Handling TUQ Crisis

The Government had originally planned to let Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri arrive at Islamabad and then board him in another flight or helicopter towards his headquarters at Lahore. PMLN simply could not trust Qadri and let him enter Islamabad, as his “peaceful” march in January 2013 held the city hostage for a week and also threatened to take over the parliament.

The government had prepared for the usual stuff like imposition of section 144, road blockage through containers and having additional police force from provinces. The main plan was to prevent any security breach on the strategic asset “Islamabad Airport”, as the recent Karachi airport indent brought embarrassment to the country at global level. In addition to protection of Islamabad Airport, Qadri had also threatened to take over the Prime Minster house if his workers were hurt.

By the time Qadri’s flight was near Islamabad, the “peaceful” minhajians had broken the police barricades and reached the airport. The remaining batch of these “peaceful” mob reached airport on their vehicles following motorcade of Chaudhry Pervez Ellahi after torturing and giving multiple fractures to 100+ policemen.

This was a critical time as the news of landing could have excited the mob to run over the few hundred security officials at the airport as per their plan. Just few thousand minhajians equipped with sticks could have overpowered the few hundred airport security staff and entered runway once Qadri had landed. This would have been second breach of an international airport in Pakistan within a gap of just 2 weeks.

At that time, the main option for government would have been to call army to seal or clear the airport/runway from minhajians. Qadri’s would have succeeded in his plan of bringing army to receive and protect him at the airport. It is not known if some commander from Rawalpindi was already part of this plan or not.

The other option for government would have been to restrain the minhajians through force, which could have caused casualties and ultimately given massive political ammunition to Qadri to launch his “revolution”, the kind of revolution that always ends with army takeover in Muslim countries. As per earlier threat of Qadri, he would have marched to Prime Minster house with dead bodies and it might have required army’s intervention to secure the PM house, which isn’t a pleasant experience in Pakistani political history.

By diverting the flight at last minute to Lahore, the government secured their assets and automatically dispersed the mob at Islamabad rather peacefully.

The government also succeed in limiting the number of people to receive Qadri at Lahore airport, despite Qadri waiting for 5 hours in the Emirates plane in attempt for a Benazir or Nawaz Sharif sized crowed to gather for his “historic” reception.

At the end, the Qadri was able to just secure the ride from airport to hospital with Governor Sarwar and government successfully thwarted his adventure attempt at relatively low cost of diverting an international airliner to another city.

This event also exposed the minhajians as mobster who violently attacked and critically injured hundreds of security officials and their leader held an international flight hostage for more than 5 hours.

This episode made Gullu Butt look like a Gentleman, who only attacked property, not humans.

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  1. This episode made Gullu Butt look like a Gentleman, who only attacked property, not humans.

    @ Admni G

    ایڈمن جی لاجواب کردیاآپکی دلیل نے -کیابات ھے آپکی عقل کل کی ، مان گئے صاحب

    نونوں نے جو 15 آدمی لاھور میں مارے اور 100 کی کھرپڑیوں میں سوراخ کئیے گویاانکو تو آپ انسان ہی نہیں مانتے —کیاوہ کتے بلی تھے کہ آپ لکہتے ہیں کہ نونوں نے انسان تو نہیں مارے —کیاانہیں کسی سلیمانی ٹوپی والوں نے ماراتھا —–

    ایسی ہی دہول جھونکتے رہو لوگوں کی آنکہوں میں —-لیکن یہ سب ڈرامہ بازی اب ختم ھوچکی ھے —-

    کیمرہ سب سے بڑا گواہ اور منصف ھے

  2. Mast watch Bolta Pakistan of 25 June 2014

    Conspiracy against Pakistan unfolded

    Canadian newspaper of 20 June 2014 unfolded a story and exposed in BOLTA PAKISTAN.

    Daniel S. Markey ex George Bush advisor met number of times with Gulla Padri and gave him directions to destabilise Pakistan. Daniel S. Markey is anti Pakistan think tank and wrote a book over likely spilt of Pakistan. His book name is NO EXIT FROM PAKISTAN.

