How Nawaz Sharif was Disqualified

Nawaz Sharif

Following the 70 year tradition of Pakistani politics, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could not complete his term as Prime Minister. He was dismissed on most absurd and weakest possible charges in judicial history of Pakistan.

The entire Sharif family went through a investigative witch-hunt of more than 40 years old and he was disqualified for not drawing salary from his son’s company in Dubai, that was setup during his exile for visa purpose.

Nawaz Sharif was finally disqualified for not being Sadiq & Ameen (Truthful & Honest) for not declaring his assets, whose definition was taken from an unknown dictionary!

The case had the following core legal issues that will taint the image of our judicial for decades:

  1. The Supreme Court bench was formed under article 184 to find if any basic right of any citizen was violated. It was not a trial court and could not punish the accused.
  2. Article 10A, which is fundamental right of citizen for fair trial was violated and it was overridden by weaker article 184. The accused was not given the rights as they are given to any citizen.
  3. The petitioner never accused the accused on the salary issue.
  4. The unreceived salary was defined as asset based on an unknown dictionary, however Pakistani income tax laws were ignored where it is clearly mentioned that only salary received has to be declared.
  5. The accused was never called to defend himself on the charges.

As per international media, the judicial decision was clearly remote controlled by the Deep State of Pakistan.

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