1 thought on “راحیل شریف کی اگلی منزل

  1. Saudi Arabia is mislead by Israel, to think that Saudi money can buy soldiers to destroy Muslim countries in the region. Israel certainly wants Muslim countries destroyed & weakend- Iraq, libya, Yemen, Egypt, & Syria have been destroyed & weakend. The Focus is on IRAN & PAKISTAN, if Saudi Arabia pays to attack Iran with Pakistani army- then Pakistani nuclear assets will quickly go in the protection of NATO, and Pak., Iran & Saudis…all will be weakened and millions of muslims killed. Pak govt. media & public all totally unaware of International policies and Israeli / USA/ Indian plans.
    Iraq was destroyed for WMD, Libya for Democracy, & now it is planned as Shia /Sunni WAR to destroy – Pakistan & Saudi Arabia and weaken Iran !!! Sad but Saudis are puppets of Shayateen

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