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Homelite Pressure Washer Patio Cleaner

Green algae on a patio is kind of easy to wash off or remove. Our moss, mould and algae removers will quickly kill green algae, which might then be washed off. Green algae is all the time more likely to grow and unfold on a porous patio because the water content material within the substrate makes it easy for green algae to flourish.

However, we’d suggest you to check a small area first. Follow the instructions and apply with a watering can or pump sprayer and apply the solution to the complete space. Once the spray has dried into the floor then your canine can stroll on the slabs. This product mustn’t discolour the Indian Sandstone.

Hg Patio Cleaner Mould Algae Moss Killer 1 Litre Concentrated Path Stone Slab

I know it will clean the green algae but not sure of the black. No, however we might recommend utilizing our Pro-Kleen Snow Foam products to wash your automotive. We also have a full range of Caravan cleansing merchandise. Yes, this can work on a glass conservatory roof, however we would advise to not use if the run-off goes into drains that circulate to pure waterways, because the product is harmful to aquatic life. Yes, it would be appropriate on your composite decking.

  • Historically, attempting to maintain any patio clear used to be an arduous and time-consuming task.
  • In simply 2-3 days, years of constructed up dirt and dirt disappears, leaving a beautifully restored finish and an invisible barrier to inhibit re-progress.
  • If you need recommendation or help on any of our patio cleaning products, please call .
  • Once you’re glad that the patio cleaner has achieved every thing you require, clear it off with copious amounts of fresh water.

Use our moss killing biocide Moss Clearto swiftly kill green algae, mould or mildew on a porous patio surface. Natural stone patios laid withIndian Sandstone paving or Limestone paving are very weak to the spread of Black Spot, a specific sort of lichen that’s usually very troublesome to take away. Our Patio Clean Xtreme is an efficient black spot remover that can be utilized on sandstone patios as well as block paving.