    This Jew think tank formulated this INKILAB. He met Gullu Qadri number of times in Canada and advised him to pollute Pakistan of his version of Islam. Financial arrangements must not be worry for GULLU PADRI. Inshallah missing links of this conspiracy will be unfolded by Pakistan patriots soon.

    I always used to say Jews are behind GULLA PADRI. Finance will be arranged by Goldsmith and Pasha will arrange media.

  3. Zia kay dor mein Shia Bahion kay kahalf operation hua Islamabad mein, deaths huin, sab nay kaha wo bagi the, tek kia h.

    Musharraf dor mein Lal Masjid mein operation hua, deaths huin, wo be bagi the, saab nay kaha tek hua.

    Abhi agar GULLU QADRI firka khy khalaf hua to galat kasey.

    Lal Masjid or TMQ dono Khawarjee hein

    1. Abdul Aziz or Gullu Qadri dono apnay firka saray Pakistan par nafaz karna chaty hien.
    2. Done ki security armed private animal type guards kay pas the, jo in dono ko sajida zada or Allah ko kam karty the.
    3. Aik Lal Masjid ko or dosra TMQ ko apnay anti Pakistan designs kay lie use karty the.
    4. Dono nay media sey khon coverage li.
    5. Dono nay najiaz tajwizat par kabza kia, Lal Masjid be payment ko tayar the or 1 Sq KM par kabza kay lie GULLU QADRI be.
    6. Dono nay law apnay hath mein lia or Police par tashadad kia. Ider be Ranger huti to dozen death hu jati, kion kay Ranger ka kam nahi riots ko handle karna, police the, wo tahraby sey zakhmi hui magar death nahi.
    7. Zameerfrosh brothers of Gujrat or Sheda Tali us waqat be double rule play kar rahay the.
    8. Dono nay ladies ko use kia, shiled kay tor par, jo Islam ky matabiq nahi. Fark yeah jab jagra sure hua to Lal Masjid kay mard agy a gy, magar GULLU QADRI kay pas sab namard the, unhon nay aurteen agy rakhien.
    9. Abdul Aziz Europe sey dollar leta tha, GULLU QADRI Daniel S Mecay sey Canada sey.
    10. Dono nay provoking dalie or masoom lagoon ko marvia.
    11. Dono kay pass kafi dadad mein automatic weapons the, jis ko firing kay lie use kia. Han TMQ kay pas gas mask nahi the, magar Petrol Bomb majood the.
    12. Dono khawarjee hein, Islam kay takedar banty hien, dono ka jad e amjad Mulima Kazab h.
    13. Don 21st Century ki Masjid Zarrar hien (Lal Masjid ir TMQ) dono ko demolish karana Islami h

    Jab itini cheezian common h phir munafqat kion

    Suliman Taseer ka beta Mubisher kuch kar lay, us ko PPP nay thoker mari, Pasha Party nay sirf paid anchor tek rakha or GULLU QADRI dekho kia karta h.

    RAMZAN ka month h, Justice karo, Allah ki rasi thamo, apny firka ko afzal banay walon ko taqat na do.

    Warna kal Pakistan Iraq ban jie ga

    Khen Breallvi maslak ki Govt ki jang, kien Shia bahi, kien Deobandi or kien Ahl Hadith

    Oper sey Muslima Kazab kay firka Lal Masjid walay, GULLU QADRI firka, Qadiani be Govt ka sochien gy

  4. M Kamran

    Ik patan & T qadri working against pakistan. They r running foreign funded compaign against Nuclear PAKISTAN.China refuse to invest in Pakistan due to these two traitors of pakistan, China was going to invest 38 bln $ initially, but after watching these two devils sabotaging acts they invest these dollars in India & another country of asia.What a pity, these two gadars change the bright future of poor pakistanese into complete darkness & misery under foreign designed policy,plot and plan, along with some rascals & refused indiviuals of pakistan.May Allah Pak Bless Pakistan and give Nawaz Sharif Strength to not only face this situaition but to hang all the traitors of Pakistan.

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