOLTA PAKISTAN.

    Daniel S. Markey ex George Bush advisor met number of times with Gulla Padri and gave him directions to destabilise Pakistan. Daniel S. Markey is anti Pakistan think tank and wrote a book over likely spilt of Pakistan. His book name is NO EXIT FROM PAKISTAN.

    This Jew think tank formulated this INKILAB. He met Gullu Qadri number of times in Canada and advised him to pollute Pakistan of his version of Islam. Financial arrangements must not be worry for GULLU PADRI. Inshallah missing links of this conspiracy will be unfolded by Pakistan patriots soon.

    I always used to say Jews are behind GULLA PADRI. Finance will be arranged by Goldsmith and Pasha will arrange media.

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